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Main / Scientology
Apr 24, 2005, 12:49 PM
Scientology and the Men's Movement. Copyright Richard Ford

Scientology is more likely to be spelled $cientology on the internet because of its notorious money making schemes. I am not at all suggesting that we adopt the wacky beliefs and ethics of these people- I would like to spend a little time examining the structure and character of this 'church' to see why it has been so fireproof despite a never ending series of scandals that would have sunk any other organization.

Scientology even promotes a similar product to ourselves at the lower end of the 'Bridge'. Scientology (under the name 'Dianetics') promotes itself as a way to improve ones relationships and achieve success. Later on the new recruit is indoctrinated with increasingly bizarre conspiracy theories regarding who is running the world and what they are up to. Later still the recruit is told about the space aliens. One thing that interests me about all of this is that we are able to provide the things that scientology offers but does not provide. For instance- a man will become happier and more successful once he starts running his own life. Only the men's movement can help him do this. I also believe that most women would be happier if they could only drop their resentment, their controlling behaviour and their sense of entitlement. The men's movement even has its own conspiracy theories. The difference between ours and those of scientology is that ours are true!! The only thing we lack are space aliens and I hope we never get them.

There have been many attempts to close this racket down, none of them successful because the organization has a number of defence mechanisms that are difficult to penetrate.

Firstly, it claims to be a religion on entirely bogus grounds. This makes them a tax free entity in some countries. There is also a squeamishness in many people about entering into debate with religious people. For example- I happen to enjoy bacon sandwiches but I would not offer one to a Jewish or Moslem friend. I certainly would not argue with them that they were needlessly denying themselves a pleasure, although I would argue with someone who was avoiding something they enjoyed because of a needless health scare. This has meant that very few people have had the courage to point out the abuses of this organization and the 'church' has had a free hand to victimise them as bigots.

Who has the greater claim to be a charitable or religious enterprise? Scientology, that makes vast sums from pop psychology, simplistic philosophy and nuclear physics- or ourselves? Most of the money Scientology earns is used to enrich a tiny number of elite members while ours will be used to build shelters for battered men and a hundred other worthwhile things.

The men's movement promotes values traditionally seen as 'religious' such as respect for the family. We are opposed to empty materialism and greed. Many of us work for charities in our spare time. Any sane society would encourage our activities in all possible ways but we are not living in a sane society. We will have to fight for our own space and will have to adopt an extreme organizational model in order to do so.

Secondly, Scientology has a great deal of money. Nobody knows just how wealthy the Church of Scientology is but it has money that it moves around the globe in secret to fund projects not only the membership know about. This money is particularly powerful because of its very invisibility and the covert nature of the organization. Few large companies or government departments do not have at least one scientologist on the payroll despite the small size of the organization in absolute terms. A Scientologist is always expected to be a Scientologist first and everything else second so the organization has a network of spy's and contacts that would be the envy of many national intelligence agencies.

The Church of Scientology has become a multi national enterprise and can transfer profits from one region to another to avoid tax. When one nation such as Germany decides to rid itself of Scientology it is possible for the organization to play upon anti German prejudice in the remaining countries.

I realise that all of this sounds dreadfully cynical- but we need an army- a band of fanatics far more than we need another debating society right now. We do not need great numbers to start with. Most men are not joiners of organizations and are certainly not willing to join with other men in the disciplined outfit that I aspire to- but this is true of any elite group. Many will aspire to membership but few will have the guts to see it through. I would never think less of a man because he is unable to make the sort of sacrifices needed to bring about a revolution.    

Scientology has entered the self help field because it is very profitable. An individual of either sex is willing to pay a great deal of money in order to be slightly better at whatever they do than they otherwise would be. This is particularly true in industries where fate is fickle and fame fades quickly such as the film industry. I would hate to create something that existed primarily for money- yet money is what the men's movement lacks most at the moment. We have the ideas, and we have many millions of supporters who do not even know we exist. All we lack is some money to set up local campaigns that reach these people and remind them of what they already believe.

The first step would be to invent some course or initiation that was genuinely helpful to men. Most men are pretty mangled by feminism even if they cannot see it themselves. Addressing this damage will free a man in all sorts of ways he cannot imagine.

Most of the men freed in this way will become interested in all sorts of things life has to offer and disappear, never to be seen again. We must respect this in a way that more cult-like organizations do not. We are aiming to open up more and more choices to men rather than close them down the way groups such as the Church of Scientology does. On the one hand this will mean that we continually lose people to the wider world- on the other hand we will not become a cult. Ultimately the cult nature of groups such as the CoS is a cause of many of their own problems. Any cult will seek to instil fear of the outside world in its members much as feminism does in the political sphere. This heightens the control the cult exerts over its membership but also cripples them. When a member finally does leave they become bitter enemies of the cult which is one reason Scientology is so hated on the internet. Cult groups lose their ability to talk to outsiders over time and thus lose their ability to recruit new members. Their map or reality becomes so distorted that they are unable to deal with the world and then the group fails.

A cult always aims to recruit a new member for life. They may offer a solution to a real life problem that may be preventing a person from achieving a goal- but this offer is insincere. The cult does not want the member to branch out or discover anything new. All alternative interests are threats to them. Our organization must be different- we must encourage men to engage fully with life and not to spend their entire lives in therapy or meetings. Anything else is betrayal.

Then we must create a core group of men who will promote and run the courses. This will be hard work at first because men are naturally suspicious of all offers of help but the numbers will grow over time.

Large cities where people are open to new ideas will be the most fertile ground. Cities such as London or New York also offer international contacts galore so that the movement is likely to jump from capital city to capital city leaving the towns and villages untouched for many years.
Main / The Thai Dream.
Apr 23, 2005, 09:19 PM
Have you been to Thailand? Have you worked there?

I am looking for an escape route for myself from the feminist gulag- and I am also looking for a way to bring up a family free of the influence of feminism.

Happiness does not come from owning lots of stuff- it comes from personal relationships and from having role in life that other people respect and understand. Individuals do like to feel wealthy but this comes from having more than the people they compare themselves with. In other words a woman living in Thailand, who is sure that her husband loves her and who has as many possessions as she could reasonably expect to have will stand a better chance of happiness than a pampered western princess who is constantly told that looking after children is a useless and degrading activity.

A Thai woman is closer to her family than her western sister so it is natural for her to want one of her own. Raising children is of course the most valuable thing any human being can do with their lives (everything else is just money and power) but it is not always an easy one. Feminism grew up largely because of the boredom and isolation motherhood can bring but the feminist medicine simply makes the situation worse. Feminism will start by isolating the woman from her family by creating a power struggle between her mother and her husband. Traditional societies stress that mothers in law have great responsibility for their daughters marriage and the failure of such a marriage reflects badly upon them. In order for a marriage to succeed there must be understanding between men and women. If there is a strong bond between father and daughter then this is not usually a problem as the woman can learn about men from him. Feminism strikes at this bond in two ways and leaves the newly married woman without a clue how to deal with men. First feminism encourages daughters to devalue the wisdom of their fathers and then it seeks to exclude fathers from the family altogether.

Feminism seems to take a sadistic pleasure in destroying the happiness of women so that women can go to war with men. We see that feminism destroys the relationships that support motherhood and make a successful marriage likely. Feminist society has made the workplace the centre of social interaction and pushed the family to the margins. This will virtually ensure that a new mother will suffer loneliness and boredom- yet she still stands some chance of happiness if she truly believes in the value of what she does. This pride becomes the last thing to be destroyed by the feminists before the woman may be remade in their image. They will work on her in a hundred ways, telling her that she could be a millionaire with a private jet if only she could get rid of her child.

This is a lie of course- the feminists know it is a lie and even the woman herself knows it is a lie but still it works its poison within her. She feels that she is missing out on life and resents her husband more and more. Why should the glamorous and satisfying world of work be for him only? The fact that her husband may clean shoes or fill the shelves of supermarkets does nothing to diminish the dream- work would be different for her than it is for him she feels. Before feminism the woman felt that her husband was striving for her, to make a better future for them both. Now she feels resentful even when he is promoted and she begins to hate him. Slowly she drives him from the home and alienates him from the children, killing that spark of innocence. Eventually he does not come home.

Another feminist has been born- and a life destroyed.

No child of mine to grow up without a father. I will break this chain of loneliness by which daughters of broken homes grow up to be feminists and create broken homes of their own. Children of feminist (broken) homes know about manipulation and violence but nothing about love. They grow up with an emotional emptiness which manifests itself as feminism and violence.

I cannot change my country by very much- although this website is one of my efforts. I cannot even change the way woman treat me by very much- but I can ensure that my children are more than bit part actors in the tragic death of a great civilization. I will use this little bit of power that nature has given me.

My children will know me.
Main / The Submarine
Apr 22, 2005, 11:16 AM
The Submarine

The submarine is a man who values his privacy. He is not secretive because he has nothing to be secretive about (being of high morals). Nevertheless he wishes to maintain a piece of his life for himself.

The submarine recognises that innocence is no guarantee that he will be left alone. In the UK they have proposed laws that will allow the Home Secretary to place people under house arrest or otherwise restrict their movements even though they have committed no crime. All that is needed is for the Home Secretary to have some reason to believe a terrorist act is planned and likely. There are also proposals to restrict hate speech directed at religions. This initially sounds quite reasonable. Who could be in favour of hating someone because of their religion? In reality it is far more likely to be used against people who point out the various absurdities in religion and to expose the people who really are stirring up hate speech in the name of religion. Anyone who wishes to save a friend from the influence of a cult could be hit by these laws, as could anyone who objects to radical Islam.

Let us consider a possibility that I consider to be quite likely. Imagine a man who has lost his children in divorce. He is living in a rented room while his former wife occupies his former home with her new pretty boy boyfriend. Naturally the real father is expected to support not only his wife but the new boyfriend as well as he is far too good looking to work.

