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Main / Farewell
Jun 28, 2006, 05:25 PM
I have enjoyed being a member on the SYG board, and have learned a lot.

In real life, I must frequently compromise in relationships and at work to keep things on track, but I chose to not to compromise intellectual integrity on the Internet.

I did make a provocative statement trying to get people to think about the situation from a different angle, and feel the statement was accurate and true.

I challenge everyone on the board, and the world for that matter, to estimate how many marriages would occur if men did not have a sex drive.  How many women would get married if men could not provide resources or children?

I think it an honest person's answer would be NEAR ZERO, which a reasonable person could then say "none".  Thus it is fair to state that an asset women bring to a marriage is sexual services.  I also think it is odd that when a woman leaves a relationship, courts have little trouble in extracting financial resources from a man, and fail to factor what the man is losing.

I asked Dr. Evil to reconsider his warning and he chose to stand fast and then threatened me with expulsion.  I have reread my original post and think it is provocative, but accurate and true.  

When I discover that I am wrong, I am quick to take ownership of the mistake.  In this instance, I have thought it over and stand by my original post.

Respecting Dr. Evils right to manage his board, and my to obligation to intellectual integrity, I will be leaving the board.

Best wishes to all, and keep up the good work.  Please continue to seek the truth and share valuable information.

You can reach me at [email protected].  Feel free to send links to intellectually rigorous boards (like SYG) that cover men's issues.

John P.

Original post (spell checked this time):
a father should be able to deduct what he spends directly on his children.

It would really burned my butt to be giving money to a woman in that circumstance.

One disadvantage a man has is that his "assets" can easily be separated from him. Taking money as a form of compensation, or penalty has a long historical standing.

The two main "assets" a woman traditionally brings to a marriage is not separable from her - vigina and domestic services.

It is not woman bashing. I just stated the fact that traditionally a woman provides sex and domestic services. A man traditionally provides financial support. When a relationship ends, the man's contribution is easily separated from him, while the same is not true for a woman.

Furthermore - in most cases courts give the children to the mother. It is my impression that traditionally the children were viewed as belonging to the father (example - why do the children carry the father's family name?).

I find it odd that when a relationship ends, society sees an ongoing obligation on the part of the man even though the woman walks away with all of the assets. The man is left without his children, sexual services, domestic services, and a child support bill.

Please retract your warning.
Please follow the link so she will know that she is being read.

You must read the entire article.  I started to bold the "good" parts, then realized the entire article is "good" parts.

Sex, lies and prison
May 3, 2006
by Kathleen Parker

For the past six months, I've been staring at a 30-pound box filled with court documents and what's left of a young man's life following one college night and a 5- to 15-second disputed sex act.

That is, 5 to 15 seconds into the act of sexual intercourse, she said, "Stop."

He stopped immediately.

Thus, before his 23rd birthday, Rich Gorman of Orlando, Fla., was locked behind bars in the Liberty Correctional Institute near Tallahassee, serving a five-year sentence for sexual battery.

One minute a junior at Florida State University majoring in business/computer systems, the next a prison inmate labeled a sex offender.

I've hesitated to write about the case because all such cases are complex, as we've been reminded the past several weeks by the rape case at Duke University. Gorman's case bears little resemblance to the Duke episode, except that both involve youth and alcohol, a toxic combination in the sexual arena of he said/she said.

The moral of Gorman's story, which can't be proved or disproved in this limited space, is that boys and men accused of rape have little hope of reclaiming the life they once knew, regardless of whether they're guilty or innocent.

Any objective person reading through the testimony and depositions from Gorman's case would wonder how he landed in prison.

The "victim," whom we'll call Chastity, contradicted herself and changed her story several times - all documented in the box at my feet. She was drinking and making out with Gorman earlier in the evening.

She also went willingly into his apartment on the night in question, and this is key. She initially told police that she was pulled struggling from the car and dragged into his apartment, where she was raped. When she was told that parking lot cameras might have captured her going into the apartment, she changed her story, admitted that she wasn't forced, and that she walked voluntarily into the apartment.

My suspension of skepticism ends right there, but there's much more, including a prior rape claim by the "victim" at another college a few years earlier. Same victim, same scenario, except that she recanted in that case, saying she wasn't sure it was a rape because she was drunk. All the preceding was ruled inadmissible during Gorman's trial thanks to rape shield laws.

