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Main / Re: The Genetic Makeup of a Feminist
May 01, 2013, 04:20 AM

Please take a second look at the seven blathering loudmouths and idiot females shooting their empty vacant loads in the caption above. Or if you will the apparatchiks of FEMEN, the Slut-Walkers etc, etc.

Why? :

Because taking a second look at them may lead one to the conclusion that the people most hurt and most damaged by feminism and the genderist institutions supporting feminism, are women themselves.

Every single one of the protesting dykes, the women, the feminists or other female malcontent clique doing the flash-mob or university demonstration circuit would have, in an honest age and time, say two generations ago, easily found herself a suitable mate. That is, an agreeable MAN of lifetime commitment / partnership.

Almost every woman of whatever appearance, social-grace, status, race, religion or economic background would, only two generations or so ago, have easily found a suitable / adequate mate to quietly settle down with. Whatever her faults or her virtues, by him she would have easily begotten and had robust children, she would have easily begotten and had robust grandchildren ... And most importantly of all, alongside her lifelong mate, she would have easily begotten and had personal DIGNITY and the love of a MAN.

That's right suckers: A woman's most prized possession or achievement on this earth is attainment of personal DIGNITY through achieving the love of a MAN committed to begetting CHILDREN with her in a lifetime partnership with HER.  Call me a patriarch or fool for daring to say so if you like, its the plain truth.

FEMINISM and the institutions propping up all the poisons and delusions of feminism, has denied ALL of these good things of a good life lived well and to the max to ALL women. In attempting to deceive women and men into accepting a meaningless life of endless conflict, perpetual acrimony and a meaningless search for equality, FEMINISM and its genderist institutions have denied ALL women any happiness, any fulfillment and any bit of the good life.

Today in Ukraine, America, Europe, India, Sweden and elsewhere that feminism has invaded and inserted itself, you see the ugliest of the uglys parading their nakedness, slut-walking, indoctrinating freshers at universities, staging sit-ins and spreading their banality wide and loud. These women are indeed truly unhappy at their modern day plight of not making the grade of being seen as fertile and fecund women good enough to attract a mate. But whose fault is this ?

Ordinary men as husbands, friends, work-colleagues and lovers have always accommodated women of whatever appearance [good or bad], whatever grace [good or bad], whatever intelligence [good or bad] or whatever rank [good or bad]. Indeed, as a matter of natural instinct and predisposition have men, sometimes painstakingly in spite of themselves always accommodated all women. It is the advent of feminism and feminist institutions, but not men themselves, that has come to deny the goodness of men to women.

Every man has to bear this in mind when addressing female blathering loudmouths or other genderist malcontents. Women used to quite easily find a place of dignity and a space for personal fulfillment in life only two generations ago. It is only thanks to the unrealistic demands and delusional imaginations of feminism that have denied these things to the women of today.

Cowards, misfits, white knights and other rent seeking professionals and men forming part of the staff-working army servicing institutions of genderism wont be able to admit these things to themselves, let alone state these things out with any conviction.
Main / Re: The Genetic Makeup of a Feminist
Apr 29, 2013, 08:17 AM
These "feminist" genomes tend being more environmentally conditioned traits than truly genetically heritable. More nurture than nature.

But in the spirit of the post ...

The Narcissism gene

The Duplicity gene

The Cynicism gene

The Two-faced gene

The mercenary gene

The profiteering and rent-seeking gene   
Main / Re: Call For Reinforcements
Apr 28, 2013, 03:53 AM
New generation MRAs are moving on to higher order realizations / articulations concerning the plight of males in modern society. There is more to mens continued suffering than the attitude of women or feminists alone.

For example instead of seeing misandry as a purely feminist driven phenomena, younger MRAs are articulating misandry as a systems and structures driven phenomena.

The salaried workers, the advocates, the prison keepers, the violence shelter volunteers, the police forces, the legislators, the jurists, the academicians, the jailers, the probationers, the therapists and all the other staff contactors enforcing and implementing misanrdy have themselves a pecuniary and vested interest in its continuation / development.

Misandries state and private sector staff are to a very high degree, economically dependent on a misandric / sexist state for sustenance, for career progression and for basic survival. These self-interested forces and stake holders, will always vote in favor of anything said, done or thought by citizen or state to bolster and entrench their non-humanitarian cause, cleverly disguised as rights for women, [... even were feminism itself to say Ok now please stop, enough already!]

So when looking at the fate of males in society, it is important to be aware that the State itself is hostage to the forces of misandry. Dependence on misandries institutions and its structures for paid professional work, feeding money, living money and therapeutic feelings of righteousness, is shared by many forces with an interest in misandries continuation going beyond feminism alone.   

The State itself is held hostage and in bondage to the working forces of misandry, when seen in its powerlessness to continue as a State, without greater taxation, increased borrowing and indebted level expansions with which to pay the wages, salaries, pensions and benefits to misandries institutional staff, its co-beneficiaries and its other supporters.

