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Emma Roberts Arrested For Assaulting Evan Peters: How Common Is This?
July 17, 2013 at 1:47PM By Anna Breslaw |

You rarely hear about the female-on-male flip side of domestic violence charges in news stories about everyday Americans, let alone perpetrated by a 22-year-old starlet, but Emma Roberts shocked everyone this morning when news surfaced that, on July 7th, she was taken into custody in Montreal following a fight with her boyfriend, American Horror Story's Evan Peters. According to USA Today, he was found with a bloody nose and bite marks from Roberts, and she had various bruisings.

Roberts was released immediately because Peters didn't want to press charges; reps for both claim that it was just an "accident:" "It was an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding. Ms. Roberts was released after questioning and the couple are working together to move past it." Sounds familiar -- battered women commonly take back their domestic assault reports. Regardless of the gender, many of the psychological effects of abuse are identical.

So just how prevalent is domestic violence against a male partner? Many people are of the opinion that men "can't be physically abused" the way men "can't be raped," because men are generally stronger than and can subsequently overpower women. Incidentally, neither of these are true.

According to a study done in 2000, the statistics of domestic abuse in America were 1.3 million women versus 835,000 men. A more recent study from 2011 ups the percentage: One in four men have experienced "rape, physical violence and/or stalking" by a partner, and one in seven have experienced "severe physical violence," like beaten with a fist or a blunt object. And a 32-nation study by the University of New Hampshire claims that girlfriends initiate violence equally often as boyfriends do in relationships.

So don't forget to pay mind: This does happen, and it needs just as much awareness and prevention as male-on-female domestic assault.

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Image via Pacific Coast News
..Mother arrested for creating child porn with her children, police say

British authorities alerted Hamilton police that a woman from Hamilton had sent pornographic ...

....A Hamilton woman has been taking pornographic photos of her children and sending them to an overseas penpal, police say.

In January, a 50-year-old man from London, England, was arrested for possession of indecent images of children. The investigation by British authorities revealed a woman from Hamilton had sent several images of her children to the man.

Members of the Hamilton Police Internet Child Exploitation unit were alerted to the investigation and executed a search warrant in the city's east end Thursday morning.

Numerous computers and devices were seized from the home for forensic examination. The three children in the home were removed and the Catholic Children's Aid Society was notified, police say,

The 46-year-old woman was not home at the time, but was arrested at her place of employment in Toronto shortly after, police say.

The woman's name is not being released to protect the child victims. She has been charged with the making, distributing and possession of child pornography.

A bail hearing is set for Feb. 7.


..German court rules religious circumcision on boys an assault

AFP - 2 hours 26 minutes ago....

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...Members of the high priesthood place their hands on a newborn baby to bless him after ...
....Circumcising young boys on religious grounds amounts to grievous bodily harm, a German court ruled Tuesday in a landmark decision that the Jewish community said trampled on parents' religious rights.

The regional court in Cologne, western Germany, ruled that the "fundamental right of the child to bodily integrity outweighed the fundamental rights of the parents", a judgement that is expected to set a legal precedent.

"The religious freedom of the parents and their right to educate their child would not be unacceptably compromised, if they were obliged to wait until the child could himself decide to be circumcised," the court added.

The case was brought against a doctor in Cologne who had circumcised a four-year-old Muslim boy on his parents' wishes.

A few days after the operation, his parents took him to hospital as he was bleeding heavily. Prosecutors then charged the doctor with grievous bodily harm.

The doctor was acquitted by a lower court that judged he had acted within the law as the parents had given their consent.

On appeal, the regional court also acquitted the doctor but for different reasons.

The regional court upheld the original charge of grievous bodily harm but also ruled that the doctor was innocent as there was too much confusion on the legal situation around circumcision.

The court came down firmly against parents' right to have the ritual performed on young children.

"The body of the child is irreparably and permanently changed by a circumcision," the court said. "This change contravenes the interests of the child to decide later on his religious beliefs."

The decision caused outrage in Germany's Jewish community.

The head of the Central Committee of Jews, Dieter Graumann, said the ruling was "an unprecedented and dramatic intervention in the right of religious communities to self-determination."

The judgement was an "outrageous and insensitive act. Circumcision of newborn boys is a fixed part of the Jewish religion and has been practiced worldwide for centuries," added Graumann.

"This religious right is respected in every country in the world."

Holm Putzke, a criminal law expert at the University of Passau, told the Financial Times Deutschland that the ruling was "enormously important for doctors because for the first time they have legal certainty."

"Unlike many politicians, the court has not allowed itself to be scared off by charges of anti-Semitism or religious intolerance," added Putzke.

The World Health Organisation has estimated that nearly one in three males under 15 is circumcised. In the United States, the operation is often performed for hygiene reasons on infants.