He works night and day to do this and still cannot see his child. One day he learns that his child is being abused. The police, the law courts, everyone ridicules him.

He cracks- and stabs a corrupt judge to death.

It is discovered that he is a member of several men's organizations. The Home Secretary then announces that these are terrorist organizations and sweeps the whole movement into prison. This is where men tend to 'slip on soap' or hang themselves if they know too much.

Your privacy then becomes a matter of life or death- literally.

How does one disappear by degrees? Behaving as if one has something to hide has the opposite effect and will draw attention to oneself. If fact there is no need to live on the edge of society just yet. It is still possible to remain within mainstream society and speak the truth as long as one is careful. Some degree of freedom is still available on the Internet and it is still possible to stand on a soapbox at speakers corner. These are confusing times to live in because it is impossible to know just how free or enslaved our society is. The mainstream media pumps out feminist pap with a consistency that would make Stalin proud yet man remain free to organize if they wish. It is possible to have private conversations without fear of punishment (provided you are not overheard at work) and it is still possible to read books that contain values other than feminist orthodoxy provided they were written some time ago. Our society could be described as 'dictatorship with a smiling face'. It has found that it is more effective to control people through indirect means than direct. If there were death camps and overt censorship then the people would rebel so they have placed these things with indirect mechanisms such as self censorship and laws that seem to protect the individual. If these fail we may see a return to the more traditional 'boot-in-the-groin' methods before they are overthrown. We must use the time given to us to prepare to disappear if needs be. We must have sufficient liquid funds to make our home abroad and support ourselves there. We must also learn to 'go grey' in our own countries so that we will not be noticed very much by the state. This does not involve giving up activism (our only defence) but does involve not making it easy to point fingers at us. Our lives must be beyond reproach and it should be disproportionately difficult to track our movements.

Did you know that it was possible to track your movements every moment you have your mobile phone switched on? Get rid of it!! (Particularly if it is an Orange).

Use public transport whenever possible (which also brings environmental benefits.)

Use cash to obtain essential goods more cheaply (supermarkets that do not accept cards are generally cheaper) but do not become obsessive about this- you have nothing to hide remember. Some people are worried about loyalty cards. Loyalty cards are mainly used by companies to understand the buying process. In other words they can find out whether men like pizzas more than women or whether the purchase of beer makes the purchase of pizza more or less likely. Some people get quite worried about such attempts to get inside the head of the consumer but I can see nothing wrong with it. These cards can be used to pinpoint your movements but there are many easier ways to do it such as credit card bills.

Make contacts overseas and obtain joint citizenship if possible. This will provide a bolt hole if things become very difficult at home. The feminist establishment would generally prefer to see you leave the country than have the problem of imprisoning you at home so you are unlikely to be detained.

Here is a list of feminist crimes that are impossible to disprove.

Grooming. There is no way of knowing the age of the person you are talking to in a chat room. Many teenagers like to pass themselves off as older than they are. This is part of growing up. A girl of 14 or even less can mimic the talk of an adult woman quite easily. She can do this because the magazines she reads describe situations and problems a 14 year old would not be expected to know about. Girls have a curiosity about adulthood that boys of the same age seem to lack. My advice would be to avoid chat rooms altogether.

Pornography. Many people of both sexes enjoy tying one another up and this is a completely harmless pass time. Unfortunately there are feminists who are trying to equate this with rape. Even though almost everyone uses the net for porn- nobody will admit it and thus nobody will defend you. Be careful what you download and never, never use the word 'girls' when you want to see women. Your engine may get literal on you!

You should also note that ISP's track your activity by law. Deleting your al harassment. This is also a subjective definition. There is nothing in the world that cannot be called sexual harassment. I would advise you to counter attack. There will certainly be something equally flirtatious said by her that you can be shocked by. Be more loudly shocked than she is! You will usually find that women who do this have a history of doing it with many men.

Be boring! When a woman takes an interest in you- bore her. She may be assessing you for a feminist scam such as sexual harassment. Alternatively she could be thinking of sleeping with you. If you reject her they she will probably claim that you made unwelcome advances. Boredom kills lust better than anything I know.
Main / Giving up beauty.
Apr 19, 2005, 01:49 AM
Female researchers wanted.

I read an article in a national newspaper some time ago when a western woman took to wearing the veil just to see how it felt. She found it quite liberating. She felt protected and respected by every man she met (offering their seat to her more than normal and so forth). One reason for this may be that she was no longer trying to control them through beauty.

Beauty is double edged. It brings power but it is time consuming and pits you in a power struggle with every other woman around. It also tends to retard self reliance as most problems are dealt with by others.

Worst of all it fades far too early, leaving the beautiful woman without an identity.

Is there any women who would like to try giving up beauty?

No make up, comfortable clothes, no diets (yippee!).

Friendships based upon real closeness with men and women. No tearing down other women. No manipulating men.

Anyone want to try it?
News from the frontline.

I attended the first meeting of the Mankind Initiative in London recently. I have put so much information out on the net about it that I thought that some of you would like to know how it went.

I came to the meeting in a state on high anticipation rather like a child on Christmas morning. This was my first opportunity to join a group or men I real life (as opposed to cyberspace) who were determined to do something about the shit we face every day. Mankind has always been my favourite men's rights organization because it tries to help male victims of domestic violence (which I was once).

To me cyber activity is a way of  letting off steam but I do not mistake it for men's rights activism. If men were facing attacks from feminist virus writers or hackers then maybe a cyber approach would do. Unfortunately the internet is the only area where men are relatively safe and respected. Our problems start when we log off and the real world begins. We may be assaulted by women at will (the police rarely take action) thrown out of our own homes and denied access to our own children. At work we may be sexually harassed, put down or unfairly passed over for promotion in the name of positive discrimination. In other words- we have to log off and get angry.

I found a group of about twenty five men and one woman with an average age about thirty five. Much of this meeting was taken up with the rather dull business of electing officers and so forth but it became clear that many of the men who join such groups are quite damaged. I do not mean any disrespect when I say this- I myself suffer flashbacks to a number of near fatal incidents in my relationship so I am to a degree damaged myself. My point is that anyone who seriously intends to become involved with the offline men's movement needs to be a diplomat. There are nearly as many men's rights organizations in the UK as there are activists! It is possible to draw a tree diagram showing that each of these groups split from an organization that still exists- the United Kingdom Men's Movement. Each of these groups is run by a quite brilliant and charismatic man but there is room for only one such man in the organization. This is less of a problem than it might be because each of these little groups are doing something useful on their own.
This small band of damaged warriors face a task that would frighten angels. We have to set up battered men's hostels, educate the police and social services and then make sure male victims know about the change.

Then we will work to improve the image of men in the media and then.....

All this must be done with a few damaged men and one hundred pounds. The impossibility of it all inspires me! The feminists started with even less- they did not even have internal logic!!

Whatever trials may lay ahead, the revolution has at last begun in London.

I am on my way.

It will not be easy. We will be slandered, libelled, harassed by the authorities and ignored. We will have stupid and pointless splits and arguments...

But we are on our way.

It feels good.
Main / Today I realised I am a liar.
Apr 18, 2005, 12:16 PM
Today I realised I am a liar.

I started to register my site with search engines today and had to describe my site.

This is what I said.

A practical guide for surviving the feminist gulag and breaking out.

How to deal with feminist harassment, and work on a tropical island. Pay less tax, discover the value of male friendship and achieve freedom.

Take part in the birth of a new civilization.

Not to bad for a blurb but what have I given you?

Articles with strange names that burst from my chest like the monster in Alien. First comes the name 'my life as a reptile' ext, but what does it mean? I have as little idea as yourselves until the article is finished. Then I am left tired and exhilarated at the same time and read my words as if they were written by another person who knows me better than myself.

This is not a blog. It is therapy and a headwank all in one.

So I have been lying to you.

My first blurb sounded interesting. I think I will do it.
Main / Brother, Minister or Missionary?
Apr 17, 2005, 02:36 PM
Brother - Minister - Missionary. Public copyright, Richard Ford

These are three words that have religious connotations but are still the three essential roles that men can play in the men's rights movement. Whenever we succeed I find men playing all three of these roles and wherever we fail I find that we are not. This is a huge claim, but one that I think I can prove. My thesis is that by understanding the roles men play within successful organisations we can recognise our true calling (see, religious words coming up again - but the Church is an amazingly successful organization so why not?).

First we have the role of Brother. Being a Brother involves the lowest level of commitment of any of the three roles. The Brother simply makes himself available to other men, particularly those with problems. It is quite possible for a Brother to be a Brother without formerly joining a Brotherhood because a Brotherhood is nothing more than a group of men who value themselves and others. Another way of putting it would be to say that a Brother creates a Brotherhood simply by being a Brother. There is no need to 'recruit' other men into this Brotherhood because this happens whenever one man recognises the value of having a good friend. Brothers may or may not be politically active, but it is inevitable that Brotherhood will be a learning experience on every level including the political.