Much more on these interesting matters are regularly discussed on
Quote from: Capt.Courageous
I'd like to see a permanent thread on which we post every false accusation article

It already exists Capt. Courage, thanks to the efforts of Paul Elam:
False Rape Accusers are individuals who willingly and knowingly makes or files a false rape accusation. This is arguably more corrosive to civil society than any other violent crime. False accusers make a cynical use of the legal system for personal vendetta, or in many cases, for profit and elevated social status which comes from being classified "victim." Western courts and governments appear to be encouraging this, and incentivizing false rape accusations, by lowering the standards of evidence - and providing victim benefits, legal anonymity and reduced civil rights for individuals accused.

The list of false rape accusers presented on this site represents only the tip of the iceberg. A majority of false rape accusers are never charged, much less convicted. Among other things, many jurisdictions have informal policies not to charge false rape accusers due to external political pressures on the courts, which insist that charging false rape accusers will deter rape victims from coming forward. Some commentators have expressed a position that false accusers should not be charged at all. This is not the position of the editors of this site. Of those false accusers who are charged, an inordinately high percentage are convicted. False rape reporting is the only crime for which charges are generally brought only when law enforcement is close to 100% certain of a conviction. But many false accusers are not charged, even after recantation.

    Temitope Adenugba     -     False Rape Accuser
    Cariann Backus     -     False Rape Accuser
    Jacqueline Barkley     -     False Rape Accuser
    Emma Blunden     -     False Rape Accuser
    Faye Branighan     -     False Rape Accuser
    Jade Brooks     -     False Rape Accuser
    Leoni Campbell     -     False Rape Accuser
    Vanna Chief Eagle aka Fast Wolf     -     False Rape Accuser
    Katherine Clifton     -     False Rape Accuser
    Louise Creighton     -     False Rape Accuser
    Andrea Davio-Michaud     -     False Rape Accuser
    Christina Dallison     -     False Rape Accuser
    Helen Dalby     -     False Rape Accuser
    Jennifer Day     -     False Rape Accuser
    Jessica De La Vega     -     False Rape Accuser
    Tracee Deane     -     False Rape Accuser
    Danielle Deichman     -     False Rape Accuser
    Liselle Ellis     -     False Rape Accuser
    Chloe Dolton     -     False Rape Accuser
    Melinda Denham     -     False Rape Accuser
    Roseanne England     -     False Rape Accuser
    Cheryl Fleming     -     False Rape Accuser
    Felisha Hardison     -     False Rape Accuser
    Kay Hoofe     -     False Rape Accuser
    Kirstie Hodgson     -     False Rape Accuser
    Sarah-Jane Hiliard     -     False Rape Accuser
    Sarah Hunter     -     False Rape Accuser
    Leyla Ibrahim     -     False Rape Accuser
    Louise Johnson     -     False Rape Accuser
    Heidi Jones     -     False Rape Accuser
    Jemma Knights     -     False Rape Accuser
    Bernadett Kore     -     False Rape Accuser
    Michaela Lodge     -     False Rape Accuser
    Amanda Little     -     False Rape Accuser
    Aisha Mather     -     False Rape Accuser
    Samantha Merry     -     False Rape Accuser
    Tamara Moonier     -     False Rape Accuser
    Samantha Morley     -     False Rape Accuser
    Amanda Moyes     -     False Rape Accuser
    Louise Ndikum     -     False Rape Accuser
    Danmell Ndonye     -     False Rape Accuser
    Eloise O'Donovan     -     False Rape Accuser
    Hannah Patenall     -     False Rape Accuser
    Biurny Peguero-Gonzalez     -     False Rape Accuser
    Jessica Perry     -     False Rape Accuser
    Victoria Salter     -     False Rape Accuser
    Kimberley St.Charles     -     False Rape Accuser
    Deanna Taulbee     -     False Rape Accuser
    Emma Wallace     -     False Rape Accuser
    Elizabeth Wilkinson     -     False Rape Accuser
    Kate Woodhead     -     False Rape Accuser
    Rebecca Knight     -     False Rape Accuser
    Amanda Lang     -     False Rape Accuser
    Shannon Taylor     -     False Rape Accuser
    Cinzia Sannino     -     False Rape Accuser
    Lynn Walker     -     False Rape Accuser
    Tracey Knowles     -     False Rape Accuser
    Regina Birindelli     -     False Rape Accuser
    Maryanne Morin     -     False Rape Accuser
    Tracy West     -     False Rape Accuser
    Kelly Weston     -     False Rape Accuser
    Rebecca Howard     -     False Rape Accuser
    Annie Hylton     -     False Rape Accuser
    Gemma Capon     -     False Rape Accuser
    Christine Wagner     -     False Rape Accuser
    Erika Wagner     -     False Rape Accuser
    Janelle Martinez     -     False Rape Accuser
    Angela Poindexter     -     False Rape Accuser
    Amanda Knox     -     False Rape Accuser
    Jennifer France     -     False Rape Accuser
    Danielle Gates     -     False Rape Accuser
    Soroyal Washington     -     False Rape Accuser
    Keeley Horrocks     -     False Rape Accuser
    Crystal Mangum     -     False Rape Accuser
    Charlene Kielty     -     False Rape Accuser

Meanwhile "United-Parasites-Internationale" are marching the streets of Europe: Bleeding and peeling for a better environment in which the ply their trade.