Thousands of young boys are circumcised every year in Germany, especially in the country's large Jewish and Muslim communities.

The court specified that circumcision was not illegal if carried out for medical reasons.

Activism / Re: American MRA living in Canada
Apr 23, 2012, 05:06 PM
Will  do,  man.  Sorry  I  just  found  out  about  this.
Deion Sanders tweets about his messy divorce

Posted by Michael David Smith on April 23, 2012, 7:02 PM EDT

APHall of Fame cornerback and NFL Network analyst Deion Sanders is going through a divorce, which he and his family are entitled to deal with privately. But Sanders has decided to deal with it publicly.

Sanders went on Twitter on Monday and wrote that his estranged wife had attacked him, and that he had called the police.

"Pray for me and my kids now! They just witnessed their mother and a friend jump me in my room. She's going to jail n I'm pressing charges!" Sanders wrote. "I'm sad my boys witnessed this mess but I warned the police department here that she was gone try n harm me and my boys. This is on my mama!"

Sanders also posted a picture of himself filling out a police report.

After Sanders' fellow NFL Network analyst Warren Sapp got himself into hot water by saying too much on Twitter (and later on the air), Sanders would be wise to be cautious in his use of Twitter. For the sake of his sons, here's hoping that he and his wife have no more encounters that lead to police intervention.

I like where  your  head's  at !
Carleton student sexually assaulted on campus
CBC News Posted: Oct 31, 2011 1:15 PM ET Last Updated: Oct 31, 2011 1:46 PM ET




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Carleton University beefs up security for September
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Carleton University Sexual Assault Fact Sheet
(Note:CBC does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of external links.)
Carleton University staff has released the description of a sexual assault suspect who they say inappropriately touched a female student early Sunday morning.

A letter addressed to all students said a sexual assault happened around 3:30 a.m. when the woman was "sexually touched by an unknown man" between Stormont and Dundas residence buildings.

The suspect is described as black, about six feet tall with an average build and short hair. The victim also said he was wearing a dark blue or black hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans and a baseball cap.

The university's campus security is investigating the incident but it has not been reported to Ottawa police.

People with information that might aid the investigation are asked to call the university safety department at 613-520-4444.

Carleton University had beefed up security starting in 2008 after a sexual assault on campus in September 2007 where a 23-year-old woman was beaten unconscious.

Wow.  That  really  doesn't  surprise  me.   Six  to  seven  months  ago,  I   did  some  volunteer  work  at  a  Museum  in  Ottawa,  Canada.  There  was  a   20-something  Somali  girl  among  the  Museum  workers  who  gazed  lustfully  at   younger  boys   walking  by.  I  swear  to  God !
Woman sentenced after streaming sex abuse of daughter over webcam  By Katie Silver, CNN

March 28, 20
11 12:44 p.m. EDT

Mom sentenced for abusing daughter

15-year prison sentence for woman convicted of abusing 2-year-old daughter
Julie Carr streamed the acts over the internet to a teenager in the United Kingdom
Carr received 20-year sentence last week on child pornography conviction
The two sentences will run concurrently

(CNN) -- A woman convicted of sexually abusing her 2-year-old daughter and streaming the acts over the Internet to a teenager in the United Kingdom was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Thirty-three year-old Julie Carr was also convicted of producing child pornography and gross sexual assault and exploitation of a minor.

"When I see child-pornography, I ask myself: Where are the parents? Where are the people who are supposed to be protecting the child?," U.S. District Court Judge John Woodcock said, according to the court transcript. "Well, Ms. Carr, in your case, we know where the mother was."

The acts took place in June 2009 when Carr used a webcam to deliver four live videos of herself performing oral sex on her youngest daughter, according to the documents.

The videos were sent to Nicholas Wilde, then 19, in West Midlands, England, after meeting on an internet dating site.

They exchanged messages for approximately 10 hours over the month in which the crime occurred, accoridng to the documents.

The videos were later discovered by British police after searching Wilde's home in relation to a separate child-pornography case.

Police collaborated with American authorities to then identify and locate Carr, the documents said.

Wilde was sentenced last year in England to nearly five years in prison for possessing child-pornography and inciting the sexual abuse of a child, according to West-Midlands police spokeswoman Hazel Steer.

Wilde, who claimed to suffer from Asperger's syndrome -- a form of autism -- was ordered to sign the sexual offenders register and is banned from working with children for life.

Meanwhile, Carr's four children have been removed from her custody, according to Assistant U.S. AttorneyTodd Lowell.

"I want to say that I am sorry," she told the court. "I never meant to hurt anyone in my family, and I have regreted it ever since."

