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In the good old days when for better or for worse meant something, a father in law had no problem making an even richer man of his son in law. And a prospective husband had no problems committing his financial future unconditionally to a prospective wife.

But society has moved on and become much more dishonest and more cynical in matters to do with personal relationships. Wether or not to agree to a compatible marriage nowadays has been replaced by the question of how much more will a spouses life be materially enriched for free. Enriched for free that is, on account of their gender if they divorce after marriage ?

Elisabeth Hurley the British thespian was able to squeeze millions in child support amounts not out of Steve Bing, her sons father, but from Steve Bings billionaire parents. That is, from trust fund monies held for Steve Bings benefit.

Lionel Richie, the American performing artist was successfully sued by his ex-wife and step-kid for millions in alimoney and child support. Child support, that is, for the originally fatherless bastard, Nichole Richie. A Nichole whom was not even Lionels own daughter but taken on by himself as a humane gesture at the ex-wifes insistence.

The naked dancer Anna Nochole Smith was found by American courts, to be more entitled to a deceased Billionaires fortune than the Billionaires own legitimate sons. And on account of Anna Nicholes bastard son, the original court ruling is being used by other unscrupulous people to lodge vicarious claims for child alimoney on the estate of the deceased billionaire.

So you cannot really fault a Billionaire father in law, nor a well of son in law, for trying to work out in calculus their financial risk exposure from any prospective nupitals or marriage. Females have been enprostituted by this society into a species of entitled victim-parrasite, against whom males as fathers or husbands must take serious precautions.
Main / Re: Domestic Violence and Feminism
Jan 09, 2008, 03:42 AM
... But of course there must be "violence against women", of a kind more special than that against men commited by women, more special than that against women commited by other women and even much more special than that against men commited by other men. How else would prudish soceities, justify the theft and annexation of other peoples property, if not for that special class of "violence against women" alone, committable by men alone ?

Mind you, the official justifications for theft in favour of women doesnt stop with male violence. Even when the time comes in war, males are specifically recruited on account of their presumed facility with violence. Violence for which they are hitherto condemned and exploited.

Beyond violence, we are continually bombarded with other reasons and excuses why every member of society owes to women, this, that and the other. Although if you look closer to the matter, the sentiment is supported by nothing other than biggotted male views about the rightful and proper roles of the sexes, biggoted females invariably taking their cue and place from bigotted males.

1. We are told that because of historical discrimination against females in the work place, they are today now entitled to more than equal pay, for even less than unequal work with males. The problem with this, is that males have always been discriminated against in the workplace to an even greater extent than females ! Look for examlple at the differential workplace casualty and mortality rates for males and females. Also not forgetting here, the workplace of war !

2. We are told that because the historical arrangement of family life was so exploitative of females, it is today in their entitlement to be first amongst males and children in the home. That is, with respect to the facility of the home or any resources produced from it thereoff. The problem with this, is that males and their children have been eternaly subject as inferiors to female members of the home. Look for example at the differential rate at which male children are routinely deprived of their fathers, to that rate at which female children are deprived of their mothers ! Only a lying dog wouldnt see the overwhelming discrimination against males and male children here !

3. We are told that because females have historically been deprived of adequate resources for their health needs, they are today entitled to better funding towards their health, treatment and wellfare. The problem with this obvious lie, is found in world wide life expectancy statistics for males. Here, in every country on earth that records it, males can be found to expect to live, an average of ten years less than females !!! So without even going into specific diseases faced by both sexes whom faces the overall  deprivation and discrimination if you please ?