Meet: 12pm Oxford Street (Outside Selfridges)
Set off: 1pm
This year the whole of Oxford Street will be closed to traffic from 12pm.
Making way for Million Women Rise to reclaim Oxford Street, it will be pedestrian-only from noon.
Click here for information about coaches from your area coming to London for the rising on Saturday 9th March 2013

Holding up a mirror to the world about the truth of male violence against women in all its forms
We encourage women to WEAR RED...
For MWR it symbolizes the colour of Woman and her blood, the blood of our sisters who have been murdered and raped , our blood which contains life, courage, respect, dignity and protection

Million Women Rise call all women to join together in a critical mass to say


Holding up a mirror to the world about the truth of male violence against women in all its forms and
"Celebrating Our Re-Sis-Stance"

This year we have already seen the rape of millions of women throughout the world and we are only in February. We have heard the German authorities apologies to a teenage girl for sending her to a brothel to get work:

The Gang Rape and murder of a 17 year old girl in South Africa and the protest from our sisters in South Africa

Many of you have been at the ongoing protests supporting the voices of women of India after the gang rape in India of a young woman who is now dead:

We have witnessed the Irish government commit murder of a woman who was denied her human rights to an abortion:

Women in Egypt have spoken out against state sponsored Violence Against Women:
Sexual Harassment of Women is State Sponsored Say Egyptian Women

And we will not ignore the ongoing rape and genocide of our sisters and children across the world from Easten Congo to Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Palestine, Ivory Coast, Mali, Pakistan, Bangladesh, London, Bradford, Bolivia, Brazil, fromTamil women to Wales, East Europe, western Europe to the Americas to name a few

Male violence against women is pandemic, it is organised and systematic, ENOUGH is ENOUGH!

Upwards and Rising Get Ready, Be Ready, Stay Ready!

Are you outraged by the violence that women experience?
Every minute of every hour of every day.
That breaks the hearts, minds and souls.
That traces backwards to our grandmothers and forward to our daughters.
Have you the heart, passion and compassion, to extend the hand of solidarity?
United and connected we can change the world TOGETHER!
Will you hold the vision of a future for women free of violence?

One woman, one body, one song, one love
Together we will end this violence against us and our loved ones
In sisterhood and solidarity
Million Women Rise


Onwards and Uprising!
Great news! Million Women Rise has a Project near Finsbury Park!!

At a time when male violence against women and
children is in particularly sharp focus, we are
launching a fierce and hopeful new more here

We have the use of a new premises!
213b Blackstock Road, N5 2LL
We are setting up the space to offer support services, holistic treatments, campaigning and social space for women to use.
We offer the invitation to use the building to all women and girls. read more here


Million Women Rise is a collective of women who work autonomously as volunteers, without any corporate sponsorship or formal funding. We promote real change that is based on truth, unity and solidarity, peace and love. We rely on the support of donations to keep our voice autonomous.
To join our mailing list with updates on Million Women Rise events, activities, and volunteer opportunities, please fill out the form below:

    Name *
    Email *
    Message of Support


Donate and Support

The Reality in the UK today:

    One woman in four will experience domestic violence at some point in her life.
    Domestic violence has more repeat victims than any other crime (on average there will have been 35 assaults before a victim calls the police).
    Two women are murdered every week by their partner or ex partner.
    One incident of domestic violence is reported to the police every minute.
    One woman in four will experience sexual assault as an adult.
    Only 5% of rapes reported to the police result in the perpetrator being convicted in court.
    Women are more worried about rape than any other crime.
    250 cases of forced marriage are reported each year.
    Up to 1,420 women per year are trafficked into the UK for sexual exploitation
    One woman a month is murdered in the name of 'so called' honour.
    Nearly 90% of local authorities do not have a rape crisis centre.
    Over 20,000 girls could be at risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in the UK.

Visit our new donation site at:
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© 2013 Million Women Rise

Main / Re: The Story of Lisa and Albert
Feb 17, 2013, 02:18 PM
If the Olympian, Oscar Pistorius case of shooting dead Reeva Steenkamp is anything to go by, then Albert has indeed got off lightly from Lisa.

Whereas poor young quadriplegic Pistorius has had to fight tooth and nail since birth for his place, his fame and his fortune, Albert's starting point was at least from able bodied origins.

And then comes along unemployed exhibitionist Reeva-whom?-Steenkamp, not unlike Tiger Woods ex, miss Nordegren, thinking Oscar owed it all to her, now that she had staked her claim to him... as Elin Nordegren for nothing, claimed a stake against Tiger Woods. 

Happily in Albert's case, Lisa moved on with her life to greener pastures, freeing Albert to enjoy the hard won fruits of his own labors and his own merits... Now if only miss Steenkamp was as similarly inclined to live and let live as Lisa was inclined, there'd be no dramatic tragedy.

