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Quote from: "GregA"
I am affluant, always available, take care of the child, and help out around the house, why does my wife seem so disatisfied sometimes?

Society tells her she ought to be.

Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, burned it.
I can't believe all these responses...

So basically, most of ya think it's okay to have a commercial that asserts innate female superiority? Next thing ya know, we'll be cheering when a man gets kicked in the balls.


I wrote a letter of complaint to their marketing department, and received a personal reply back. I think it was because I said I was a single father with custody of a daughter, and she would never use Kotex products as long as Kotex continued degrading men in their ads.

Although, all they really said was, "thanks for your opinion".

At least they heard it, though.
Main / Dealing with Jealousy
Jan 05, 2006, 01:08 PM
I just gotta say that though jealousy usually comes from low self-esteem, it's not always the case.

Any man who has been involved with a modern western female (narcissistic, entitled, strong/bitchy, etc.) knows that - for the most part - these women are seeking a relationship that does something for *them*. A relationship that makes *them* look good, that reflects who they are, just like a pair of designer jeans or an expensive handbag or car. They don't know how to have serious intimacy, because they have offered their physical and emotional intimacy to dozens of men over the years, and tend to mistake passion for love.

And this kind of woman sees NO problem with trading up. They will go for the greener grass EVERY time.

The key here is to - barring your own issues with self-esteem - honestly evaluate this woman. What do you know about her? How many men has she slept with? How many long-term relationships? Why did they end? How many female friends does she have, and how many male? Is she friends with all her exes?

[ Answers *should* be, at least IMHO, not too many, close to the same number of people she has slept with, decent reasons - not violence or drugs or alcohol, many and few, and no - though she should be on friendly terms, just not friends]

Really, it's a hard thing with women these days, because cheating is so acceptable any more, and sex is no longer a reflection of love and emotional intimacy.

Anyway, I concur on staying off the weed, and best of luck.
I'm pretty amused (in a cynical, detached way) by this whole thread.

But the one thing I wanted to say was that there were so many people who were saying that lying was the right thing to do.

I can't believe that I read that.

It is my belief that lying is a horrible thing to do. It ruins your honor and belief in your own ability to believe in yourself. It creates suspicion of other people, because if you can do it, so can they.

Lying creates a "new universe" - one that is contained entirely in your head and in other people's heads. From the point you lie, onward, you must carry two versions of reality in your head, and make sure to always be in sync with that one around those people whom you have convinced of that alternate reality.

Indiana, I love the fact you are young and interested in Men's rights. that's great!

But, as a parent myself, and as someone who tries to live honorably and honestly, there is no way I would let my child, boy or girl, get away with something like this.

You have to tell the truth, take your lumps, and then publicize the problems that led you to do it.

Taking action does no good unless the reson the action was necessary becomes known.

And in your case, right now, it won't.

... sigh ...
Main / Where Have all the Men Gone?
Nov 10, 2005, 05:01 PM
I just wanted to point out that there may be one more reason men don't become teachers.

I personally love teaching. I would like nothing more than to become a teacher in primary school. I loved being a cub scout leader, I loved being a tee-ball and baseball coach, and I loved teaching and tutoring programming and math in college.

But once I was charged with DV by my ex, and went through the whole process of being forced to agree to classes because then I can walk, etc. etc., I became - essentially - a sex offender.

I was volunteering tutoring at-risk teens math and english, helping them prepare for the GRE, and I couldn't pass the fingerprint clearance. Oh yes, I was told that once I finished the anger mgmt classes, my "conviction" would be expunged, but it is never really gone.

I'll never be a teacher now, and even if I were to fight city hall and clear my name enough to become actually elegible to become a teacher, all it would take is one child mad enough at me to say something, or one parent thinking something bad about a man (as we are all trained to do), and my record would come up and I would be going to jail.

And why is this?

Because I called the police when my wife was attacking me.

I hate America today. Not always, and not usually, but right now, relating this story, I really, really do.

