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We need a page where we can read about issues and sign a form that will automaticlly mail our representitives and senators or those that pertain to that issue. Then we could very quickly and easily make more an impact!

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Oct 29, 2007, 08:23 PM
I've been subjected to the feminist ideology by my mother very strongly. All my life I have heard how women are so mistreated. Being a male and naturally having a love for women I adopted these perspectives. As I grew up and grew older however. I noticed how all these views were so one sided and unfair. I noticed how so many of them do not account for anything of the men's perspective. How so much of it is so strongly sexist against men, and so oppressive to his nature.

As far as I know women are outragously aggrandized in the current moment in history. Men are treated with utter contempt and total hatred as a symbol and as a part of nature.

Anyhow I cannot write too much now but i'm glad to finnaly have a place to share my views. Women are very abusive and very cruel to men. I cannot believe what an uphill battle men face now, It's hard enough to vocalize what is going on inside, much less (or more) push for a political antidote.

I'm currently writing a book that is very very messy right now (allot of it is perhaps self serving thus needs revision), that analyzed men and women according to mystical symbols and Jungian concepts.
It is in it's very very rough disorganized state. But with sufficent time and care, and thanks to this network of websites (for discovery of the fact that other people actually might know a kind of manhood outside the slings of historical and cultural tyranny) I might indeed continue my isolated solitary journey up throught the infected muddy precipice, and work this thing out.

I'm a student of Community College Now, I plan to keep going. I don't know what i'm going to do with my life. But thinking about these issues and many others... and thinking and contemplation in general has been a almost obessive theme of my life.

I hope to find good friends and sharp open minds and passionate compassionate hearts here in this fourm - and thank god it exists.