Another similar tragic story that didn't end well for any,was that of parasite Nicole Simpson, her poorer boyfriend and sucker O-J. There are indeed many cautionary tales that the Albert's of this world might plug into for wisdom and learning.
Main / Re: Chris Rock
Feb 07, 2013, 02:26 PM
An unhappy woman is Vicky Price, the ex-wife of British government cabinet minister Chris Huhne. Not a top job as government consultant economist, spousal status of minister and aspiring leader of UK liberal democrats, not money, fame or wealth, nor the immense loss of face and status could stop Vicky price.

She aired the dirtiest of family linen in public for all the world to see, and continues. But for what ?

A woman whom would spite, jeopardise, expose and humilliate herself, in order to shame and bring down her man for rejecting her as a wife, is an unhappy woman indeed.
Chris Huhne's former wife passed the story about his speeding offence to the press in revenge for his extra-marital affair, Southwark Crown Court heard.

Prosecutors say Vicky Pryce, 60, took speeding points for Huhne a decade ago.

The jury was read an email from 2011 - after she found out about Huhne's affair - in which Ms Pryce, of Clapham, London, said she wanted to "nail him".

She denies perverting the course of justice. Huhne admitted the same charge on Monday and has resigned as an MP.

'Play ball'
Ex-Liberal Democrat cabinet minister Huhne and Ms Pryce, an economist, were charged last year over an incident in March 2003 when Huhne's car was caught by a speed camera on the motorway between Stansted Airport in Essex and London.

It is alleged that between 12 March and 21 May 2003, Ms Pryce, who was still married to Huhne, falsely informed police that she was the driver of the car so he could avoid prosecution.

Vicky Pryce-Chris Huhne phone call transcripts released

Phone conversations between Vicky Pryce and her ex-husband Chris Huhne have been heard by a jury at Southwark Crown Court during her trial on a charge of perverting the course of justice.

Ms Pryce, who denies the offence, recorded the calls with the help of Sunday Times political editor Isabel Oakeshott around April 2011, as she tried to get the former MP to admit points-swapping for a speeding offence from 2003.

Huhne did not admit to the offence in the calls but on Monday he pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice and resigned as an MP.

In an audio of the first conversation, which was released publicly on Thursday, Ms Pryce complains about journalists outside her house.

This prompts Huhne to say: "Can I suggest if you want to stop journalists door-stepping you, you stop telling ridiculous stories to the press."

Ms Pryce says she is "talking about you... making me take your points," but Huhne replies he had "no intention of going on with this nonsense".

In a second call, she again is heard to be seeking a confession from Huhne, who himself appears to be accusing her of going to the press with the story.

"It is not in anyone's interests that you should tell nonsense to the papers," he says.

Chris Huhne
You told me you wanted to ruin my political career"

MS Pryce then insists: "You know full well that I took your points" but Huhne does not confirm her claims.

As the exchange continues, the conversation becomes more heated.

The jury has been told Ms Pryce passed the story about his speeding offence to the press as she wanted to "destroy" his career after he left her.

Ms Pryce uses several expletives during the phone conversation and describes Carina Trimingham, the woman Huhne had an extra-marital affair with, as a "man".

Former journalist Huhne goes on to address the allegation of points-swapping directly when he says: "For heavens sake, I absolutely deny you took my points" and he suggests that reporters' may just be trying to "stand up a ludicrous story".

But Ms Pryce says "the entire family" knew she had taken the points, and threatened to tell journalists the "truth".

Huhne goes on to claim that Ms Pryce was "maliciously briefing the press... because you told me you wanted to ruin my political career".

Aladdin's lamp
In another conversation, Huhne advised Ms Pryce not to take calls from Ms Oakeshott, saying: "They have no story and they cannot have a story unless you give it to them. There's no reason for you to give them a story because it isn't true."

It's one of the things that's always worried me when you made me take them in the first instance"

Vicky Pryce
He told Ms Pryce not to tell "false stories" and compared the situation to "rubbing Aladdin's lamp".

"It's very, very simple, if you don't want to appear in the newspapers, don't talk to journalists," he said

In a fourth call, Huhne said he refused to get embroiled in conversations with journalists because things could get "twisted".

Ms Pryce expresses concerns about compromising herself if the truth ever comes out, saying, "I have to be careful because the last thing I want to do is for it to come out and I have actually perjured myself or whatever..."

This prompts Huhne to warn her that she could find herself being contacted by the DVLA or the police if a "half-baked" story appears.

Ms Pryce replies: "It's one of the things that's always worried me when you made me take them in the first instance."

Hunhe, who repeats earlier offers to meet Ms Pryce in person to talk, continues to insist the allegation is "simply not true".
Main / Re: A rapey dapey schmapey discussion
Feb 02, 2013, 02:42 PM
Amanda Wheeler - a 31 year-old from Cheltenham was found guilty of sexually assaulting several young boys.

Judge stated Amanda Wheeler could walk free, saying 'although these were paedophile acts ... it was [they were?] a one-off.

[Judge creating further excuses?] Adds the molestation was 'acts of drunkenness, selfishness and childishness'

Yesterday, MailOnline reported on the case of Amanda Wheeler - a 31 year-old from Cheltenham who was found guilty of sexually assaulting several young boys.

The mother-of-three got drunk at a party before kissing and groping a 12-year-old on a bench in November 2011.