How does a man benefit from being a Brother? Firstly, he will find the company of people who value him. It is common for men to go out in the evening with the intention of finding women. As soon as any woman appears on the radar the men become competitors for her. They compete to be funny, buy her drinks and flatter her. She is in heaven but what message does this give the other men in the group? The message it gives is that men are of no real interest even to other men. Nothing he says to his friends will be taken much notice of because they are also his competitors and will not give him too much status within the group for fear he will take the women. There is also no particular reason why any woman should respect a man who enters such a degrading arrangement. His so called friends will tease him in front of the woman and take her side against his because they are more interested in making a good first impression on her than maintaining a lifelong friendship. A Brother can expect greater respect - from both sexes. Conversation among Brothers is more serious and more meaningful. There is less tendency to compete for alpha male status when women are out of the picture so there are fewer 'joke' put downs and rivalries. A Brother is secure in the knowledge that he has real friends. Very few men can be truly sure of this because we put our energies into romantic attachments that can turn bad leaving us with nothing. Being a Brother among other Brothers makes it far more likely any relationship he enters will be a happy one.  If he is being abused he will realise it if he has a friendship to compare his relationship with. If he dreads going home or only feels physically healthy when he is with his friends he will realise he how much better it is not to be afraid. The strange thing about destructive relationships is that it is possible to become used to pain (physical and emotional). The victim can even come to believe that he is mad - or become mad. It is only when the victim finds himself in an environment where is valued and is no longer walking on eggshells that he realises that he has been living in hell.

Membership of a Brotherhood (formerly declared or not) also gives career benefits. Women are often members of 'networking associations' that exclude men. These associations are inevitably run by feminists, many of which are abusive or suffering mental problems of one sort of another. As a result these groups often become miniature versions of the society they seek to impose and offer a glimpse into hell. Very few women can remain in such an environment for very long. Women's networking associations frequently meet in company premises and have a level of acceptance that no Brotherhood is likely to achieve for many years. Membership of Brotherhoods will be a healing experience for men while woman's networking associations are about power and money. At present feminists control most of the power and money in society but are rarely happy. If I had a choice between giving you wealth and giving you happiness, dear reader, I would give you happiness. The wonderful thing about making happiness our immediate goal is that we do not have to fight anyone for it. A man becomes happy simply by being happy. All the power and sickness of feminism cannot crush the desire to be happy in a healthy person.

The next role on the list is the Minister. A Minister is simply someone who has decided to minister to the needs of others. In wider society the work minister has almost become the opposite to its original meaning. A Church Minister is someone who is ministered to rather than someone who ministers to the needs of others. The Church Minister is the person who the congregation pay their offerings to and who is relieved of the obligation to support himself. Government Ministers also have their large cars and their flatterers which detract from the original meaning of the word which is 'the person who serves others'.

I consider myself a minister of the men's movement. I have none of the advantages of other ministers and do not seek them. I have returned to the original meaning of the word by creating my own charitable trust and various other ventures such as writing articles like this one. I donate about ten percent of my income to this trust and fund a number of men's groups from it. To be honest my current years contribution is only about six percent as I am still suffering fallout from my divorce but I aim for ten. When I write about the projects that I support my aim is not simply to boast. I am trying to explain how a great deal of good can be done with very little money. I estimate that it may be possible to reverse feminism in a country the size of Britain (fifty million) with no more than five hundred ministers. 'Absurd' you might say while taking your pocket calculator out of your pocket. 'This means that each minister would have to change one hundred thousand people!' Well... not really. First of all not everyone in the UK is committed to feminism. Many are neutral or feel that there is something wrong with it but cannot quite find the language to explain what it is. You will discover this as soon as you 'come out' as an anti feminist. Remember that I am only talking about the ministers here. There will be many thousands or hundreds of thousands who will be willing to free themselves from mental slavery or improve their marriages if this involves rejecting feminism but relatively few who are willing to live a life of service to this end. The public are drawn to people who make definite statements with their lives (out of envy quite often) and they are also drawn to goodness. The dominant culture in feminist societies is usually cynical and somewhat bitter. When one has the self confidence to set out ones stall and offer something better we are surprised at the response. It has become impossible to say certain words without a slight ironical tone. 'Charity' 'Honour' 'Patriotism' 'Fatherhood' 'Integrity' 'Honesty' 'Courage', all of these words have negative connotations under feminism and yet they are the values upon which civilization stands. It may have become difficult to speak these words in public but we should not underestimate their power. Most popular films and books still show the triumph of goodness over evil because the public demand this. They simply will not finance any other conclusion.

An individual how announces that he intends to live a life of service can expect some initial ridicule. There is no point in being upset about this and it is not even feminist inspired ridicule. There have been many such people who have made this claim in the past and many of them now have Swiss bank accounts. It is quite reasonable that people should be suspicious of us. The second response will be to test us. They are tempted to believe us but want to be sure. Testing behaviour should also be welcomed as it gives us the opportunity to prove that we are what we say we are. There will be some people who will not engage in honest testing because they have darker motives. They see your goodness as an attack upon their own behaviour and will set out to bring you down for this reason alone. They also think that good people are not permitted to defend themselves and see you as an easy victim.

The way to deal with these tests is to make no claim about yourself that will be difficult to stick to. To give an example, I claim only to fund some worthwhile charities and to have a good heart although am quite capable of being thoughtless. I try to treat others with respect and am truthful with them. I can live within these parameters quite easily because this is my true nature and not a PR image. I have no doubt that I have many bad qualities as well but I can forgive these in myself because I know my intentions are basically good. This means that it is difficult to catch me out for being a hypocrite. If I were to set some very high standard for myself then it would be much easier to do so. Remember that people want to believe that goodness is possible so you are swimming with the tide of human nature. Feminism offers a very negative view or humanity which appeals to unhealthy people but repels everyone else. Feminism offers the believer many benefits, it absolves the believer from guilt or personal responsibility because the feminist believes she is fighting a war. Feminism appeals to pride because women are automatically included in the master race no matter what else they are. Feminism also gives the believer permission to be mentally unhealthy. It is strange that this should be seen as an advantage to some people but it is. Have you ever met someone who sucks up all the pain in every situation and wallows in it? Feminism gives the individual permission to suffer as much as they wish. If the believer is female she has permission to be angry and a victim. If male (God help him) he will be able to hate himself and suffer at the hand of feminists.

Death is appealing to many people. Many political movements have been based upon little more than death. The Nazis may have talked about the survival of the Arian race but there appeal was largely death based. An adherent was expected to submerge his own individuality and submit to the leader (in a sense die). Sacrifice on the battlefield was valued more than happiness or fulfilment. Ultimately sacrifice and death was all the Nazis had to offer.

Today we see radical Islam which sees an individuals death as being more important than their life. They offer a quick solution to all of life's problems in the form of instant death and paradise. Ultimately this movement will die out because it delivers just what it promises. Death to all that believe in it. Feminism is also a death choice because it is an anti reproduction philosophy and an anti moral one. Any society that embraces it will be destroyed over three to five generations because it is always accompanied with a fall in the birth rate, a rise in crime (fatherless children) and economic failure (jobs being filled by quota).

I have said that the appeal of death is very strong but the appeal of life and happiness is even stronger- and has always triumphed in the past. The men's movement in general and ministers in particular must place themselves on the side of life because this will be the side that wins. We will do this firstly by sorting out our own lives and becoming the happy and balanced individuals feminists can never be. Secondly we will overcome the selfishness and egotism that feminist societies are always infected with. This allows us to reach out to others with a sincerity feminists cannot match. Lastly, ministers must not equate service with suffering. How can suffering have anything to do with service when even feminists suffer? Feminists are the most self centred and selfish creed that has ever existed on this planet!

The third category is the Missionary. The missionary is so named because he is literally one who is on a mission. It could be argued that ministers are on a mission and therefore this category is unnecessary. I would disagree because there are a number of stark differences between them. The minister is usually someone who enables and encourages others while the missionary will typically become aware of his mission in life in a single moment. He will then call upon the help of ministers in order to make his mission possible. One role that ministers often play is to help missionaries become aware of their true mission. This makes the role of the missionary easy to misrepresent- the missionary is not subordinate to anyone but he will often rely upon ministers for the larger picture.

It may be clearer if I give you a specific example. Matt O'Connor, (minister) the founder of Fathers4Justice set up the organization with his own money. He was fortunate to meet a number of men who were willing to risk jail for their beliefs (missionaries) and they jumped at the opportunity to do so. They are not 'controlled' by Matt O'Connor because they have their own burning personal reasons to do what they do. Matt is simply the means by which they find it possible to follow their dream. Nevertheless missionaries are usually content to accept guidance from ministers who they truly trust because ministers usually have excellent plans. Missionaries are less concerned with strategy because their main motivation is to immerse themselves completely in the thick of the action. Fathers 4 Justice holds regular meetings where men gather to talk about their latest struggles. This became a brotherhood and success was thus assured. One point to make is that the organization is not controlled by the Brothers (members) it is merely run for their benefit. A secret band of activists meet to plan stunts and the membership only hear about it later. This may seem undemocratic but it has prevented police infiltration and makes sense when we understand the different reasons a person may have to join this organization.

I am not advocating an artificial system for dividing people into groups and restricting the roles they can play- I have had far too much of this with feminism. I am trying to understand why organizations succeed or fail. It is possible you may recognise yourself here and eventually come to understand the way you relate to others in the movement. In any case, a great deal of harm is done by men who are playing their roles badly. For example...

The Bad Brother. This character tells victims of domestic violence that he has no sympathy with losers and victims. He cannot understand why any man should be so weak as to allow himself to be dominated in this way. He suspects that it may be nothing more than a sexual kink of the victims. Worse still he seems to think he should be admired for his straight talking and inner strength.

The fact that there is a grain of truth in some of what he says simply drives the poison in deeper. It is easy to dismiss this person as stupid or evil intentioned but he is probably neither- he simply lacks imagination or empathy. He is probably an action orientated person and not a feelings person and would do well as a missionary.

The Bad Minister. This person resembles Hitler in his bunker as Berlin falls to the Soviets. He has a master plan and everyone is expected to drop whatever they are doing and do something else. He insists that activists change the tactics that made groups such as fathers4justice successful and adopt 'radical' (they nearly always use this word) tactics of his own invention. These characters have usually formed at least one men's rights organization of their own which has only one member- themselves. Nevertheless they are always experts on how to become a mass movement.