Schoolgirl blogger poisons mother in homage to killer

From Leo Lewis in Tokyo
The Teacup Poisoner, Graham Young, was the teenager's idol
A HIGH-SCHOOL girl has been arrested for gradually poisoning her mother to the brink of death and keeping a blog of her progress -- all done as a grim homage to a British serial killer whom she idolised.

Over the summer the 16-year-old student is alleged to have laced her mother's food with increasing doses of thallium, a potent rat poison. Her mother is now critically ill and in a coma.

The girl, who is from rural Shizuoka, central Japan, was apparently inspired by Graham Young, the notorious Teacup Poisoner of Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, who, in 1962, aged 14, slowly killed his stepmother with what was thought to be the same lethal substance. Asked by the compilers of her school yearbook to identify the historical figure she admired the most, she named Young.

In further emulation of her deranged hero, who poisoned numerous family members and work colleagues and died in Parkhurst after nine years in Broadmoor, the Japanese girl recorded her mother's horrific daily sufferings in a matter-of-fact internet diary.

The girl's blog has been removed from the internet but extracts apparently copied from it survive on other Japanese websites.

"It's a bright, sunny day today, and I administered a delivery of acetic thallium," the girl wrote in August. "The man in the pharmacy didn't realise he had sold me such a powerful drug."

Other entries attempt to match the meticulously scientific style of Young's macabre diary, where he transcribed in detail the effects of each poison he administered and weighed up whether his subjects should live or die in excruciating pain.

The girl refers directly to Young's diary in her blog, and is said to have been heavily influenced by a 1995 film, The Young Poisoner's Handbook, which was dubbed into Japanese and dramatises Young's macabre fascinations with lethal substances.

Two weeks before her 47-year-old mother slipped into a coma, the girl wrote: "Today mother has deteriorated. She has been complaining of a worsening pain in her leg and has now become immobile."

Several days later, her blog mentioned rashes on the victim's body and problems with her breathing. The girl goes on to report her mother's hallucinations and other agonies, before criticising her inadequate life insurance policy.

Both the girl and Young tested poisons on living things. Young treated his co-workers as human guinea-pigs, while the Shizuoka girl is believed to have relied on animals. A severed cat's head is understood to have been discovered in her room along with a stash of thallium. "Up until now I have killed various creatures," her blog reports, before describing the mother's poisoning. "It was fun to play with them, but all the same rather tiring. It took rather a long time to dispose of the lumps of dead flesh."

The blog consistently uses the word boku, the Japanese word for "I", but a form used only by men. Police sources believe this may point to the girl's close identification with Young.

Like Young, the Shizuoka girl appears to have had little problem buying the thallium from local stores and on the internet. "I even received sympathy from my teachers when I tearfully talked about my sick mother," says her blog. "I guess people are cheated more easily than expected."

She denies attempted murder, but told police that her mother was suffering from thallium poisoning. Over the summer she is believed to have taken thallium herself, just as Young did, in an attempt to allay suspicion. The police were alerted to the girl's alleged activities by her brother.


July 3
"Let me introduce a book: Graham Young's diary on killing with poison. The autobiography of a man I respect. He murdered someone at the age of 14."

September 4
"To kill a living creature. The moment of sticking a knife into something. The warmth of the blood. The little sigh. It is all a comfort to me."

September 26
"My mother will go to hospital tomorrow and nobody has yet found out what the cause is. To my regret, she is not covered by good insurance, so life will be a little difficult."

"I took a photo of her today as I did yesterday. My brother said I had a penetrating stare and that he was horrified."

"According to my aunt, my mother has started having hallucinations. She seems to be suffering from insects that don't exist or white shadows by the door."