Again, I'm unable to do justice to the many questionable details of this case. Instead, let's focus on Gorman's nightmare, and what potentially can happen to any male who has sex with a female in the current sexual climate of virgins and demons.

After the sexual encounter - that is, after Gorman stopped when Chastity said, "Stop" - Gorman drove her back to campus and dropped her near her dorm. Chastity immediately called a male friend, who urged her to file a police report. In those next few hours, Rich Gorman's life was being unraveled while he slept.

He awoke to police at the door. Within hours, Gorman was charged with sexual battery and locked up. Within days, he was suspended from his college and his fraternity. Within weeks, his family was devastated, financially strapped, and hell was waiting around the corner.

Gorman went to trial twice in Tallahassee. The first, in February 2005, ended with a hung jury. The second, in June 2005, went so badly for the prosecution that Chastity's lawyers offered Gorman a plea bargain the night before the verdict: 12 months probation, no prison.

But Gorman, his parents and attorneys were so convinced of a not-guilty verdict that they passed on the plea bargain. When the jury issued a guilty verdict, the judge ordered lawyers for both sides to come up with a new plea agreement less than the mandatory 8.9 years.

To his great regret, Gorman signed off on the agreement, which also included waivers prohibiting his seeking any post-conviction relief, including raising claims of ineffective counsel.

Thus, until Gorman is 37 years old, he will be on probation, possibly under curfew, and will have to live under sex offender restrictions until he's at least 47.


Before going to trial, Gorman reconnected with his high school sweetheart. They have a 9-month-old baby girl and hope to marry under more normal circumstances.

Before going to sleep the same night she allegedly was raped, Chastity spent the night and every night thereafter for several months with the male friend she called that night, according to depositions. Within a week of the alleged rape, she was back out partying with friends.

Two lives, two very different outcomes.

Gorman, a regular college Joe, a good student and a good son, lives behind bars for having sex with a gal he thought was willing.

Chastity, whom I only know through her testimony and depositions, may have been a regular college Jane. But she also had a record of finding herself in situations she later regretted. She also apparently had a drug problem.

In February 2004, a year before Gorman's first trial, her father took her out of school and installed her in rehab for a cocaine addiction, according to the father's deposition. Chastity refused to stay longer than three days.

One life goes on. The other is ruined.

Five seconds - or 15 - is all it takes.

Kathleen Parker is a popular syndicated columnist and director of the School of Written Expression at the Buckley School of Public Speaking and Persuasion in Camden, South Carolina.

Please follow the link so Kathleen knows that she is being read.

Dads are the awesome-est
Jun 16, 2006
by Kathleen Parke

We've reached an odd place in Western history when a case has to be made for fatherhood, but here we are.

I'm a shameless "Daddy's girl" even though I'm well past the age of a "girl" and "Daddy" is 10 years in the grave. I'm even past grieving at this point and struggle sometimes to bring his face into focus.

What I have no trouble recalling is the power of his influence in my life and the utter impossibility of imagining a childhood without him. It's not that he was perfect - who is? - but he was mine. And because my mother died young, he was mostly mine for much of my childhood.

This particular happenstance is probably what led me to become a champion of fathers. If my father had died young instead of my mother, maybe I'd be a champion of motherhood, but I doubt it for this simple reason: Motherhood doesn't need a champion.

The sanctity of motherhood is intact and manifest, as irrefutable as the umbilical bond between mother and child. Fatherhood is something less certain. Until the advent of DNA to prove paternity, fatherhood was a bond of faith founded in trust.

She says, "The baby's yours."

He says, "I will be his father."

Unlike women, who know with inescapable certainty that they are the parent of their own child, men have had to place their faith in the integrity of their sexual partner. Thus, fatherhood was a voluntary commitment, a quintessential offering of self-sacrifice and surrender to mother and child.

His selfish interest, of course, was tied to his wish to propagate and protect his own bloodline. Even so, sticking around requires a leap of faith that borders on the mystical.

It's really rather sweet when you think about it - man surrendering his less laudable nature, tamping down his more natural inclination to play Johnny Appleseed in order to mow grass on weekends and patch skinned knees for the added privilege of working hard for little credit.

Fathers, in a word, are awesome.

Things have shifted a bit in recent years, you may have noticed, and "awesome" isn't a word you hear much in describing men, unless you've got some little moon-faced twit gaping at a guy's pecs or the angle of his jeans. More often they're deadbeats, losers, rapists, murderers and abusers. Oh, and idiots. Name a TV dad who can tie his shoes without assistance from his far-smarter wife or kid.