They expect to become the focus of attention wherever they go. Anyone doing anything constructive is expected to justify themselves to the Bad Minister and his anger and insistence becomes greater the more successful the other group becomes. This condition (if left untreated) ends with the publication of bizarre anti fathers4justice websites while continuing to claim that he is a men's rights activist. You are as unlikely to see this person on a demo as you are to see a General under fire in a foxhole. He is the Leader!

The only cure I know is a sense of humility. Sometimes a spell as a missionary will do this as these people have a great deal of pent up energy. Missionaries do not have to wait for other people to do things. They act.

The Bad Missionary. This person is the true action man. Most missionaries have a romantic streak in them that values commitment above strategy. This is why they usually rely upon ministers for these things. The Bad Missionary values any stupid action no matter how destructive because he thinks sincerity is all that matters. You may find him hitting a policeman on prime time news if you are not very careful.

The solution: avoid.
Main / Viagra
Apr 15, 2005, 09:20 AM
Viagra is a drug that raises blood pressure and increases the risk of stroke. It is also a drug that is marketed to the very people most likely to suffer heart problems- middle aged and elderly men.

One would expect that this drug must have some wonderfully curative effects before society even considered releasing it upon such a vulnerable group, but this is not the case. Viagra cures no deadly disease. It overcomes impotence. Impotence seems at first glance to be a male problem so perhaps we should be grateful for any help we can get- but let us look at the situations where it is likely to be employed. If a man is unable to 'perform' in bed it may be for many reasons. Most likely he is tired. There is nothing wrong with the man who wishes to sleep after ten long hours at work and the woman he lives with should be grateful that he does. Unfortunately she is constantly told to view men as vibrators- sex toys that never tire and have no feelings. A man in this situation may realise that he is in terrible danger because this is grounds for divorce and he stands to lose his home, his savings, his children and his pension.

He may allow himself to be bullied into taking this drug believing that he is at fault. Men are not machines and if a man is treated as a sex toy or a worthless sex slave he will find the whole business of sex disgusting and humiliating. The longer he continues to imitate a machine the more he will be alienated from himself- and the more dead he will feel inside.

If there are women reading this- if you have any love for him at all do not expect him to risk death or paralysis. Do the decent thing and invest in a vibrator. He has the right to sleep.
Main / How to have the flu
Apr 15, 2005, 06:02 AM
How to have the flu. Richard Ford public copyright.

There is an advertisement on the TV that tells men how to deal with the flu. A bunch of rather unpleasant alpha male type men are competing for the favour of their boss. One has the flu and the others are looking forward to shafting him. Fortunately he has some drug or other that suppresses the symptoms for a while so he gets the job. The message is 'flu is for wimps'.

It is noticeable that no woman play a part in the advert because women look after themselves a great deal better than men. Men see themselves as providers and are quite prepared to sacrifice their health to do so. A woman is far more likely to deal with this problem by letting someone else take the strain for a while and by eating properly, this is one area where I think women are wiser than men.

I have a theory about flu and colds. Have you ever experienced a cold coming on and persisting for several days? By will power it is possible to ignore the cold so that you may complete whatever you are engaged in. As soon as you take a day off the cold comes back with a vengeance although you feel better afterwards. The longer we put off the 'work' of  feeling the symptoms of the cold the harder it hits us in the end. Putting off a cold is rather like putting off a debt. It can always be ignored for a while but interest must be paid.

The strange thing is that having a cold or flu can be enjoyable! I am saying goodbye to a two day flu right now and it has not been too bad at all. I have slept through much of it and have run a temperature that has made my bones ache in a tingling sensual sort of way. I have enjoyed the sensation of being safe and warm in my bed a great deal and feel clearheaded and relaxed now because of all the sleep I have had. I am glad that I have not taken the advice of the advertisers and tried to work my way through the illness out of duty or to 'be a man'. What would this have achieved? I would have spread the bug around my workplace and ensured future profits fro beechams. I will also have encouraged my employer to judge men and women by different standards. In any case I was probably working in their best interest by taking the time off... when I come back I will be so much more productive than the men who think they have a duty to struggle through.

If it is possible to enjoy the flu then what else might it be possible to enjoy? Perhaps all of life can be enjoyed provided it can also be accepted? All bodily functions that are healing are also enjoyable. Eating (should be) a great pleasure provided it is done mindfully. Simply shovelling food into the mouth while working does not count. Shitting is a greatly underrated pleasure - particularly compared with sex. Scratching, yawning, sneezing, even working should be pleasures. When I come to die I will be ready for this and I think leaving my ancient body will be a pleasure too.

Pleasure is natures way of rewarding us for good behaviour. This is why staying home with the flu is pleasant and working with the flu is unpleasant. Human beings are not lazy. We enjoy producing things- even our hobbies are constructive. We produce model aeroplanes, websites, cakes. The better we make them the happier we are. If we find ourselves hating our job then this is a sign that we are not producing the right product. Usually it is the job that is wrong rather than ourselves.

It therefore follows that a life lived close to ones own nature will be full of pleasure. Many of these pleasures will be the sort of thing that other people do not even notice such as a birdsong or the smell of damp earth. Pleasure may be used as a compass to find ones own nature. It will tell you when you are near by making the most ordinary things wonderful.
Main / A Brotherhood
Apr 14, 2005, 12:47 PM
A real life brotherhood.

I believe that the men's movement may be ready for practical action. We may be ready to form a Brotherhood.

A Brotherhood should benefit men at ever point that it touches the life of men. It is more than just a way of putting two fingers up at women and saying 'I do not need you'. A Brotherhood can provide a social focus, economic benefits and a network to fall back upon when under attack from feminists.

I am not particularly interested in rehashing all the reasons why a brotherhood may be a good idea. Each of us have different views on this and there will be some men who will be against it. None of this matters because the decision to join or not is an individual one. A man may be a member of many brotherhoods just as he has many friends. The object is to reclaim male space rather than impose any particular experience.

Men are not good at joining things and the idea of joining an all male association has scary homosexual associations fro many working class men. The upper classes have had the freemasons for many years which I suppose fulfil some of the same functions. Many freemasons were educated in single sex schools which gives them some idea what to expect. If fact all ruling groups have a tradition of male only activity which is one reason they are powerful and successful.

The first thing a Brotherhood can do is provide a circle of friends. Sometimes men will go out together in the evenings but the real object is to go home with a woman. This is profoundly disrespectful to other men because we will immediately ignore our friends immediately an interesting woman comes into view. The effect of this is doubly destructive because men set themselves up to be ignored by the women they pursue and by their friends who are being more successful. When a woman joins the group she becomes the focus of attention- all intelligent conversation stops and the men compete with one another to be funny.

A man who joins a Brotherhood is safe from this sort of thing. He will be valued for his human qualities rather than the beauty of his girlfriend or his car. This allows him to relax and become unconditionally himself for the first time since childhood. He will become less preoccupied by 'success'  and more successful as a result.

Brotherhoods may also provide access to other benefits. Cheap credit may be available through Brotherhood credit unions. These are mutually owned loan funds usually attached to churches, trade unions or social clubs. They do not the expensive infrastructure or permanent staff of banks so can offer cheaper loans. It is hoped that the 'common bond' the members have with one another may result in a more trust based alternative to credit scoring.

Brotherhoods may offer a way on to the property ladder. Three or four men may buy a house together which is a great deal cheaper than renting or buying a flat. Property prices are now so high in London and other large cities that this may be the only way to live there for many men. Men who live in Brotherhood homes would be free to become involved with women but can never take them back to the Brotherhood house. There is a practical reason for this because it prevents a woman from throwing a man from the home and gaining ownership herself. This would be a disaster not only for the man concerned but for his housemates who would find themselves in conflict with a woman who had just destroyed a good friend of theirs.

Brotherhoods will also offer employment opportunities. There are many 'women's networking' societies where women meet to ensure that only women obtain powerful jobs. No male equivilant exists so Brotherhoods must fill the gap.

There will be some Brotherhoods that will be nothing more than a place to lick ones wounds and moan about women but I hope to create a Brotherhood that is more than this. I hope to create a Brotherhood that is the greatest friend a man can have, which provides affordable housing and access to areas of work that are closed to men at present. I want to create something that no man can live without.
Main / In praise of wanking
Apr 14, 2005, 10:17 AM
In praise of wanking by Richard Ford

In every culture that I know of the term 'wanker' is an insult. Usually this is directed from one man to another and the implication is that the receiver is not a 'real' man because he is not having sex with a woman.  This is false even if you accept the basic premise (that sex is only valid if it revolves around the needs of a woman) because even men in relationships masturbate.

What, then is this insult really all about?

All primate societies contain alpha male individuals who have influence and prestige within the group. All males seem to aspire to this status and it can only be attained through triumphing over other males in some way. The main advantage in achieving this status is that he will gain access to all the females. Female primates generally seek to influence things indirectly through an alliance with an alpha male - they do not aspire to alpha male status directly. This seems to indicate that a man who calls you a 'wanker' is telling you that you are not an alpha male and that he is. In other words he is telling you that you cannot obtain a mate and this is why you need to masturbate.

Monkey behaviour rarely works in a 21st century industrial society and his one is a disaster for men. It sends the message that a man is nothing without a woman - that his status is entirely dependent upon her remaining with him.

I am not ashamed to say that the best sex I have ever had was when there was nobody else in the room. I am a wanker and proud!