She then performed a lap-dance and straddled a group of male children, before biting a 13-year-old boy on his neck and coercing him to perform a sex act on her.
She denied the charges, but was found guilty during a recent trial and faced several years in prison.

Addressing the court during sentencing, Judge Patrick Thomas QC incredulously stated that: 'Although these were paedophile was a one-off...they were [also] acts of drunkenness, selfishness and childishness'.

He then claimed that sending her to jail would be wrong because her victims have 'largely recovered' from their traumatic if that makes a difference.

Shockingly, this is nothing new. In December last year, Lucie Slater - a 21 year-old woman and former X Factor contestant - glassed her defenceless boyfriend in the face over a Facebook post, but still enjoyed Christmas in the comfort of her own home.

Two months previously, Claire Roundhill from Yorkshire was spared jail after getting pregnant by sexually assaulting a 15 year-old boy. Following the ruling, the victim's father said: 'If it had been the other way around and this was a man having sex with a 15-year-old girl, he would have been locked up, without a shadow of a doubt. But, because she is a woman, she has walked free.'

Yet, ironically, a man like Scot Young - who's embroiled in a bitter divorce row with his wife can be jailed for six months over a private matrimonial matter. It's a complete joke ... without being remotely funny.

Sadly, the issue is endemic. Recent national statistics prove that 58 per cent of male offenders who entered a guilty plea were given a custodial sentence - compared with just 34 per cent of UK women.

Out of the thirteen women's prisons in Great Britain, two are private - and the rest benefit from an additional set of 'gender specific standards', which men's don't.

And, in 2010, judges were formally advised to go softer on female criminals, thanks to the (ironically titled) Equal Treatment Bench Book - published by the Judicial Studies Board.
Where is the equality in that?

Not only does this offend, but it devalues the concept of justice - something which should run through the core of society evenly, like letters in a stick of rock.

Fortunately, others with more balanced views have voiced criticism. Egalitarian Human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell told Mail Online: 'If this had been a 31 year-old man with young boys the sentence would have been much tougher. It seems a case of double standards. Child sex abuse, regardless of whether it is perpetrated by men or women, is wrong and should be properly punished.'

Erin Pizzey - who opened the world's first domestic violence shelter for women in 1971, before exposing feminism's scope for hypocrisy in her work as a men's rights activist - agreed.

'Normal people - drunk or not - do not under any circumstances molest young children,' she told MailOnline. 'The fact that this woman insisted on pleading "not guilty" shows she has no remorse. In my opinion, jail was the only option. I cant help feeling that - had she been a man - she would have been incarcerated.'

And they're right. Feminism (like the law) needs to be even-handed if it is to be credible. It must rage against women's unfair advantages as well as their disadvantages - both socially and legally. Otherwise, the message they send out is this: treat women equally to men, except when they're treated better.

Anyone who disagrees is not only abusing the system - but our country's young boys, too.

Incidentally, and I can't quite remember where, but I read that the southern die hard bigots of Amerika, were themselves descended predominantly from the English and the Swedish.
Main / Re: Mixed message
Jan 28, 2013, 02:30 PM

Made for each other. They'd make a charming couple, no ? Plenty of gold too.

Though I heard someone say plum ignorant both. I agree.

Main / Re: Firearms
Jan 17, 2013, 06:43 AM
Very peculiar about feminism is the co-dependent and parasitic ways they seek to keep open by the back door for women, the very relationships they claim in public forums and offices to be over.

UK firearms: Licence applicants may need partners' approval

People applying for gun licences could be asked to prove that their current or recent partners have consented to the application, Theresa May[an unmarried, childless lesbian seperatist] has suggested.

The home secretary said it was "not appropriate" for people with a history of domestic violence to own guns.

Ministers are examining if the extra check could "reduce the risk to domestic violence victims", she said.

Her comments came in a letter to MPs which was sent soon after the Newtown massacre, but published on Wednesday.

The massacre took place on 14 December at Sandy Hook Elementary School, near Newtown in Connecticut, leaving 20 children and six adult staff members dead and re-opening debate in the US on gun controls.

Suspended sentences
Mrs May wrote to the Home Affairs Committee, advising MPs that the government was working with the Association of Chief Police Officers on how to strengthen "guidance on how reports of domestic violence should be treated by police considering firearms applications".

She told the committee: "Although each case is considered on its merits, we will discuss with ACPO [the Association of Chief Police Officers] amendment of the guidance to make it clear that it is not appropriate to issue a firearm or shotgun certificate where there is a history or successive reports of domestic abuse.

"The proposal that the Canadian practice of consulting the partners of firearms applicants should be introduced here needs greater scrutiny and analysis of the evidence base, to establish whether such a measure would reduce the risk to domestic violence victims as intended."

In Canada, spouses or recent ex-spouses are required to sign gun licence application forms. If they decline, additional checks are carried out on the applicant.

Mrs May's letter constituted a "supplementary" response to the committee's 2010 report into firearms control, which was prompted by the murder of 12 people in Cumbria by gunman Derrick Bird.

