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What the hell man?  Can't the guy like a video and praise some MRA's without getting called a hypocrite?  I mean really, let it go.

The guy spews out groundless accusations and bile against AVFM and people like me who tried to set the record straight and I am the bad guy here for exposing his inconsistency?(I'm being kinbd here!).
When so called MRA's do their best to create fault lines and divisions where none need exist - we should turn the other cheek and treat them with kid gloves?
I am man enough to apologize for my mistakes when I get it wrong and I think outdoors should do the same.

Note to Factory, Outdoors This is another of Paul Elam's "politically correct" appointments!

What was the point of this comment? 

See the thread "Shattering the Mens rights movement" .
Erin Pizzey (Editor-At-Large/DV Policy Advisor at A Voice For Men) Live right now on Reddit.
Note to Factory, Outdoors This is another of Paul Elam's "politically correct" appointments!

Very interesting idea that "patriarchy" is using women to control men.  LOL  In a way I think that is spot on.

I agree and it is one of the reasons why I got disenchanted with traditionalist right (don't worry I'm equally disenchanted with traditionalists within the left too like err Joe Biden for example!) as they support a notion of generalised "chivalry" that ius practically as toxic as the radical\gender feminists genderising of violence.
The same is true in my country (UK) when the left wing New Labour was our ruling party in gov. we weren't too shocked to see feminist policies and laws being passed but this former Conservative voter was shocked when a Conservative Prime minister rubber stamped and got passed some of said feminist polices from the previous admin. on top of that David Cameron used Fathers Day to deliver a blistering attack on fatherhood .
That was the last straw for me because after enduring 13 years of anti-family pro-feminist government from left leaning New Labour I was in no frame of mind to tolerate the same from a so called Conservative led government. Of course this in reality has little to do with the left or right and everything to do with the ruling elites modus operandi for keeping the rest of us in check.
In the past it was religion today it is leveraging gender feminism to keep men down and from asking too many of the "wrong" questions.
From now on I will either spoil my ballots or give my vote to the most despised (by the mainstream politicos) option there is.

Factory I don't care what you do anymore.
I'm done with you.

Geez....another Elam in the making?

I just want to point out something that fidelbogen said in a reply to one of woolybumblehead's vid's. I find it quite amusing when compared to avfm;

The other possibility is that "patriarchy" is a group of elite males who are less concerned about dominating women per se, than dominating everybody in general -- which includes other men first and foremost.

And so they have delegated a LOT of power to women in order to enforce *elite male* dominance over lower-ranking males.

In other words, women have been recruited as *enforcers* for the "patriarchy*.

"Feminism" is the scam by which they (the "patriarchy") made this happen.

Kinda fitting when compared to Elam and his

Don't worry,don't worry,people,it is more than clear that if someone isn't on Elam's boat,they are not welcome in the mrm.

As woolybumblehead has stated if you don't like "her" rules then we can all "fuck right off from the mrm".(her exact word's)

I will be backing off as it seems little guys like myself and even bigger guys such as factory are not needed in the mrm.

AVFM has it all covered,and the girl's will make sure of it.

Tigerman as long as you are a usefull little sychophant,you will be more than welcome by Elam and his crew,please let us know what happens when you actually start to think for yourself.

You are such a little hypocrite - let me remind you of something:-
YOUR comment in the thread  "Great Video Portrait: A Canadian Feminist Protesting MRA's "
ę Reply #17 on: April 12, 2013, 08:38:13 AM Ľ    Reply with quote
Thats DannyboyCanadianmra.

He deserves a medal for activism.
Another quote from YOU in the same thread:
Good vid!

At least they got an interview,hopefull it is not edited to suit an agenda.Hopefully it makes it to an airing.

I attempted to get the Sun News involved,usually thet are not fearful of these issue's,I have not heard or seen anything yet though.

As far as the supposed poster's the interviewer was talking about,this could be a well used feminist tactic from my area,where the poster's are put up by the feminist''s themselves in order to villify people who don't follow their agenda or to just plainly villify and discredit.

To bad these guys didn't have a chance to mention much about the corrupt Canadian feminist run family court system and the automatic confiscation of children from the father's,or the costs of good father's just to see their kid's,financial,emotional and otherwise.[/quote]
The activists and their work YOU were praising in the videos are both from A Voice For Men and in fact are on the AVFM editorial board:-
DannyBoy aka Dan Perrins Ontario News Director @ AVFM
John The Other aka John Hembling. Editor-in-Chief @ AVFM
AVFM contrary to the lies and distortions that you factory and several other so called MRA's have been putting about AVFM is actually doing something about "Political Correctness" - it is fighting it right in it's own backyard!
So you can shove your petty insults where the sun don't shine!

Just as an FYI - the vid of the angry screaming red head feminist IS being shared on conservative blogs.  I found it on those first and then saw it here.

I'll say it again - that chick is the BEST advertising for why we need MRAs and how bad feminists have become.  We couldn't have staged it better.

In fact, on some conservative blogs there were repeated questions as to it's validity and if it was not staged as it was too perfect to show the screaming sexist harpy as - well - a screaming sexist harpy.


In the three talks that C.A.F.E. have organised since November 2012 @ the U of T the protesters have been incredibly obliging by shooting themselves in the foot. Even without the MSM the youtube views and pro-MRA blog hits they engender are quite phenomenal!¨  :occasion14:

I'm thinking about asking her out on a date.

