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Main / Matriarchy
Nov 09, 2012, 05:20 PM
Main / Obama Militarized the Gender war
Nov 08, 2012, 09:16 PM
All males near drone strike sites are terrorists.
Main / Demonizing Testosterone again
Nov 08, 2012, 04:52 PM


Testosterone levels during early fetal development might program certain behaviors later in life, according to a new study that found high levels of the sex hormone in the womb might boost boys' impulsivity later on.

Researchers studied a group of boys ages 8 to 11 whose fetal testosterone had been measured from amniotic fluid when their mothers were 13-20 weeks pregnant.

Sex hormone levels, which increase during adolescence, are also heightened during critical periods of fetal brain development.

The boys in the study were shown pictures of negative (fearful), positive (happy), neutral, or scrambled faces while a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) machine tracked changes in their brain activity. In the boys who had higher levels of fetal testosterone, the brain's reward system was more responsive to positive, compared with negative, facial cues, the researchers found.

This suggests those boys have a greater proclivity for "approach-related behaviors," such as fun-seeking and impulsivity.

"This work highlights how testosterone in fetal development acts as a programming mechanism for shaping sensitivity of the brain's reward system later in life and for predicting later tendency to engage in approach-related behaviors," study researcher Michael Lombardo, of the University of Cambridge, said in a statement.

For males, such behaviors are often heightened in teenage years and are found in extremes in many psychiatric conditions, such as substance abuse, autism and even psychopathy, which tend to affect more men than women.

"These insights may be especially relevant to a number of neuropsychiatric conditions with skewed sex ratios and which affect approach-related behavior and the brain's reward system," Lombardo added. (Testosterone is present in low levels in females and the hormone substantially impacts sex differences between men and women.)

The study appears online this month in the journal Biological Psychiatry. John Krystal, editor of the journal, commented, "These remarkable data provide new evidence that hormonal exposures early in life can have lasting impact on brain function and behavior."

The war on men isn't winnable. The bias is to strong. The enemy is too cunning. Here is another unconscious feminist bias being propagated as science. It's even contradicted in the article itself, just read the bold lettering and see the contradiction.

So testosterone makes kids less prone to negativity therefore they are more impulsive?


Someone find a way on to these feminazi's site and post a whopper in the comments? They wont' let me register.

I've heard this statistic before and think it's very sad, it does seem like more men do this. If you recall, Xs' brother Y took his life two years ago. This circumstances surrounding his death ( and others I would think) have very little to do with politics and who is president and more to do with mental illness.

Since you look this information up I wonder if you know of any statistics that state more men suffer from mental illness? It doesn't seem like that would be true except for the statistic about  suicide you mentioned implies this. If it's true then society needs to do a better job detecting mental illness at the early stages so we can help these boys/men and save their lives.

My Response:

So you think men who kill themselves are mentally ill?

What if they are sick of living in a world which teaches they be feared and reviled, where all privileges go to women, and if anything goes to a man it's sexist? The pressures men are subjected to and how little we are appreciated are enough to make anyone want to die.

Ever heard of blaming the victim?

Seems when you assume there is something wrong with men when they suffer like you have right off the bat, that you have a bias against them, and generally think women are superior?

Am I right?

If that is the common attitude towards men:

1) That their suffering is meaningless they're just sick men
2) If they suffer it's because they are simply more flawed as they are male.

Not that:

Society subjugates and oppresses men to the point of suicide.

Main / And then they fight you...
Nov 04, 2012, 06:56 PM
I have been spending my own money putting up my own MRM fliers, stuff from AVFM, Save services, and my own messages.

Almost instantly they are torn down. Even by faculty.
Even got videos to prove it.

I Just put them back up. To me it's worth spending the money.

Now however they are fighting back, putting up "Womyn's Coalition" fliers, and talking about "Rape Culture"

I like how they sign their fliers:
"- a heterosexual male"

LOL. I'm glad they put that in there. It shows that they expect everyone to think only homosexuals and women are feminists.
I surround that flier with the AVFM equivalent on "Rape culture".  :greener:

But I don't rip down their fliers. nah. I think it's better they try to oppose me, cuz they look so fucking stupid.

