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Aug 28, 2014, 03:30 AM
Look see whats running amok in that damned and desppicable land of English Socialism [INGSOC] of Beaureaucratic Parasitism having over the years absorbed and imbibed a more infectious and contaminating strain of the same disease from European Socialism.
Joyce Thacker

.We won't take the blame! 1,400 girls abused and rapists are on the loose - but Rotherham abuse scandal officials STILL pass the buck.

.Shameless buck-passing continued as detectives urged to hunt child rapists.

.Mainly Asian gang were allowed to escape justice for 16 years after failings.

.Those shrugging responsibility include the police and crime commissioner

.Emerged that officials have gone on to plum public sector jobs elsewhere.

Not one council boss or police chief was prepared to shoulder the blame yesterday for their failure to stop the horrific abuse of at least 1,400 vulnerable children.

The shameless buck-passing continued even as detectives were urged to finally hunt down the child rapists - mainly of Asian origin - who they allowed to escape justice for 16 years. Among the officials shrugging off responsibility was police and crime commissioner Shaun Wright, who stubbornly defied demands for his resignation from the Home Secretary.

And when senior Labour figures also told him to go he renounced his membership of the party. Despite being responsible for children's services from 2005 to 2010 - when the abuse in Rotherham was at its height - Mr Wright claimed a damning report highlighting its full extent came as a 'huge surprise'. He added: 'I don't think any of this was my direct fault.

One thing quite clear about proponents of international socialism, feminism, genderism, INGSOC and other communist dielectisms is their uniform unscrupulous and disreputable tendency.

Take for example this exhibitionist and feminist, always ever so aggressively pursuing public service offices for public service fees. Emblematic and characteristic of her and her socialist kind is a pursuit of public administration and public dispensation positions over existing wealth and existing resources that others must first create and then place in a Treasury. That is such as to suborn and subsidise socialist spending and socialist fiscal sentiments.

IMF's Christine Lagarde 'under investigation'
IMF head Christine Lagarde says she has been placed under formal investigation for negligence in a French fraud case but has not been charged.

She has been questioned several times about her role in a 400m euro (£318m; $527m) compensation payout to businessman Bernard Tapie in 2008.

Ms Lagarde, 58, was finance minister in President Nicolas Sarkozy's government at the time of the award.

Mr Tapie supported Mr Sarkozy in the 2007 presidential election.

He was once a majority shareholder in sports goods company Adidas but sold it in 1993 in order to become a cabinet minister in Francois Mitterrand's Socialist government. He later spent eight months in jail over a football match-rigging scandal.

Mr Tapie sued Credit Lyonnais over its handling of the 1993 sale, alleging the partly state-owned bank had defrauded him by deliberately undervaluing the company.

His case was later referred by Ms Lagarde to a three-member arbitration panel which awarded the compensation.

Investigators suspect he was granted a deal in return for his support of Nicolas Sarkozy.

Ms Lagarde, who took over the role of director of the International Monetary Fund in July 2011, said last year that her decision to refer Mr Tapie's long-running dispute with Credit Lyonnais to a panel of judges was "the best solution at the time".

Although being placed under formal investigation does not necessarily lead to trial, the development could raise questions about the rest of her term at the IMF which is due to end in 2016.

She told AFP news agency she had no intention of resigning from the IMF and said she was due to return to New York later on Wednesday.

Shaun Wright is a former Labour councillor in Rotherham and was head of children's services

Fellow skeptics, observe how here an idiot of a man and rent-seeking agent of socialism, will stay in official position and receivership of millions of pounds in salary or alternatively pretend to quit the job only to still take millions of pounds in an agreed pay off beforehand.

To be fair, not a single one of these god damned state paid workers, staff, police, lawyers, social workers, charitable hacks or family court judges are equipped or able to sustain and maintain the best interests of children that are not theirs. Child safety and protection, first and foremost is a Job for parents, specifically fathers, whom would do a much better job for their own sons and daughters, outside and but for the unwanted intrusions of these damned officials.

Unlike fathers of dead children whom get nothing, the vile stinking wench above was voted over £800,000 thousand pounds from the public treasury by an employment tribunal, itself sustained by the public treasury. Now this idiot of a man and rent-seeking hack is also no doubt in line to receive his own share of millions one way or the other from the public treasury as well. A unifying theme with these unwanted and hated agents of socialism is their damaging movements from public service position to public service position, where from they respectably bleed their public treasuries dry under the pretenses and false guises of child and womens services provision.