If the status of wanking were raised in our society I am convinced there would be fewer unplanned pregnancies. Young men would find it easier to find their true role in life if they were relieved of the tedious and degrading business of pursuing women throughout their teens and twenties. Many of these relationships produce nothing of value and are more about proving attractiveness than anything else. Naturally there will be some men who find their life partner early on in life. This is fortunate for them and they are more likely to do this if they are freed of any compulsion to pair off with whoever is available. If men felt happier about not having a partner they will be able assess the character of the women they know much better. Chasing women is an expensive and humiliating activity. It nearly always leads to failure and men do not always realise how deep these wounds go. The more worthless a man feels in his heart the more desperately he will seek validation by pleasing women - and the more worthless he will feel in the end. Seeking validation from women therefore becomes an addictive cycle by which the man comes to feel he is worth nothing and women are empowered to abuse. Each failure adds to his store of pain and motivates him to continue the behaviour that caused it. Whenever a man buys the company of women through expensive gifts or acting as a free therapist he is sending the message that he has no innate value. One reason that women have no respect for men in our culture is simply that men show no respect for themselves.

The way to end any addiction is to end it. Talking about an addiction will not end it and neither will understanding its roots. One has to go cold turkey and suffer the discomfort that it brings. All the understanding in the world will not lessen this by much. Just as an alcoholic deals with his addiction by no longer drinking then a man who is humiliated by women must simply stop allowing this. This will have a paradoxical effect. Women will become interested in you once again and will try to suck you into the old behaviours. They will flirt with you a little and even talk to you as an equal for a while. This opens up such a pit of need (especially the respect) that you are in great danger of succumbing. Please do not do so! If you make this mistake then you will be punished for your initial resistance and will be back on the treadmill. You will become suddenly very aware of your pain. Women will treat you with respect but this will only make you aware of how badly you were treated before, you will feel angry at yourself for allowing abuse but you will also feel the full strength of your unmet needs. This is the first stage of healing so just hang in there.

Another reason to advocate wanking is that it is safe sex - the safest there is in fact. Compulsive sexuality (that which is based upon unknown and unmet needs) multiplies risk as it tends to result in contact with other compulsives. These are the very highest risk people you could possibly associate with on every level. There is also a risk of false rape accusations as women will often feel ashamed at their behaviour and believe that you 'made' her do it.

Wanking is also much less time consuming. A man can achieve release quickly and move on to other things. Relationships (particularly bad ones) tend to suck energy so that the man archives nothing.

I have taken this one step further. I go out on a 'date' with myself. I see a show, visit a restaurant or whatever else I want to do. My right hand never stands me up, is never late and likes the same things that I do. Furthermore my date costs half as much as any date with a woman because my hand and myself go Dutch.
Main / Building a library of posts.
Apr 12, 2005, 02:04 AM
Are you a member of a group or association? Would you like your own area on my website?

I can give you access so that you can post directly in the same way that I do. Alternatively you can mail me and I will post it with credits.

Perhaps you are an individual with a distinctive 'voice' that you would like to share with the world. Post to my site! You will in this way build up a library of essays that may be posted wherever you can get away with it. In this way we will come to control the agenda of more and more boards, even if we cannot change everyone's views.

Anything you write will naturally be under your own name and will not be republished anywhere except with your permission.

My site has very little traffic at present but I intend to promote aggressively as the year wears on.
Main / My life as a reptile!
Apr 12, 2005, 01:42 AM
One choice people make when entering work is whether to adopt a warm blooded or reptilian approach. I am currently a reptile and find that it suits me. Being a cold blooded reptile does not imply a lack of human warmth or compassion. It does not even imply a Vulcan-like calculating approach. An economic reptile adapts the feeding and survival techniques of reptiles to the business world. Warm blooded animals such as birds or mammals have far higher metabolic rates than reptiles. This is the reason they became dominant in the world but also their greatest weakness. Higher metabolic rates mean that the animal can be far more active and live in cold climates - but the warm blooded animals are always hungry. Most must eat at least once a day, fewer can go much more than a week or two without a meal. Many reptiles on the other hand can live quite happily on one meal a year. The reason is that reptiles do not leave their engine running when they are not moving. They generate no heat so very few calories are burnt when the animal is just sitting about. In many ways reptiles are more efficient than mammals because almost every calorie burnt is used in some definite way to ensure the animals survival. The down side is that the reptiles prey must usually come to the reptile rather than being actively hunted down. This is why you see crocodiles sunning themselves near waterholes. Crocodiles know that all animals must come to drink at the waterhole and so they can afford to wait. He lacks the speed or agility of the lion so he has no other option.

In business there are also too ways to make a fortune. One involves earning a great deal of money by working very hard (like a mammal) this causes an increase in consumption because the hard working individual develops expensive tastes. He eats out all the time because he is tired by the time he gets back home. In any case he surely deserves a treat after all he has done. The high earning individual is also often concerned with status. He may feel the need to prove he is 'successful' (whatever this means) and must therefore buy an expensive car and other things. The most expensive toy of all (if he nearly kills himself with work) is a woman. If fact all of his other toys are generally nothing more than 'babe magnets' designed to prove he has plenty of cash to spend on the woman once he has her. A woman's attention can provide a quick fix for a man but it cannot really heal him. Only the respect of other men can do this because the respect of men cannot be bought. A man who purchases the respect of women through expensive gifts can never be sure of anything. Her respect is a bought thing and therefore reminds the man that money is all he has that she wants.
The other approach is the reptilian one. Reptiles succeed by ensuring their overheads are low. They may not be the dominant animals of the world but they generally live longer than their mammal equivalents. If you adopt this policy then you will cut out all useless expenditure. This is not the same as masochistic self denial and should be a liberating experience. One item that should be cut out as soon as possible is consumer debt (even if it claims to be interest free). Consumer debt will hit you twice. First it will enslave you financially so that you are always working to clear your debts. Secondly, it will destroy the pleasure of work. Rather than look forward to the useful things you will purchase with your paycheque you will only be able to look back with regret at what you have bought. All of your beautiful belongings become nothing more than a source of worry for you. Once you go cold turkey on consumer debt you will have the opportunity to face some of the emptiness that feeds it all. Human beings are not rational beings. We may be able to invent rational reasons for our actions but these are usually not the real ones. We buy things because we want them- we find reasons for wanting them later on when we question ourselves.

If you find this difficult to believe just think about advertising for a moment. When was the last time an advertiser bothered to tell you anything useful about the product he was selling? If the product is aimed at women then the advertising will tell her the product will help her humiliate men. If the product is aimed at men it will tell him he can be useful to women (or respected by men) by buying it. Both promises are usually lies. Freedom consists of knowing in are heart what our head already tells us- happiness cannot be found in buying stuff on credit. I wish I knew exactly how to attain this state because no peace will be found until you do. I am very near to this state right now and can give you some pointers.

Firstly, do not judge yourself by unreasonable standards. Do not pursue success without defining it properly or you will never know when you have got there. Find someone (nearly always a man) who values you for what you are rather than your position. Occasionally you can find an older woman (60 plus) who is capable of this. This may be because she did not grow up under feminism or it may be the wisdom of old age, I do not know- but I find it significant that feminist societies ignore and ridicule the old while patriarchal ones value them. Men often have a problem admitting how much they care for one another. Received wisdom is that this has something to do with a fear of homosexuality (though why any man should be scared of being gay if it means they can avoid what passes for heterosexual love in our culture is beyond me). Society is far more tolerant of gays than it was and yet there is less intimacy between men, not more. Feminism ridicules everything it cannot control so friendship between men becomes the most absurd and ridiculous thing in the world. When a man forms a friendship with another man he is committing a revolutionary act. He is seeking an alternative source of approval and this is frightening to many women. They will accuse him (humorously) of regressing back to childhood because many male friendships are hobby based. She will accuse him of closet homosexuality, of plotting against her, of not being a 'real man' or any number of other things. It is absolutely vital for his emotional survival that he ignores all of these attempts to control and devalue him. She will arrange things in such a way that he is always forced to break off whatever he was planning to do with his friend at the last moment because he is needed elsewhere. His friend will thus be forced into a completely unnecessary rivalry with the wife or girlfriend because she will always force her partner to choose between his friend and his relationship.

The real choice facing any man in this situation is much more simple. Is he prepared to allow himself to be managed through pain? Whenever he breaks off a friendship to avoid the pain of a bad atmosphere at home or shaming tactics then he is rewarding these behaviours and also strengthening the power they have over him. When he maintains his friendships he is giving her a choice. She may either accept a lessening of control over her partner or escalate her behaviour into high drama such as screaming or violence. When she does this then the question is whether the man values his own life because this behaviour can only ever lead to death.

Once you have gained some control over how you view yourself (not jumping through hoops to please women) you will find yourself with reserves of time, energy and emotional resilience that you never imagined you had. Life suddenly becomes exciting and you are likely to look for fresh challenges. It is important to choose these well. Some people will return to their former slavery simply because it is familiar to them. When they have some free cash they will treat themselves to something of no lasting value and return the state of desperation and debt they have escaped. Equally, some men will find some emotionally draining person to replicate the effect of a heterosexual relationship. When one is a slave one is on one level or another dead. This can be comforting if the alternative is waking up and realising one has submitted to slavery.

What is the greatest pain you can inflict upon someone who wishes to destroy you? Evil knows all about hate and is familiar with pain. If we could look inside the mind of a feminist abuser we would be looking straight into hell. I believe that our best revenge is to be happy. This is not the same thing as turning the other cheek (the comfort of the helpless) it is a genuine revenge strategy. Destructive philosophies eventually burn themselves out because they consume and destroy their followers as a fire consumes its fuel. Feminism is essentially anti-life because it is anti reproduction. It destroys the host society by undermining morality and harms the individuals ability to engage with others. Have you ever met a happy feminist?

