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I really hope Harry pays a visit here soon - it would be nice for him to just get a taste of how much his untiring work has been appreciated.
For myself - he has left a void that I doubt will ever be filled - his style of writing and sheer verve is just too unique to be ever copied.
I disagree - I think the key to the womens movement (i.e. Feminism) garnering so much power and influence so rapidly is the leveraging by feminists of the female vote(and somehow persuading those with influence and power that feminists DID actually represent womens interests!) AND capitalising on institutional male chivalry.
It is as simple as that in my book.
Dear All

I have decided to stop updating angryharry with general news items of interest to men and will now concentrate on other areas of activism.

Thoughts anyone?
Damn Harry - you did it AGAIN!!! I must admit that after reading your detailed exposition I saw why you were celebrating.! A note of caution though - I think we should be very carefull to distinguish between a trial that did not get derailed by harmfull myths and prejudices about men and fathers AND the individual (i.e. MJ) who was exonerated in this trial.
I don't know enough about this guy(MJ) and his unusual non-typical lifestyle to risk making him any kind of 'poster boy'.
Quote from: "angryharry"
Jackson victory - a great victory for ****men****



(Don't even think about suggesting otherwise.)

Well I usually agree with most of your opinions Harry but I honestly don't see this case as a *great* victory for men. For a start by no means is MJ your average regular guy - in fact his behaviour by most standards is somewhat weird. The only thing I could take heart from is that he was aquitted by a jury of EIGHT women and four men.