Inevitably they just rip my fliers down, because they are scum, and need to be in jail, and if I catch them thats where they will go.

But i'm so glad i'm  :angryfire: them off. I hope they have a heart attack or explode.
Main / Beauty based in fertility
Oct 25, 2012, 10:18 PM

This thread has a collection of interesting articles on this topic.

Read an article some years ago, about how beauty is actually correlated with how fertile a woman is. I often wondered why people consider women beautiful, and men, not so much. I think men set the standards for female beauty by simply consulting with their own drives, that gets hammered into the culture so much that it become a common cultural standard. There are some variances but in general I think the common view of female beauty is strongly based in how men feel about certain women, when men like women they think they are beautiful. Women then learn that, and then they start thinking that it's a OBJECTIVE REALITY that they are beautiful, (not just a common feeling among men). But it's not.

It's also interesting to look at some of the so called "supermodels" and experience how utterly underwhelming they are. I think fertility is really the measure of beauty, and it doesn't matter if she is fat or thin, or has any of the petty measurements beauty experts think they understand. Often i've found the most unattractive women are the most decorated and pampered by the beauty experts, and pasted over product adds everywhere.

I also think this is the driving force behind female narcissism and lesbianism. The culture becomes overly standardized in courtship rituals and measures of beauty, women then think they ARE REALLY "all that", which men influence them to feel in order to win her heart. So men can no longer woo them because their self-image is so moon high and deluded, they really think it's a FACT that they ARE beautiful, it's not a compliment anymore, women take it for granted, that makes them narcissistic, then they loose interest in men and then feminism pushes them into lesbianism. Like is suggested by this article:

Beauty is a day to day measurement of chemistry, and waxes and wanes. There is no other reasonable explanation for what is considered beautiful and what isn't (outside of artistic preferences).


This proves my theory of the matrix true.  Men are disposible trash to be sacrificed when nations oppose eachother and conflict. The systematic murder of men is justified by the retoric of men being the instigator of conflict instead of the demands nations subjugate men to (namely the demands of the feminine). Therefore Ted Turner is happy men kill themselves because its their fault nations are at war. This is a feminist ideology: men deserve to die because they start wars.

Misandry and misanthropy.
Main / Effective MRA's inner game...
Oct 16, 2012, 01:02 PM
I know the way of doing things in society regard a certain level of social image and ego for social acceptance. I however consider that all phony and pretentious. I have the reverse philosophy. I suppose you could call it a "follow you heart" philosophy, which some may regard as feminine. But it is not the indulgence of unbridled lust and passions, it's the openness and sincerity you may be moved into when faced with a life crisis, or a spiritual revelation, an emergency or a psychedelic experience. That I try to maintain... a state of egoless surrender.

Lets face it life rarely gets as real, as it can be

I dislike it, I like to be totally vulnerable and defenseless to all that the world has to offer at any moment. While yes that makes one open to attack... (as it seems some of you have noticed in my recent post about my mother) it also makes one more able to respond decisively. I am not going to cower to the threats of weak people (such as feminists) by building walls and hiding behind them because they've laid a cunning trap for me to avoid and therefore prevent me from treading near (thereby claiming that territory).

I'm going to challenge them openly, naked in the rain, life or death.

The problem with men is that they are unwilling to sacrifice their ego for this cause.
They want to get laid, they want to have friends, they want a job, they want ppl to like them etc etc.
That is going to separate one's own interests of being an effective MRA and being in touch with one's self and soul, from the social rules of society that men must follow in order to live, mostly written by women.

You can't do both at the same time.

U think this guy cared about his ego?

Yet what was done to him is an image of misandry...

Now i'm just gonna stop there and see what ya'll think...
Listen to this tirade at me from my fucking bitch mother, this is in a response to the fact of me informing them of:

1) The oppression of male students at colleges (of which I am one of them) due to april 6 2011 "dear collegue" directive.
2) The closing of women's prisons and the increases of male penalties in relative to women in crime.
3) Various other facts about men's oppression:

NOBODY in my family gives 2 fucks about it. They even threaten me when I talk about it.

