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Main / Mankind Initiative in London
Mar 24, 2005, 11:26 PM
A London branch of the 'respectable' face of the mens movement is opening in London. I posted this in the Domestic Violence section as this is chiefly what Mankind are involved with.

I hope you do not mind the double plug as I really would like to see this work. Mankind is beginning to get involved in more and more non DV issues such as media denigration.

If you would like to attend please contact me or mankind  April 12 7.30.

Best wishes
The first meeting of the Mankind Initiative (London) will take place at 7.30pm on Tusesday 12 April.

This is particularly exciting to me for a couple of reasons. Firstly because London is the entire world as far as the UK media is concerned. Anything that occurs in London is national news. All else is local.

Secondly, we have some very good posters who hale for this area and I would Love to see them get involved offline as well.

If this is not convenient then there is also Milton Keynes which is forming the previous day.

Please sprad the word if you can.
Main / Be the Minister for Culture!
Mar 22, 2005, 01:41 PM
I would like to appoint one of you to be the Minister of Culture for the new international mascualist society that is emerging. Unfortunately there will be no ministerial car and no salary because the coming international society will not value pomp in the same way as this one.

The Ministry of Culture has no office and no staff. It would be unable to afford such an office even if it were thought desirable. The Ministry does not seek to subsidise the entertainments of the wealthy in the name of socialism and it does not impose one mans idea of taste upon another. What then is its purpose?

The Ministry of Culture creates. The minister will encourage writers, painters, filmmakers and all creative people who are shut out of the politically correct and publicly funded arts world. Apart from this he or she will not impose his ideas upon anyone.

You may well wonder what right this individual has to call themselves a minister - and what right I have to appoint them. I have two answers to this. The reason ministers are usually appointed by elected governments is that they dispose of a great deal of public money. This money comes from the electorate and so it is only natural that they have their say on who the minister will be. This will not be the case with our new international ministries because they will be funded by the minister themselves from their own pockets. In addition I would like to point out that democratic accountability has not really worked in cultural policy as all parties tend to support the same policies.

An individual may have the right to call themselves a minister but what right do I have to appoint such a person? Who elected me? This would be an entirely reasonable question if I were seeking a monopoly of appointment and I am not. Anyone who wishes to be culture minister may set themselves up as such, they do not really need me at all although I would like to be involved. If you believe that you would make a better minister than the incumbent then you may simply set up shop as an alternative. Eventually the better minister will emerge because they will be associated with the more popular and memorable projects. This is both more democratic than the present system and more scientific as it is based upon results and not promises. It also has the advantage that you may seek out a minister who is in tune with your own art whereas at present you may only vote for one.
What qualities should a minister of culture have and what will be involved?
A ministry must be self financing but this does not mean the minister must be personally rich. I personally feel that a prospective minister should be willing to set up a charitable trust and donate ten percent of their income to it one way or another. The minister would set policy and carry it out themselves - it is their own money after all. My only role would be to encourage the minister and publicise their efforts in any way I can. If I were not already the self appointed minister for justice then I would probably want this one myself. Hopefully I will meet the new minister for an interesting cabinet meeting in the pub one day.
Main / My UNcharitable trust.
Mar 22, 2005, 01:37 PM
I am the owner of a charitable trust. The Richard Ford Charitable Trust. I prefer to call it my uncharitable trust because of my motives at the time of creating it. I was going through a painful divorce at the time (I still am in fact) and wanted to make sure that my former wife was not rewarded for her violence - and did not see why I should continue to support her as she was living with another man by this time anyway.

The only way I could do this was to give it all away - but I could not quite say goodbye to it all completely as I had worked hard for it. If I remained the legal owner then I would simply make myself a tempting target for her lawyers.  I formed the trust to spite her and to move the divorce on. This is rather like the 'poison pill' defence used to deter corporate takeovers. The target company will make itself an unattractive target to the raider by selling off its most desirable assets.

Creating such a trust also allows me to strike at the root of the evil as well as avoid some of the ill effects. I decided all along that I would take a long term approach as the trust will continue to exist and grow long after my death. I am 100% invested in equities (mostly growth stocks). Only the dividends will be used while the capital will continue to grow tax free.

A charitable trust is not a charity. The only person who can pay into this trust is myself (the taxman tops up my contributions when I do) and the only people I can give it to are registered charities. My first priority was to help men who had gone through the domestic violence/ divorce meat grinder as I had. I was also aware that my own resources were really very puny when compared with the scale of the problem. Value for money was therefore very important to me. Fortunately the two factors came together in a UK charity known as the Mankind Initiative. Any charity that seeks to help men can hardly fail to be efficient as the resources available to it are so small.  Mankind is run by a small and fantastically committed team that not only work for nothing but finance the charity themselves. Membership is derisory (only 120 or so) and many of these are damaged and emotionally draining individuals. There is nobody so lonely as the man who deals with a problem no one will admit exists.