4. etcetera, etcetera ...
Main / Re: Subverting Science to Ideology
Jan 07, 2008, 10:09 AM
The subversion of science to the ideology of biology is extensively discussed by Michel Foucault in his biopower-biopolitics essays. He goes on to suggest that the Bio-ideologic State will invariably commit genocide "in the service of good intentions for State and Citizen," as erroneously set out by its false, but popular first priciples.
Modern society, according to Foucault, "put into operation an entire machinery for producing true discourses concerning sex".
Roy Hornsby - November 2001

Michel Foucault's "History of Sexuality" is an undertaking in nullification of the notion that Western society has experienced a repression of sexuality since the seventeenth century. Further to this he dispels the idea that sexuality has not been the subject of open discourse. The purpose of this paper is an attempt to explain, through the reasoning of Foucault, that modern society has implemented the mechanisms necessary for generating true discourses relating to sex.
The History of Sexuality: An Introduction. (New York: Vintage Books, 1990)
Michel Foucault (trans. Robert Hurley)

Focus of the Book

The History of Sexuality: An Introduction is the first of a promised (but not completed) six-volume study of discourses on sexuality. In this volume, Foucault develops an "analytics of power"--the conceptual instruments that make possible the analysis of sex in terms of power. In addition, Foucault argues that power operates not through the repression of sex, but through the discursive production of sexuality and subjects, emphasizing that the power mechanisms of sexuality are socially constructed, unstable, and historically situated.

Main / Re: ACFC names new President
Jan 02, 2008, 05:07 AM

The idea that it is valid for a female to head a private organisation expressly set out to combat one aspect of institutional hatred of males within the home and family, because women are also fed up with radical feminism is laughable. It only shows up our private organisations and the rest of the mens' movement as ignorant of symbolism and as political minows or untalented babes with little or no ability within ranks.

Wherever a woman of talent shares the mens' movements' outrage concerning the excesses of radical feminism, her rightful place is at the head of a public political party or movement and not a private organisation concerned with only one particular aspect of male subjugation.

It is not misogynist or iliberal to say so or recognise this fact. The public political face of antimisandry must of course and by every account include that of females, themselves outraged by gynocentrism. But the detail of philosophy, policy and the minutiae of corrective action against manhatred must by every aspect and measure be dictated by and embodied by males…

… WHY ?

The sub text or sub plot of decimated propagander always invites you to voluntarily and automaticaly hate yourself. In this case for your gender, that is maleness.

Over and over you are told everywhere and anywhere, through every institution and any medium, that you are only fulfilled as male when you take it upon yourself to police, monitor and censure other males. That is, to make sure that your every expression of maleness and masculinity is in majority, for the benefit of women and children. To do otherwise is heretical and misogynist and a good reason why you are soon to be subjected to ridicule, shame, violence, extra-taxation, prison or jail.

In line with this omnipotent but disgusting social value of male self censorship, the ACFC, misunderstanding the political value of symbolism has appointed a woman as president !!!. That is, in order that too radical a solution to the condition of fathers and male children in society not be found too soon.

Or dont you realise that effective propagander infects even the institutions expressly set out to thwart it. In this case the ACFC now contaminated, infected and controlled by feminism.

Were all dead men walking. Really
Main / Re: interesting article
Dec 28, 2007, 03:18 PM
... the State alongside Mothers ensure themselves an endless future supply of this cheap labour resource, by traumatising and depriving young males of their Fathers. Young males that is, who would otherwise owe natural loyalty to their Fathers, instead of to their Mothers or the State.

... but then again whom runs the State apparatus. Is it not these self-same Fathers in office, mutually and professionally depriving each other of their Sons ?

... so ultimately, but not in the way Feminists suggest, collectively Fathers are indeed responsible for foresaking their Sons to future slavery!

As for "Personally, I'd like to hear how many males are in jail because of relationships with women" my experience has been that the great majority of men are in jail because they are between the ages of 16 and 25 and they are extremely impulsive. A simple internet search on the development of the male brain will help to understand why this is so if you re interested. When men are in jail because they have been a victim, my best guess is that it is also more likely to have been a male perpetrator then a female. But I am not certain of that information. Many times men are in jail because of the abuse or neglect of their fathers. This is not to say that there are not also men who have been abused and neglected by their mothers but I think overall it is probably more paternal based rather then maternal.

Mr Belzer, it is on account of chauvenist males as yourself that thousands upon thousands of males in all societies are customarily ill treated by the state and their society, abused by one or other of his parents, subjected to greater degrees of violence everywhere and sumarilly jailed as a matter of course the instant he reacts.

