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I think this will backfire big style - I mean in women only classes who are they going to ask the HARD questions of? Another factor is that a lot of guys don't even bother with classroom courses - they do their study at home and network with other guys on the internet to discuss the tricky aspects. The major problem women have is knowledge areas is in TAKING INITIATIVE - i.e. it is all well and good learning off by heart all the 'rules and regs' of a discipline but the real world is NOT a classroom and a lot of problems encountered are NOT 'textbook' cases. So if I was an employer of IT staff - for the more senior roles I would be looking for more than just the 'right' certificates - I would also be looking for people who can think 'outside the box' and are proactive in problem solving - otherwise I would be hiring another employee that needs too much hand holding and supervision.
Main / Hotel to open women only section
Aug 14, 2005, 03:44 AM
One of our major high street banks (UK) opened a women only branch some time ago - it ended up being reverted for lack of custom. I suspect that this hotel will face the same fate. For every woman that wants the 'security' of a woman only hotel - I'm willing to wager there will be two or three that will still want the potential intrigue of meeting Mr 'Tall Dark and Handsome'!
Main / NYMOM Meltdown at Hugo's Place
Aug 04, 2005, 11:57 AM
Good grief - how could one begin to rebut such moronic stupidity without demeaning oneself in the process.!!
What NYMOM rant is REALLY all about is just that it has finally occurred to her that 'society' is only just begining to call the feminists BLUFF wrt equality. the enomoity of what that mean were 'equality' actually implemented is more than she can bear to think about because then she realised that the FREE LUNCH would be over!
Aug 04, 2005, 12:14 AM
Angry Harry seems to have grasped the essential issue rather well when he says:-

And I also agree with Tigerman's view that we ignore the true nature and desires of ***decent*** men at our peril.

But I am fairly sure that there are now more than enough cognitive cluster bombs around to ensure victory on this front.

In my view, it is just a question of exploding them in the minds of enough people!

And not, necessarily, the majority of people.

Nope. Not at all.

Perhaps just tens of thousands.

Thereafter, the chain reaction would be huge.

To this end I have already for some time been active in getting people to think more critically about the (false) assumptions underlying the concepts of 'equality' - I have been doing this in my everyday life (i.e. in gatherings with work colleagues,in bars,resteraunts and in Taxis etc.) by boldly making contraversial pronouncements starting out with words like "I am a sexist and so are YOU and in fact whatever it was you believe created us all is ALSO a SEXIST..." It is then also only a short step to explain that the whole feminist edifice (of 'equality rights' etc) is actually built on a total denial of REALITY. I then add that the rejection of feminist ideals does not mean that we have to abandon the principles of fairness,justice and common sense - quite the reverse in fact because the assault on reason and common sense caused by feminism's distortions would have been removed. Now I know some people who know me think "Uh ohh - here he goes again on his bloody soapbox" but the interesting thing is that when I get time to spend with them one to one - by then they have usually had time to notice whether on the news or in the press how unchallenged feminist notions are affecting how issues are being dealt with. The thing that impresses me most however is how ready people are to hear this message of reason because by now even the 'average joe' (as my US cousins would put it) has noticed inconsistencies in feminist positions i.e. such as their lack of concern or support for family court reform where it is undeniable that fathers face enormous bias - where is the feminist concern for 'equality' there..etc".
On here I am aware that on the whole I am preaching to the choir - but my main reason was to publicise a strategy that I have been using in my real life for some time with much success in terms of changing the way people think about issues that are affected\infected by feminism - and what better way to challenge the spell cast by the butt naked empress but by ridiculing it's chief accusatory 'weapon' aka 'Sexism'. :)
Main / Tables turned on Harrassment "Victim"
Aug 03, 2005, 03:48 AM
This case got wide publicity in the UK (well at least in the newspapers but oddly I don't remember the story appearing on ANY of our news broadcasts!). What's that german word...'shadenfreud' or something awww to heck with it I GLOATED at the outcome and marveled at the poetic justice of the affair.  :twisted:
Now put down the harp and beam me up Scotty because I still cannot believe I am awake in a world where some incompetant ninny can sue an employer for *MILLIONS* over some trivial banter.! :x
Aug 03, 2005, 03:11 AM
Sadly I find that far too many MRA's (myself included in ungaurded moments) are arguing whatever case they are arguing but using feminist concepts as if they were quite legitimate. One such key word is 'SEXISM'.
The rail(by feminists) against 'sexism' stems from their false conception that all sex differences (aside from obvious anatomical diffs.) are the result of 'socialisation'. This is simply not true but feminists are not concerned about the truth of the issue what they ARE concerned about is gaining the power and influence to be able to effect the social engineering processes within our society\culture. Wherever a society occurs so does social engineering in one form or another because social engineering (to greater or lesser extents) is an actual by-product of social organisation.
It is important that MRA's are quite cognisant of this simple fact because rather than decry what we perceive as 'social engineering' we should in fact be arguing vigourously for the kind of social engineering that is in ACCORD (or to use my favourite metaphor 'to go with the GRAIN') with our actual natures rather than trying to thwart nature artificially by trying to impose strictures on behaviour and hiring practices by insisting that we meet a set of standards based on an absolute FALLACY (i.e. that all sex diffs are caused by socialisation alone).
Admitting to our (natural) sexist natures doesn't mean we should be also divorced from behaving with fairness,decency and all the other virtues - it just means that we stop using fallacious concepts to criticise what is perceived by some to be unwonted behaviour or attitudes. Let us use correct language and reason ebcause feminisms capacity to hi-jack know no bounds and if left unchecked we will onloy end up creating another 'tower of Babel'.
The 'Lets Celebrate SEXISM' title is meant to intimidate feminists and those who have not thought through the implications of it's use.
We ARE sexist creatures created by a 'sexist' nature - that doesn't mean we cannot act with consideration and fairness towards the opposite sex and it is very important to understand that.
Quote from: "The Biscuit Queen"
Devia- Were you going to complain to the store manager? I would be furious to see that, just as furious as BOys are Stupid shirts. That crap is just reinforcing the gender wars.

