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The Guardian newspapers online version published an article in it's 'comment is free' section called "Hard-wired harassment" by a young female author called "Bidisha" - in this article (filled almost exclusively with negative anecdotes about men) she really 'excelled' herself when she made the incredible claim that "We live in a country in which domestic violence is the single biggest killer of women..." Now I know that breast cancer alone kills 80,000 + women per year whereas deaths from DV are somewhere between 80-120 depending on your source!! A well respected commentator "JayReilly" pointed out the absurdity of this claim (aka LIE!) and other flawed assumptions in the original article as a result of this he had 7 or 8 of his comments deleted by the moderators whereas other commentators who supported and repeated the original LIE had ALL of their posts left intact. The thread was then shut down so it was impossible for me or anyone else to comments there on what could only be reasonably described as partisan bias of the moderator(s).
This morning I telephoned the readers editor  at the Guardian (Siobhain Butterworth +44 (0)20 7713 4736 between 11am and 5pm UK time) but was told by one of her colleagues that she was "in a meeting" I then detailed my complaint both about the original article and the subsequent moderating of comments and then followed it up with an e-mail to the readers editor.
Here is a copy of my e-mail that I sent to [email protected] those of you who having read the article feel the same way can also use that e-mail address to forward your own views.

To: <[email protected]>
Subject: Appalling Journalism by "Bidisha" on Monday 22nd Sept 2008
Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2008 11:42:38 +0100
Hi - an article published in your comment is free section called "Hard Wired
Harrassment" by "Bidisha" is an example of some of the worst journalism that
I have ever read. The whole piece was clearly hate speech against men in
general and I'm sure the Guardian wouldn't have unleashed such an appalling
piece of journalism had the negative target of the article been women. The
part that really took the biscuit though was Bidisha's claim that (and I
quote directly from the article) " We live in a country in which domestic
violence is the single biggest killer of women,.."
That is a patently absurd claim and even the link which she embedded in the
original article does not back that outrageous claim up. Breast cancer alone
kills 10's of thousands of women a year whilst deaths from domestic violence
are estimated between 80 odd to around 120 depending on your source!!!
The other issue I have is that in the comment section one regular
commentator who has an excellent reputation for fairness, reasoned argument
and respect for those opposing him had around 7 or 8 of his responses
deleted (I honestly couldn't see anything in those posts that could be in
any way described as offensive because I had read them before they were
suddenly deletd) on the other hand there were other posters who supported
and repeated the blatant LIE about DV deaths (as claimed by Bidisha) whose
posts were left intact. I'm sorry but in the past I have kept an open mind
about comment deletions but this time it was almost impossible to conclude
that the deletions were anything other than partisan bias.
The Guardian's reputation as a quality newspaper is not helped by such
trashy journalism nor is it helped by such blatantly partisan moderating. I
hope you will take these criticisms on board and make an effort to vet
contributions from authors more carefully in future as well as carry out a
review of your moderating process.

Yours Sincerely
xxxxxx xxxxx

Here is the LINK to the original article and comments.

Penalties for partners who block child access
New laws bring threat of up to 200 hours' community service and fines
Separated husbands and wives who block their former partners from seeing their children could be forced to do community service under new laws coming into force in the autumn.

The move is likely to be welcomed by fathers' rights groups, which in recent years have led high-profile campaigns to highlight the problems fathers have maintaining contact with their children once relationships break down.

Penalties for partners who block child access

Of course this is being criticised by the usual suspects - so we should be prepared for the usual backlash that accompanies ANY attempt to end injustice and against fathers or men.
Main / Activism!
Aug 28, 2008, 07:44 AM
Translating feminism into Islam

Nice little battle of ideologies developing - the feministing type crowd seems to be dominating the discussion so far so could use some support. Once again I am using the handle "LenFirewood". Basically I have used this thread to differentiate between mainstream western feminism as opposed to 'equity' feminism and the 'Islamic Feminism' which at the moment is moving more towards the equity egalitarian model than it is towards victim feminism. I am using this discussion to educate readers on the distinction between the the main forms of feminism and to try and smash the myth that it is the 'nice'(i.e. equity) form of feminism that is the mainstream or most influential.