Fathers aren't only morons, they're expendable.

Today's women - armed with degrees and checkbooks, not to mention easy access to sperm banks - enjoy the social freedom to have children with or without dear ol' dad counting contractions and are increasingly opting out of the paperwork. Gone is any shame associated with having children out of wedlock.

For a visual aid, picture Angelina Jolie - goddess/mother toting her collection of global offspring with unwed Brad-Dad in tow, shuffling along like a bashful Sherpa. You get the feeling he's a bit player in the larger narrative, a cameo father with a little "f." How long before mother becomes bored with the father she thus far hasn't bothered to marry?

Obviously, celebrities occupy a demographic all their own, and celebs of Jolie-Pitt status dwell in a niche apart. Who else gets to shut down a country while they give birth? But the broader celebration of these faux-unions and love-babies creates a new storyline that trickles down to the street and gets re-enacted by the un-celebs and lesser actors among us.

Advice to Jolie wannabes: If you're going to have babies outside of marriage, it's best to have a few millions stashed in el banco. Barring that, it's best to have a father who cares that his offspring are more than the result of a random sprint around the fallopian track.

To say that children want, need and deserve to have a father seems as unnecessary as insisting that they want, need and deserve oxygen. How did we arrive at not knowing this?

That some marriages aren't good enough to preserve is understood and regrettable. But why we would willingly fashion a society in which men are denigrated and fathers minimized like some useless icon is a mystery that escapes me.

The even greater mystery is that men continue to sign up for the job, to sublimate themselves to the higher charge of being a father even in the face of a culture that belittles them. That's what fathers do, of course: take the grief and keep on keeping on.

Which is why we love them.

Kathleen Parker is a popular syndicated columnist and director of the School of Written Expression at the Buckley School of Public Speaking and Persuasion in Camden, South Carolina.

Pentagon: U.S. death toll in Iraq reaches 2,500
Announcement comes as U.S.-led forces launch Baghdad security crackdown

MSNBC News Services
Updated: 57 minutes ago
BAGHDAD, Iraq - The number of U.S. military deaths in Iraq has reached 2,500, the Pentagon said Thursday, more than three years into a conflict that finds U.S.-led forces locked in a struggle with a resilient insurgency.

In addition, the Pentagon said 18,490 U.S. troops have been wounded in the war, which began in March 2003 with a U.S.-led invasion to topple President Saddam Hussein. Tens of thousands of Iraqis have been killed.

This week, about 50,000 Iraqi troops, supported by more than 7,000 U.S.-led forces, launched a security crackdown in Baghdad aimed at putting further pressure on militants.

Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has promised the crackdown would not target any ethnic or sectarian group.

He has also opened the door for talks with insurgents opposed to the country's political process, but he said any negotiations would exclude terrorist groups.

DOUGLASVILLE, Georgia (AP) -- A 37-year-old woman who married one of her son's 15-year-old friends pleaded guilty to helping her young husband escape from state custody.

Lisa Clark was sentenced Wednesday to two years in jail and three years' probation after entering the plea to two counts of hindering the apprehension of a child.

Clark had denied having anything to do with the boy's escape in February after she had given birth to their child. The boy bolted from a juvenile home and was found in Cleveland.

Assistant District Attorney Jeff Ballew said Clark arranged with a friend to hide the boy in Ohio.

In March, Clark pleaded guilty to charges of statutory rape and was sentenced to nine months in jail. She was also forbidden to have any contact with her teenage husband until at least his 17th birthday.

Clark was arrested in November. A few days earlier, she married the boy under a 1962 law that set the marrying age in Georgia at 16 but made an exception in the case of pregnancy.

Last month, Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a bill that bans teens under 16 from tying the knot. The new law allows 16- or 17-year-olds to wed with the approval of a parent or guardian and a probate judge.

The couple's child is now in the custody of a friend of Clark's.

Copyright 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.
Did anybody watch Baghdad ER Sunday?  The show was about the US Army hospital in Baghdad, Iraq.

It was sad to see all of those wounded men, and the show was pretty graphic with footage of wounds and amputations.

There were two things that I took away from that show:

1) The bravery and dedication of our men in uniform.  These men were disciplined and strong as they lie on a hospital gurney with holes in their bodies.  There was very little crying or moaning.