Once released, Carr will receive a mandatory 10 years of supervision where along with checks for drugs and alcohol, her computer and internet use will be monitored, the documents said. She will also be registered as a sex offender.

"I have always thought that possession is bad enough, but production is another level of true evil," Woodcock said.

"Unequivocally, yours is the worst case I've ever seen."
Jewish groups oppose circumcision ban in US city

By Hannah Dreier | AFP News - Sat, 5 Mar, 2011 9:04 PM ESTShareretweetEmailPrintRelated ContentEnlarge PhotoA view of San Francisco in California. The city is debating whether to introduce ...

Enlarge PhotoBoth pro- and anti-circumcision advocates make health claims, but the medical research ...
Jewish groups and others are up at arms over an attempt to outlaw male circumcision in San Francisco by putting the issue to a popular vote.

Self-described "intactivist" Lloyd Schofield has been collecting signatures for a voter initiative that would criminalize infant circumcision in the Californian city.

After two months of collecting names, he claims to be more than half way toward getting the 7,168 signatures he needs by late April to put the matter on the November ballot.

Schofield and a growing community of anti-circumcision activists say that infants should not be forced to participate in what is essentially culturally accepted genital mutilation.

They claim that the procedure can cause health risks and diminished sexual function and compare it to the clitoridectomies performed on girls in parts of Africa.

"This is a human rights issue," he said. "What you're doing is you're taking an infant and removing the most sensitive part of their body."

Jewish organizations have pledged to fight the measure should it be placed on the ballot. Anti-Defamation League director Daniel Sandman called Schofield's effort discriminatory and misguided.

"This is hurtful and offensive to people in the community who consider this a coveted ritual," he said.

Abby Porth of the Jewish Community Relations Council charged Schofield with wasting city resources for an inappropriate political stunt that was unlikely to become law.

"This is one of the most fundamental practices to our tradition of over 3,000 years," she said. "It's symbolic of our covenant with God."

Porth said the Jewish community would form a coalition against the initiative with medical professionals and Muslims, who also practice circumcision.

"It's very similar to those of the Jewish faith," said Omar Nawaz of the Bay Area-based Zaytuna College, one of the nation's only Muslim colleges. "It's a religious tradition and it's important for us."

Both pro- and anti-circumcision advocates make health claims, but the medical research does not firmly support either position.

The American Academy of Pediatrics holds that there are both benefits and risks to infant circumcision, and recommends that parents make the choice for themselves.

Several other health bodies are reviewing the evidence on circumcision with an eye to new policy recommendations.

Circumcision rates among US male infants have dropped in recent decades, but more than half of newborns are still circumcised, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

If the ban is approved, those caught cutting the foreskins of infants and other minors would face up to a year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines.

The ban would certainly face legal challenges, and could be found in violation of the First Amendment right to Freedom of Religion.

However, it would not be subject to legislative amendment.

California's unique voter initiative system allows residents to place virtually anything on the ballot so long as they secure the requisite signatures.

Many of California's most controversial and restrictive policies have been passed this way, among them a drastic reduction in property taxes and a ban on gay marriage.

San Francisco resident Mark Reiss, who grew up in an Orthodox Jewish home, is among a vocal community of circumcised men who say they struggle with the emotional and physical effects of circumcision.

He runs a website that lists rabbis nationwide who will preside over a naming ritual similar to the one performed at Jewish circumcisions but with no cutting.

Schofeld said that the issue is not one of cultural practice, but of individual freedom.

"This is a painful and irreversible surgery," Schofield said. "It's a man's body. It's his right to choose and we're trying to preserve that choice."
Texas man cleared by DNA after 30 years in prison declared innocent by judge

By Jeff Carlton, The Associated Press | The Canadian Press - Tue, 4 Jan 1:46 PM ESTShareretweetEmailPrintRelated ContentEnlarge Photo**CORRECTS YEAR TO 2011** Cornelius Dupree Jr., left, raises his hand to testify ...
DALLAS - A Texas man declared innocent Tuesday after 30 years in prison could have cut short his prison stint twice and made parole -- if only he would admit he was a sex offender.

But Cornelius Dupree Jr. refused to do so, doggedly maintaining his innocence in a 1979 rape and robbery, in the process serving more time for a crime he didn't commit than any other Texas inmate exonerated by DNA evidence.

"Whatever your truth is, you have to stick with it," Dupree, 51, said Tuesday, minutes after a Dallas judge overturned his conviction.

Nationally, only two others exonerated by DNA evidence spent more time in prison, according to the Innocence Project, a New York legal centre that specializes in wrongful conviction cases and represented Dupree. James Bain was wrongly imprisoned for 35 years in Florida, and Lawrence McKinney spent more than 31 years in a Tennessee prison.

