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 "Had I known that money wasn't community property, I would have never let him stay home with the kids and live entirely off of my income,"

Funny how when Mom stays home with the kids, money IS community property, eh??

I wonder if this bitch would say the same about SAHMs?
What about all the female barbarians? DOes it get much more barbaric than cannibalism? Isn't it really the fmeales who are the barbarians here?
Main / Re: Modesty
Aug 29, 2007, 06:55 AM
"IMO, a modest woman has a lot more power than a sold-out-slut. You can't share yourself with that many people and still have that 'something' about you; it's like a glow that gets worn off from whorish behavior. No, not a virgin-mary-glow, kinda more like a new product shine, straight out the packet and undamaged. I suppose they'd call it virtue back in the day, although I don't actually see this virtue per se. Personally I think being a whore is damaging for both genders, with the almost-amusing symptom of addled brains. Ever talked to a true slut of either gender? There's nothing upstairs."

I guess it all depend son the individual and the cirumstance. If we're talking about raw desire to mate, it doesn't much matter. If we're talking about having a relationship... how can the sexual aspect of a relationship ever be special or ever be a "bond" when it has been spread around and shared so much?

as for what's "upstairs", my take is just that it takes a certain depth, awareness, and consciousness to override the "urge". Those who have this can differentiate, see consequences, and make conscious decisions that go against the raw instinctual urges; those who do not process "actions- feelings-consequences", or are nopt very good at evaulating these things, are much more likely to "shoot first, ask questions later".
Main / Re: Modesty
Aug 27, 2007, 06:40 AM
"That's not empowerment, ladies. That's just slutty. In other words, if you act like a slut, expect to be treated as one."

A spade is a spade. A slut is a slut. If your actions are those of a slut, YOU are a slut. Deal with it, ladies.

As much as I don't think women should withold sex as a "tool" to get things from men, or as a reward/punishment system; and as much as I think sex is aperfectly healthy activity in the right context; I just can't be OK with the idea of hopping from bed to bed.

But to each their own; just don't expect anyone to treat you like a lady when you've exchanged DNA with 40 different men. And don't expect ME to want to share my DNA (much less my mind, emotions, and soul) with you....
Main / Re: The tipping point?
Aug 21, 2007, 07:08 AM
"Connected to this is the concern for the global environment as a response to supposed unchecked unethical male dominance of nature."

Yes, it is men devoting all that gas to driving to the mall; the mall that men decided they wanted to have for themselves and so built it on former forest or farmland; because men are just lining up to buy the latest fashion trends made from whatever natural resources and then shipped to the mall from halfway around the globe...

Women only drive cars, wear clothes, wear makeup, go to the mall, buy clothes made in India, and buy groceries at the store becuase they have to, right?

Most women would rather live naked in a grass hut with a dirt floor and have to walk everywhere and grow all their own food in their own garden. After all, we hear so many women complaining about how cutting down trees to make paper money is a tragedy; and so many complaining that they never have enough work to do around the house to keep them busy all day...

:rolle: :toothy9:

I'm not saying we as a society haven't collectively committed our share of raping and pillaging of the earth... but PULL-EEEEASE.
Main / Re: off topic: good joke
Aug 20, 2007, 11:56 AM
I would make the distinction as, "appearing as a developed woman" vs. not, regardless of age; and to each their own, I suppose, although I know where my interest is. The moral and legal issues should arise over whether any actions actually take place KNOWING that the individual is a minor. Similarly, if we're talking about a 18 year old and 15 year old, there is a shade of gray in there; and likewise, if we're talking about a couple of 12 year olds getting it on, that is just about as bad as if one were 22. Making the distinction as "one is over age x and one is under age x" oversimplifies and misses the point.
That being said, I think anyone over age 20 who would knowingly commit a sexual act with someone under 18 has some serious issues; an attractive female form is an attractive female form, but there is also a line at which it passes from hard-wired physiological response to willful intent.
The irony is, those women who go to  the greatest lengths to "look good" and "be attractive" for men, are probably those least likely to be of interest to the "good men".

So is it the chicken or the egg? Do these women  want "good men" but apply their efforts in the wrong way ("misguided by societal pressure to look good to attract men")? Or do they really NOT want "good men", despite their insistance otherwise, and therefore work hard to appeal to the men they DO want? :yikes:

Count me in though, makeup if done correctly and sparingly can be attractive, but overall I prefer makeup-free.  And while I do need to feel physical attraction if I'm going to be with a woman... a good head and a good heart can make an otherwise pretty average, plain looking girl extremely attractive!

Whereas a totally hot looking woman can become 100% unattractive as soon as she opens her mouth and reveals that she's got rocks in her head and ice in her heart.

I'll taking the mature, secure, smart average-looking sweetheart  with a few extra pounds over the thin, made up, centerfold-looking girl with insecurities, issues, and a bad attitude any day.