# As a child he was fascinated with poisons and their effects, and the Nazis, becoming a worshipper of Hitler

# In 1961, at the age of 14, he started to poison members of his family, enough to make them violently ill

# In 1962 his stepmother died of a lethal dose. Young was arrested and jailed for 15 years for the attempted murder of his father, sister and friend

# On his release in 1971, he found a job and poisoned several co-workers, killing two of them. He was convicted in 1972 and given life

# He was dubbed the Teacup Poisoner but wanted to be known as the world's poisoner. He died in 1990

# The film The Young Poisoner's Handbook (1995) was based on him

Girls aren't killers... #2,347 in a series...
Main / Why do men get married?
Nov 04, 2005, 08:46 AM
Quote from: "contrarymary"
The Commonwealth of PA has abolished common-law marriages.

Well holy moley!

That is some good!!!

Now let's see the rest of the states follow...

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, indeed!!
Oh c'mon, people...

Killing her new-born is practically an abortion; what's the big deal? Don't you think the poor girl has suffered enough?


Makes me sick, I tell you.
I find the new phrase "protective mother" to be interesting. It's a good choice for the opposition; it has a connotation that naturally feeds into the whole bogus argument they use - mothers better than fathers, PAS is junk science, etc.

The actual phrase is "gatekeeping, passive-aggressive, controlling, alienating mother", but I doubt we'll see that in print in an article like this anytime soon.
Main / Why do men get married?
Nov 03, 2005, 01:53 PM
Quote from: "lkanneg"
I have met practically no family where the man ever had to physically protect his wife and children from any physical threat.  It seems rather more relevant to base familial hierarchy on an event that occurs in a family on a more regular basis, don't you think?

You live in a very sheltered world.

I can remember, as a child, accidentally hitting another person's car door when I opened ours. A big, drunk man got out and started yelling at me, and went to grab me. My dad got out of the car, flexed his blacksmith's muscles, and the man immediately backed down.

What would my mom have done? She would have been incapable of protecting me. As an example, my mother was recently mugged. She was thrown down and kicked by a young druggie as he attempted to grab her purse.

The guy would never have attempted to grab her purse had she been with a man.

But hey, you're all female and strong independent and stuff, so none of this obviously applies to you or any other strong, independent, modern female. Or does it? Why are women so scared of men? Why do we live in a culture of fear? Is it because women really can't protect themselves physically? And men are no longer there to protect them?

Seriously, if you have never been in a situation where the threat of physical force aided the situation, and if you don't know any families where this has happened, you live in a very isolated pocket of unreality compared to the rest of the world. And I don't mean it in a bad, or insulting way, but it is clear you just have no idea what the rest of the world is really like.
Main / Where are the college men?
Nov 03, 2005, 01:43 PM
Quote from: "Virtue"
Are you speaking of Curie ?

Wasn't Marie Curie simply continuing and finishing the experiments her husband had come up with? Or am I mistaken...
Main / Where are the college men?
Nov 03, 2005, 01:42 PM
Quote from: "woof"
Hey...all right hurkle!....I am planning on writing her too, although I probably won't be as polite as you were... :shock: I'd be interested to know if you get a response?

I got a one-sentence response:

There is nothing wrong with girls succeeding... next time I will be more clear.

WTF??? Still can't figure out exactly what she means...
Main / Why do men get married?
Nov 02, 2005, 09:24 AM
Young men are calling bullshit on women.

That's why the marriage rate is dropping.
Quote from: "The Biscuit Queen"
What an awesome article. No whining about how it was his fault, no personal interest interviews with her friends or family, and no mention of the victims name. No DV shelter advocate dismissing this and stating how DV is almost always men on women.

Fairly reported, and that is rare. Very nice.

And the reason it was fair?

The police chief was an eyewitness!!!

Otherwise another man would have gone down in flames...
Quote from: "Sir Percy"
Prof MacKerron said: "We have another process for getting the best technical information together and there will be some way we will combine that with the best of the consultation."

Sounds reasonable to me. I have no problem with public consultation on matters of importance.

Absolutely. I agree with this. But the part that worries me is:
Senior scientists at the Royal Society and the House of Lords science and technology select committee have expressed concern over the committee's work and two members have quit in protest over how it ignored scientific advice.