Many people in my situation would see nothing but failure and defeat in this group, yet I saw a hugely capable nucleus of committed men who had created the foundations of a national movement in the face of ridicule and official disinterest. If they could do all this in such a hostile environment - how much could they do with funding? Most importantly, I had found a group of people who could make a penny do the work of a pound.

Here are some 'back of an envelope' calculations about just how much good one pound or one dollar can do.

One dollar in an unpaid non profit organization can do the same work as one hundred dollars in a government department.

One dollar put into a trust is worth at least one dollar thirty seven cents once tax relief is applied.

One dollar can be expected to become two in five to seven years if invested well.

One dollar donated will eventually bring in five dollars from the state. This is a fairly normal figure in the voluntary sector.

The provision of effective services for men will bring more men into the movement. I will assume it takes twenty thousand dollars to make an activist. This equates to an approximate doubling of the movement every five years.

Let us look and see how this looks in numbers.

$1 times 100 = $100

$100 times 1.37 = $137

$137 times 2 = $274

$274 times 5 = $1370

$1370 times 2 = $2740

In other words one dollar contributed by yourself can do as much good as our cause as two thousand seven hundred and seventy provided by the state for feminism.

I would be the first to admit these numbers are plucked from the air, but they have some reality to them. My point is that one dollar can do far more than you think it can. Imagine there were a thousand men and each were paying ten percent of their income into such a trust. The sums raised would not be vast when compared with the tax dollars the feminists spend, but they would grow each year, and continue to do so for centuries to come.

Quite honestly, I believe these one thousand men could turn the tide all by themselves. Will you be among them?
Main / Time
Mar 20, 2005, 03:10 PM
When did you lose your soul, your freedom?  Was their a particular date that is 'slavery day' for you?  For most of us the answer is no.  We lost ourselves by degrees.  We lost control of our time, our money and our self respect in tiny - almost painless - instalments.  We spend our waking hours doing the bidding of women (working in jobs we hate, coming back to a home that no longer feels our own.)  How did this happen?  How is it that we became reliant upon women to tell us that we are decent and worthwhile people?

We lost our souls by degrees because we would have fought for them if they had been taken by force - and we will earn our freedom in just the same way.  The most basic of all freedoms is control of our time.  Time is what life is made of.

So let us start with time.

We spend a third of our lives working (many spend far more than this).  Many of us are resigned to jobs we hate because we think we need the money - but do we?

How is it that men in the leading economies of the world are the most exhausted, most overworked and suicide prone of them all?  Why is it that we never even clear our debts?  Surely there is something strange and wrong that we should feel so poor amongst such wealth?

Take a look around you.  Look for clues, and where better to start than a shopping mall?

Men must surely be spending great fortunes here in order to remain poor amongst such plenty, yet everywhere you look you will see the same thing.  Women.  Shopping malls are full of women and products aimed at women.  Very few of these products are really needed- who needs another pair of shoes when one has twenty already?  Where are the men?  Working.

Late at night when the men return you will find another strange thing.  The men begin their second shift because they find little jobs put aside for them when they return.  These are usually the least enjoyable household tasks such as washing up or heavy work.  Cooking, or anything that brings a closer relationship with the children are usually already done.

The main difference between the way men and women organize their lives is very simple.  Women are in charge of their own time while men are not.  In other words men are controlled from the moment they rise to the moment they go to sleep.  Is it any wonder we sometimes feel lost?

The first step in becoming free must therefore be to take back some time.  It is only by doing this can he work out who he is and what he really wants from life.  Most men are far too busy to get to know themselves and there are always women around to tell him what he should want.

My answer to this was simply to give up full time work.  I remain amazed at how wealthy I feel now I no longer have to support women.  I have taken the lowest status, lowest paid work available (that of a security guard) and spend time daydreaming and blogging.  I refuse to do even this full time and have a contract that allows me to take time off whenever I wish.

You know what?  Status no longer bothers me because I no longer care if women regard me as a catch.  My own needs are modest and only a tiny fraction of what women consider to be necessary.  I buy good quality clothing and wait until it wears out, I cook my own meals and feel no need to be 'successful' (a good provider).

Not only can I live quite well without doing anything you might call hard work but I find that I have a surplus to share with others. I have created a charitable trust for battered men.  I have time to really listen to other people in a way that I never did before my divorce.  It is true that my home is now less tidy than it was but it is my home in a way it never was previously.

In short I have completed phase one and phase two of my freedom plan without even knowing I was doing so.  I control my time and my money.  The next phase must be to help other people to do the same.
Main / Emotional independence makes you rich.
Mar 20, 2005, 03:07 PM
You have a duty to be wealthy.

Wealth is power and people who set out to change the world should become wealthy as a first step. Men and women are judged by different standards. A man is supposed to be someone who does things rather than simply feels things. Women, on the other hand are judged on their intrinsic worth (men are assumed to have none).