Feminism therefore finds itself at war with every healthy individual. Sometimes feminism will pretend to be something other than what it is in order to survive. It makes claims (sincerely believed by some feminists) that it is about equality and therefore it will improve the quality of family life. This counts for nothing because it is not the sincerity of the believers that cause ideas to fail but the objective destructiveness of its effect. I doubt that Germany ever had a more sincere Chancellor than Adolph Hitler but the effect of his ideas was destructive. Germany found itself in conflict with an ever growing list of nations because it posed an objective threat to them that was far more real than the false promises made. This is what is happening to feminism. It may lie, bully cheat and kill but the list of its enemies grows longer by the day. Even if it were to gain total power in some advanced country such as the USA it would succeed only in destroying it and replacing it with another civilization opposed to feminism completely. In other words feminism can bring only death and misery to all who associate with it. It can no more dominate the world than a group of people who choose to infect themselves with smallpox.
Main / Roast chicken
Apr 05, 2005, 12:46 PM
This is an article on patriarchal cooking. But what is patriarchal cooking? It is not what the feminists will tell you it is. It is not forcing a woman to cook for you (barefoot and pregnant as they put it). It does not matter who cooks the food in fact. What matters is that the cooking is an act of love and that the family eats together. Crime, and all sorts of self destructive behaviour come in the wake of the family that does not eat together.

The act of cooking is one of the most effective ways of building love that I know. Anyone coming home from a days work and finding a hot meal waiting for him (or her) will love their partner a little more. It works the other way too. Cooking is a natural expression of the caring and nurturing instincts found in all healthy people. Love grows through the practice - we learn to swim by swimming and we learn to love by loving.

Family cooking benefits children too. It gives them security and teaches them how to relate to others in a civilised way. This is a skill being lost under feminism which is why we have so many social problems.

Family cooking is also more healthy than the alternative. If you want to see an example of feminist cooking go to McDonalds. Feminism promotes single person households where the career is god. These lonely 'families' have no time to cook - and no children to cook for.

One characteristic of family cooking is that the eater remains in control of what is eaten. Industrial society is fond of producing meals that disguise the ingredients that are in them. Many microwave meals are curries, bolognaise or pizzas with chopped ingredients. It is impossible to judge the quality of these ingredients when you see them for the first time in this state. You may like to try an experiment- place a piece of chicken in your mouth that came with your micro waved meal and suck the sauce from it. Then bite- what does it taste of? Nothing usually. Furthermore it has a rubbery texture quite unlike real meat.

Eating food like this causes the body to crave more and more variety but does not satisfy. This results in obesity and heart disease. It is interesting that average lifespan lengthened with rising living standards until the advent of feminism. Feminism broke the link and money no longer does the good it once did. We can therefore assume that once feminism is overcome then both men and women will live longer than at present. For proof you may look at any patriarchal society and you will see that the people are thin and usually dress better than people in feminist societies who have far more money to spend on themselves.

I have to be realistic however. We live in a feminist society and most of us live on our own. We have less time to spend cooking than our grandparents so we must be very efficient in our cooking. My recipes usually involve less work than many microwave meals, although your friends will be impressed you have found the time.

How to roast a chicken.

First choose your chicken. Fresh is best for a number of reasons. It is hard to disguise poor quality meat if it is fresh and it has more flavour. Frozen meat seems cheaper but it often contains ice so this is imaginary. If you have a good quality butcher locally then try them. If your local butcher shop smells clean then you can be confident the meat is OK. There is an honesty in fresh meat. Once you are a regular customer you may try a little good humoured haggling.

Place your chicken (upside down) in a heavy iron pot and heat to 160/180 centigrade. Do not bother with foil, salt, or anything else. When delicious smells fill the house wait a while and then turn the heat off. The chicken will continue to cook as the pot slowly cools. The iron pot will ensure the chicken remains moist as it has a lid. This also keeps the oven clean.

If you live alone then freeze down the meat you cannot eat. This is especially good for single people. Cook fresh vegetables by placing them in water that is already boiling (no salt). Eat them while they still have a slight crunch. If you think you hate vegetables this is probably because they have been overcooked.

Chicken that has been cooked in this way has more flavour and lower fat (it collects in the pot). Although some time is required no more actual work is involved than in making a cup of tea.

The cooking pot that I use is not cheap- but it is worth every penny as it saves both time and money. Furthermore it will probably last longer than I will and become a family heirloom. If you are tempted then please link through my website.
Or six if you live in Bletchley...

It is now seven days until the formation of the Manlkind London group. A similar group will be formed to cover the east of England the previous day.

I would ask you all to do something towards making this a sucess.

a) If you are in the UK but not local to either group then please join Mankind at the national level Start saving your postage stamps as well as we can turn them to cash.

b) If you are (more or less) near a local group then please make yourself known to the office.

c) If you are in a country with no such organization then consider creating one.

From the 12th I hope to be able to call Mankind a national organization for the first time.

Tora Tora Tora!!!
Men and Domestic Violence / Lifeline
Mar 31, 2005, 02:04 AM
Mankind (the UK men's charity) have created the first integrated domestic violence support project in Somerset, England. Up until now we have been able to offer telephone advice on how to deal with the authorities - but as outsiders. The authorities themselves were unwilling to listen to us.

In Somerset all this is beginning to change. Police are trained to recognise female abuse and understand why men get a raw deal. Emergency accommodation is available and social services are involved from the start.

The reason this is so exciting is that Somerset is the county where most Mankind activists are based. This seems to indicate that schemes similar to this could be set up anywhere where men can be bothered to rouse themselves. Already we see the beginnings of  this in Brighton where the first Mankind local group was set up.

Would you like to see something like this in your town?

Join Mankind!

In you are reading this in some country other than the UK then do a search and find your national group.
Main / The Power of Ritual
Mar 29, 2005, 01:50 PM
Every culture that survives (only durable cultures are really cultures at all) is based upon ritual. Ritual gives meaning to the meaningless drudgery that makes up much of life. Every revolution in history has been accompanied by a revolution in ritual and ceremony. Think of may day parades, think of Nuremberg rallies - these images persist even once the regimes themselves have fallen.

Each revolution has created its own art and sought to reengineer culture in its own image. Only by changing humanities view of itself is it possible to transform humanity itself. Our revolution is a democratic and humane revolution - it cannot adapt the art and culture of previous revolutions which were centralised and authoritarian in nature. The architecture and parades of the dictatorships were designed to inspire but also to make the individual feel small. Even the music of these societies was big, big choirs, big orchestras playing in big halls. There was no place for the individual there.

What then is the culture of the feminist revolution? It is the culture of self indulgence, of the big 'me'. It is also the culture of death. This seems entirely appropriate from a doctrine that says that we must all die (stop reproducing) rather than allow a child to be more important than ourselves.

Self pity has become the chief emotion expressed in our culture. This is a cheap, superficial and shameful thing for a great civilisation to obsess upon and it has led to an obsession with death. If you do not believe me visit any modern art gallery. You will find ugliness and death celebrated there.

What will our culture and ritual celebrate. I suggest it should celebrate life and duty. Duty need not be drudgery if it is truly embraced. It can liberate an individual from all the petty depressions and resentments that are so celebrated by our enemies.

What might this mean in reality? This is much harder to say. I am filling my home with houseplants. Caring for them reminds me that I am on the side of life. The more closely I interconnect with other people and living things the less I am aware of my own problems. Feminism is ultimately about selfishness and loneliness. The feminist feels that she is due all sorts of things and becomes resentful when her demands are not met. She becomes lonely as she is unable to give anything to anyone else without receiving first. Ultimately depression and anger set in but she imagines these things are caused by other people. One good way to be happy is to find the most unhappy and fucked up people you can (feminists) and resolve to be as unlike them as you can!
Main / Mankind v f4j
Mar 29, 2005, 01:34 AM
There is only one internationally famous men's organisation that hails from the UK - fathers4justice. This organisation is now active in most of the English speaking countries in one form or another. I would urge you all to join even if you are not yet a father. I have joined this organization myself and yet it is not my first love. My main focus is upon a group that few people have heard of and only one hundred and twenty have joined - the Mankind Initiative.

Why have I chosen this group before all others? Is this factionalism? Are the two groups in any way in disagreement?

The two groups compliment one another completely. Both groups argue for equal parenting. Only one group likes to dress up in Batman costumes but this is a minor issue.

Both groups have a real opportunity to change things. Fathers 4 Justice has seized the political agenda in the UK and both opposition parties now support equal parenting.

Why, then do I continue to put most efforts into Mankind?

Firstly because Mankind is a charity and not a campaigning organization. It has taken a great deal of hard work to achieve this degree of recognition and Mankind is gradually building upon it. The government now feels that it must at least pretend to take the interests of men into account when drawing up policy. This generally involves contacting Mankind for an alternative view before doing whatever the rad fems command, but at least the government has an alternative viewpoint presented to it.

Mankind is involved with many issues but has chosen to focus upon domestic violence. There are practical reasons for this as well as humanitarian. The domestic violence industry absorbs more than twenty seven million pounds of public money each year and not one penny of this goes to men. This money is far too often used to spread hatred between the sexes and for the promotion of feminism. If we can get this money out of the hands of the rad fems and use it instead for victims of both sexes then both sexes will benefit.

Joining the Mankind Initiative is a long term investment. I cannot see a major reversal of government policy for many years. When it occurs (and it will) a major source of feminist funds will be removed. In the mean time you will have helped to save the lives of many men and children who contact our domestic violence help line. We need more of everything. More money, more members, more volunteers. Victory is certain - only the number of lives destroyed by the present system is variable.
Main / April 12
Mar 26, 2005, 01:40 PM
On April 12 men's rights activists in London will at last have an organization they can become involved with. Up until now we have had a choice of fathers rights organizations for men to join but nothing for the man without children. Believe me, this is important. The British media believes there is only two sorts of news - there is news that occurs in London (that they call national news) and there is news that occurs elsewhere which is treated as local news. Only 'national' news is reported in the national press and this accounts for the more of less universal news blackout on the men's movement apart from fathers 4 justice who have the good sense to organize their stunts in the capital.