And this is the saucy shit my abusive mother responds with:

You are an intelligent, compassionate, appealing young man who has chosen to deny yourself normal friendships or even opportunities for love with women, simply because you are really angry.  I don't see how this is enriching your life in any way! I've said it before, women are not your enemy!  They would be your friends if you would allow it.  If you could see goodness and friendship in any female, they would return the favor, but you absolutely don't allow it.  I have witnessed it myself, the looks of rage when you see women laughing together, or even when male/female couples seem enjoying themselves in restaurants, or similar places, you seem desperate to leave that environment.  I don't get it.

I know you will have a sharp answer to everything that I've written, but my heart aches for the rejection I think you feel and have made a mission to return in kind.  I do not think it is the way to peace or happiness. Nonetheless, I still love you and hope you are doing well with your education.  

I told her repeatedly to stay out of my personal life and affairs, but every time I bring up men's oppression and rights she comes back with how much of a fucking loser I am... finally I threatened to inform the authorities of harassment if she kept this up. I really hate my worthless family. My mother is the most psychologically abusive person i've ever met. This is female paternal chauvinism ni plus ultra...

:angryfire: :angryfire: :angryfire:

She's a rotten bitch. And I think all women have this animus inside them.
Main / MRM pro gay?
May 23, 2012, 01:34 PM
Ok I guess im just now getting up to speed here... But would you characterize the MRM as mostly or entirely pro gay? I know Henry Makaw is not.

I suspect some on this fourm would by now understand my viewpoint on this.
Am I an outsider in the MRM?

Is the MRM pro gay? Because from the reponses on the latest artivcles at avfm and on this fourm discussing homosexuals it seems my homophobia is not welcome.
Main / Iceland
May 20, 2012, 10:38 PM
Apparently has a female Prime Minister, who changed from hetrosexual to homosexual, then legalized gay marriage...

Then recently apparently, there has been a jubilee, where much of the counteries debts were canceled by the government. Apparently a female uprising, then led to a democratic uprising, which voted a jubilee, and kicked the banksters out...

Hows that slice of reality taste?

Served by democrats will just be proof of female supremacy and lesbian divninty.

But i wonder if iceland is not being punished by God for allowing this homosexual into the higest level of government? I wonder if this Jubilee will work?

I must say a jubilee would be better for the people than the banks.

But this is already noted as a sacred chapter in homosexual history on websites.
How a lesbian saved a nation from testostrone.

Some call iceland thte most feminist cuntry in the world, female uprising, lesbian president, and then deliverance. Just sounds too good to be true. A Sappho's faerietale. Tidy little revolution led by women and then iceland is saved by its leftist lesbian soverign.. beautiful... now excuse me while I vomit.

Must be my womb envy getting the best of me...
Main / Jack the Ripper had Womb Envy ;)
May 10, 2012, 12:17 PM
A BIRMINGHAM author has caused a storm among historians by claiming Jack the Ripper was a WOMAN.

Former solicitor John Morris, 62, has named Welsh-born Lizzie Williams as the Whitechapel monster - and claims she killed her victims because she could not have children.

Lizzie was wife of royal physician Sir John Williams, himself seen as a prime suspect by many other crime experts.

John's new book, Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman, was written along with his late father Byron.

The men sifted through thousands of medical and legal documents to draw-up a compelling case for branding Lizzie the killer.

But John, speaking from his current home in Wicklow, Ireland, said their theory has not proved popular among Ripper experts.

He told the Birmingham Mail: "The case for a woman murderer is overwhelming. But unfortunately it does not sit well in some quarters where such a theory flies in the face of long-held beliefs.

"There's absolutely no doubt that the Ripper was a woman. But because everyone believes that the murderer was a man, all the evidence that points to a woman has always been ignored."

The Ripper struck five times during a blood-soaked ten weeks in 1888.