Comment is free
Jessica Valenti (also of feministing)
The Guardian,
Thursday August 21 2008
The baiting of Ms Obama
American feminists who defended Hillary with passion and vigour must do the same for Michelle

The baiting of Ms Obama
Get stuck in lads (I'm posting there as 'Lenfirewood'):
Take action on women's security  :toothy9:
Read the article then note how in the comments many feminists are attacking Pizzey again for speaking out. I have posted a couple of responses already (but it being the Daily Mail there is no gaurantee any will bew published!) - I think we need to make it abundently clear that we are not prepared to be persecuted, scapegoated and bullied by feminist inspired lies,mistruths and worst of all highly biased laws. In short we need to make our voices heard!
Main / Fathers aren't needed say MPs
May 21, 2008, 02:11 AM
Fathers aren't needed say MPs: Commons decides IVF babies can do without a male role model By James Chapman
Last updated at 8:41 AM on 21st May 2008
Mr Cameron also voted for keeping the "father" requirement, while Prime Minister Gordon Brown and Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg were against.

This is bad folks the rest of the article is here.
Sex with trafficked women is rape, says minister
The former Europe minister Denis MacShane, who has campaigned for a crackdown on trafficking, said: 'It's time for honest language. When a man has sex with a frightened, beaten and intimidated woman there is only word to describe it and that is rape. I am pleased that the Home Office now recognises that. We need to see charges against men who have sex with women who are living in fear after being trafficked.'

All this is pretty much bullshit - we have had a lot of press hysteria about hoards of 'trafficked women' being forced into prostitution in the UK as far as I can see they have not had ONE major bust where that  turned out to be the case (ie. in most cases the women were not forced at all but quite happy to be earning the kind of money that prostitution had brought them. Angry Harry has written much on this topic and the way hysteria has been whipped up in order to create a 'moral panic' and then of course all kind of FUNDING and resources can keep a lot of people in overtime and even create new jobs for years to come!
Anyway Angry Harry's writings on the topic an be found here: Sex Trafficking
Good fathers 'powerless against vengeful mothers'

Decent fathers are left powerless to see their estranged children if vengeful mothers are determined to prevent access, a senior judge has admitted.

Lord Justice Ward attacked child access law after presiding over a case that saw a "vicious" mother falsely accuse her ex-husband of sexually abusing their child.

He spoke out after telling the father that there was nothing he could do to help him re-establish contact with his daughter after his ex-wife turned her against him.

The man's 14-year-old daughter, who cannot been identified, had been influenced by a "drip, drip, drip of venom" from his ex-wife, who wanted to deny him his paternal rights.
Man served with restraining order shoots family then self
TORRANCE, Calif.--Police say a man fatally shot his 5-year-old son and mother-in-law before turning the gun on himself in what is believed to be a murder-suicide near Los Angeles.

The Monday night shootings came some eight hours after Torrance police had served the man with a restraining order taken out by his wife.

Officer Dave Crespin says the man returned to the home after being served, then shot his son, his wife and mother-in-law, and himself. His son died at the scene and the older woman later died at a hospital.

Police have not released the names of the gunman or the victims.
he has been served with court papers in the U.S. this week that prove beyond doubt that the "amicable" divorce he had claimed he was going through with his third wife is anything but.

Indeed, the full court documents obtained by the Mail this week, reveal the true level of bitterness to which things have descended - and the full extent to which his psychotherapist wife Alyce Faye Eichelberger plans to take the multi-millionaire Cleese to the cleaners.

It would be the understatement of the decade to say they do not make for pleasant reading for the star.

Among her demands in the 64 pages of her divorce petition are her claims to share half of his nine worldwide properties, worth an estimated 16 million, including four in California, one in New York, three in London and a holiday villa in Jamaica.

The 63-year-old Miss Eichelberger, who married the star in December 1992, is also demanding half of his earnings since their wedding.

And in the meantime, her lawyers have submitted court documents that specify she needs an astonishing 71,250 a month to live on, this includes 2,000 for clothes, 5,000 on gifts, entertaining and holidays, and 1,000 for eating out.

John Cleese's 'amicable' divorce seems anything but
For some time now it seems that MND have censored commenting on articles by Glen Sacks!
Why should he be allowed to do this - don't get me wrong on the whole I have been a strong supporter of Glen Sacks and his campaigns have often been far more effective in raising public awareness on issues than have those  of many of his detractors but this recent censorship is insulting to his readership and at best has the appearence of intellectual cowardice! Sometimes I think Glen goes too far in his efforts to apear 'Mr fair minded guy with clean hands' !! Grrrr  :angryfire:
Pay gaps are down to babies, not sexism
After reading the title of the article I was led to believe that we might actually have a reasonably fair account of the issue for once (except that I say the real reason for women earning less is about CHOICE rather than anything else). I should have known better because half way into her piece she writes:
The gender-related problems for ambitious working women of child-bearing age are unshruggable: glass ceilings, difficulties with childcare provision, annoyances about taking maternity leave ("again ?") and, here in Britain, Sir Alan Sugar's sweet old-fashioned ways with women.