Everyone else-
I voted no as well, for the same reason. My son hit a girl on the head with a rock when he was little. Not on purpose, but because he had crappy aim, and she happened to be standing to the right/front of him and that is where he threw when aiming forward. Her mother had a cow and we almost stopped being friends over it. It was an accident, and I was not going to punish him.

This girl  was guilty of throwing rocks on purpose, and she should be punished. However, I think she has been. She was arrested, had major media attention over this, which is scary for an 11 year old, and I imagine her whole family has been thrown into a tizzy. Perhaps community  service or a public apology to the boy, who I would like to know if he was OK too.

I am a big proponant of letting kids work it out. Very few kids, male or female, want to really hurt each other. One of the big problems today is that such a big deal is made out of boys doing normal boy things. On the one hand it would send a big message to the feminists that what comes around goes around, that if you slam it in boys, you have to also slam it in girls. On the other hand, kids should not be made pawns for political agendas, and two wrongs don't make a right.

I would write the same thing if genders were reversed, would you?

Good points BQ! What I find interesting about this and other similar cases is how quickly the issue becomes polarised along gender lines. Back in my youth such incidents wouldn't even have raised an eyebrow. The most that would happen would be one parent going to another and complaining and then unlike NOW the other parent would in most cases give the offending child a severe scolding or some other punishment. Of course since those 'ancient days' we have all been taught to view the world darkly through gender coloured glasses and feminists ironically in their campaign to stamp out 'sexism' have only succeeded in bringing out the worst aspects of sexism through their incessent harping on on about it. the other aspect to this is of course the legal reaction to the incident by the law enforcement and DA - in my day (as I indicated) such minor incidents would be sorted out between the parents AMICABLY - it is curious that now the authorities place so little TRUST on the ability of parents to take responsibility for their chidrens actions that soemhow they felt obliged to wade in with their sledgehammers to crack a very small nut! Another example of how having MORE laws is not a reflection of social stability but rather the complete reverse.
Main / Re: alienation of affection..
Jul 17, 2005, 05:44 AM
It will be interesting to see if this woman succeeds in her action - after all no-fault divorce has seen untold thousands of mens lives ruined by wives filings for divorce even when THEY were the ones that strayed outside the marriage.
Oh dear oh dear - there really is no end to such lunacy. Once the feminists got 'us' (i.e. society in general AND our socio\legislative process) to accept that 'sexism' is a 'bad thing' then it allows all kinds of madness to creep in.
We ARE a SEXIST species and indeed feminism itself is a clearly SEXIST movement and philosophy. As reagrds to this particular case - I would ask why oh why are we allowing girls to play with boys in the first place?
We want our own games and our own space - I would suggest the same goes for girls - but that is 'sexist' I am told - really? Since when did homo sapiens become a unisex species species - answer: it hasn't and the fact of our sexual di-morphism is certainly NOT because of 'socialisation'.
In short it is my firm belief that we should refuse to discuss such issues on FEMINISTS OWN TERMS be cause said terms are already infected with false ideas if not animus fuelled MADNESS!
Main / Powder-Monkey a new mod on SYG
Jul 04, 2005, 04:50 PM
Quote from: "poiuyt"
...Moreover the appeasing psychophants amongst us share this greater attraction to rubbish than anything else as a personal characteristic. And the extent of this highly valued stupidity goes in proportion to their presumed higher eloquence over the general rabble.

