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This is what we mean by SSS (Still Stuck in the Sixties). It's also a great example of someone who has taken the feminist brainwash with cream rinse and conditioner.

Verbal Abuse by a Protester at the University of Toronto - shorter clip

Is that guy standing there listening a robot?  How does he do that?  This woman is so toxic I don't think any man could stand next to her for more than 30 seconds without his head exploding!

more to the point, I dont see how she has made it as long as she has acting like that without somebody making HER head expload!! I would be willing to bet she doesnt spend much if any time off campus, because in the real world, people that act like that tend to have some problems
one thing Ive noticed about feminists in particular and lefty "activists" in general is they know who to fuck with and shout down. It is no surprise that you dont see this broad on youtube fucking with militant muslims, skinheads or gangbangers. at the risk of pushing the envelope on Dr E's prohibition on advocating violence, I would venture a guess that if some fed up guy or gal opened a can of whoopass on this "woman" she might start actin a bit more civilized
yeah, neo but you are forgetting somethin real important...prison is big business...somebody got to fill them cells

Politico's Lois Romano: Wayne LaPierre Looks Like A 'Tired Old White Guy'

Letting down her guard on the Lean Forward network, Politico's Lois Romano, ostensibly an objective journalist, descended into biased -- and racially conscious -- commentary.  Appearing on MSNBC's NewsNation on March 25, Romano made disparaging comments of the NRA's Wayne LaPierre.

Speaking with host Tamron Hall -- who happens to be African-American -- Romano suggested that Wayne LaPierre is, "looking like a tired old white guy that is clinging on to something of the past."

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if I was lapierre I would be tired too..........the man has been nothing but civil and polite to the scum of the earth ever since the shitstorm over the newton incident. and lois---lemme let you in on a secret---a lot of old white guys are tired; tired of you and your MSNBC and SPLC and brady campaign scum, and the "something of the past" they are clinging to is something that can make you and your ilk a thing of the past, so tread carefully, sister
its sad that pretty much every movement oppossing the coming police state and socialist NWO is plauged with infighting.
what you are seeing with factory and tiger is civil compared to the beefs within the ranks of the militia movement. there is so much distrust and accusations of people being fed assets and snitches, if shit ever did hit the fan, the feds would just sit there drinking beer and watch the patriots kill each other.  But there is more of an excuse for the infighting in the III pecenter/patriot/militia movement than there is in the men's rights movement, because its a known fact that there are paid federal assets within the movement who's sole job is to keep a shitstorm brewing internally. I highly doubt the feds have a similar program going on in the MRA community, for serveral reason

last night I dreamt I had a threesome with her and casey anthony

So at the end both you & your child were killed?

LOL I woke up before that part----thankfully I had to go to work this morning haha


My view is... all should be welcome to the MRM. However we need to focus on Men's rights not gay rights. I think all should be allowed to say or believe anything they want. However I think there should be rules on veering too far off topic in the MRM.

Yes, I pretty much agree with this.  No sense in deliberately excluding people but not getting sidetracked and maintaining our focus on our shared issues is crucial.

this is my opinion so please dont crucify me over it---but I think that a lot of the energy spent in activism by hard core MRA's is spent in a direction that is less productive than it could be. See, I think if MRA's focused more so on things like lower taxes, getting big government out of the social engineering business, ending stupid bullshit wars, reforming drug laws and dismantling the prison industrial complex,etc rather than "specific" MRA issues like misandry in the media, womens studies bias etc etc.........things would fall into place and america would be a better place to live for men and boys(and women and girls too)
I like anonymous--------------they sent the fedgov a warning about new gun control laws...................I think that anon and other things are proof that freedom comes by way of technology
last night I dreamt I had a threesome with her and casey anthony

Everything he says about the LAPD is more than believable (which makes it hard to tell if its BS or not)......His little gun control rant shows me he is not a clear thinker.

I dont think the gun control rant was really him----I think that was added to prevent militia groups in his AO from coming to his support
I call bullshit
oh and I forgot to ask-----------what is the ratio of single women to single men that are on the welfare dole???
I dont know but Im willing to venture a guess