Hey - get in line - I saw her first!!  :angryfire:
Main / Re: Adria Richards Lobbies For New Job
Mar 29, 2013, 11:10 PM
"I cannot comment at this time on the specifics of what occurred at PyCon on March 17, and the subsequent events of the following days, but I can offer some general thoughts.

From reading the above it's almost certain that she is keeping her powder dry and is most likely closeted with a bunch of vult.. err I mean lawyers and intends to sue Sendgrid for a shitload of loot.  I know she doesn't have an ethical leg to stand on but I read a blog post from some lawyers group enumerating some technicalities they think could well succeed.
If she does go ahead she will no doubt go for the maximum possible payout because no business in their right mind would ever employ her again. From the careful wording of her statement which actually looks like it was prepared with help from her lawyers it looks like she has been assured that the chances of success are high - it's a big gamble though because if she doesn't win she not only loses a payout but also little chance of finding employment for the foreseeable future.
If she does win it will be bad news for the rest of us because not just her but countless other petty tyrants or enforces of pc codes will feel even more empowered.  :angryfire:

I can tell you what to think.  You can think that none of this is coming from AVfM.  This is coming from me.  The idea of a private meeting among all the leaders in the MRM to work out their differences was my idea.  I came up with the notion nearly a month ago and went to James for help in putting this project together.  It was beyond the scope of what I could accomplish alone.  When this meeting does take place, I will personally be there to make sure that no one faction or individual takes control of the proceedings. Everyone will give and take equally.  Much like a congress, parliament, or even the United Nations.

While you could not have known this up till this point, you do now.  I ask that you suspend any criticism of this conference until it is complete.  It is too important an event to be second guessed or run down before it even takes off.  Can I count on your support?

I'm not a leader of any MRM  group but I am all for ending needless "blue on blue" attacks because it takes precious energy away from what we should be fighting. You can count me in.  :toothy9:

Fuck you Outdoors,

I'll tell you the EXACT same thing I have already told others.

Fuck you.  If you cannot see me as an individual man instead of some patsy for a website I contribute SOME of my goddamn time to then go fuck yourself. 

How dare you dissolve me down to some base affiliation with a website instead of looking at me as I stand....ALONE.....doing what I think is right to heal rifts, and accomplish our goddamned mission.  You have no fucking clue that 90% of my time in Activism is spent in private and forward conversation with MRAs all over the world, developing on the fucking ground solutions where we have never had any before.

You will either deal with James Huff the man as I stand as an activist, or deal with me not at all.  You are too fucking blind to even understand  the true meaning of the my words in that video.

I answer to no one......I will do what I think is right.....and no one...and I mean no one..... and certainly not you..... will tell me otherwise.

Now........if you are still willing to look me in the goddamned eye man to man......perhaps we can work together.

As it happens that response of yours got through to me better than your video did. I echo your sentiments I am a drone for no one except my own conscience.
I'm listening.  :greener:

.... Big Time.

Epic FAIL! Lettuce rejoice!

Thank Roosh for this one.

American Feminist Adria Richards Gets Gang Raped By The Internet By Roosh

A feminist lost yesterday in a very big way. Let me try to put away my smile to write this.

A couple days ago, Adria Richards was at a developers conference and overheard a tame sexual joke between two men about a "big dongle." On a scale of one to ten, with one being a Disney movie and ten being a cafe recap of a girl I banged who was on her period, the joke would rate a 3, but she proceeded to do what any feminazi who hates men would do: she took a picture, posted it on Twitter, and then asked for someone to save her. She felt unsafe and offended by two men who were having a private conversation that didn't involve her [ ... ]

There is quite a twitter storm over this (check the hashtag #isupportadria on twitter!) - feminists (of both sexes) are flocking to her defence and even Forbes magazine has published an article defending her. That said most commenters to the forbes article are still not taking her side despite the feminist journalists attempts to paint her as an innocent victim of events.
Still it could well be given the hive "mind" of the feminist community that the tech industry now has it's very own Rebecca Watson - why not, they got "macho men" well and truly marginalised time to move onto the geeks (gaming - tick, Skeptics\Atheists - tick, tech Industry - in progress!).  :angryfire:
Main / Re: RSU rejects menís group on campus
Mar 20, 2013, 05:36 PM

MRAs need to stick together and work together.

True, but it doesn't mean that they have to do it within one organization, subject to the exact same views & priorities.

For example I believe that the Innocence Project (and similar organizations) do MRA work: they mostly spring men out of prison where they rot because of false accusations and/or rotten prosecutors (and maybe judges & defense lawyers). It isn't explicitly MRA work and not all MRAs might think that it is; nevertheless they do very good work and it would be foolish to attack them just because they don't explicitly subscribe to a particular set of MRA beliefs or theories or policies.

You both have a point - where good work is being done they have my support - it is the cause not the vehicle that is important.
Main / Re: RSU rejects menís group on campus
Mar 20, 2013, 10:48 AM

"These are groups that are, in some jurisdictions, considered to be a hate group, become known to have profiled women on campuses who speak against them, and they are tied to individuals who not only go out of their way to negate the struggles of women but can also create some problematic discourse on language around the idea of women's rights," said Diverlus.

There you go: SPLC and other self-appointed "watchdog" groups' propaganda having its effect.

Speaking of watchdogs there was an interesting article about the SPLC just recently as it happens.
Main / RSU rejects menís group on campus
Mar 20, 2013, 09:31 AM
RSU rejects men's group on campus

Three Ryerson students whose proposed men's issues campus group was denied by the Ryerson Students' Union (RSU) are still shocked by the decision.

The article is open for your comments
Factory I don't care what you do anymore.
I'm done with you.