The statement marks a shift in tone from the government's initial response, which said it would look into the proposal despite its "concerns that involving partners and recent ex-partners in signing applications may put them in a position of vulnerability and increased risk of renewed violence and abuse.

"Also, consent from a current partner may mean that the partner signs the application to ensure their imminent safety without consideration for future safety."

The home secretary also said that the government was considering ways to tighten medical background checks on applicants for gun licences.

Under the current gun-licensing regime, criminals who are sentenced to three months or more in prison face a temporary ban on firearm possession; those who are sentenced to three years or more are banned permanently from possessing a gun.

Supplying a firearm laws
But Mrs May told MPs that the government was now exploring the recommendation, also contained in the committee's 2010 report, to extend the ban to criminals receiving suspended sentences.

The report said: "The legislation should be amended to clarify that persons in receipt of wholly suspended sentences are subject to the same prohibitions from obtaining a licence to hold... firearms or shotguns as they would be if their sentence had not been suspended.

We do not believe it appropriate for those convicted of offences which are serious enough to warrant a custodial sentence to retain their firearms"

Home Affairs Committee
"We do not believe it appropriate for those convicted of offences which are serious enough to warrant a custodial sentence to retain their firearms.

"We are also of the view that those who receive shorter custodial sentences should not be allowed to possess firearms."

Twenty years before the Cumbria shootings, Bird had been sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for a year, for stealing decorating materials from his then employer. He also had a drink-driving conviction.

But he had been allowed to keep his shotgun certificate, obtained before his 17th birthday.

In October 2012, Mrs May pledged to create a new criminal offence of supplying a firearm to tackle people who hire out weapons to gangs.

Ms May said those supplying guns were "as guilty" as those using them as the impact was just as deadly.

The maximum sentence for the offence, which will apply in England, Wales and Scotland, will be life imprisonment.
Bear with me Brian.
Ex-Hoover teacher Denman gets jail for sex with student.

An ex-Hoover High School teacher was sentenced Wednesday to six months in Fresno County Jail for having a prolonged sexual relationship with an underage student.

Megan Denman, 30, of Fresno also will serve three years on probation but will not have to register as a sex offender when she is released.

In October, Denman pleaded guilty in Fresno County Superior Court to three counts of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor and three counts of oral copulation with a minor. The boy was 16 and 17 during the 18-month relationship.

A doctor's report said Denman doesn't have a "predatory" or "exploitive" personality. It was a major reason Judge Ralph Nunez said he ruled against sex-offender registration.

There also were several letters attesting to Denman's positive influence as a teacher from students, families and others

She could be released from jail on April 30 with good behavior and work credits.

Denman sobbed throughout the hearing, giving an emotion-choked apology to her family, co-workers, students and husband.

"Nothing like this will ever happen again," she said in court. "Every day I live with the guilt and the hate for what I have done."

Nunez said he hopes the jail sentence will send a message to other teachers who have sexual relationships with students. A case resolved in November resulted in probation and no jail time for another female teacher in a similar case.

Prosecutor Lara Clinton cited the previous case where teacher Nadia Diaz was placed on probation but didn't go to jail.

She said there were differences in the cases that warranted jail for Denman.

Diaz had sex with an underage student twice before tearfully confessing to it, but Denman carried on a relationship for more than 18 months, Clinton said.

She also said a male teacher in the same situation would face jail or years of prison time.

"A period of custody time is very important in this case," Clinton said. "She took advantage of a position of trust."

Denman's lawyer, Roger Nuttall, had argued that Denman should not go to jail.

"She knew it was a possibility. ... It was a bit of a shock to her," Nuttall said after Denman was cuffed and led from the courtroom.

Nuttall said he and Denman were glad she wouldn't have to register as a sex offender.
Do you really want to see a pussy pass ?


Hold on to your noses folks...

Legislator Margaret Moran took £53K in false MP expenses.

Ex-Labour Luton MP Margaret Moran falsely claimed more than £53,000 in expenses while in office, a jury has ruled.

The 57-year-old was tried in her absence at Southwark Crown Court after she was deemed unfit to stand trial.

She was accused of 15 counts of false accounting and six of using a false instrument over the claims.

The former Luton South MP, who lives in St Denys, Southampton, served in the Commons between 1997 and 2010.
Margaret Moran's claims, made between 2004 and 2008, amounted to about £60,000, but £53,000 of it she was not entitled to.

She was accused of 15 counts of false accounting and six of using a false instrument over the claims for parliamentary expenses.

Unable to hold back her tears, the former MP was almost unrecognisable.

In April this year, a judge decided she was unfit to stand trial on mental health grounds.

This meant that rather than assessing whether she was guilty or not guilty, jurors were told to decide whether Moran committed the acts alleged and whether they amounted to the offences with which she was charged.

Mr Justice Saunders told the jury: "It would be unfair for you to be able to find her guilty when she has had no opportunity to give her side of the story.

"Doctors have said to require her to attend court could have serious consequences for her physical health."

Contrast that above with that below, if you can.

'Disabled' Newton Aycliffe benefit cheat Alan Lawson jailed

A man who claimed he could hardly walk has been jailed for swindling almost £90,000 in benefits after being caught working as a gym instructor.