Dupree was sentenced to 75 years in prison in 1980 for the rape and robbery of a 26-year-old Dallas woman a year earlier. He was released in July on mandatory supervision, and lived under house arrest until October. About a week after his release, DNA test results came back proving his innocence in the sexual assault.

A day after his release, Dupree married his fiancee, Selma. The couple met two decades ago while he was in prison.

His exoneration hearing was delayed until Tuesday while authorities retested the DNA and made sure it was a match to the victim. Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins supported Dupree's innocence claim.

Looking fit and trim in a dark suit, Dupree stood through most of the short hearing, until state district Judge Don Adams told him, "You're free to go." One of Dupree's lawyers, Innocence Project Co-Director Barry Scheck, called it "a glorious day."

"It's a joy to be free again," Dupree said.

This latest wait was nothing for Dupree, who was up for parole as recently as 2004. He was set to be released and thought he was going home, until he learned he first would have to attend a sex offender treatment program.

Those in the program had to go through what is known as the "four R's." They are recognition, remorse, restitution and resolution, said Jim Shoemaker, who served two years with Dupree in the Boyd Unit south of Dallas.

"He couldn't get past the first part," said Shoemaker, who drove up from Houston to attend Dupree's hearing.

Shoemaker said he spent years talking to Dupree in the prison recreation yard, and always believed his innocence.

"I got a lot of flak from the guys on the block," Shoemaker said. "But I always believed him. He has a quiet, peaceful demeanour."

Under Texas compensation laws for the wrongly imprisoned, Dupree is eligible for $80,000 for each year he was behind bars, plus a lifetime annuity. He could receive $2.4 million in a lump sum that is not subject to federal income tax.

The compensation law, the nation's most generous, was passed in 2009 by the Texas Legislature after dozens of wrongly convicted men were released from prison. Texas has freed 41 wrongly convicted inmates through DNA since 2001 -- more than any other state.

Dallas County's record of DNA exonerations -- Dupree is No. 21 -- is unmatched nationally because the county crime lab maintains biological evidence even decades after a conviction, leaving samples available to test. In addition, Watkins, the DA, has co-operated with innocence groups in reviewing hundreds of requests by inmates for DNA testing.

Watkins, the first black district attorney in Texas history, has also pointed to what he calls "a convict-at-all-costs mentality" that he says permeated his office before he arrived in 2007.

At least a dozen other exonerated former inmates from the Dallas area who collectively served more than 100 years in prison upheld a local tradition by attending the hearing and welcoming the newest member of their unfortunate fraternity. One of them, James Giles, presented Dupree with a $100 bill as a way to get his life restarted.
Hold the mayo? Assault charge in sandwich fight
Module body

Tue Jul 27, 10:01 AM

By The Canadian Press


CHATHAM, Ont. - Police in Chatham, Ont., have charged a woman with assault after her boyfriend was punched twice -- the first time in an alleged dispute over a sandwich.

Investigators say a man made his girlfriend a sandwich Monday evening and when she only ate half, she said he could have the other half.

A short time later, police say the woman became infuriated that the sandwich was missing and punched her boyfriend in the face.

Police say later in the night the two became involved in an unrelated argument and she punched him in the chest.

A 27-year-old Chatham woman has been charged with two counts of assault.

She has been held in custody pending a bail hearing.
Mother charged in stabbing of two children

2 hours, 27 minutes ago

By The Canadian Press


WINNIPEG - A Winnipeg woman is facing attempted murder charges after her two young sons, including a four-month-old infant, were stabbed at a government-run housing complex.

Police say the 35-year-old woman is also accused of assault with a weapon and assault.

Const. Jason Michalyshen says the baby boy and his nine-year-old brother remain in hospital, but are stable.

He says the boys' 32-year-old aunt was also stabbed, but she was treated and released, while another child was not injured.

He says the aunt was able to disarm a suspect and calm the situation.

Police have no motive yet for the stabbings, but the Winnipeg Free Press quotes unnamed sources as saying the mother had recently been suffering from postpartum depression.
Activism / Re: American MRA living in Canada
Jun 01, 2010, 01:17 PM
Hostage taken in church robbery
Module body

Tue Jun 1, 12:40 PM

CALGARY (CBC) - A 38-year-old woman was shocked with a stun gun after trying to rob a Winnipeg church at knifepoint.


According to police, she went into Springs Church on Lagimodiere Boulevard around 10:30 a.m. Monday and demanded money.

She then pulled out a knife and briefly held hostage a 66-year-old woman who works at the church in the city's Southdale neighbourhood.

Officers used a stun gun on the 38-year-old woman and arrested her.

The woman being held hostage was unhurt.

The 38-year-old has been charged with robbery with a weapon and forcible confinement.

She is in custody at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.