2) All but one of the wounded soldiers were men.  The one woman had a minor wound and had a small sliver of metal removed from her scalp.  

The men on the other hand had holes in their bodies and shattered limbs.  Several times the camera showed a medical technician throwing mangled arms or legs into a bio hazard bag for disposal.

Footage of the medical technicians zipping up a body bag and wheeling a man's dead body to the morgue was not uncommon.

My questions are:
-Why are there no protests for sexual equality?  Where is the national outrage?
-Why are so many men being killed or suffering from broken bodies?
-Is this not the 21st century and the age of equality?
-Are men disposable?  It the value of a man's life that much less than a woman's?

link to HBO
Main / The feminist complaint festival
Apr 25, 2006, 07:33 AM

The feminist complaint festival
Apr 25, 2006
by Carrie Lukas

April is a beautiful month in Washington DC: blooming trees line the streets, gardens erupt with colorful tulips, and people open windows to welcome the warm air. It's a season for optimism. Unless, of course, you are a part of the liberal feminist movement. For the feminists, April is a season for complaining.

Martha Burk, President of the National Council of Women's Organizations, began the month celebrating her own spring tradition--protesting the PGA Masters' tournament in Augusta, Georgia. This year's protest was tame in comparison to her past media-hyped events. She published the obligatory op-ed and press release denouncing Augusta National Gulf Club's male-only membership policy and threatening companies (like Exxon) that support the tournament. Fans cheering Phil Mickelson's victory were none the wiser.  

But the real feminist complaint festival begins on Tuesday April 25th. To feminists, it's Equal Pay Day, a pseudo-holiday when National Organization for Women and National Council of Women's Organizations lament the disparity between men's and women's wages. Feminists groups claim that the first four months of the year were spent making up for last year's gap. On April 25, women have finally earned as much as men in 2005.

There's one problem with Equal Pay Day--the premise is bogus. Department of Labor data confirms that the median wage of a full-time working woman is three-quarters of that of a full-time working man, but like too many statistics, this fact ignores more than it reveals. This data doesn't account for relevant factors such as occupation, experience  and educational attainment.

Feminists may not like it, but the evidence shows that women's choices--not discrimination--cause wage gap. Warren Farrell -- a former board member of the National Organization for Women's New York chapter -- identifies 25 decisions that individuals make when choosing jobs in his book, Why Men Earn More. Women, he finds, are much more likely to make decisions that increase their quality of life, but decrease their pay.  

Most people understand that many women often take time out of the workforce to care for family members, particularly young children. Even women who work full-time log fewer hours in the office on average than full-time working men. It is common sense that a worker who remains employed continually is going to make more than someone who drops out of the workforce for several years.  

Working less is just one of the decisions women make that results in less take-home pay. Women also avoid dangerous jobs (more than nine in ten occupational deaths occur among men) and jobs that place them outdoors in the elements. Women are less willing than men to move for a job or travel frequently. Dr. Farrell's book provides a roadmap for how individual women can increase their earnings, by making different choices, including working more hours in the office, assuming more risks or relocating for a job.  

It's important for women to recognize these tradeoffs. Women who hear the feminists' rhetoric on Equal Pay Day may feel exploited. But before embracing the victim myth, they should consider how their choices have affected their careers. Most women will find that their decisions have been made based on many factors. Women care about financial compensation. But they also consider the number of hours in the office, whether the work is personally fulfilling, and the convenience of the workplace.

Men place a higher priority on pay than women when assessing a job. Why do feminist join men in fixating on this one aspect of work life? Why should we assume that men have the right priorities? Instead of urging women to act more like men, feminist ought to celebrate the choices that women make, including the choice to forgo income in favor of more time with family or jobs that are personally rewarding.

I'm partially to blame for the income gap. I've chosen a less-lucrative career that allows me to work from home while I care for my infant daughter. But you won't see that in the statistics: when feminists look at the data, I'm simply a full-time worker who is not making as much as she could.    

I'm not a victim. I'm just someone who has made choices that make the most sense for my personal situation. And unlike the feminists, I'm not complaining.