Very few of us have jobs that will make us rich - but on the other hand few of us can give up the security of our jobs. What are we to do? Work harder and harder until we die? Or give up all pleasure in life so that we can save our money each month? I do not know which is less appealing.

Being a millionaire has a romantic appeal. We imagine that being a millionaire is really something special but in the leading nations it is pretty much the minimum you need to achieve freedom. One million pounds is a family home in a large city, a good pension and some savings. This is available to almost anyone - so why do so few people have this?

One reason is that men make foolish decisions. Here are the worst ones.

1) Marrying. Two thirds of all marriages end in divorce. Usually this is initiated by the woman and in most cases she will get the family home. This means that when a man marries he stands a one in two chance on losing his main asset.

2) Holding too much consumer debt. This is the most expensive sort of debt and buys nothing that will make you rich. Once you are on this treadmill it is difficult to get off. You will labour long and hard to get out of debt only to place yourself right back there because you deserve a treat.

Worst still.... Much of this spending is designed to impress other people which can be a joyless experience.

3) Paying for women's company. If she is not prepared to spend time with you without having you spend money on her every moment then she does not like you very much, does she?

These three mistakes can easily cost a million pounds in a lifetime. Becoming emotionally independent of women is therefore not only a way to achieve happiness - it is also very profitable. We see therefore that being a millionaire is not a difficult thing to be at all. In fact it is the natural state of being for a man who is not under the emotional domination of feminism.

The most important thing any man can do is to achieve emotional independence. This practically guarantees him material success and ensures that he will achieve some emotional stability and peace in his life. Furthermore he is more likely to play a positive role in wider society simply because he is so much happier and freer than other men. We must remember that being controlled by women is not only emotionally draining and expensive - it is also time consuming. Once he is free of the need to impress women he becomes a sort of superman. All of his energies can be focused upon any goal he selects. He is not easily wounded emotionally, and can heal himself quickly when he is. Most men live their lives in an effort to win approval from women. He may believe himself to be powerful and independent but still he is unable to appear weak or foolish in front of women. This will cause him to hesitate when he should act decisively and act impulsively when he should wait. The man who has achieved emotional independence has no such weaknesses. He is guided by only one thing - his honour.
Main / Forgiveness Theory.
Mar 09, 2005, 01:39 AM
I would like your opinions on a theory I formed recently.

When a person of either sex has been emotionaly abused by someone of another sex they will strive for forgivenss in themselves and closure.

Doctrines such as feminism seek to keep wounds open and bleeding by preventing open comunication between the sexes. Nevertheless the desire to achive closure is very very strong.

This manafests itself by being drawn towards the same sorts of person who hurt you in the first place. Perhaps this similar person will understand my pain?

Very often they cannot, or will not, so the cycle of hurt continues.

On this buliten board we see boath sexes groping towards each other. ContraryMary for instance has been hurt badly by men and it important to her that we understand it. Once we do she can move on.

The alternative would be to tell it all to some feminist group who would root her firmly back in the pain and prevent healing.

I find the same thing in myself. I do not need an apology, or revenge upon women. I just need them to understand what they have done to me. Then I can move forward with the goodwill towards women that is natural to all healthy men.

The worst thing I could do is chase after another abuser to explain it all to her. I would simply be showing her the best way to abuse.

This may explain why feminists are usualy in favour of prison reform to make the lives of rapists and murderers more comfortable. They are emotionaly engaged with these men because at some point they were hurt.

They prefer Osama Bin Laden to any possible US president. They cheer when US troops are killed in Iraq.

Whenever they are forced to choose between an abusive man and a healthy one they will choose the abuser.
Main / International Mens Network
Mar 07, 2005, 05:55 AM
I am rather keen on the International Mens Network at present

This is a group of men active in various countries who take a global view. Many of them have already left the feminist nations and are looking to raise families elsewhere.

National organizations are funded such as the NCFM in the USA and a some more or less dormant outfits in the UK.

The main contribution of this group is the quality of the thinking and of the writing on the site.

Main / The Underground Railroad
Mar 02, 2005, 10:29 PM
This is a new project of mine. I do not have much time so I will describe it quickly.

A slave is someone who never sees the fruits of his labour.

A slave is someone who may be struck and not defend himself.

A slave is someone with no right to a family, and who may be deprived of his children.

By these definitions married men are indeed slaves. Black slaves escaped from this situation by leaving the slave states via the Underground Railroad.

We, too can do the same.

This year I will visit Thailand to investigate. A westen man is still faced with descrimination there but the women need your money far more than they do here. This is not a recipie for exploitation but equality because your Thai woman will try to strengthen your relationship with your child even if she is no longer so keen on you.

This means that you will see your child grow up even if you spend part of the time in the west.

But that is not will also...

1) Pay little or no tax (fewer PC projects financed.)

2) Save money on living expences.

3) Contribute to world peace. Poorer nations hate rich world arrogance. We tend to assume a sort of phony moral superiority because of our wealth and power.

By living in this way you are admiting that the west does not have all the answers. They will love you for it.