Thus you have self-hating males received as most hounoured guests and even some crossing over to debate in the politest and most cordial manner with intellectual whores. These weaknesses it must be admitted stem from a faulty view that the mens movement is purely a fight to end the "situational advantage"enjoyed by women.

Fresh moderative input was dearly needed indeed. And not only in respect of substance here.

Main / DiCaprio smashed
Jun 20, 2005, 03:06 PM
This was an unprovoked vicious assault - yet the news report gave no details of her ARREST and what she was charged with - wtf???
Quote all my fans who have sent me such kind emails, I am not actually disappearing altogether! I just intend to spend my time engaging in a different form of activism rather than updating the news - as per my piece Time For Some Activism. http://

I am currently emailing politicians, journalists, police officers, internet authors and, quite frankly, whosoever catches my fancy, and giving them links to some of the pieces contained on this site.

To our potential allies I say, "Have a look a this," and I hope that these pieces will help to fire them up as well as inform them. To our enemies I say, "Not long now before you have well and truly had it!"

Or words to that effect!


And I am delighted to say that the few replies that I have received have not been at all hostile. One civil servant even contacted me to give me a new email address for Harriet Harman! - which was very heartening, because the piece that I had sent him had nothing to do with Ms Harman; i.e. he must have perused the site.

And I do urge serious activists and supporters of this website to familiarise themselves with some of its cluster bombs.

The above is quoted from a post AH has made today to his website.
Glad to see he is still on top form and fighting fit!!
Quote from: "Julian"
He's a great bloke indeed but I reckon he's tired.

He's asked for help, so what are we doing to spread the word?

Yes I also think he is tired - but from his latest posting it is clear that he still isn't taking much of a break - his dedication is quite awesome.

As for what the rest of us are doing to spread the word - well I can only answer for myself and that is NOT MUCH. Sure in my daily life I do make my views known to anyone willing to listen and sure I do post a lot of information on usenet and elsewhere, I even fire off the odd e-mail now and again in protest over some bullshit some corporation or media company is promoting. I suppose I should feel guilty but the honest truth is I don't - the thing is I am now 55years old and have been posting on usenet since 1997 - right from back then I made it clear that I expected the younger generations of men to STAND UP AND FIGHT - and to the most extent they simply haven't (a small exception to this is F4J but even then most of them are in their 30's or 40's if not older).
What galls me is that young men will jump on the bandwagon for a myriad of other causes like 'public nudity' or anti-wto and g8 protests but to address something that affects not just 50% of the population but ALL of us (because we are ALL affected by the disintegration of marriage and the family - through increased taxes and the dangers of having so MANY feral kids roaming the streets etc).
Yep - I will start beating myself up when I see the young finally waking up and standing up for themselves - until then why should *I* bother taking (further) great risks with my carreer when the ones who are going to be most affected by all this will do nothing for themselves.
Answers on a postcard...

Quote from: "alien"
Tigerman, you were still correct in bringing it to the attention of others. It's still a significant change and I will definitely miss his comments on general news/story links.  :(

Thanks alien - and who knows AH may have a change of heart in the not too distant future so it is probably worth checking out his website from time to time which is in any case a very valuable repository for some really excellent articles.
It seems I may have misunderstood Angry Harry's recent notice:
Dear All

I have decided to stop updating angryharry with general news items of interest to men and will now concentrate on other areas of activism.


He has updated the website on the 18th June with an item - but it is NOT a 'general news item' but rather annotating a particular piece of activism.
The upshot of this is that I would't advise editing AH's url [ ] from your bookmarks anytime soon.