The victims - Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly - were all East End prostitutes. Three had their wombs removed, which John believes is significant.

He says Welshwoman Lizzie, born on February 7, 1850, was unable to have children and, in an unhinged state, took terrible revenge on those who could.

Coroner Wynne Baxter said at Annie Chapman's inquest: "The conclusion that the desire was to possess the missing (body) part seems overwhelming."

John also points to the facts:

n None of the women was sexually assaulted;

n Personal items were laid out at the feet of Chapman in, according to newspaper reports, 'a typically feminine manner';

n Three small buttons from a woman's boot were found in blood near Catherine Eddowes;

n Remnants of women's clothing - a cape, skirt and hat - were found in the ashes of Mary Kelly's fireplace. Mary had never been seen wearing them,

John believes there's a reason Mary Kelly was targeted - and why the killing spree ended with her death. Lizzie's husband, Sir John, who ran abortion clinics in Whitechapel, was having an affair with her.

The author added: "There are numerous clues scattered throughout the crimes which, taken individually, may mean little, but when grouped together a strong case for a woman murderer begins to emerge."

Soon after the grisly deaths, Lizzie suffered a nervous breakdown. She died of cancer in 1912, having never been quizzed by police over the murders.

Jack the Ripper: The Hand of a Woman is published by Seren Books.

Read More
Main / Lesbianism
May 08, 2012, 05:51 PM

Just yesterday i go to the rec center at ASU and the only people on campus are a couple of nubile lesbians holding hands. 

I wrestled with this dark reality my whole life... Why are there homosexuals? Why are there more lesbians of all homosexuals? Why are these so many lesbians in my lifetime versus previous times before me? Are all women lesbian? Are women so hateful that they would try to attack men psycologically by parading their anti male (male absent, male rejected) sexual relationship?

Why is it so condemned to be against homosexuality?
Intolerance in the name of tolerance?

Why is it even now a branch of US Forign Policy to promote homosexuality?
Why does the populous so applaud homosexuality so vigorously to the point of intimidating any dissent? Now even backed by government coercive imperialism?


Sometimes it makes me wish I were never born, that is to live in such a world as this, God is dead, everyone to me appears a mud covered pig, not even a single trend in the world representing me. The earth is covered by evil. I even have a lesbian cousin, a ghost like person wrapped in luxury and privlidge, able to pick women up like a lawnmower picks up grass, while i cant even get a single date.

Why are females always laying around with eachother gigling to eachother, climbing over eachother, and touching like lovers? 

Doesnt it seem a bit odd that this kind of behavior is instinct to the female?

Im told by my mother who's passion and power cannot be directly challanged: "It the SAME THING!!!" when she talks about lesbianism. Im just thunderstruck? Lesbianism is the same as male female relations? Gosh, if that were true id be getting so much pussy I wouldnt know what to do!

But i think these are the kinds of reactions the females want. Women are addicted to power over others, so they lesbian to increase their investor potential in the market. More potential mates, means higher demand. I notice it often takes place after a female vengefully breaks with a male. I think it is to their mind like it would be like if she slept with your best friend, but now she wants it to be borne by all males, so she sleeps with her sorority sister. So the women want to cheat on not just one man but all men. 

Naughty girls...

But it doesnt have quite the same effect. Ill admit it makes me angry perhaps jealous, but it doesnt make me willing to do anything, because there is not anything I can do.

I think its better to be jealous, than to be attempting others to be jealous of you. But they would deny this, in partial they would be correct, because when they act they are not actually thinking things through or planning much, but are simoly following their complusory instincts and scent for power.

If you ask me women today are not what they were 50 years ago or before that. Female seems like a state of existence that denies all aspect of self, no integrity, no identity, simply raw compulsion which is regulated by the container which is the society. At no point in history it seem dignified, or respectable, some are more respectable than others, but none worth any respect from men. It almost as if they are not but a raw element on the periodic table, they react but are otherwise inert, reactive to everything because unstable, without consciousness or perspectives, everything driven by their vaginal instinct which is to recklessly consume if not destroy and senselessly unleash every greater forms of chaos and delerium. What a strange phenomena to call that a sex or gender? How bizzare! God u gotta explain that to me sometime!

