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Mar 30, 2007, 07:52 PM
{Sarcasm alert!}  I guess the UPS guy was dying for a piece of *ss?   :greener:   {End Sarcasm Alert!}

Really though, while I am not trying to decrease the man's responsibility for having 'relations' with a married woman, but the wifes first though was to cry 'rape!'.  How messed up is that?  If her husband hadn't killed the guy, he would have been arrested and prosecuted for rape.  Do you think a woman like her would come forward with the truth?  Or do you think it more likely that she would have cried crocodile tears and told the jury: 'Thats the Bad Man who did it!  Put him away forever!'

I agree about not going along with a womans' BS.  Personally I am not in to OPP ('80's term for you yung' 'uns) and my former spouse now has 4 kids with 4 fathers...but she tries to come across as a good Christian girl.  After all these years, I am immune to her games and it just makes me laugh!
Biscuit Queen: Thank you for your input.  No I am not thinking along the lines of a NOW for men.  I don't think all of the strong individuals in the MRA groups could stomach such a hierarchical structure.  I am thinking on the lines of a Federation/Union (think E.U.).  This is where each group can keep their individual identity (if they wish) and have a central organization that can use the combined power and money to focus on issues that are common to us all.

John Dias:   I like Fathers 4 Justice, and they sure know how to get media attention!  However I believe their single-issue stance is their weakness.  In my experience, people tend to tune-out when they tire of hearing the same thing repeated over and over again.  Now I do believe this is or should be the number one issue for MRA's.  I am also one of the many men who lost contact with my child due to many of the same reasons listed on this and many other websites.  At the time I didn't know what PAS was, but my former spouse could be the poster child.  I know exactly what happens when women interfere with custody arrangements and the lengths they will go to too deny your visitation rights.

I think we should pick 2 to 4 main issues to push to the forefront in a concerted & combined effort to educate the public, the judiciary and our legislatures.

Of course I really would like for you and anyone else to continue to contribute and speak your mind!

Thank you!
Main / Re: Texas Justice
Mar 30, 2007, 06:48 PM
I feel bad for the guy who was murdered because of her lies...but otherwise...all I can say is out friggin' standing for the state of Texas doing the right thing.
I am starting this thread on the advice of Dr. E.  This is a very rough draft that I worked on this afternoon as a starting point.  I hope that anyone who is interested will add their thoughts and comments so we can all help the MRA causes move forward.

Here is my first draft: (sorry it is hard to read; the formatting was lost when I pasted the text)

Outline For A Plan Of Action For MRA Groups - [Draft 1]

1.)   Gather representatives from different MRA and MRA affiliated groups and persons.  A specialized online forum would be the best place to begin.
a.   Each representative should make then submit a comprehensive list of what they believe to be MRA issues.  Include all issues large and small.  Each representative should order their list by priority.
i.   Compile the different lists into a master list
ii.   Review master list for additional ideas than can be included.
b.   Prioritize the issues.  For example: long vs. short term goals, priorities that should be listed as urgent (i.e. custody & men's' health) and by those most likely to sway public opinion.
c.   Create and develop a business plan.

2.)   Define how the committee/group/forum will be named, formed and run.
a.   Will this group run formally using Roberts' Rules of Order, informally, or have other semi-formal procedures that will be agreed upon?
b.   Define voting procedures (at a minimum)
i.   Simple majority to pass (greater than 50% vote) vs. super majority to pass (generally 2/3 or vote)
ii.   Define how to break a tied vote.
iii.   Losing parties in a vote agree to back the majority.
c.   Tax free organization 501(3)c?
d.   Will this be a committee that runs independently from each of the MRA groups?  Will the individual MRA groups fall under this committee to create a large over-all organization?

3.)   Finances
a.   Treasury and Treasurer
i.   How will control and accounting of the money be handled?
1.   Trust fund? Standard bank account?
a.   Who and how many people will have access?
b.   1, 2 or more people require to authorize and sign checks?
2.   Who and how will supply purchasing be handled?
b.   Fund raising efforts
i.   Will each individual MRA group contribute financial resources?
1.   Fixed percentage or other to be determined amount?
2.   Define what kind of fund raising efforts to use.
a.   Online donations
b.   Community fund raising such a car wash
c.   Ask family friendly groups and churches

4.)   Goals
a.   Plan and define goals and how to effectively approach each goal.
b.   How will a goal be defined as being completed?
c.   How much flexibility to pursue the goal?
d.   Flexibility to change goals if current events dictate (i.e. a father makes the national headlines attracting attention to another goal on our list.)
e.   Will we use PAC and/or lobbyists?

5.)   Alliances with non MRA groups.
a.   Can we align with non MRA groups that can help our cause?  Should we even consider this?
i.   Family friendly religious groups
ii.   Corporations and businesses
Pentium 4:  Ok, perhaps I am being dense or mis-understanding what you said, but the quote in the article that I used in my last reply to you where NOW & Legal Momentum are suing the Dept. Of Health & Human Services sure looks like they are opposed to the program being for men only instead of being for women only as is the usual case.  I am not saying that NOW supports the program
Pentium 4:  How does NOW appose it?  Here is a direct quote from the article: "NOW and Legal Momentum, another advocacy group, filed complaints yesterday with the Department of Health and Human Services alleging sex discrimination in the initiative that is funding about 100 programs this year."
Perhaps we should help NOW, et. al. get exactly what they want....make sure the public sees them screaming that everyone should have 'equal' access to government funds ....then sue them for the Billions of $$$ that goes to woman only programs.  Justice anyone?    :angel4:
Main / Re: My Introduction to you all....
Mar 29, 2007, 12:11 PM
TMOTS: I won't be able to make it because I will be in one of those war-torn countries on the other side of the planet.  Hint: It's not Iraq, it's the 'other' place.  I will have limited internet access (none of which is reliable or fast).  I expect to  spend most of my time to completing the job as quickly as possible and keeping my head down.  I am a firm believer that those who take the high risks deserve the high rewards.  Why should a clerk who sits around all day polishing her nails, gossiping and goes home a 5pm every day deserve to make the same amount as I do?  I know that is not the case today, but I believe that is what the Feminists are pushing for.  I understand that something similar is happening today in the UK.