Carrie Lukas is the director of policy at the Independent Women's Forum, a partner organization, and the author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Women, Sex, and Feminism.
Main / The superstition of equality
Apr 24, 2006, 11:23 AM
The superstition of equality
Apr 24, 2006
by Jennifer Roback

All societies must have their myths and superstitions, I suppose. Society enforces belief in the Myth, even though intelligent people know it isn't true. All for the greater social good, naturally. See if you can guess which modern myth I am thinking of.

Larry Summers famously lost his job for denying it. MIT professor Nancy Hopkins practically swooned at the mere mention of a challenge to this Myth. And now, Bush administration officials are contemplating new attempts to enforce the Myth.

The Myth of course, is that men and women have identical aptitudes for math and science, and the gender disparities in these fields reflect discrimination. The modern superstition is that if the government could just have enough enforcement power in enough different areas, we could wipe out the differences in male and female participation in math and hard sciences. The further superstition is that eliminating these disparities would improve the quality of women's lives.

Main / This wife was a real gem!
Apr 19, 2006, 01:52 PM
Boy, she was an understanding and supportive wife

E-mail: Wife wanted to 'pummel' slain millionaire
Lawyer says woman not involved in Greenwich slaying

Wednesday, April 19, 2006; Posted: 2:54 p.m. EDT (18:54 GMT)

Police investigate the murder of Andrew Kissel at his home in Greenwich, Connecticut.

STAMFORD, Connecticut (AP) -- The estranged wife of a millionaire developer found slain this month in his home fantasized in an e-mail last year about "pummeling him to death."

But her lawyer said Tuesday she was only venting her frustrations over her husband's extensive legal and other troubles.

No one has been charged in the death of Andrew Kissel, found slain April 3 in the basement of his rented home.

On Tuesday, the attorney for Hayley Kissel, who sent the e-mail, said that she was not involved, and Greenwich police have said she has cooperated in their investigation.

The e-mail exchange between Hayley Kissel and her husband's sister, dated May 2005, was obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press. It was also sent to police.

"Do you know last night in bed I could actually see myself pummeling him to death and just enjoying the sensation of each and every shot and then this morning as I pulled out of the garage ... all I wanted to do was crash into his two Ferraris," Hayley Kissel wrote in the e-mail to Jane Clayton.

Kissel's attorney, Nathan Dershowitz, would not confirm the details of the e-mail but did not dispute its contents.

He said she was upset and frustrated because she had just learned that her husband was accused of multimillion-dollar real estate fraud in New York. (aka, she was pissed because the gravy train was coming to a stop)

"She had nothing to do with his death," Dershowitz said. "If she had any thought, you don't do an e-mail to your sister-in-law. I don't think anyone views these e-mails as anything but venting."

Andrew Kissel, 46, was found bound and stabbed to death just a few days before he was scheduled to plead guilty in federal court to fraud. Police have said there was no sign of forced entry but have refused to discuss a possible motive or suspects.

Police have said that Hayley Kissel, who had been seeking a divorce, was among those interviewed and was cooperative. (que song - stand by your man...)

William Kissel, Andrew's father, has rejected speculation that his son -- facing possible prison time -- hired someone to kill him so his children could collect millions in insurance. (Interesting - I thought all men were selfish bastards - why would anyone speculate that a man would commit suicide via hit man so his kids could get the insurance money?)

He said Tuesday that the e-mail concerned him. "People don't verbalize things like this," he said. "The e-mail speaks for itself."

Andrew Kissel was the brother of Robert Kissel, who died three years ago in Hong Kong when his wife, Nancy, fed him a strawberry milkshake laced with poison and bludgeoned him to death with a statue. (wow - these brothers can really pick 'em)

In divorce papers filed in February, Hayley Kissel accused her husband of being a belligerent alcoholic who had defrauded her and sought to have him removed from their home.  (I wonder who paid for "their" home?)

Hayley Kissel's e-mail exchanges with her sister-in-law, peppered with expletives, began May 22, 2005. Among her statements were "GOD I HATE YOUR BROTHER" and "Sorry, just had to vent."

"You ok?" Clayton responded.

"I am ok," Kissell responded a day later, adding, "He is just such an awful awful pathetic person" and other comments, according to the document. (I wonder how she felt about him prior to the fraud indictments and the gravy train jumping off the tracks.)