Uninitiated or misinformed men and fathers should understand this: Genderists, Feminists, Socialists and other Officious Parasites seeking after jobs, salaries and wages drawn from the public purse, will get your children killed and your personal relationships destroyed purely in order to extract a living administering the mess and confusion they create. And these people continue with impunity, because they are never realistically to give account for their actions but on the contrary are to be re-compensated for failure by other bureaucrats similarly placed as themselves.

Rotherham child abuse: Commissioner faces calls to resign

Shaun Wright PCC for South Yorkshire Shaun Wright is a former Labour councillor in Rotherham and was head of children's services.

1,400 children abused' in Rotherham
Rotherham abuse scandal at a glance
The history of a child abuse scandal

South Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner is facing calls to resign after the publication of a report into widespread child abuse in Rotherham.

The study, published on Tuesday, found at least 1,400 children in the town were sexually exploited by criminal gangs between 1997 and 2013.

PCC Shaun Wright was responsible for children's services at Rotherham Council from 2005 to 2010.

He has apologised for the authority's failings during his time in the post.

But his political rivals say he should stand down from his role in the wake of the findings being made public.

'Appalling' failings

Rotherham Council leader Roger Stone quit following the publication of the report which detailed gang rapes, grooming, trafficking and other sexual exploitation on a wide scale in the South Yorkshire town.

But calls for further resignations have gathered momentum as the spotlight now turns on to others at the helm of local services during the time of the abuse.

It has emerged that no council employees would face disciplinary action, as the authority's chief executive, Martin Kimber, said there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

This is despite the report's author, Professor Alexis Jay, concluding there had been "blatant" collective failures by the council's leadership.

A victim of sexual abuse in Rotherham told BBC's Panorama: "I was a child and they should have stepped in"

Former children's minister Tim Loughton told the BBC's Newsnight that any social worker involved in the failings in Rotherham "has absolutely no place" in the care of children.

The Conservative MP claimed it was a "common theme" in sex abuse scandals that "nobody pays the consequences".

"A social worker responsible for protecting vulnerable children, to turn a blind eye to a 12-year-old having sexual relationships with a stranger twice, three times her age and to say that was consensual sex and to do nothing about it - that person has absolutely no place in anything to do with vulnerable children," he said.

Rotherham MP Sarah Champion wants an investigation into whether senior staff involved in the scandal are still working in child protection

Speaking on the same programme the Labour MP for Rotherham, Sarah Champion, said the report showed frontline staff had tried to tackle the problem but those in senior positions had failed.

"The fact that they could still be working in child protection, of course that is something that all of us are very concerned about and we need to investigate very fast," she said.

"That benign neglect of the children they're meant to be taking care of could still be going on."
'Insincere apologies'

Those politically opposed to former Labour councillor Mr Wright believe his position as the PCC for the South Yorkshire region is now untenable.

The leader of the Lib Dem group on Sheffield City Council, Colin Ross, said: "Lessons must be learnt and those responsible must be held to account.

"Shaun Wright was the councillor in charge of children's services at Rotherham Council and also sat on the Authority of South Yorkshire Police when both organisations knew about the level of child sexual exploitation, but chose not do anything about it.

Former Children's Minister Tim Loughton and Sarah Champion MP say they are concerned implicated staff could still be working with vulnerable children

"It's difficult to see how local people can have confidence in him to continue as our PCC."

UKIP Yorkshire and Humber MEP Jane Collins said: "I categorically call for the resignation of everyone directly and indirectly involved in this case.

"The Labour Council stand accused of deliberately ignoring child sex abuse victims for 16 years. The apologies we have heard are totally insincere and go nowhere near repairing the damage done.

"These resignations should include South Yorkshire's PCC Shaun Wright who, until his election into the post, held responsible positions with Rotherham Council."

A spokesman for Mr Wright responded: "The commissioner is pleased that the inquiry conducted by Alexis Jay finally shines a light on the errors made in relation to safeguarding children in Rotherham and that constructive action can be taken to protect young people as a result of the report and recommendations.

"The commissioner has previously apologised for the failure of Rotherham Council while he was in its cabinet from 2005 to 2010.

"He repeats that apology today and he fully accepts that there was more that everyone at Rotherham Council should have done to tackle this terrible crime."


First woman commander of Navy warship is sent home over 'affair with male officer' on board

Commander Sarah West, 42, took charge of HMS Portland in May 2012

While Royal Navy investigates, Cdr West, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, can retain her position

It is not known whether the male officer is married

Cdr West recently called herself 'single', having been married to a former RN pilot in 1998; pair later separated.