Unless the journalist is being sarcastic (and I dont think she is) - this is a complaint inferring that women should not suffer any consequences (other than GOOD ones of course!) as a result of their CHOICES. Fortunately this article allows comments from readers (I have already contributed a couple under the name of "Phil Lewis") and one of the readers was STEVE MOXON no less - he the author of The Woman Racket. It's small world these days!  :toothy9:
Woman Charged In Husband's Kinky Sex Death
According to the arrest warrant, Rebecca Bargy placed duct tape over James Bargy's mouth and eyes, put a ball gag in his mouth and then tied a bandage around his head, leaving only his nostrils showing.

She also tied his hands and legs behind his back. She then left him for 20 hours.
..."The proof will show that James consented to this being done to him and that he was an active participant," Patterson said.

But detectives told Nashville television station WTVF Rebecca Bargy was having an affair with another man.

Ahhmm geddin that deja vu feeling....
Main / I'm bored...
Apr 18, 2008, 03:03 PM
..that's why I'm spending more of my time on and less time here for now. There simply isn't enough disagreement here with the results that my 'nice side' becomes nauseatingly predominant. Maybe if we had a few more argumentative feminists here I could be tempted to spend more time but until then I may have to look further afield for a decent fight...ah well... :sad1:
Main /
Apr 11, 2008, 01:55 AM
I remember in the mid to late 90's magazine had some excellent feminist critical articles that were thoughtful and well written. Today the magazine seems to have been taken over more by the rad fem sympathisers and even writers like Camille Paglia come under a lot of heavy criticism from it's readership for her lack of support for the victimist stance that is part and parcel of the radfem mindset. I could have left my preliminary observations at that and moved on but instead I registered and started writing a few letters myself - it's been fun. For the curious my handle there is 'Len Firewood' and my letters there so far (only 6 at present!) can be viewed here .
I'm hoping that my paltry efforts there so far will inspire some of my more capable brethren (and sistren!) to follow suit and help even out somewhat the current radfem imbalance that has now inflicted this once great magazine.  :sunny:
Abu Qatada wins deportation fight

Just when I think the establishment couldn't sink any lower they exceed my most pessimistic assessments!!!
Main / "Too Many Women Doctors..."
Apr 05, 2008, 02:10 AM
Too Many Women Doctors Too many women doctors working fewer hours than men will ultimately result in a major shortage of GPs, a leading specialist warns today.

(Also see AH's old piece entitled Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money? - to which the answer is a big, resounding, Yes.)

Indeed, it is a huge waste of money, and it also deprives the most vulnerable people in our society - the sick, the poor, the old and the weak - of services which they need.

Furthermore, every single one of us will need to use the health services throughout our lives, and so every one us will have to suffer a significantly impoverished service as a result of the policies promoted by political correctness and feminists.

But nothing must stand in the way of a few thousand women doing what they want to do, eh?

Two links embedded in the above text are:-
Too Many Women Doctors
Is the Training of Women Doctors A Waste of Money?

In my local surgery there are currently TWO female doctors off with maternity leave ... extra locums have had to be drafted in because it is a very busy practice (2 out of 7 doctors is quite a big proportion after all!!)  :angryfire:
Judge Gets A Glimpse of REALITY

"So I suggest the general collapse of ordinary family life, because of the breakdown of families, in this country is on a scale, depth and breadth which few of us could have imagined even a decade ago."

"What is certain is that almost all of society's social ills can be traced directly to the collapse of the family life."

Well at least this judge DID WAKE UP unlike all his other colleague 'rip van winkles'!!
A spokeswoman for the Department for Children, Families and Schools said: "Most children and young people in England today are safe, healthy, and achieve well."

Is trying to say - go back to sleep ... you're just having a bad DREAM!!  :rolle:
This isn't an example of a MAN getting pregnant but still all the sensationalist misreporting will no doubt be used by some feminists later as 'proof' of some sort to serve their usual self-serving agenda.
the "misreporting" of the pregnant "man"

. He began taking testosterone treatments and had breast surgery to remove glands and flatten his chest.

"I opted not to do anything with my reproductive organs because I wanted to have a child one day,"

As I said why are they calling HER a man??