The men's movement has therefore slipped under the radar of the national media. Organizations such as the Mankind Initiative may produce reports on domestic violence against men yet these are not believed. 'Why, if this is the case, is there no grass roots movement against this violence?' they ask. This is a reasonable question.

There are reasons why men have remained silent for so long. One of them is shame - each of us believe we are the only one. Men are physically stronger than women and this makes it difficult to see him as the victim. All of this will begin to change when men begin to organize against domestic violence in the capital city. The great beauty the Mankind Initiative approach is that it does not set out prove that women are capable of evil (which upsets people for some reason). It simply deals with the suffering violence causes for men and children. In other words, Mankind presents itself not as a problem but as a solution.

If the struggle for equality within marriage is a war then we are approaching one of its most decisive battles. A credible London branch of the Mankind Initiative would place the issue of domestic violence and discrimination against men on the political radar weeks before the general election. Journalists who may be sympathetic to our cause will have a point of contact for the first time. The media would begin to seek out a quote from ourselves each time they quoted a feminist.

How can you help if you are not a Londoner? Firstly, I believe that every UK man should join the Mankind Initiative as an individual member. This costs only 30 annual or 500 life and you can be sure of getting an awful lot of bang for your buck. The organization has only 120 members and these people not only do all the work but finance it too. Some charities seem to have been set up to provide jobs for the founders friends. This is something you can never say of Mankind as the founders not only work for nothing but pay for the privilege as well!

There is also the possibility of levering in some outside money. The feminist refuge organizations get about twenty seven million pounds a year from the home office and split the money three ways. One third goes towards salaries and large cars. One third on the clients and one third on creating hatred between the sexes to guarantee future employment. We believe this is corrupt and should be ended. No government money should be used for political propaganda or hate speech. The money saved by cutting this and the parasitical feminist 'academics' who feed upon it will ensure that everyone of either sex can be assured of help when needed.

The second thing everyone can do is write to their MP and ask their position on male victims of domestic violence. He may be surprised that only one sex is deemed worthy of help. Remember! You are not trying to convince him of anything! Simply let him know that  for you.
Main / The Paranoiacs Bible - part one.
Mar 25, 2005, 02:01 PM
The Paranoiacs Bible.

A guide for men in a feminist world.

What do feminists want from men? Do they have any idea of what a 'good' man might be like or do they simply wish to destroy? Years ago feminism presented itself as being about bringing women into the workplace and making them more like men. This was supported by men as much as women because our culture values equality, and because most men are born with protective feelings towards women. Many men looked forward to a future where women would be willing to work as hard as men and would not automatically expect to be provided for because of her sex. Men would no longer be weekend fathers or lodgers in there own homes but full members of the family - as important to the children as the mother. This was an attractive dream and it became as difficult to be anti feminist as it was to be an open racist. Questioning this orthodoxy would result in howls of rage from 'progressive' people everywhere.

The irony of this is that feminism claimed to want exactly what organizations such as fathers4justice are now demanding..... and feminists are opposing.

Human beings like to be popular and this is one reason nations can go mad from time to time. Nobody likes to be crass or a boor or a bigot and we tend to keep quiet rather than go against fashionable opinion.  Sometimes we kid ourselves that we are an exception to and prove it to by saying something terribly brave. This is self deception because we never risk these opinions where they may cause real rejection. We may even censor our own thoughts to fit in. I am not even immune to this myself because I am writing this pamphlet for a 'safe' audience. I will remain emotionally safe even if it falls into the hands of a rabid feminist because I hold these people in contempt.

In the 1930's progressive opinion would have been shocked at any criticism or Joseph Stalin and his purges. The most horrible crimes could be justified by people who were individually decent and intelligent on the quasi mystical grounds of 'historical necessity'.

Later on it was possible for Jewish owned newspapers such as the Daily Mail to support both Hitler and the British Union of Fascists. The current madness is for 'progressive' people to hate President Bush so much that they will support any enemy, even terrorists. We see the bizarre spectacle of feminists and socialists demanding withdraw from Iraq that would result in an Islamic state far further from their own views than any American president will ever be. These people claim be shocked by the bloodshed in Iraq and elsewhere but find it impossible to keep the glee from their voices as they do so.

Do not be ashamed of holding unacceptable opinions. Every bit of human progress was once an unacceptable opinion and the feminist lie is very beautiful. Every previous lie has passed away and so will this one. It is impossible to find anyone today who supported the actions of the Marxist terrorist movements in the 70's yet these people once existed in their thousands. Some time in the future it will be impossible to find anyone to admit having once been a feminist. They will simply have melted away and joined the next great delusion.

In the 1980's I felt that I knew what feminists wanted. They wanted men to have less than they had.  Less talent, less money, less charisma, less everything. It was always assumed that anything a man had was a form of theft. I knew of many men in the 80's who would pretend to incapable of making decisions or be incapable in other ways in order to earn a patronising pat on the head from a woman. Eventually these men seemed to become genuinely paralysed with a learned helplessness and would enter a room with a permanent cringe as if they were apologising for their very existence. They often picked up female habits such as being fussy about food but looked sallow and unhealthy. Non feminist men that I knew would eat any rubbish that presented itself and yet look much healthier. Men who are controlled by women are nearly always unhealthy.

Destroying men psychologically simply to make women feel more powerful is clearly an unspeakably evil act but at least it made some sort of sense. Until the mid 80's it was possible to earn the approval of feminists by surrendering a good chunk of a mans soul. Feminism was behaving like any schoolyard bully, making other people smaller so that she could feel powerful. Pretty soon however, this no longer satisfied them. Who can respect someone so eager to please? The abuser comes to feel lonely and feels contempt for the person they are abusing. Why does he put up with it? She will have moments of remorse and get over them by projecting her own behaviour on to the one she is abusing. Suddenly women began to accuse men of being too weak rather than too strong. This neatly shifts the focus of blame from abuser to victim and also means that she no longer has to change her own abusive behaviour.

Young men killing themselves? Men are weak. The weak deserve to die.

Boys failing at school? Boys are stupid. Nothing to do with feminist teaching designed to favour girls over boys.

Men becoming homeless? Stupid, stupid men! Why do men act the gentleman in divorce cases?

Men dying of cancer? Weak, pathetic men. Nothing to do with five times as much being spent on female health as male.

This reminds me more than anything to the Nazi attitude towards the Jews. The fact that the Jews did not fight back (except in Warsaw) proved they were subhuman and deserved to die. The more uncomfortable they felt about persecuting the Jews, the more they had to project their own evil upon them. Feminism will not burn itself out any more than the Nazi party did because it is driven by the same dynamic. Feminism must commit greater and greater crimes to continue to feel good about itself. The chief difference is that the feminist movement has openly published the SCUM Manifesto while the Nazi party kept its own final solution from the public.
If the feminist movement is not prevented from doing so it will launch its own final solution. The current 'men are useless' campaign is part of the psychological build up.

There are always evil people in the world. The harm they manage to do is determined by time and geography. We are living in a cynical and immature society that is inclined to be attracted to easy promises and sloppy thinking. We no longer know what we believe in and feel embarrassed when we talk about morality or decency. Feminism is a sort of organised selfishness and narcissism that does well in such conditions.

Most people are decent. Feminism will be defeated but only if it is actively opposed.

What follows is a guide to remaining sane until this happens.

Good Luck!

1) Do not marry. This is painfully obvious to many men. You may love and trust a woman but if you marry her you will give her the power to throw you from your own home and deny you your own children. If she chooses to beat you or even kill you then you will receive little help.

Do you think she will never use her power? Perhaps you are right. Some owners of slaves tried to be humane as well - but there can never be real closeness between a slave and his owner.

2) Do not have sex in the UK or any feminist country. If you really must then make sure that it is with a woman who is really stable. Some women run from rescuer to rescuer, accusing each previous boyfriend of rape. This is because they suddenly feel that they have been raped when they realise that their previous boyfriend is evil just like all other men. Eventually she will meet her white knight that believes and sympathises with her stories (that tend to change and grow over time). She will project all her romantic hopes on to you and you will be seen as the one perfect man. This is hugely attractive to men who are protective towards women but one day she will realise you are just like the others and the cycle will continue.

Do not take comfort in the fact that you are innocent because the UK 'justice' system has a way of punishing the innocent as well. Your name will be published as a man accused of rape while hers will remain confidential. It also likely that your accuser has had more experience in the courtroom than you have. In New Zealand there was a woman who had accused about one and a half thousand men of rape over 30 years. You can be sure that she knew exactly what to say and when to cry.

3) Try to work for a male boss. This rule can get you into a lot of trouble if you are too open about it, but I will show you what I mean.

Suppose you have a bad male boss. He may be a bully or simply incompetent and lazy. What is likely to happen? First of all you will be aware of the situation very quickly. Male bullying in usually overt and aggressive and this behaviour will be recognised by other people very quickly. Men are good at recognising the weaknesses in other men because we have often overcome the same weaknesses ourselves. Bullies live in fear of their own weaknesses being found out so we have quite a lot of power over them.

If the bully is female then you are in a great deal more trouble. Firstly, you may not even recognise it at first. You may find yourself dreading your workplace or suddenly failing at work where you used to be competent. Female bullying is often covert and involves undermining you in front of others, making it impossible for you to do your work effectively and implying that you are the problem and not her. It is socially acceptable for women to make remarks on the uselessness of men. We are supposed to 'take it like a man' and never retaliate.

Stop taking it like a man!

Complain. Threaten legal action, take time off sick. Use all of the weapons a woman would use in the same situation. Whine like a girl! Overcome your male pride!