What can I say? In general I;ve found my desire to spend time with a woman is inversely proprtional to the amount of makeup she wears.

My $.02: Spend the time and money on selecting nice-fitting, tasteful clothes and some nice lingerie; and forget the makeup, the expensive designer jeans that stop 4" below the navel, the visible thong, the fake tan, etc.

I don't know about this "movement", but I've always associated being a "pickup" artist with basically just being able to single out a hot yet gullible woman, and convince her that you are either more than you really are and/or will give her more than you are really going to, for just long enough to get what you want.

USUALLY this seems to play out as basically being a tool and giving her/telling her what she wants to hear. The only variable separting these guys from the "pussified loser nice guy' we a;ways hear about is that the "pickup" artist is being a kiss-ass tool for the short term, treating her like a piece of meat because he realizes that's how the women he's picking up view him; while the pussified loser nice guy'" is treating her like a goddes while being treated like meat in return. The exception of course being the "bad boy" who presents a "challenge" or "conquest" for women with the certain set of psychology that makes them want to be in that position. This is just a variation that plays to a different crowd; the outcome is the same.

So I'm not sure how any of this has much to do with legitimately appealing to women based on a man's genuine, intrinsic sexual value... it's more along the lines of women have certain ideals or fantasies or mental pictures or daydreams that make them wet, and these guys just play into them. I don't think it has much to do with any kind of shift towards men reclaiming their own sexual value or casuing women to be "enlighted" to the sexual value of men.  It's just another variation of men having to play "games" (those same games women SAY they hate) in order to appear to  have more sexual value than women would ordinarily place on them.

My ears will perk up when I hear that men are just being themsleves, being men, and being genuine... and women are hanging off of them becuase of it. THAT would be true progress. Alas men being men, being themselves, and being genuine seems not to produce the results rational thinking people would predict...

I still can't get over the irony of how much they "like it" and at the same time "hate it".

The only explanation is that men, and by extension their bodies, are unfeeling, emotionless, non-living objects. Therefore, it is OK to enjoy them and their bodies when it suits, then cut them to bits when they're tired of them. No need for remorse- who feels remorese for a thing that cannot feel, that is nt a live, that is simply an inanimate object put on the earth to provide, pleasure, and convenience? Kind of like a toy, an appliance, or a car... when it's what you want, you "love" it. When it's not, you break it, throw it away, or scrap it.
"(Of course, married men sometimes do cross the line and enter into affairs or emotional affairs, but that is emphatically NOT what we are talking about here.)"

I love how there's now acknowledgement that women do this too, or that single women might try to "snag" a married man, or that if a woman doesn "snag" a married man and lead him astray, she's 50% of the problem....
"Instead women see a healthy guy as the source of wealth"

And there you have it folks...

So now, how many men in the room feel like women view them no differently than this: :spam1: ?

Let's see a show of hands....
Well, I guess millions of years of provide and protect, coupled with millions of years of "I'll emotionally abuse you until the next century if you don't give me my way" plus 'I'll hold sex, love, and affection for ransom for another century after that if you don't give me what I want" will do that to a guy....

Of course, if it's the guy talking, a spade is called a spade, and he's called a domineering emotionally abusive narcissistic control freak.  :sad5:

So, where do i go to sign up for a vagina pass, anywhow? :BangHead:
Of course in fairness, what you feel "in your gut" today may not last through tomorrow either. I've had plenty of experience with women who needed to use their head MORE as well.

I'd say it's about 50/50 emotions and intelligence. Too much or too little of either and you're screwed.
"Edit-- You know Asian woman look a lot better then this beef-jerky harpy with her scally skin, chlorine-blond hair and piggy eyes. Plus they're nicer.  Why do white men even bother with these white entitlement queens?

Problem is, the reason why Asian women are nicer has everything to do with their culture. They'll probably shed a lot of it once they're installed in the west. "

I just have to say, I'm not sure all those Asian women are all they are cracke dup to be either. Are they really the egaliatrian, non-sexist, etc. women some think they are? Is this really genuine, or just a product of the sexism that exists within their culture.

And frankly, I don;t all that ofetn find an asian woman all that attractive. If you can call white women "piggy and scaly", I can call asian women childish-looking. Sorry.

And what's wrong with beef jerky?
:spam1:  :toothy9:
One of the biggest challenges for men is, since most women and most othe rmen were brought up on this shit, it's hard to find a woman who doesn't play alomg with this. And since so many emn are brought up on the same shit, most women have no reason to change their ways. Why settle for a man who treats you as a mere equal, when so many are lining up to spoil you and ask for nothing but the occasional BJ in return?

Obviosuly the majority of women are not so selfless as to correct this imbalance on their own... so it remains for men to reach down, grab em, and "just say no". But in this, as long as there are men who want p*ssy, there will be men who likewise backstab their brothers in the persuit thereof. Personally I've decided no p*ssy is that good...