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call me a slacker and you get a twofold response
1. to be despised by the despicable is as good as being admired by the admirable
2. bitch, when is the last time I asked you OR al-fed'da for a GOD DAMN THING??????? you got a bitch like sandra fluke on the TV cryin about the government not payin for her birth control. bitch, I dont give a damn that suckin and fuckin is your hobby. My hobbies are poppin of my mosin nagant and .357, fishin for blue cat, and drinkin beer------------you see me up on TV askin the god damn government to pay for my 7.62x54, my chicken liver bait or my pabst blue ribbon?????
thought not, who's the slacker now
my first thought on the whole thing is that THE MOVIE IS GONNA BE FUCKIN AWESOME :occasion18: :occasion18:----I hope they bring in mel gibson and danny glover as murtaw and riggs, LL cool J can play dorner. title should be "Rambro, the revenge".
seriously though, one thing that has gotten a lot of attention is allegedly in the unredacted manifesto, dorner rants about the need for more gun control, particularly a new clinton rifle ban. Ironically, his actions and this whole fiasco provide the best advertisement of why such a ban is stupidly futile. he is ONE DUDE, and he has the biggest and most well armed police department in the US shitting their pants, shooting at white surfer dudes and old mexican ladies thinking they are him, offering up a million dollar reward, and generally acting like a bunch of scared pre teen girls during a friday the 13th movie. If ONE DUDE is making them shit themselves, what are a few thousand pissed off people gonna be able to do, especially since we been in two wars for ten years and a good number of them are gonna be combat hardened and even the ones who arent are probably gonna have experience with hunting and other shooting pursuits. lastly, the police conduct drove him to this, so I think fienstien and company need to think that  the heavy handed tactics that are gonna be neccessary to enforce the law she is trying to pass are probably gonna turn the enforcers on THEM
ignorance is strength
they are kind of ignoring the fact that  beyonce knowles, one of the most misandrist entertainers in the US did the halftime show
charlie sheen weighs in........this shit is getting better and better
Charlie Sheen's Plea Christopher Dorner ...CALL ME!!!
here is a video I made pondering different aspects of the situation
points to ponder about the LAPD sniper situation
I found that interesting
justice ginsberg needs to get used to the idea of PUBLIC SERVENTS serving the public
gun sales, ammo sales, applications for concealed permits, membership in gun rights organizations such as the NRA, GOA and JPFO and SAF, formation of citizens militias, and firearms friendly laws on state and local levels have soared consistantly EVERY SINGLE YEAR while the brady campaign has gone broke and not one anti-2nd amendment bill has even gotten out of committe in congress since hoebama took even though we got a gun grabber for a president and a bunch of gun grabber hoplophobe congresscritters, YA KNOW WHAT?

If these were men protesting a feminist meeting,the spark's from the tazer's would be everywhere.

tazers me motherfuckin azz.................they would be full of .40 cal, real talk
Main / online dating---my axiom on it
Nov 19, 2012, 11:46 AM
half of the chicks online are underage, the other half have gonnorea..............only fuck the ones with pennicilian perscriptions

The real reason is simple, it's hard to impose a one world government on an armed populace determined to maintain its freedom.

there are more private arms  in america than probably on the whole continent of eurasia

What a female domestic abuser? That doesn't fit the template better sweep it under the rug.

dude, I used to live with a lesbian couple, those broads made ike and tina look like a fairy tell
they used to beat the fuckin shit out of each other, to the point where I had to fuckin put both of em in check. I had to tell em that they needed to take that dyke and tina shit elsewhere cuz the cops always bein at the house was costin me so much in lost revenue that I was about to have to go get a real job. :laughing6: :laughing6:..........I ended up having to get two real jobs and got a live in girlfreind anyway
you know, to hate men so much, these feminist bitches sure do love dick............Ive never met a college feminist who wouldnt be called a porcupine if she had as manyt pricks coming out of her has she has had in her.
and the lesbians.............only reason they started dykin was cuz they ran out of dicks to herpify
what a bunch of idiots