The simplest way to avoid this situation is simply to avoid women in the workplace altogether. Whatever you do never sleep with a female boss. Once you have done this once you will be expected to do it forever. Try to break away and you will be accused of sexual harassment or worse. If possible make a tape recording of her sexual advances and tell her that it exists. You may find yourself promoted or moved to a better position elsewhere but this is only likely to happen if you politely refuse.

4) All single men should claim to be gay.  Talent is becoming increasingly irrelevant in large companies and government bodies. What matters is 'diversity' which means that everyone must hold the same opinions and fit into a limited number of pigeonholes. Once you have been pigeonholed then your entire personality is determined for you. If you are a woman then you are oppressed by men and in need of special help in your career. If you are a lesbian then you are oppressed on two counts which makes you more oppressed than  the heterosexual woman and so on. If she is a member of an ethnic minority then she gets three points. The more oppressed an individual is the more powerful they become. Survival therefore depends upon finding some badge of oppression and using it effectively. You may use any reason other than the real one - you may never say you are oppressed because you are male. This is because men are regarded as the source of oppression and so cannot be the victim of it. The most reviled group of all, the WASPS (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) make up about twenty percent of the population and are known in diversity speak as 'the majority'. The remaining eighty percent are known as 'minorities'.

Men face an enemy without a sense of irony. The feminists force everyone to be alike and eliminate all individuality in the name of diversity. Then they select a minority of men for special victimisation in the name of equality.

Feminists do not even give there favours to women without charge. Their chief aim is to increase there own power and independent women are a threat to this. The more 'oppression points'  one accumulates the more powerful one becomes but the cost is great. The more points one accumulates the more their identity is pre defined by others and the more dependent the favoured one becomes. Let me give you an example...

One Point. Heterosexual white woman. This person must be struggling against at least one man who is trying to hold her career back. Her own opinions do not matter - if she wishes to be helped she must pretend.

Two Points. Homosexual white woman. Now she must be struggling against other women who are oppressing her. This means that she has to invent a whole alternative life for herself just to fit in with expectations.

Three points. Homosexual minority woman. Now she must come from a disadvantaged background, probably involving violence and/or drugs. She is expected to live a complete lie to fit in with ideas about black people that probably originally came from the lyrics of a rap song!

You may also have noticed that men become progressively more demonised as the points accumulate.

One Point. Men are controlling oppressive bullies (all of them)

Two Points. As above except that they also bully her because they cannot have sex with her. (All men are rapists.)

Three Points. Men are also racist, violent and drug addicted.

So you see women are forced to lie about men in order to gain power at work. This means that the most blatant liars gain the most power. It can also damage a healthy woman because she comes to see herself as weak and in need of protection when she is not. Remember that the feminist aim is not independence and power for women, it is to create a client group of grateful and dependent women. This is the only way they can remain in power.

The only defence against this is to play the same game by being gay. This also stops sex harassment accusations before they start and provides a convenient means to explain why you are uninterested in them. If you were to admit to being heterosexual then they may take your lack of interest as an insult and are likely to make false allegations.

5) Be rich. Being rich while married is suicidal. It is like putting out a contract on yourself. The richer a married man becomes the more he stands to lose by being divorced and therefore the more he fears his wife. Many millionaires put up with regular beatings from their pampered wives simply because they cannot face being poor again.

I am talking about being rich and enjoying it. Part of enjoying it may involve giving some of it away provided this is not done out of guilt. Strangely, you do not need very much money to be rich! All you need is the sensation of having more than you need.

This is one area where men have an advantage over women. Women's magazines consist almost entirely of invitations to spend money on things of no value. How much pleasure can a woman get form owning yet another pair of shoes when she has a couple of hundred already? The only satisfaction can be in the fleeting joy of shopping. She will have to return the following week for another pair no matter how many she has. This means she can never feel truly content or wealthy. There is always another brand name to own. I do not think it is a coincidence that the countries in the world that value men also have low household debt and few bankrupts.

It is impossible to be truly generous until one has the satisfaction of knowing that they have all they need. It is possible to give out of duty or guilt but these are usually joyless experiences and they do little good to the receiver because it is compulsive and not rational behaviour.

Feminism also robs women of any sense that they are wealthy and can afford to be generous. How so? Feminism views life as a zero sum game where the woman must always receive 51% of the cake. This causes women to keep a constant record of who does what. She may be tempted one day to do something generous such as baking a cake or cooking when it is his turn to do so but she is robbed of any satisfaction by the fear she may only be getting 49% of the benefit. Keeping tabs creates a sensation of poverty and shortage. This, combined with 'you can have it all' messages from the media mean she becomes chronically dissatisfied.

There will come times when you meet men who have not read this book. They may have lost their home and their children through divorce. They may be victims of domestic violence or any number of other things. You will want to help and this is why we all have a duty to keep a few thousand aside. There is no worse feeling than wanting to help someone and being unable to do so.

Creating this reserve need not involve great sacrifice. Most men are paying interest on consumer debt such as credit cards. Pay these off and you will be surprised how much better you feel. Get a card which gives you cash in return for using it and make sure the full balance is paid each month. Meanwhile make a list of where your money is really going - you may be surprised. It is quite possible to spend one hundred pounds a month or more on shop bought sandwiches and coffees. Eliminating these will not hurt much, particularly if you have the satisfaction of cutting up your cards.

Women have greater disposable income than men in all the feminist countries (possibly all countries without exception) but they are also less satisfied than men. How do we explain this? Feminists like to point out that men earn more money than women. This may (or may not) be true but we can be sure that women spend more than men by counting the adverts aimed at women and those aimed at men. We may also like to measure the floor space devoted to men in department stores comparing it to that devoted to women. Shopping for pleasure is a hobby that is outside of most men's budgets yet most women seem to regard it as normal. The explanation for this contradiction is that men earn money and then give it to women.  One secret of getting rich as a man must therefore be to stop giving money to women richer than yourself.

Men usually give to women in the hope of forming a relationship with them. In theory it should be possible to save a great deal of money by having nothing to do with them (in this country at least). In reality it is harder as our giving is part of our protective feelings towards women in general. We must wean ourselves off of  compulsive giving by stages. There may be occasions when you may wish to give to a woman who is less well off than yourself for non compulsive reasons. This is entirely healthy - the point is that it must be your choice and not something you are manoeuvred into.

6) You have a right to walk on the pavement. A wise friend of mine told me that he had difficulty waking the pavements of Brighton because women would make him walk in the road. When I first heard this I admit that I did not believe it until he explained what he meant. He would be walking along the pavement minding his own business when a woman would walk towards him in such a way as to force him to step out of the way or into the gutter. This would happen even when there was no other person on the pavement and was purely a way to make him feel his subordinate position. I still did not really believe this but decided to make notes for a few days to see if it were true. The interesting thing about small humiliations is that you become used to them after a while and simply accept your lowly place in the pecking order.

I am a Londoner so it is harder to catch women out creating deliberate collisions because the streets are so much more crowded. I did notice the following three attempts by women I had never met to put men in their place.

1) London Underground Jubilee Line. A woman looked across the railway carriage at me two or three times. I returned her glance because I felt that to ignore her deliberately would be rude. She then looked away in disgust. I do not think this was an attempted flirtation but a power play. The message was that she could force men to acknowledge her because she was beautiful and powerful (in fact she was nothing special to look at). She then rubbed it in by treating me with contemptuous disdain. She probably did this to different men at least twice a day. It was quite a powerful weapon as it made me feel as if I were some sort of unwanted creep even though she initiated the contact.

2) Jubilee line (other direction). A woman stopped for no apparent reason when leaving a train causing the man behind her to ask for permission to leave. Message - you have to ask before entering my body space even though it inconveniences you. High status individuals generally have their space respected more than low status people so it is not surprising that women feel free to invade the personal space of men all the time.

3) Office canteen. Three young women carrying out a private conversation at the tops of their voices. In this way they were able to dominate the canteen area and make others uncomfortable. Nobody felt able to reclaim this space by asking them to shut up. Had a man done so then a big drama would have been created.

The first stage in resisting this sort of thing is to be aware of it. Constant small humiliations such as these act as a sort of water torture that wears down the confidence and possible the physical health of those on the receiving end. The average man is probably insulted by women in one way or another (if we include the media) two hundred times a day. Is it any surprise that we come to believe we are no good?

7) You have a right to be alone. Women will sometimes talk about something called 'me time'. This is time when she can be alone to pamper herself with smelly candles and all the rest of it. I agree that this is important, but why should it only be for women? Men are expected to be available at a moments notice for women and yet it is unreasonable and controlling for a man to enter in on a woman's 'me time'. This is why so many men hide in the toilet or garden sheds. It is simply the only place where they can feel alone and at peace.

If you were to hear that a woman had to hide in the toilet to escape the constant demands of her husband you would (quite rightly) consider this outrageous yet you have probably done hidden there yourself.

8) You have the right to leave the toilet seat up! The toilet seat wars that occur in many homes are nothing more than a mind game to make you feel less civilised than women. Why should one position be correct and the other not? Having the toilet seat up suits men and having it down suits women....well so what?  If you want the seat upright then raise it and if you want it down then lower it. If the woman you are with cannot compromise over this tiny little thing then she will not compromise over anything else either. Get rid of her!
9) Nothing is inevitable. It is natural to assume that feminists have always held  power in the west. In fact for most of history men and women respected one another. Proof of this may be found simply by talking to most woman over the age of 60. They are shocked and horrified by the actions of their daughters and are probably more reactionary than you!

Feminism is only a passing fad limited to the ruling elites of a few super powerful countries. We need to see the wider picture sometimes.

10) You do not need to explain yourself. Being a man is not a problem that needs to be explained to women because it is not a problem at all. You do not have to explain why you surf the internet for porn or why you drop your underpants on the floor. If you live with a woman then you may compromise on some things but being a man does not need to be justified. You are OK as you are.