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Aug 21, 2005, 07:22 AM

Ok, we'll take his admission. ;-)

Seriously, what anyone wishes in a partner is for them to be themselves. Whether being themselves makes for a relationship depends on the individuals involved, but no one should pretend to be something they are not.

This is not to say all of us have no need to self evaluate and to learn and to improve, this is something tht will always be a vital part of my life. Yet to simply be something else for the benefit of another, not because it is one's fervent desire to make such a change in their life, is neither going to work or beneficial to anyone.
Quote from: "Galt

*Yawn*  Here's the extent of the "repeated hammering":

"The Swedish TV reporter, Evin Rubar, asked von Wachenfeldt about the statement from the manifesto: "To call a man an animal is to flatter him; he's a machine, a walking dildo."

"Is that your standpoint?" Rubar asked.

"Yes, it's my standpoint," the director said.

"That man is an animal?" the reporter said.

"Man is an animal," von Wachenfeldt said. "Don't you think so?" "


It's called "asking her a question, and then clarifying".  But maybe she can sue him for harassment for even talking to her.[/quote

If someone asked you 20 times if women are animals, would you patiently answer, or would you take another course? In any case, she has resigned, so you should be happy. If she meant it, I agree it was inappropriate, but given she has stated it was said in jest, why not go with that explanation?

Quote from: "Galt"
Quote from: "natalie clifford barney"
First, men are animals, last I knew. And so are women, and she said that tongue in cheek precisely for that reason.

Hmmmm.  I think I finally get it.  Men aren't plants, so they are characterized zoologically as animals.

What a howler.

It's just like every living being is actually a parasite on the eco-system as a whole - no person is an island.  But I would still be concerned that people would get the wrong idea if I said that "women are parasites" - so I wouldn't say it.

It was stated in jest after the interviewer repeated kept hammering her.
Quote from: "Galt"
Quote from: "natalie clifford barney"
As for Valerie, her words do not represent my views,

I agree that people have to be careful about that.  I was just (wrongly) thinking the other day, "Valerie's views probably represent those of natalie clifford barney".

Well ain't that a coincidence!
Quote from: "woof"


"Is that your standpoint?" Rubar asked.

"Yes, it's my standpoint," the director said.

"That man is an animal?" the reporter said.

"Man is an animal," von Wachenfeldt said. "Don't you think so?"

LOL.....what ever gave them that idea?

The thing I like about the feminist in Sweden, is that you can see the insanity of their thinking, they don't try and hide it like here in the US.

First, men are animals, last I knew. And so are women, and she said that tongue in cheek precisely for that reason.  As for Valerie, her words do not represent my views, oh how it shows up often as 'evidence' of widespread feminist misandry.
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Quote from: "Raymond Cuttill"

If it was all down to testosterone then there wouldn't be any women sex offenders (having almost no testosterone).

Hmmm, hadn't thought of that.  So maybe it's more of just a way to "take away a man's balls" revengism that warms misandrist's hearts?


I'm not in favour of mutilation as punishment, for lots of reasons. Rape is a power trip, not rooted in horniness. Who among you could maintain an erection while forcibly restraining someone? Someone who goes to this extreme has to get off on the power involved, and I doubt mutilation effectively curtails this.
Quote from: "Men's Rights Activist"
Here's one that deals with male voting oppression:

"I have heard nary a word in any college class, about the historical oppression that males have endured as a group. The historical, "Patriarchal" oppression of women's voting rights never fails to occupy a significant amount of curriculum time in these classes. Yet, there are few if any women who lived in the 20th century who endured the oppression of their voting rights on a scale comparable to the thousands, or tens of thousands of men who died fighting for their country in war (without ever having had the right to vote)."

"Many states were even allowing women to vote before this date. Within the time parameters of the date of passage of the 19th amendment, it is fairly safe to say that, no woman born in the 20th century, was ever denied the right to vote in America in her lifetime (at least because of her gender). My own dear Mom who was born in 1908, and who died in 1997 at 89 years of age, was never without her right to vote upon reaching the eligible age of 21."

There is absolutely no question that as our country moved forward, voting rights were expanded, and that we all had to struggle for this right. Yes, some feminists discount the struggles of men, one can find sexist views anywhere if looking hard enough, but in my experience most women do not do so.

There is indeed patriarchy, but the average man has not set out to contribute to it's existence, rather it hangs latent over all of us, and affects men and women in adverse ways. Yes, I believe women get the short end of the deal, but that does not mean men are unaffected. Men are forced into narrow boxes that devalues those who cannot fit in the boxes. Women have worked hard to tear down the same sort of gender boxes, but too many men resist doing so, to their own detriment.

Some of the struggles of those in society fall outside of gender, and narrow voting rights for men had no root in gender discrimination, this was class discrimination.

As for thousands dying without being able to vote, that is a tragedy. It is also hypocritical for us to have a drinking age of 21 and an age for entrance into the military of 18. If one is not old enough to vote, they damn well are not old enough to die fignting for the rest of us.
Thank you for inviting us along... I see rumours of my arrival preceeded me, as does a certain reputation.

Nah. I'm a puddytat.

I look forward to civil exchanges and enlightened, passionate discussions...

nice place you have created for yourselves!