Alan Lawson, of Bishop Auckland, pocketed the money over eight years after suffering a back injury that meant he could only walk with a stick.

But when the 58-year-old improved he failed to inform the authorities.

He was convicted of failing to notify of a change in circumstances and jailed for eight months.

He was also found guilty at Durham Crown Court of making a false statement to obtain benefits.

The hearing heard while claiming money for barely being able to walk, Lawson was working as a fitness instructor at Newton Aycliffe leisure centre.

A spokesman for Durham County Council confirmed the defendant was no longer an employee.

A council statement said: "The council takes benefit fraud very seriously and we investigate and assist with any investigations where any member of staff is suspected of falsely claiming benefits."
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Jan 07, 2013, 09:43 AM
The UN is or has taken over ... ? No they aren't nor haven't.

T'is Paul Elam what's taking over !
Can you hear me NOW?

To the National Organization for Women:

My name is Paul Elam and I am a men's rights activist. I have just finished reading a document from your website titled, Fall 2012 - Newsletter of the NOW Family Law Ad Hoc Advisory Committee - SPECIAL REPORT.

Contained in it were the expected canards one would normally anticipate from a feminist organization, such as your attempts to deny the existence of custodial mothers who emotionally and psychologically abuse their children by alienating their fathers. And your claims that it is abused women, and not fathers, who encounter the real sexual discrimination in family courts.

I also noted, with some amusement, that while you continue to define men's and fathers advocacy as a backlash against changing gender roles, you also advocate women be given preference in custody decisions, reinforcing the very same roles you pretend to oppose.

None of that is new or surprising. As an organization with an elitist agenda, deception and hypocrisy are necessary staples in your propaganda.

However, your report did contain something different, and more consistent with the times. For the first time that I am aware, you have launched an offensive against the growing amount of men's advocacy being conducted online; advocacy that is beginning to reshape the public discourse concerning sexual politics, which explains your attack well enough.

You have cited the Southern Poverty Law Center, and parroted them in attacking the men's movement, using the same hyperbolic and deceptive language.

It probably would have been in the best interest of your followers if you had informed them of the SPLC's subsequent back peddling, in which your source Arthur Goldwag acknowledged, after being publicly humiliated for his accusations, that he never called the men's movement a hate movement, and that indeed the MRM had legitimate grievances that needed amelioration.

Of course, that would not serve your purpose, which seems to be that you are gearing up for a battle. And you know it is one you need to fight.

Too bad for you it is not going to do any good.

The fact of the matter is that the only thing that has held up your ideology and your stranglehold on public perception is the fact that people have been too afraid to shine the light of truth on who and what you are. Another fact is that this is changing, and rapidly.

The SPLC cannot save you. Your current reach into government cannot save you. Your diminishing funding cannot save you, nor can your influence on the media and academe.

There is a rapidly growing body of men and women of all colors, religious and non-religious, gay and straight, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian and Independent, who have simply had enough of your hatred and lies. They have had enough of you.

Why? It is because activists are teaching them the truth. These so called fitful bands of "misogynists" are reaching more and more people every day, with the proof that your agenda is not one of equality, but of one toxic, virulent grab for money and power after another. People are finally starting to learn what your ideology has done to the family and to the minds of our children. They are learning that the war you fostered between men and women has resulted only in losers and carnage.

You can claim that VAWA was allowed to die because of misogynistic backlash, but fewer people are buying it because more people know precisely what a sexist, porcine piece of legislation it is. The children being destroyed by it are starting to grow up and talk.

You can scream and chant all you want that feminism is about equality, but, assisted by a half century of your actions, we are showing people the truth. Feminism has devolved into tyranny. Like all tyranny in human history, it will be opposed.

The world is learning of your complicit silence in the face of the advocacy of murder, infanticide, eugenics and naked bigotry, as we have found and documented in the radical underbelly of your movement[1][2][3].  But it is not just the most seedy and sequestered elements in your ilk that we have exposed.

We have also shined a light on your phony wage gap, your corruption of research and science, your falsification of domestic violence and rape statistics and even how these things have crept into our government, and into our institutions of higher education. The knowledge of those things is making its way into the narrative of our culture.

The days of a public remaining ignorant and silent are over. We will no longer allow that to happen, and there is no squeezing that toothpaste back into the tube.

I have to give you credit. 50 years of hateful elitism successfully disguised as an equalitarian movement is quite an accomplishment. It would be all the more impressive, however, had it not so totally depended on the enabling and sacrifice of the very men from which you claim to have been liberated.

And therein lies your problem. An aggressively growing number of men and women are done with the enabling. They are done accepting lies and distortions. And they are beginning to look at our fragmenting, decomposing society and figure out what, no, who the problem is.

All that was ever needed to destroy feminism and promote true equality in this culture was for the truth to break free from the chains placed on it by a fearful and misled society.

It is happening as we speak.

This is going to be a very important year for the men's rights movement, which means it is going to be a very important year for men and women who want to work together on addressing problems with valid, research based solutions - not as competitors out to demonize and vilify and destroy each other, but as partners in an effort that leads us to mutual valuing and cooperation. They understand fully that the absence of that valuing and cooperation has been paid for dearly by our children, especially our boys.