The first female commander of a Royal Navy warship has been sent home after allegedly having an affair with another officer.

Commander Sarah West, 42, took charge of the frigate HMS Portland in May 2012, but has been sent home from duty after claims she was having a relationship with a male officer on the same ship.

This would breach the Armed Forces' Code of Social Conduct, which prohibits personnel from having relationships with subordinates if they compromise 'operational effectiveness'.

While the Royal Navy is investigating the affair, Cdr West, from Grimsby, Lincolnshire, retains her position as commander of HMS Portland.

It is not known whether the male officer is married.

Cdr West recently described herself as 'single', having been married to a former Royal Navy pilot in 1998. The pair later separated.

A Royal Navy spokesman said last night: 'We are aware of an allegation of a breach of the Code of Social Conduct on board HMS Portland, which we are treating seriously.

PCSO cons Gatwick passengers out of £15,000
Alexis Scott, 39, told passengers they could not leave the country with more than £1,000 and demanded they hand over their money to her - before she kept it for herself.

A female police community support officer conned Gatwick passengers out of £15,000 by confiscating cash before their flights took off, saying they could not leave country with more than £1,000.

Alexis Scott, 39, told passengers she would detain them and they would miss their flight if they did not hand over the money.

Scott, who is the mother of a seven-week-old baby, even held out her police hat for unsuspecting victims to deposit the cash as they walked through the departure lounge of the North Terminal. She then kept the money for herself.

During her trial at Canterbury Crown Court, Anthony Prosser, prosecuting, said: "She had no right to take the money from these passengers. She never recorded or logged the fact that she had seized their money and they never got it back. She simply stole it."

Scott conned seven travellers out of a total of £15,000 before she was caught.

Outward-bound passengers at the North Terminal at Gatwick said they had been asked how much cash they were taking out of the country by a woman in police uniform.

Scott told them they were allowed to leave with a maximum of £1,000 and they would have to leave any excess money with her for safekeeping.

Mr Prosser said: "These passengers were selected and spoken to at the departure gate just as the flight was beginning to board."

"Rather than miss their flight these passengers handed over the cash and boarded their flights but when they later tried to contact airport officials to get their money back they found there was no record of their money having been seized.

"It had simply vanished. It has never been recovered."

Sussex Police's Internal Investigation Unit began checking CCTV images against descriptions given by the victims.

They described a dark haired woman wearing a blue uniform, stab vest, radio and bowler hat into which they put the cash.

Scott was soon identified as all officers have to hand in their identity cards to be checked by security staff.

Swipe card records confirmed Scott, formerly of Maresfield, East Sussex, was airside at the relevant time, despite the high-security area being off limits to PCSOs.

Scott had previously worked with a specialist cash detention unit at the airport, the court heard, but it is allowed to act only if it suspects passengers are laundering money for criminal or terrorist activities. A PCSO has no right to seize cash.

Mr Prosser said: "It was the defendant Alexis Scott who took this money and kept it for herself."

The jury heard Scott targeted passengers heading for Turkey, Albania and Vietnam.

The PCSO initially admitted she was had been in the high-security area on one occasion but later refused to comment on the thefts.

Scott was convicted of six counts of theft and abusing her position, and cleared her of one of the theft charges. She denied all charges.

Sentencing was adjourned to a date to be fixed.

Baby P boss Sharon Shoesmith secures £680,000 payout.

Sharon Shoesmith said she "did not recognise" the amount being reported:
Baby P legal fees cost council £196k

The former head of Haringey children's services Sharon Shoesmith has been awarded £679,452 following her unfair dismissal claim.

Ms Shoesmith was sacked after a damning report into the 2007 death of Peter Connelly, known as Baby P, who was subjected to months of abuse.

The payments, previously been rumoured to be a six-figure sum, emerged in the London council's accounts.

But Ms Shoesmith told the BBC: "This is not a figure I recognise."

She added: "I have made a confidential agreement with Haringey that prevents me giving the actual figures."

However, the council's draft accounts for 2013-2014 show Ms Shoesmith was awarded £377,266 for salary, fees and allowance, £217,266 in compensation for loss of office, and £84,819 for employer pension contributions.

Peter Connelly had more than 50 injuries, despite being on the at-risk register and receiving 60 visits from social workers, police and health professionals over eight months.

Baby Peter's mother, Tracey Connelly, her boyfriend, Steven Barker, and his brother, Jason Owen, were jailed in May 2009 for causing or allowing the child's death.