You allege that jailed young males are impulsive, but assert that this is different with jailed females, and is a good reason why females are to be freed, whilst males remain locked up. Yet you offer up no proof of these assertions beyond anecdote, nor establish why even if this were the case, the sexes should be treated differently in jail. Your job is to uphold the constitution and not make value judgements about human nature.

You dare to allege that even the victimisation of males is predominantly by other males, and not only shouldnt it matter to the victim on account of the perpetrators gender, it definitely shouldnt matter to anybody presupposing the perpetrators paternity of the victim. Shame on you.

Again you tell us that, on supposition that females may have been impacted by males, it is good for female criminals to be released from jail. Yet, you are not willing to extend the same supposition or grace to male criminals. What is the meaning of this ?

[1] For your information and no thanks to the likes of you, more and more males will become eligible for jail the more and more females you declare constitutionaly irresponsible for their own increasing crimes. And a consequence of this is an increasingly fractious and divided society because males arent given a fair chance.

[2] More and more females and males will become subject to crimes by other females the more the likes of you tell us only males are capable of independently initiating crime. And a consequence of this is an increasingly hostile and vicious cynicism in society not only amongst the favoured females but also amongst males.

[3] And with less and less females being held accountable for their crimes on account of their gender, the more and more violent and criminal your soceity becomes. After all, in this type of society imorality, crime and vice will have been socialised as acceptable depending on from which sex-group it originates.
Cant mean much to the women of a culture that cut open themselves to stuff with silicone or botox. .. That is, in order to appear more an iconic victim of the kind her society has promised a meal at others expense.

What hypocracy!
Not only are a majority of those there veterans exclusively battered, bruised, maimed and killed in war, as a price of freedom and their gender...

... On their return home a majority are again battered, bruised, maimed and killed in society by its hatefull institutions as a price of social politics exclusively for their gender!
Main / What Is This ?
Nov 28, 2007, 03:45 AM
Is this a governmental political broadside on the mens movement who've been demanding this for ages ... or is it just neutralising bait ? Either way, how can the mass mens movement use this valuable opening indeed ?

The Men's Coalition
The Men's Coalition is a new organisation that aims to put issues of concern to men and boys such as health, parenting and caring, relationships, education, employment, crime and violence firmly on the public policy agenda.

About Us
The Men's Coalition is a new organisation that aims to put issues of concern to men and boys firmly on the public policy agenda.

These issues include health, parenting and caring, relationships, education, employment crime and violence. Identifying and addressing the inter-relationships between these issues is also of critical importance.

Many men experience poor mental, emotional and physical health as well as discrimination and disadvantage in a number of areas, including school education, parenting and some aspects of employment.  We believe that the adoption of specific roles by men and women on the basis of their gender is also seriously limiting for both individuals and society.

However, it is understood and accepted that men are institutionally advantaged in terms of economic power and privilege compared to the position of women. The Coalition is therefore fully committed to gender equality and to working in partnership with women's organisations.

Why the Coalition is needed
We believe our society requires public policies that take full account of the specific needs and experiences of men and boys in a wide range of areas.
On average, men die at a significantly younger age than women
The overwhelming majority of offenders are young men as are most victims of violent crime
Boys do less well than girls at school
Men from lower socio-economic groups are more likely to be affected by the so-called 'skills deficit'
Men are under-involved in childcare, not least because of long working hours
Men make up the bulk of the homeless population.

Men and Children
There is growing research evidence that promoting and encouraging fathers' greater involvement in child-care enhances outcomes for children.

Men and Domestic Violence
The statistics from the British Crime survey which informs the government narrative on domestic violence reveals that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime.

Men and Fatherhood
Patterns of maternal and paternal childcare are shifting dramatically, with only 29% of families in the UK now conforming to the traditional model of father working and mother not working.

Men and Health
Men's health remains unnecessarily poor and men's lives are all too often tragically cut short. In parts of the country where deprivation is acute, average male life expectancy at birth remains as low as 65.

Men and Relationships
Men's ability to form and sustain intimate relationships with their partner and children is crucial to their own and their family's well being as well as to the well being of society in general.