She complained that her husband had shirked his responsibility to his family. (Translated - men have obligations and women have privileges)  

After writing that she could pummel him, she complained that her husband had put "this stupid pole in the garage" to stop her from hitting the Ferraris, she wrote, according to the document. (somehow it is his fault that she cannot park)

"Do you know that I intentionally bang into the thing everytime I park in the garage as an act of defiance." (a really productive passive aggressive method of problem solving - she has no responsibility for protecting the family assets)

Assistant Education Secretary for Civil Rights Stephanie Monroe has announced that the administration of President George W. Bush is investigating universities that have fewer women in science and math programs than feminists would like. We are more than five years into the Bush presidency, but it appears that former President Bill Clinton's feminist policies are still in force.

Is Bush a feminist, or is he just a gentleman who is intimidated by feminists and unable to cope with their unreasonable demands, tantrums and rudeness? When it comes to public policy and personnel appointments, the result is the same.

The gender police have already ruined college sports for many men, forcing the senseless elimination of 171 wrestling teams to reduce the overall proportion of men to women on college athletic teams. Fresh from that attack on masculinity, the new target is math and science departments.

Rush to judgment at Duke
Apr 14, 2006
by Kathleen Parker

"We don't know all the facts about the alleged Duke lacrosse rape, but ..."

That's more or less how most commentators have introduced their remarks on the case that has reduced the Durham, N.C., community to prayers, tears and recriminations.

Let me interpret the code for you: Men are bad.

Even though we don't know what happened, we're not going to let the absence of facts interfere with our indictment of a team, a coach, a school, but more to the point - of boys.

About the only thing to emerge with any clarity since a black exotic dancer claimed that three white lacrosse players raped her last month is our willingness to believe the worst about males.

That belief is all the more rewarding if the males happen to be white, as well as athletes, and especially if they're perceived to be privileged. If there's one thing we can't bear in this country, it's spoiled white boys who think the world owes them a good time.

I'm not about to impugn the reputation of the woman in question or to disbelieve entirely her story. She left four red-painted fingernails in the party house where the alleged rape took place, corroborating at least part of her story.

And, despite negative DNA tests indicating that none of the team's players had sexual intercourse with the woman, the Durham County district attorney is expected to produce at least one indictment, possibly as soon as Monday when the grand jury is scheduled to convene.

Probably no one gets a citizenship award in this case, based on the facts we do know. Something happened in that house on the night in question about which, apparently, no one is proud. The team's silence and the coach's sudden resignation all contribute to the sense that something untoward took place, if perhaps something less than the alleged gang rape.

That said, it is unsurprising in these bilious times that an athletic team, some of whose members could face very serious charges, would opt for silence, most likely on the advice of attorneys. A mob formed almost instantaneously to condemn the lacrosse players, and, as history has taught us, once a mob gets a whiff of blood, nothing but blood will do.

Whatever transpires in the days and months ahead, what's most stunning isn't the revelation that a group of young men, lubricated by testosterone and brew, might become sexually aroused by a woman displaying her wares, but that we assume without evidence that they acted on their basest instincts.

The idea that males can't control themselves and that females can't be blamed - ever for anything - has been taking shape in the culture for the past several decades and now is firmly embedded in the zeitgeist. Reaction to Duke's sad chapter is but the inevitable full flowering of the anti-male seeds planted a generation ago.

Thus, we need little prompting to assume that where there's a guy, there's a potential rapist; where there's an athlete, there's seething brute force; where there's an SUV, there's a privileged, gluttonous, imperialistic brat who deserves to be found guilty, even if he isn't.

These biases have been on display the past couple of weeks, vividly so in an op-ed by North Carolina author Alan Gurganus, writing for Sunday's New York Times.

Joining the chorus of commentators who clearly found the rape charge believable if unproven, Gurganus set the stage for class resentment with key phrases like "glamorous boarding-school sports" and "wealthy young people," and highlighted other details to suggest that these are probably bad boys.

"Of the 40 or so players required to give DNA samples, nearly one-third showed previous arrests for underage drinking and public urination," he wrote.

That pounding you hear is the sound of nails being driven into the hangman's gallows. Everybody knows, after all, that there's just a wink and a six-pack's difference between drinking and tinkling outdoors and gang-raping a stripper.

While we wait to hear what the grand jury decides, we might turn our harsh judgment inward and recognize that the anti-male groupthink that permitted a presumption of guilt in Durham is little different than the lynch-mob mentality that once channeled rage against blacks.