Continue reading the main story
Baby Peter timeline

Baby Peter Connelly
3 August 2007: One-year-old Peter Connelly (Baby P) found dead in his cot
11 November 2008: Peter's mother, Tracey Connelly, her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen convicted of causing his death
13 November 2008: Ed Balls orders inquiry into role of the local authority, the health authority and the police
8 December 2008: Ms Shoesmith is sacked with immediate effect
22 May 2009: Connelly, Owen and Barker all get lengthy jail sentences
15 September 2010: Ms Shoesmith asks a House of Commons committee why the police and health services had not also been made to take responsibility
27 May 2011: The Court of Appeal rules in favour of Ms Shoesmith
Oct 2013: Ms Shoesmith agrees a six-figure payout with Haringey Council
June 2014: It is revealed Ms Shoesmith was awarded £679,452 in compensation.

Timeline of Baby P case
▶ Sharon Shoesmith on child protection
Ms Shoesmith was sacked in December 2008 by the then children's secretary Ed Balls.

She claimed she had been unfairly dismissed and the Court of Appeal ruled in her favour in 2011, saying she had been "unfairly scapegoated".

Haringey Council previously revealed it had spent £196,000 fighting Ms Shoesmith's case for unfair dismissal.

The compensation package is more than the minimum suggested by senior judge Lord Neuberger in the 2011 ruling.

He gave the opinion Ms Shoesmith was entitled to a minimum of three months' salary plus pensions contributions, which would have amounted to about £33,000.

However, last year a government source told BBC Newsnight the cost to Haringey Council could be as high as £600,000.

In a statement, the local authority confirmed it had reached a settlement with Ms Shoesmith.

It said: "The terms of the settlement are confidential. We are unable to comment further on this matter."

Kerry Underwood, an employment lawyer, said confidential settlements like Ms Shoesmith's "should not be allowed" when they involve public money.

Such payouts should also be subject to extra scrutiny, he added.

"When local authorities are cutting back hard then it should go back to tribunal or court to be approved," Mr Underwood said.

"That would not cost a lot of money, it would be a relatively short hearing."

Peter Connelly died in August 2007 at the age of 17 months.
Crazy no ?
Shannon Richardson gets 18-year jail term for posting ricin.

Shannon Richardson, 36, from Texas, had accused her estranged husband Nathaniel of sending the three poisoned letters in an apparent attempt to frame him.

"I never intended for anybody to be hurt," she told the court.

She pleaded guilty in December to the charge of possessing and producing a biological toxin.

A federal judge gave her the maximum sentence under that plea deal and ordered her to pay restitution of about $367,000 (£214,000).

Richardson, a mother of six, has played small roles in The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead, according to IMDB.

Prosecutors say that after ordering the ingredients online, she made the ricin and then posted three letters before going to police and claiming her estranged husband was to blame.

According to a federal indictment, one letter to Mr Obama read, exactly as she wrote it: "What's in this letter is nothing compared to what ive got in store for you mr president."

Another letter received by Mr Bloomberg, a gun control advocate, contained a threat to "shoot in the face" anyone who came for the sender's guns.

A third ricin-laced letter was opened by Mark Glaze, director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a gun control advocacy group founded by Mr Bloomberg.

In asking the judge for leniency on Wednesday, Richardson apologised and said: "I'm not a bad person. I don't have it in me to hurt anyone."

She asked for "mercy and compassion" and said she'd already been punished by being parted from her six children.
Here is one from the archives demonstrating an ex-insiders view and growing revulsion of the Biased BBC's disinformation methods and of its having become hostage to lies, to bribes, to the public treasury and to international socialism.

Now this man, Peter Sissons will never claim to be an MRA, a conscientious objector, a sovereign man, an anti-feminist, a conservative, an anti-socialist or and anti-communist but he essentially is all of the above ... and rightly so.
The BBC became a propaganda machine for climate change zealots, says Peter Sissons... and I was treated as a lunatic for daring to dissent

Institutionally biased to the Left, politically correct and with a rudderless leadership. This is Peter Sissons' highly critical view of the BBC in his new memoirs, in which he describes his fascinating career over four decades as a television journalist. Here, in the latest part of our serialisation, he reveals how it was heresy at the BBC to question claims about climate change . . .

My time as a news and ­current affairs anchor at the BBC was characterised by weak leadership and poor ­direction from the top, but hand in hand with this went the steady growth of political correctness.