Aims, objects and principles
The Coalition has agreed a set of core aim and objects and principles that will define and guide its work. All members of the organisation will be required to agree with these principles and act accordingly.

The aims and objects are:
To advise government and other policy makers on designing policies and services that take account of the specific needs and experiences of men in a wide range of areas, including violence, crime, parenting and caring, relationships, health, work and education.
To identify how masculinities and men's experiences should inform the above areas to enable government and other agencies to develop a collaborative approach to gender equality.
To promote the understanding of how the social construction of masculinities functions within a range of diverse social and cultural contexts.
To promote effective mechanisms for government and other agencies to engage with men and boys and develop gender-sensitive policies.
To promote and disseminate research and good practice on men and masculinities and to develop a programme of evidence-based research and practice to fill gaps in knowledge.
To work collaboratively with women's organisations to promote gender awareness and co-operation, tackle gender-based inequalities and support effective implementation of the gender equality duty

The core principles are:
The Coalition believes that the specific needs and experiences of men and boys are not well understood or taken into account in the development of public policy or professional practice across a wide range of areas. This includes health, education, parenting, employment, crime and violence.
The Coalition believes boys, men and the wider society would benefit from recognition of these issues and appropriate action.
The Coalition believes that men and boys should not be discriminated against, stereotyped or overlooked in the development of policy and practice. Men and boys, and women and girls, should be explicitly included in the development of policy and practice.
The Coalition will work to achieve gender equality and support women's organisations which are tackling discrimination and violence against women.
The Coalition will actively lobby against, sexism, homophobia, racism or any form of discriminatory behaviour against women or gay/bisexual/transgender men. This will be inherent in all of its activities.
The Men's Coalition will be an independent and autonomous organisation.
The Coalition will be transparent, honest, fair and ethical in every aspect of its work and follow the 'Seven Principles of Public Life' set out by the Committee on Standards in Public Life
Main / Re: Would you fight for your country?
Nov 27, 2007, 06:42 AM
If the USA was invaded and it ceded my home state to the invaders in a weak attempt at placation, then I would dodge the invaders' draft ... . But as it is, I have not been betrayed!

Ahahahahahahah!, Ahahahhahahaha!, Ohhhhgh!
Main / Isreali Style Emancipation
Nov 20, 2007, 10:15 AM
It looks as if the mens movement in Isreal are taking giant political strides in a direction mens movements across the world can learn from.

They literally have a political party machine to fight elections and parliamentarians voicing the legislative impact on males in various sub-committees.

Most jews having been subject to discrimination through the ages are very sensitive to not being instrumental in the creation of a descriminatory state. As that would be to defeat the object of their race and religion.
( A new Knesset subcommittee for fathers' rights in divorce and child-custody proceedings held its first meeting Monday.

The Subcommittee on the Family Crisis in Israel was presided over by its chairman, MK Chaim Amsalem (Shas). Committee member and initiator Avraham Ravitz (UTJ) delivered the opening statement which ignited a stormy clash between government representatives and rights groups.

"This committee is dealing with the life and death issues faced by thousands of children, mothers and fathers in Israel," MK Ravitz said. He expressed hopes that the committee will fix legislation that makes it too easy for false claims to be filed against divorced fathers resulting in their being cut off from visiting their children.
( The Knesset's Subcommittee for the Examination of Claims of Legal Severity Against Men in the Areas of Welfare and Family held a stormy meeting on Tuesday to discuss the gender disparity in custody arrangements granted to divorced parents.  While 35 percent of divorced fathers have custody of their children in the United States and European countries, one men's rights activist said, in Israel only 2.3 percent have custody.  "Are Jewish men that bad?" he asked rhetorically.

Shouting broke out when female social services representatives said that family violence is more often directed against women, and again when male activists said violence against men was ignored.  Several men said that divorced women could easily file false claims of violence in order to win full custody, with one man calling the legal system "feminist and fanatic."  Lawyers joined the fray as well, with one lawyer saying her male clients "sit across from me and cry like babies... they want to see their children but aren't allowed to."
Below are the 7 candidates of the Men's Rights in the Family (Ra-ash) list running for the 16th Knesset.