All this means that it is going to be a very bad year for you. All you offer is fear and conflict and people are finally getting tired of it.

I will close with a bit of advice that I know you are too entrenched to heed. If you want to slow the men's movement, the only way to do it is to emulate the raisons d'Ítre to which you have so far only paid lip service, while pursuing a base and malignant agenda.

You need to act as though you have a moral compass, and that means dropping the entitlement and the hate.

Anything less will result in your extirpation, because it is not the men's movement that is your problem. It is the truth told far and wide in a society that is beginning to hunger for it.

That truth is coming for you, and we will breathe relief whether you accept it, or are consumed by it.

[1] AO Part 1

[2] AO Part 2

[3] AO Part 3
How is it possible that a people can become so deeply taken advantage of by patronizing socialists, and have their adult intelligence so very egregiously and flagrantly insulted by bigots ?

That america has chosen the very architect of VAWA actuated bastardy, VAWA fatherlessness, VAWA homelessness and VAWA injustice as the person to lead the administrations response to Connecticut's child/school shooting incident is flabbergasting.

In view of the fact that father denied boys dominated and used in single mother homes invariably grow up into crazed, vengeful, depressed, rudderless, angry and inconsolable misfits ... It cannot be acceptable that the very person whom's legislative actions and gender politics lead to millions of young american boys growing into father deprived mental and development retards be the man in charge of finding solutions.

American men because they are not stupid, should be the first to know and be able to say out loud that this socialist administration is attempting to deceive and to mislead the masses. That is, into seeing the Connecticut tragedy as a problem of america lacking better gun-control... Whereas and in fact, the Connecticut tragedy to anyone whom cares to think is quite clearly a symptom, consequent of a culture and legal infrastructure of abused/exploited fatherhood and childhood especially son hood.   

You don't expect ransomed sons subjected and exploited by their own mother's profitable and deliberate isolation of them from their fathers up to manhood, to beget good results do you ? But then to add insult to injury you also expect the very person whom legally institutionalized this very odious mess in VAWA legislation to be the one to provide truthful solutions ? You will never get truthful solutions from such a person but instead obfuscations, the results of which will be a further disarming of the masses to by the socialist state.

And the socialist State, lead by patronizing chauvinists [bigots] will always hold onto its own arms, assault rifles, handcuffs, pepper spray, electric tazers, water cannon, automatic machine guns and high capacity pistols. With these weapons held over subject masses especially husbands and fathers, the socialist state will always get its way excusing and justifying its bastardizing, enproblematizing, stealing from and abusing young boys whom it will always blame alongside their fathers for all the social problems that itself creates.

Biden will reportedly lead the administration's political response[WHAT?]
Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza
No politician could be better suited to the challenge of passing federal gun control legislation than Biden. Over the past four decades, Biden has been one of the most consistent and effective advocates of gun control and violence prevention legislation. In 1994, Biden shepherded the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act through the Senate, a near miracle six years in the making.

After Biden wrote the Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act in 1988, Republicans quickly filibustered, blocking the bill for four years. He steered "the Biden crime bill" through the lengthy filibuster by negotiating with Republicans and making revisions. "Every single line in that bill was written with every single major Republican a part of it," Biden said in a September 12, 1994, interview on the Charlie Rose show.
Dec 19, 2012, 04:58 AM

Poiuyt December 18, 2012 at 22:43

In the UK, that veritable home nation of english-socialism [ingsoc], an overly powerful and politicized police have been caught out red-handed constructing false evidence against a disliked job-cutting conservative government and its chief whip :

The UK police service have been shown to have engaged in fabricating false evidence and false proof of misconduct against a conservative government cabinet member which lead to his resignation.

The context of why the police chose to apply such underhand criminal methods to a government minister, that it usually applies to many hapless men subject to police powers, is their anger at the conservative governments policy of state-jobs cutting. And just as North Americas most expansive state expenditure item has been on Defense, the UK's most expansive state expenditure item has been on Police [especially under freedom hating Socialist Governments].

In short, the UK police having grown accustomed to unlimited jobs, unlimited funding, undue power on tap, and guaranteed State cover/protection under socialist governments, are angrily fighting back against a cost cutting, jobs slashing, state shrinking conservative government. And in this endevour the police are applying their usual fraudulent methods and sly tactics, having been permitted to routinely use similar disinformation and false witness accounts against ordinary people subject to police attention under socialist governments.

In not unrelated news the High court of England has quashed the misleading findings of a public inquest into 96 deaths at a 1989 football match. This was done on the basis of, among other things, palpably false evidence constructed, supplied and publicized by the UK police service aimed at deflecting blame onto the deceased's.
Police altered statements
"Some of the families said to me 'we never heard what happened to our son and my dad died not knowing'. No family should ever be in that position in this country."

The panel's findings showed police and emergency services had made "strenuous attempts" to deflect the blame for the disaster on to the fans.

More than 160 police statements had been altered - 116 of them to remove or change negative comments about the policing of the match.