Obviously, no woman deserves to be raped for any reason, under any circumstances. But nor do men deserve to be presumed guilty just because they're men.
I saw a statistic that 89% of the illegal alien workers from Mexico are male.  This statistic is from a news article.  Does anyone have a more authoritative source?  I checked the Boarder Patrol website, but all the searches result in organizational propaganda news articles.

Well here is my feminist spin on that single statistic - I think I am getting pretty good at this because it is a recipe I have noticed frequently doing research to debunk a feminist claim:

This is my story, and I am sticking to it!

Tens of thousands of Mexican men are shirking their duties at home and as so typical - leaving the drudgery of housework to the exploited women in their lives.  

These men cavalierly go north on an adventure to traipse around the beautiful United States like an international tourist.  

While the woman painstakingly sweeps the floor at home, her man is strolling through the desert.  While she struggles with laundry all by her self, the man is cavorting with tour guides (with the cutesy moniker of "Coyote").  While the Mexican woman at home deals with the mind numbing boredom of cooking yet another meal, her man is enjoying the variety of picking lettuce, and then broccoli, and then artichokes.  The woman at home has to deal with unruly children, while her man enjoys the stimulating camaraderie from the nine other men sharing the one bedroom apartment.

On top of all this injustice, men have the gall to only send 75% of their income home!

This is so typical - women are left at home to rot, while the men are off having fun.
Main / Any happy stories out there?
Apr 04, 2006, 06:40 PM
Work has been stressful recently.  I am trying to find happy stories to relieve stress.  Has anything good or happy happed to any of y'all lately?
Main / Women control 65% of wealth?
Apr 03, 2006, 06:18 PM
Someone posted earlier that women control a large portion of the wealth in the US - I think the number was 65%.  The reference was from Forbes or Fortune magazine.

Can someone post a link to that reference?  I think it is a powerful stat to know and use.

Grasping for excuses when a woman murders?  It looks like this woman killed her husband and the press are grasping to find an excuse for her:
But experts say preachers' wives often struggle with depression and isolation, expected to be exemplars of Christian virtue while bearing unique pressures on their private and public lives.

By the way... I think the same thing can be said about the wives of politicians, corporate executives, senior military officers, and town big shots.

All leadership and high profile positions come with benefits and costs.
The feminist anti-kid crusade
Mar 5, 2006
by Carey Roberts

Call it one of those simple yet profound truths: only a father can help a boy become a man. And only a daddie can teach a girl about healthy male-female relationships.

BOSTON, Massachusetts (Reuters) -- Harvard University President Lawrence Summers was expected to resign this week after a turbulent five years of leading the prestigious school, The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

...sparked controversy last year when he said innate differences between men and women may help explain why so few women work in the academic sciences.
Main / Statistics on food and housing
Feb 19, 2006, 06:28 PM
I went to the BLS website and looked up the occupational statistics on agriculture and construction.  From these statistics I extrapolated the contribution by sex via the number of people employed in that industry.

The next time you sit down to a meal, or close the door behind you to keep out the bad weather consider the following:

Men produce 78% of the food we eat.

Men build 97% of our structures (houses, apartments, offices, stores, roads...)

While most people were celebrating or searching for love on Valentine's Day, groups of women throughout the country decided to forego this lovely holiday to talk about their vaginas.

Women have the choice to do this. I am thankful for that choice. But this choice to participate in The Vagina Monologues is the latest manifestation of feminism gone wrong in America. These "Vagina Warriors" have become those monsters, men, who they feared and hated for so long for exploiting women. They are their own worst enemy, objectifying and abusing themselves and other women.
Every once in a while the system gives justice to a man.  I wonder what the penalty is for "unlawful removing" of children?

LILLINGTON, N.C. - Two girls abducted more than six years ago were reunited with their father this week after they were found during a traffic stop, the     FBI said Friday.

Authorities have said the girls, ages 6 and 8 at the time of the abduction, were picked up by their mother, Joyce Linda Murray Steyne, and her brother, Stephen Kirk Murray, on Dec. 17, 1999, from their father's home.

Despite a court order, the girls were not returned, authorities said. A 16-year-old son also taken from the home was later found abandoned at a hotel in Roanoke Rapids.

The girls, whom the FBI did not identify by name, were found in a car during a traffic stop Thursday in Lillington when a law enforcement officer became suspicious and identified Steyne.

The FBI said Steyne, 45, is charged with removal of minor children in North Carolina in violation of a custody order and an unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. Authorities were still searching for Murray, the FBI said.