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Dr. E,

I wanted to add, something someone as learned as you probably already know, but others may not:

One of the reasons Prof. Dershowitz is so fair and has open eyes is because he's faced off with campus feminists already in a landmark Sexual Harassment case.

Not sure of the year, but probably a decade or so ago, Prof. Dershowitz was giving a law class.  The topic of sexual harassment came up - and he wanted to present the law, bring up how sexual harassment happened, but also talk about false accusations of it.  He was then CHARGED with sexual harassment by student feminists in his class for even TALKING about false claims.

The class and campus feminists wanted to shut down realistic discussion and even MENTION of false claims and make discussion of such claims sexual harasment itself.

The suit failed, and is, in itself, a landmark case.

Just thought this might add to "the why" of Prof. Dershowitz mindset.


LOL, that proves that most feminists are none too bright. going against dershowitz on matters of law is like trying to win a one on one b-ball game with a prime Michael Jordan or a shooting competition with vasily zaitsev, just not happenin
next article----"how jews can help Nazism" followed by "how kulaks can help Stalinism"

I know I shouldn't think this because one man getting ruined by the "family" court system means all men can get ruined by the family court system, but I hope she cleans that fat sack of shit out. I hate the Neo-Socialist scumbag that is Michael more.

Main / Re: Hugs throws in the towel
Sep 14, 2013, 03:16 PM
the biggest tragedy in all of this is that his suicide "attempt" wasn't successful and that he is probably being "treated" with my tax dollars. If he really wanted to end it, I would have loaned him my .410
my sons mom used to joke about her preference for white men by saying " all the brothas say once you got black you never go back, but once I went white, I knew I'd been ate right" :toothy9:
miracles never cease
she was having a lot of problems with placing this one kid. She asked "do you wanna live with your dad?" He replied, "no, he beats me" so the worker said "what about your mom?" he said "no, she beats me worse."  well what about your grandparents, she asked, and he said they beat him too. Finally, the lady asked him "who do you want to live with?" He said, "The Dallas Cowboys, THEY NEVER BEAT ANYONE!!!"
Main / Re: Extremists
Jun 17, 2013, 07:47 PM

An interesting quote I have stolen from an unrelated message board:

"Unfortunately it takes one extreme to counter another extreme. Most of the people in the middle just sit there and wait to be told what to think by whichever side wins and gets to dictate the established order. That's why they're called "moderates". And should any of the moderates happen to get up onto their feet and take a stand for what they believe in, they're automatically labeled an "extremist" by whichever side they come out against..."

It is hard to think of an example where moderates have pushed their views into the mainstream. Maybe the MRA have always been too moderate?

I have stated something similar4 to this........IMO many MRA's spend too much energy trying to convince the other side how non threatening they are, kinda like the NRA on second amendment issues. the extremists can scare the other side into dealing with the moderates, kinda like Malcolm scared people into  listening to more moderate civil rights leaders like martin
I think men more so than women can appreciate "tough love" of the variety that many fathers give
Main / Re: Subtle Feminist Messaging
May 28, 2013, 05:03 AM
its not like the article DOESNT have a legit point, dude. Police brutality, including acts which end in death for us mundanes, is a systemic problem, yet, police are protected from us, even when in the wrong
I think it is just  that women are by nature bisexual

one of my fave girlfriends in the past few years was a woman named nicole that was born in cambodia..........beautiful gal, real nice too

Yea - it's almost like Western women are .... threatened, by soft hearted, sexy, giving and loving women who have not bought into the feminist bullshit.


yeah and another thing is that some of these gals have way more perspective than a lot of these nitwits raised in the luxury of the west. like Nicole, she knows what real oppression and terror and deprivation is, having been born in and raised in cambodia in the middle of a conflict.
one of my fave girlfriends in the past few years was a woman named nicole that was born in cambodia..........beautiful gal, real nice too
just wondering???
I would think as the first female leader of a major power in modern times, she would be a feminist Icon?