1.  Jakov Schlosser
2.  El-Hai Avikzar
3.  Abraham Torati
4.  Shmuel Grinberg
5.  Haim Ariha
6.  Oded Davidson
7.  Sium Tadela

Rape is a very big deal. It doesn't matter if the victim is male or female or if the perpetrator is male or female; it's still a big deal.

It affects the life of the victim for a lifetme.

There should be no excusing it for a second.

As you said women act out differently from men. That along with the fact that women typically are ones that spend the greater amount of time with children; it only stands to reason that the stats show that women are more likely to physically abuse than are men.

... sounds like an excuse for politically favoured perps.
Another woman teacher is also guilty of sex assault of a student in the UK. Except over there it is deliberately called intentional sexual touching or some other such euphemism in view of the perpetrators gender. That is, in order to treat it as a minor misdemeanor instead of a serious crime.
By Richard Savill
Last Updated: 7:01am GMT 14/11/2007
A female teacher at a school acclaimed for its pioneering approach to sexual health advice has been suspended over an alleged "inappropriate relationship" with a pupil.

Jo Gorman, 28, who is married, was cautioned by police for "intentional sexual touching" of a student at Paignton Community and Sports College, Devon.

Pupils at the school claimed that Mrs Gorman and the boy had exchanged pictures of each other on their mobile phones.

One pupil said: "He had mobile phone pictures of her and she had some of him and that is how people found out apparently."

Another pupil said: "The school is keeping very quiet.

"She looks very young but I've heard she's a good English teacher."

The school has won local and national recognition for its Teenage Information Centre/Teenage Advice Centre (Tic/Tac) initiative.

The daily lunchtime health centre, on the school site, is staffed by health professionals and offers advice to pupils on a range of health issues.

Police began an investigation under the 2003 Sexual Offences Act, after the school raised concerns and alerted social services.

Devon and Cornwall police confirmed that Mrs Gorman had been cautioned but said she would not face a criminal charge.

A spokesman said: "The caution was for intentional sexual touching by a person in a position of trust. That will be the end of the matter as far as the police are concerned.

"The school followed its procedures and notified social services of their concerns and the police were asked to investigate, which we did."

Police have handed the file to the school which has begun an internal investigation.

Officers will also pass their findings to the Department for Education and Skills.

The school's principal, Jane English, said a member of staff was suspended on Nov 7.

"This action was taken under the college's grievance and disciplinary procedures," she said.

"We have been working closely with Torbay council's children services and I am personally undertaking the investigation into this matter."

Mrs Gorman is a former pupil of the school. In 1997 she won the Linden Challenge Cup for achieving the best A-level results in the year.

The 2003 Sexual Offences Act covers allegations of a breach of trust between teachers and carers, and anybody aged 18 or under

Even in clear cases of a womans actualy fucking a young child in her charge they continue to use other softer words like abuse instead of the accusatory term rape thats reserved for male offenders.
Lesbian tennis coach guilty of abusing student
By Nick Britten
A high flying female tennis coach is facing jail after being found guilty of molesting her 13-year-old protege.

Claire Lyte, 29, a former Wimbledon player, instigated a year-long affair with the teenager, who was touted as one of English tennis's rising stars.

The couple, who met when Lyte was appointed as the youngster's coach, were caught by the girl's mother having sex.

Lyte also wore the youngster's underwear and shared a bed with her at hotels during tournaments.

Lyte, who was hand picked to be one of the country's leading coaches for emerging talent, had been warned several times by the Lawn Tennis Association about her behaviour around all of her charges at the association's national academy in Loughborough.

She was accused of being too familiar with them and spending too much time off court with them and was eventually given a verbal and then final written warning.

However, behind the scenes she and the girl became extremely close.

Lyte had her staying with her at her parents' home in Solihull, west Mids, and accompanied her to tournaments, staying in the same hotel bed, when there was no need.

She also stayed at the girl's family home on Merseyside, with the blessing of the girl's mother.