Indeed, it was almost certainly the ­Corporation's unchallengeable PC culture that made strong leadership impossible.

Leadership -- one person being in charge, trusting his or her own judgement, taking a decision and telling others what to do-- was shied away from in favour of endless meetings of a dozen or more ­people trying to arrive at some sort of consensus.

At the newsroom level it became impossible to discipline someone for basic journalistic mistakes -- wrong dates, times and numbers, inaccurate ­on-screen captions and basic political or geographical facts -- for fear of giving offence. You'd never see anyone, to use a technical term, get a b*****king.

There'd be whispers about them. They might even get a black mark at the annual appraisal with their line manager. Sometimes, they might even be ­promoted to a position in which they could do less harm.

But what really concerned me was when the culture of political correctness began to influence what appeared on the screen. Soon after I started on News 24 in 2003, the aircraft carrier Ark Royal returned from the Gulf to a traditional welcome from families and friends at Portsmouth. TV reporters closed in to interview crew members, the vast majority of whom were men.

Of the five vox-pops that featured in the BBC News, four were with women sailors. During my stint of presenting that day I complained about this and asked if we could have some more ­balanced interviews, but in vain.

I have always been in two minds about the value of vox-pops. They can give texture and interest to a story, but unless they are selected with scrupulous impartiality by a conscientious producer, they are worse than a waste of time -- the viewer is deceived, as they were that day.

For me, though, the most worrying aspect of political correctness was over the story that recurred with increasing frequency during my last ten years at the BBC -- global warming (or 'climate change', as it became known when temperatures appeared to level off or fall slightly after 1998).

From the beginning I was unhappy at how one-sided the BBC's coverage of the issue was, and how much more complicated the climate system was than the over-simplified two-minute reports that were the stock-in-trade of the BBC's environment correspondents.

These, without exception, accepted the UN's assurance that 'the science is settled' and that human emissions of carbon dioxide threatened the world with catastrophic climate change. Environmental pressure groups could be guaranteed that their press releases, usually beginning with the words 'scientists say . . . ' would get on air unchallenged.
On one occasion, an MP used BBC airtime to link climate change ­doubters with perverts and holocaust deniers, and his famous interviewer didn't bat an eyelid.

On one occasion, after the inauguration of Barack Obama as president in 2009, the science correspondent of Newsnight actually informed viewers 'scientists calculate that he has just four years to save the world'. What she didn't tell viewers was that only one alarmist scientist, NASA's James Hansen, had said that.

My interest in climate change grew out of my concern for the failings of BBC journalism in reporting it. In my early and formative days at ITN, I learned that we have an obligation to report both sides of a story. It is not journalism if you don't. It is close to propaganda.
Staff and enforcing patrons of English-Socialism [INGSOC] appear so far out of touch of the strength of feeling growing against their hated ideology, their anti-trust, anti-freedom conspiracies. Not even establishment conservatives or RINOS appreciate this phenomena of conscientious objection and rejection.

Staff and patrons of English-socialism [INGSOC] have become so brazen in their ideology, its impacts and its consequences as to be dead blind to the obvious double injustices peoples are refusing to accept of their closed-cathedral style operations, their nepotistic appointments and their public thefts.

New comers, red pillers and other sovereign citizens interested in the destruction of Social Marxism may look to how UK anti-communists and anti-socialists worked to remove an official implicated in the use, abuse, exploitation and murder of children from self investigation.  

How can an official whom's office, whom's public position, whom's actions and whom's decisions over children and other vulnerable's be the same entity tasked with investigating the injurious consequences to the victims? You can't have a paid official abuser of children investigating the consequences to abused children as the best appointee merely because such official received a fee and will again receive another fee.

There are ways of ridding public treasury's world wide of these rent seeking parasites both of their unwanted services and their destructive ideas. THE KEY AREA OF THEIR DOMINION AND CONTROL IS THE PUBLIC TREASURY.
Retired judge Baroness Butler-Sloss has said she is stepping aside as the head of an inquiry into allegations of historical child abuse.

Downing Street said "it was entirely her decision" and a new chair would be appointed within days.

Lady Butler-Sloss has been under pressure to quit from MPs and victims concerned about her family links.

Her late brother, Sir Michael Havers, was attorney general in the 1980s.

Downing Street said it would "take a few days" to appoint a new chairman and appeared to indicate that whoever was chosen would not be so closely linked to the establishment.

David Cameron's spokesman said there had been no change in the view of the prime minister or Home Secretary Theresa May about Lady Butler-Sloss's integrity or suitability for the job.