I want to help the MRA movement, however I believe I must stay as much on the sidelines as possible while still providing as much support as I can.  Even after 15 years, I am still concerned about what my former spouse (I won't dignify her by calling her a wife) will do if she finds out that I am working on the side of Men and Justice again.  I know perfectly well what that creature is capable of and what she has done in the past.  She is one of those rabid feminist/woman first people that everyone speaks about.

Dr. E: With the condition that I have outlined above (I wish to remain as anonymous as possible), please let me know what I can do to help.
$5Million?  That's simply not enough money to make up for having your life ruined, being thrown in jain, losing your property and losing a child to the stress.  I think he needs to add another zero to that figure.  Perhaps his wife could sue for 'emotional stress' and for the loss of their child.
Main / Re: My Introduction to you all....
Mar 28, 2007, 09:13 PM
Dr. E,

I like reading your work, but you and johndias in his earlier reply to this post highlight my point.  John Dias is working at the state level with the California Alliance for Families and Children (CAFC) and pursuing his admirable, but narrow State goal.  And you just sent me the link for that says this years topic will be about 'Boys and the Boy Crisis'.  You have a great line-up of speakers and you are planning to discuss another admirable topic, but where are the planning and strategy sessions?  Where are the 'Media & Public Awareness' campaigns to precede and attract attention to the conference? Do we really want to fight injustice in every state, locality and back-water town, or should we focus on the Federal laws and statutes that affect us across every state and local boundary?

Discussion of MRA relevant topics is fine and should be done, but who are we trying to educate?  Ourselves?  Shouldn't such a gathering as this be used to educate the public and plan a way to further the overall MRA goals?  Maybe this topic will be discussed at this meeting and I didn't see that point at the website.  I hope that is the case!

As for me attending this conference, unfortunately I will not be able to attend.  Like Gonzo, I am self-employed and thus will be outside of the good ol' USA for several months starting April 2nd.  The life of a Defense Contractor (ok, I am a sub-contractor!) can be interesting to say the least.  This is why I said I am willing commit real Dollars to a coordinated effort.  I feel that anything less than a coordinated effort would be like throwing good money after bad.
Main / Re: My Introduction to you all....
Mar 28, 2007, 08:06 PM
While I agree that a lobbyist or PAC would be good, what I am basically trying to say is that I would like to see the various MRA groups pool some of their funds and fund-raising efforts to support common causes.  I just don't feel that, as small as each of the MRA groups are, we would be very effective if they try to pursue the MRA causes on an individual basis.  At this time MRA groups simply do not have the funds and political backing that any one of the various feminist groups can muster.  Remember: United we stand, divided we fall.  Unfortunately, I don't see much unity in the mens' movement.

In my vision, I would like to see some sort of Alliance/Counsel/Committee/ form from the various MRA groups to get together to decide upon a rational strategy and course of action.  Something like a business plan with long and short term goals spelled out.  Gentlemen (and Ladies!  :sunny:) I do not believe we will get anywhere the way things are currently being done.  I am confident that we, as decent people, can set aside our small differences and egos to show NOW and their ilk what good men can do once we set our minds on a definitive goal.

I, for one, will gladly contribute financial and other support to such an Alliance.  Who here will do the same?  Those of us who have recovered from our earlier divorce losses; can we not contribute to this cause instead of purchasing another Toy?  Another Gadget?  Another Overseas Vacation?  Are we so selfish that we won't fight for justice?  Will we just squabble amongst ourselves while the Feminists cackle and plot further selfish, 'Woman First' initiatives?

Wow, sorry, I hope I am not coming off to strong in my initial posts....but I truly do feel it is time to 'get er done'.
Main / My Introduction to you all....
Mar 28, 2007, 04:37 PM
Hello everyone!

I just realized that I have posted a couple replies to another topic without first introducing myself! I have been reading this website and several related websites for the past several months and been involved with MRA issues since 1992 (The organization was called The National Organization for Men and Children back then).  Back then I was primarily concerned with equal custody rights though I have expanded my personal scope to encompass the entirety of MRA issues.

I have decided to become more active because I believe MRA issues can come to the forefront during the coming months if we (the MRA groups & factions) come together and focus on one or two of the most important issues to MRA's during this election cycle.  I personally would like to see some fund and awareness raising efforts being conducted in a targeted and effective way.  Is anyone working on something like this now?

Well, anyway, I hope I am able to contribute to this and other groups.

Thank you!
Wow, all the old military guys here.....I was with the 8/101 out of Ft. Campbell during GW1.  Maybe the military gave us a different perspective about women?  I know I certainly won't date an AW again....  :)
Hi, I am new here, but I have been reading the forums for the past several months...  I just wanted to add my 2 cents that I also saw nearly every female (enlisted and officer) prostituting themselves in GW1.  Even the married ones.