However, while she thought all Lyte was offering was tennis and emotional support, the coach was taking advantage of her daughter's immaturity and crush on her.

They were regularly seen cosying up to each other at the academy, where they were even spotted sharing a toilet cubicle, and even began wearing similar clothes and tying their hair back in the same distinctive style with three bands at the top, middle and bottom of their pony tail.

Their affair was exposed four months after it began when the teenager's mother returned home in October 2005 to find Lyte's trainers at the top of the stairs.

She burst into the girl's room to find the pair in bed having sex.

Despite her fury, she failed to report it and reluctantly allowed Lyte to keep seeing her daughter at the youngster's insistence.

One time when she insisted the affair should end the girl climbed onto the roof of their house and threatened to throw herself off.

Liverpool Crown Court heard that as the affair continued the girl sent a series of SMS messages to Lyte including one that said: "I love you, I will be your little baby forever".

The teenager, now aged 15, is also said to have penned a "love contract" showing a picture of them in bed together with a string of affectionate vows.

Lyte even admitted wearing the girl's pink knickers.

The teenager said she was threatened and pressurised into having the love affair and was told by Lyte, who reached 101 in the world as a player, to write the love notes.

But as the abuse continued the child became more withdrawn and their relationship faltered.

When the girl's mother saw Lyte wearing her daughter's shorts and jumper in the summer of 2006, she said "stomach turned over" and, infuriated by Lyte's "smirking and dismissive" attitude about the child's failing tennis career, decided to go to the police.

A pair of pink knickers belonging to the girl were found to be carrying Lyte's DNA and she admitted wearing them, claiming she did so "by mistake".

She was found guilty of four charges of having sexual activity with a child.

Steve Boocock, NSPCC director of child protection in sport, criticised governing bodies like the LTA for not having stringent and clear enough procedures to root out those who prey on youngsters.

He said: "In sports like tennis, where the athlete's primary relationship will be with the coach, there has to be clearer guidance about what is and what is not acceptable behaviour, and where parents or players can turn if they are worried.

"There is too much of a self policing about coaches and they hold a disproportionate amount of power over the player, because a vulnerable young player will believe, rightly or wrongly, that their coach is in complete control of their career, and that is something that really came out in this case.

"When they have invested so much time, money and energy, they are terrified of upsetting the coach because of the repercussions, which they think could be the end of their career.

"We need crystal clear guidelines for coaches and parents to say what is acceptable behaviour and what you can do about it if you are not happy."

He added it was "vital for all organisations to have protection policies in place and, if possible, a welfare officer to deal with parents' concerns."

An LTA spokesman said that it had now radically restructured its youth academy scheme.

Whereas previously it operated two centres, in Bath and Loughborough, forcing youngsters to stay away from home, it now had a network of 14 centres, allowing children to remain with their families.

She added the association would "continue working with the police to help us further develop our procedures in child protection".

Lyte, found guilty of four charges of sexual activity with a child, was bailed to be sentenced on November 2. [SHE GOT ONLY 2+ YEARS !]

Main / Re: So who do feminists employ?
Nov 13, 2007, 11:10 AM
... exactly.

So who do those big shot feminists and strongggg wimmin business owners employ, in view of their reluctance to employ other women bearing those pesky rights and entitlements they themselves fought so hard for ?  Certainly not those full time, full commitment kaffir male workers who dont take time off for sickness, pregnancy or other lifestyle choices eh?
Can it be that resentment of flexi-workers is to now be accepted as not unreasonable because males are themeslves now expecting to take advantage of flexi work where availiable.

Note that the self same political swine who demanded womens right to part time work are the very same swine whove endlessly decried the non existant pay gap, the imaginary glass ceiling and other inevitable consequences of part time work. A type of working with only half-commitment.

All of a sudden the same commissars of gender-apartheid and institutional prejudice now remember the increasing tax burden on the economy, the extra onus on full time workers, the effect on clients and customers of absent professionals, the costs and inconveniences to businesses, etcetera, etcetera. But all these why's and wherefors' never arose at the time flexi-work was enshrined in law as a human right, on the assumption that it would only advantage and profit women