"She has taken the decision to step down as chair of the panel inquiry," he said. "It is entirely her decision.

"The government's view hasn't changed, that she would have done a first-class job as chair. The reasons for her appointment still absolutely stand in terms of her professional expertise and her integrity, which I don't think has been questioned from any quarter whatsoever, and rightly so."

No 10 said the decision had not been prompted by suggestions a co-chairman might be appointed to the panel.

Mrs May spoke to Lady Butler-Sloss over the weekend after she was informed of her decision.

BBC political correspondent Norman Smith said questions had been raised over Lady Butler-Sloss's age - she will be 81 next month.

[[Readers can ignore the above lies and covering language used of the publicly paid for mass media and other publicly paid for bureaucrats to explain the shameless U-Turn. These peoples are equally hostage to and dependant on the public treasury, hence their running of disinformation and interference. The following link gives a thematic outline of why such and such a socialist staff worker or such and such socialist ideals are no longer considered good things by the growingly disgruntled masses.]]  
Check this rent seeking dog of a retired English Judge, whom having officially bastardized millions of children whom were subsequently exposed to sexual and physical molestation in their fathers absence, is now back again to conduct inquiry's into the said abused children's horrific experiences.

Our horrible genderist societies are very good at manufacturing problems to solve by official policy for which billions and millions in civil-service fees are charged to the public treasury and then on the rebound creating public inquiries and public inquests into the consequences of such devilish policies for which more service fees are chargeable by officials.

Public service officials engaged in these practices should be aware that this their dirty game and charade is not lost on observers, no matter the respectable disguises, euphemisms and big titles they apply.

"Butler-Sloss: I won't quit as head of abuse inquiry"

"The retired judge appointed to chair a child abuse review has insisted she will not quit - as the PM claimed she was the right person for the job.

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss was chosen by the home secretary to head the inquiry into allegations of historical abuse.

But Labour's Simon Danczuk said her position was tainted because her late brother, Sir Michael Havers, was Attorney General in the 1980s.

Downing Street said the peer "commands widespread respect and confidence".

Baroness Butler-Sloss was announced on Tuesday as head of a wide-ranging probe into how allegations of abuse by politicians and other powerful figures in public institutions such as the NHS, the church and the BBC in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s were handled.

MPs and victims claim she is too close to the establishment, particularly as Sir Michael was Attorney General at the time of the alleged paedophile scandal."

"But Alison Millar, the lawyer who represents alleged victims of child abuse, said she doubted her clients would think Lady Butler-Sloss was the right person for the job, especially given the connection with her brother.

Sir Michael faced criticism after he sought to stop Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens from naming in Parliament a top diplomat - Sir Peter Hayman - as a paedophile in the early 1980s.

But Lady Butler-Sloss said she was unaware of her brother having any role, as attorney general, in the paedophile controversy in the 1980s.

"I know absolutely nothing about it," she told the BBC. "If people think I am not suitable then that's up to them."

"Asked if she would consider her position or make further comment if calls continued for her to stand down, she added: "I am certainly not going to be talking to the BBC or anyone else about this any further."

Her nephew, the actor Nigel Havers, told BBC Radio 4's The World at One, that he knew his aunt well and he was sure that if she felt there was any chance of bias, she would not have taken on the job.

The former Chariots of Fire and Coronation Street actor, added that she had "had no political ties" to his father and knew nothing about the alleged events in the 1980s in Parliament.

"A Number 10 spokesman rebuffed suggestions the peer would be unable to investigate all areas of the abuse inquiry because of her brother's involvement in the controversy as Attorney General in the early 1980s.

The spokesman declined to say whether the PM was aware of her brother's position prior to her appointment, adding: "His view is she commands widespread respect and confidence."

The suitability of Lady Butler-Sloss did not come up at Prime Minister's Questions, although the remit of her planned inquiry did.

In response to a question from Labour leader Ed Miliband at Prime Minister's Questions, David Cameron said it "may well be time" to back calls by the NSPCC's Peter Wanless - in charge of a separate review into how the Home Office responded to child sex abuse allegations in the 1980s - to make covering up abuse a criminal offence.

Earlier Mr Danczuk, who has investigated child sex abuse allegations against former Liberal MP Cyril Smith, said the revelations of a family connection with Sir Michael meant Lady Butler-Sloss' position was compromised.

'Cover-up' offence?
"I think the government should think again in terms of who they have appointed for this position," he said.

