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Main / News: MND hacked
Dec 17, 2004, 08:42 AM
Probably just a bunch of security holes accessed by script kiddies with some automated tools they got from some chums.
Main / Choices
Dec 15, 2004, 12:36 PM
Quote from: "LST"
What did you consider to be "male privelege" back then ?

I don't know what the fuck "male privelege" is supposed to be.

This is a good question. What exactly is "male privilege" from the point of view of a modern feminist? Perhaps we could collect a list of them, together with standard rejoinders. Many times I find myself at a loss when attempting to communicate with a "reasonable" feminist, i.e. one who is actually listening to what I have to say so that she can refute it.

So first off, what exactly IS male privilege?

Anyone? Anyone?
Main / Speaking out
Dec 07, 2004, 04:29 PM
I'd just like to point out that I went to visit my ex-wife in prison, and while waiting there, I had a great conversation with a man who was there to visit his girlfriend.

He was about ten years older than me, raised his three kids by himself with full custody after his wife flipped out at 32 and went looking for a BBD - bigger better deal.

He was a normal guy, and yet he had the masculist rhetoric and father's rights material down cold, but not from any sort of "educated" position. He had lived most of it, and had come to it himself.

We had a great conversation, and it was very heartening to just meet a guy and have that instant rapport because we both knew the real truth that is hidden underneath the PC veneer of modern society.

It reminds me of when my ex-wife's parents were trying to get custody of my daughter from me, and the guardian ad litem showed up, and it turns out that he - like me - had been a battered husband. Talk about an instant rapport. I couldn't have had a more glowing recommendation in court, thank you very much.
Quote from: "LST"
Quote from: "The Biscuit Queen"

and women have been brainwashed to want to be masculine.

This is not related to the topic, but anyway:
People say that modern women are "masculine" all the time, i think that it's impossible by definition !
Masculine means "man-like", and women certaily don't behave or think like men. If they did we wouldn't see all this feminist nonsense. ;--)
However "masculinity" and "femininity" themselves have changed over the years.

As another aside, has anyone else noticed how many women today will make the statement, "I hate women," without the slightest evidence of mockery? I was out smoking a cigarette the other day and I made small talk with a woman smoking near me.  After a few moments, she made the first statement I associate with women like this:

"I find it easier to be friends with guys than girls".

"Why's that?" I ask.

"I hate women," she says.

"But aren't you one?" I ask in all seriousness.

"Not like that," she replies.

Main / Verizon protest goes mainstream
Nov 11, 2004, 09:35 AM
Quote from: "Buddy-Rey"
I wish that NOW would cite some specific examples, because I haven't a clue which commercials they're referring to.

That's not feminism's style. The point of fact is that specific examples don't exist hardly at all anymore; they're not ubiquitious in the least. But as we now by know, if you repeat something often enough, people will begin to believe it. After all, women still make $0.75 for every $1.00 that a man makes, right? And the super bowl is the biggest day of domestic violence (which is only male-on-female) in the US, right?

NOW are very effective propagandists. Given the social and other benefits women have obtained in the last 40 years, they don't have much to complain about from reality, so they resort to imagining society is still anti-women. They are a self-perpetuating bureacracy, just like the family courts/divorce industry. After all, if women actually have it pretty good, there's no need for NOW, is there?
Main / ME TOO :)
Oct 27, 2004, 01:11 PM
Glad I found this forum. I initially found the ifeminists site, but found that there was less support for men's rights than I initially thought.  

Double Jeapardy hits the nail on the head with his example. Yet it wasn't until I read this thread that I realized why I had just left their forum.

As far as the enemy of my enemy idea goes, that may make them an ally, but not necessarily my friend at all.
Main / The Decoy Thread
Oct 27, 2004, 12:32 PM
An interesting aspect of our culture of "victimhood" is that it continues to erode the sense of personal responsibility that while we are told is important to our growth and development as a whole person is continually being eroded by the legal system and society. Victimhood cries out for a rescuer, for a protector, for someone to come along, fix it, and make it right.

For me, this has always created an interesting dichotomy for feminism, which promotes the individual overtly while promoting victimhood covertly.

Victimization is directly related to the censorship of political correctness which has taken over our speech and society. No longer can you say what you think, for exactly the reasons you mention - it may cause someone to feel hurt. Once again, we see the direct connection to a lack of personal responsibility. I was taught that if what someone says offends you, then you need to examine why you feel it necessary to give that person power over your emotions, in other words to take responsibility for your actions.

They even teach this in anger management classes, that one should take responsibility for one's own actions, and not to blame it on someone else. Yet we have somehow come to a point where the finger of blame is immutably fixed, perpetually pointing at the person committing an act that someone else may misinterpret or not as they desire. Sexual harassment laws are a perfect example of this. There are no concrete examples of sexual harassment specified in the law; it comes down to how the "victim" "feels".

The scary part is that we could be so easily hoodwinked. After, what is wrong with trying to make sure that everyone feels good, with trying to make sure that people aren't mean to one another? I mean, that's a good idea, right? The problem is that certain facets of society have attempted to legislate morality instead of teaching it. By legislating correct behavior instead of teaching it as the right thing to do, not only have we lost our moral compass and the ability to know inherently what is good and what is evil, we have abdicated our personal responsibility to the state, becoming - in effect - all wards of the state.

Pfaugh. It sickens me.
Quote from: "RLA"
It is not safe for a man to sleep with a woman who has been drinking nowadays - all you men dating out there beware.

The drinking makes no difference. It's not safe to sleep with a woman. Not that all women would try something like that, but the possibility remains that any of them, if they so wished, could do so, and would be able to ruin your life with a simple accusation.
Main / Some good advice
Oct 27, 2004, 08:41 AM
Reading this put me in mind of a conversation that was relayed to me by a friend in North Carolina. She was at the bar, and she overheard some young ladies talking. One was complaining about her marriage, and how she had lost her freedom, and didn't like being with one guy, and didn't think she'd made the right choice, and had stopped having sex with her husband. However, she continued, I'm going to stay married for one more year so that I'll get spousal support when I divorce him.

It's quite mercenary out there today.
I have read a number of times that feminism has its roots in Marxism and Socialism. However, I cannot find any decent articles on this subject. Does anyone have any links or articles that they would be willing to share so that I can learn more about this subject?