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Even better, do away with child support all together.   In the western world having a child is exclusivly the choice of the woman.  Since the man has no choice ( condoms fished out of the trash, no legal input on abortion/adoption etc) then he should not be burdened with the responsibility.

However its much more realistic to expect a male birth control pill long before the logic of my previous statements would be reflected in law/judicial practice.[/i]
Main / Women should not be leaders
Oct 28, 2005, 08:56 AM
Bold Statement sir, I will be interested in how you defend it when the detractors start posting.
Main / Man Utd's Ronaldo in rape arrest
Oct 20, 2005, 01:22 PM
Just wanted to pipe in here about a study conducted by the US AirForce a few years back.

The Airforce was very concerned about sexual harrassment scandels, the number of rapes in the service and things related.  So they commisioned a third party to do a study to see what could be done.

The results were shocking.....They found that 60% of all the Rape accusations were FALSE....not didnt have enough evidence to prosecute, not that the woman said she didnt want to go through the ordeal and dropped charges, but instead the woman said she LIED and made a FALSE accusation in 60% of all the reported rape cases during the multi-year study period.  The requirements necessary for a case to be considered a false accusation were so far above and beyond what is necessary for even a Conviction of a crime that their could be no doubt....The woman in question had to freely admit (not under lawenforcement interrogation) that she lied, then they required them to take a polygraph after the addmittance to verify they werent lying yet again.  

The AirForce was so Stunned by the results that they asked the Third party to do two more identical studies, one in a major metropoliton civillian city and in a Rural Civillian City.

The Results were the same.

Here is link to a similar study that had similar results.

Their numbers have a wider range starting lower and ending higher.

But the picture is plain to see.  False Rape allegations are RAMPANT.
Main / Most Overused Words of 2005
Oct 12, 2005, 11:09 AM
Shock and Awe
Usually when they say "minor children" Instead of listing the age (ie a 12 yr old girl) its because Minor children sounds much worse than 17 yr old girl (espesially if the man in question is in his earily 20's) So reading between the lines I would guess that these women he was convicted of raping were most likely with in 5 years of his age and the sex was consentual.   This is of course totally conjecture and has a high probility of being totally incorrect.  But If its way off base I think they would have been more specific in the use of the suposed Victims age's.  Side note.....many folks here will bring up the point of victim anonymity.....Using their age with out using their name truly dosent affect anonymity.  A second point people will bring up is that he was convicted of Rape.  Thats fine, all I am pointing out is that the sex could have been consentual and because the girls had not yet turned 18 he was pined with statuatory Rape (CPS wouldnt drop the statuatory off that just to make it sound worse would they ?)
Main / Yes! new name for modern men (again)
Oct 10, 2005, 11:49 AM
My idea of a man in touch with his feminine side is a samurai

Truer words were never spoken.
Main / Absolutely Unbelievable
Oct 09, 2005, 09:08 PM
I noticed none of the female trolls/lurkers have made a comment on this.....funny that
Main / I've Just been Banned from iFeminists
Oct 09, 2005, 08:16 PM
I was also banned from Ifeminists.  It now appears as though you cant even view their forum unless you are a member.  While I disagreed with many views expressed there I also found a great deal of truth and good points of view.  However taking their board and making it unviewable at all is perhaps the most resounding argument that they have something to hide.  I feel I was banned for bringing the truth that many women will not take responsibility for their actions whether they use feminisim or protected status to do so makes little difference.  Then again if you ask Wendy or Brad (site admins for Ifeminists) they will have a completely different story.
Ok lets look at this from back to front.

She wants a man who is similar to her (CEO, or in a position like hers)

What would a 30 something CEO look for in a woman.

A. Someone in her 30's whos life is dedicated to work.

B. Someone in her 20's who wants to be a wife and raise children

There are always other choices but ask any man if he was in the position to be able to pick and choose (CEO level type guys are) which would they choose?