"I think she should consider her position. I find it quite surprising that neither she nor the government realised her relationship with her brother was connected to Geoffrey Dickens.

"It beggars belief that that wasn't considered in the first place."

"Why has this come up now?

Labour MP Simon Danczuk last week called on Leon Brittan to say what the then home secretary did with documents he was passed in the 1980s containing allegations about powerful figures and paedophilia.

What happened to the files?

Lord Brittan passed them to Home Office officials. A 2013 review found 114 documents were unaccounted for. The review found the minister had acted appropriately.

What did the papers allege?

The allegations, compiled by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens, were set to "blow the lids off" the lives of powerful child abusers, the MP's son has said. The late Mr Dickens said he planned to expose eight such figures.

Read more: 1980s child abuse claims explained

Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston, chairman of the Commons health select committee, has also cast doubt on whether Lady Butler-Sloss can continue. She wrote on Twitter: "Not doubting her integrity but hard to see why Baroness Butler-Sloss would want to accept a role so many regard as conflicted at the outset."

Keith Vaz, Labour chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee said he was surprised at the selection, pointing out that while Lady Butler-Sloss was "distinguished" she was also a member of the House of Lords.

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said the peer was "categorically not the right person to lead child abuse inquiry," because of the involvement of her brother, adding: "No one should be expected to investigate a close member of their own family as part of an official enquiry. "

And Ms Millar, head of the abuse law team at Leigh Day Solicitors, urged the peer to step down.

"There needs to be not a shred of doubt that this inquiry is not an establishment cover up - and the concern really is that she is just too close to the establishment, particularly with this connection to Sir Michael Havers," she told the BBC.

Ms Millar represents some of the alleged victims of the Elm Guest House in London - the location where a number of sex abuse cases were alleged to have taken place.

'Gagging clause'
But former Tory children's minister Tim Loughton stressed the inquiry was "not a one woman show" and Lady Butler-Sloss would have a panel of independently-minded people working with her.

"Frankly, I despair," he told the BBC. "We're getting to the stage where even if the Queen were asked to chair this inquiry, there would be those saying there's a conflict of interest. If I'd been the home secretary, I would've appointed Elizabeth Butler-Sloss as well.

"We need somebody who has huge integrity, who has respect, who has great independence and has the expertise and knowledge to focus this inquiry... there are few people able to do it and Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is the obvious choice."

Labour MP John Mann said "multiple copies" of Geoffrey Dickens' abuse dossier, which he passed to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan in the 1980s, had been circulated.

He claimed the only reason why people were not coming forward to say anything about them was because they were bound by the Official Secrets' Act.

"They need the gagging clause removed... they fear being prosecuted," he told the BBC."
Anon By Choice June 22, 2014 at 03:25

Celebrate Women's History Month Series with Hon. Judge Margaret Noe
[Watch pig eyed pretend Judge Noe celebrating supremacist women's history month above.]
[The disHonorable Margaret Noe '75 served as an assistant prosecuting attorney for more than 20 years, working to prosecute neglect and abuse cases. In 2005 she was appointed Lenawee Circuit Court probate judge by Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Many of the cases she has presided over involve children and family issues]

This stinking dog [excuse my language] of a judge has always had an AGENDA, which she has been able to work at religiously under the protected and covered status of US. Judiciary and US. Judicial discretion.

But the stinking dog [excuse my language] doesn't register in her brain, that her physical protections and her protected legal status derive from, and are sustained by the selfless actions of US. sub-marina-males and other US. male service personnel whom keep the brutal enemies of her country at bay in very far off places. That is such that she may continue to pretend at being a Court Judge in safety and security.

This matter would have been worth requesting public issue of an EXECUTIVE ORDER by the POTUS, but even the office of POTUS has itself been subverted to the same rent seeking AGENDA of this stinking dog [excuse my language] of a judge. That is, an agenda to spread parasitic socialism by which weak, dissolute, corrupt, intemperate and degenerate persons may fatten themselves at the public treasury and at expense of the strong, the honest, the upstanding, the patriotic, the loyal, the godly and the forthright.

All SOVEREIGN american men reading this should now see clearly if they did not see clearly before, why compulsory selective service registration is not for them and why compulsory selective service DUTIES can never ever apply to themselves. This so called Constitutional Republic is no such thing but a Cleptocrat's-Bazaar of vote selling swindlers and power hungry charlatans, each servicing dependent fiefdoms, constituent liars, parasites, thieves, beggars and rent seeking officials after jobs and sinecures for public service fees.

A man whom isn't a fool ALWAYS refuses to serve THIS type of society and political set-up that only seeks to use and abuse him, in return for nothing but exposure to personal humiliation, injury or death.

These godforsaken bastards in office and bureaucracy not only handicap general populations and society by their malfeasances, they also recklessly indent children to servitude by extracting unlimited, unsustainable amounts from the public treasury and then borrowing international credit in the peoples name to pay for their unwanted State services and maladministration fees. Does all this not weaken and destroy home nations from within socially, morally, ethically and economically?

I know why I hate these agents of socialism without limit. And I also know why others too must hate these agents of socialism without limit as well. The consequential effects of these peoples, their policies, their structures and their actions now and on future generations are impoverishing, desolating, corrupting and despoiling.

Only recently a certain legislator Harry Reid dared to question the authenticity of men on the national Supreme court. But the irony of questioning his own authenticity as a man on the national legislature did not strike him, for with these parasitic agents of socialism, their theory is only double plus good when applied to others not themselves.
It leads to social fracturing, damnation, disunity, anomie and atomization when one man cannot trust another man. And in this scenario of general distrust and cynicism of the authorities no one is the safer, which incidentally defeats police and sheriff objectives.

Why would a policeman whom is likely a father himself, agree to enforce anti-father laws or execute anti-parent processes against other men whom are no less fathers as well? This poison only erects a circular firing squad with each man raising arms and weapons against every other.

These things happened in the old soviet union and communist regimes under Stalin, where men masquerading as commissars threatened each other with false authorities. How did it end for men over there now?

Why should a man be subject to the law if he is not himself to be protected by the law? Again here, we see that any catering to the dogged and squalid nature of femaleism ultimately leads to a violent, dissolute, chaotic and failed State.

Father with no rights: Mother stops him seeing his daughter for 12 YEARS despite 82 court orders demanding she back down ... all whilst money is readily extracted by same said institutions for same said woman, as child support thefts.

The man has been refused access to his 14-year-old daughter for 12 YEARS: Yet every week we're falsely told of grown women saved from enslavement and isolation from normal society in communes or homes, by same said Family Courts, Police, institutions and social charities.

None of the 82 court orders that he be allowed to see girl have been enforced: except those pertaining to divorce monies, communal property, settlement alimony and child support transfers.
'My relationship with my daughter is slipping away', the man said: Yes, like every other stooge in this damned system he is deemed bad if he quietly goes away and also deemed bad if he tries to remain involved.

This is happening, not because of womens anti male prejudices but because of MALE harbored, MALE accepted, MALE staffed and MALE enforced anti male prejudices. The sooner the so called mens rights movement starts to seriously question the role of men themselves in institutional and cultural misandry, the closer they will come to formulation of solutions.

Blame every single professional, bureaucrat or contractual male involved for the injury done to men, mens lowered status and mens lowered standing because ... whereas a females vulpine mind, ever leads her to ask for more anti male tyranny, it is by mens actions and mens deeds that  anti male tyranny manifests as real.
Growing up without a father can permanently alter the BRAIN: Fatherless children are more likely to grow up angry and turn to drugs.

Canadian scientists believe growing up in a fatherless household could have a greater impact on daughters than on sons.
They said growing up without a father could permanently alter the structure of the brain and produce children who are more aggressive.
Dr Gabriella Gobbi of McGill University in Canada said that the main impacts were seen in the prefrontal cortex.

Other fatherless bastards get into positions of authority from where they manifest their complex anti-male, anti-father animus under the respectable cover of patronizing socialism.
Socialism grows more and more deadly to aborted, bastardized, father isolated children and others every day. The only beneficiaries of socialism are its staff and officials whom pocket huge sums of cash money, wages, salaries, benefits and emoluments administering the damned thing.
Boy's death 'could not be predicted'.

The death of four year-old Hamzah Khan, who starved to death in Bradford, could not have been predicted, a report has said.

Hamzah's decomposed body was found in his home in 2011, almost two years after he died.

A serious case review found his death could not have been predicted but systems "let Hamzah down".

His mother Amanda Hutton, 43, was jailed for 15 years last month after being found guilty of manslaughter.
The Department for Education tells Sky News a Serious Case Review ordered after a four-year-old boy starved to death is "rubbish".

The review found that Hamzah Khan's death "could not have been predicted", but systems "let Hamzah down both before and following his death".

Hamzah's mother Amanda Hutton was jailed for 15 years last month after the boy's mummified body was found in her bedroom nearly two years after he died.