I look at the female and think: compulsion, illusion, and the abyssmal.

Without which I think men would serve by the right hand of God. 
But down here on earth, everything is meshed into a conglomerate monster.

I think its probably natural for the female to dominate in the homosexual arena, because women are empty and without substance, they gamble till they win because the can do it freely having nothing to loose. Women often suggest the reason they are lesbian is because "girls are prettier". Facinating. So if something came along which was higher standerd in prettiness they would go after that with their genitals? Some lesbos arent so great to look at, so some of them must be forgiving in their opinions. But again I think its just a girl pep rally strategy. If lesbians go regularlly to orgies and fuck till they drop that will make it seem to men that girls are more desireable, it will break mens hearts, and women feed off broken hearts.

I think its a kind of sexual energy parasitism. This is occult, but I think women like psychic vampires are able to feed off the bio energy of a male through enacting ritual performances, like a shaman would to cast a spell or cure a patient. 

So by not simply breaking one males heart but all males heart threreby sets up a energetic feild around them which extracts much greater sexual energy than would had been only one. Furthermore i think the reason for increased lesbianism is because it is now illegal to oppose lesbianism, whereas 100 years ago a village lesbian would pick up nothing but scorn and condemnation by the masses, so it did not seem as attractive as now. 

Women are like insects they are attracted to power, and the last 50 years has been nothing but a aysomptoticly increasing focus on the feminine and on top of that feminsim and on top of that homosexuals. 

Its an evil time to be alive.

I think someday, somehow things will go around and they will get what they deserve. The universe has always punished trechery, or so many say... this seems more devious and trecherous than anything i can think of... nothing like declaring war on yourself in the name of peace. 

One think that is almost an ointment, is the shear number of homosexual females allows one to easier disregard them as a hostile force, so being a zeta as myself, doesnt seem so bad after all, after watching em fuck eachothers brains dead. Lol, the burn softly diminishes... as they are hopeless animals and unworthy. Females in general im afraid...
Main / VAWA?
May 02, 2012, 12:57 PM
I don't see much on Avoicefor men or The spearhead talking or talked about the recent VAWA reauthorization. Seems like it would be the most important news. I heard it passed and now it has to pass the house?

Is all hope now lost? Should one just leave the USA? Is there anything positive?

Main / Jealous of women?
May 01, 2012, 04:24 PM
I've heard the feminist equivalent of Freud's penis envy coined as: Womb Envy

Womb Envy??

Feminist actually believe men are jealous of having the ability to give birth. And write up these long winded round about explanations of patriarchy about how men were compensating for their supposed inferiority complex...

Wow, I just cannot personally IMAGINE in the light of day or night, how any male could EVER want the ability to have a baby... LOL what a joke!

Of course I could be wrong.. this is a world that has such people in it... any of you have womb envy? Jealous cuz you can't have a baby?  :laughing6:

Whatever... but

I am jealous and envious,
I can only say I am very much jealous of the privileges one of those 8 or 9 ranked females gets in society. I think they far far far outrun any alpha male privilege. Those privileges are very much enviable radical faerie land like advantages to being female. NO DOUBT!!! Even a 1 on the 1 to 10 scale ranked female has enviable privileges that I think men ignorantly sign on to feminism thinking that it will eventually get around to compensating for... (speaking as a former one myself) But that will never happen... feminism is the opposite of any kind of modesty.

Thats why i'm an MRA.
Because I think privileges should be earned not granted by right of birth or figure.

But no I cannot fathom anyone having womb envy... unless you have a defective one.

However, the privileges that go with being female are totally reasonably enviable. And I think "Patriarchy" was somewhat partial compensation for that in born unjustified supremacy status that goes with having a vagina.  

So the ladies are right that men are jealous of them but not because we think they are better than us... it's because everyone else tends to think that they are better and infallible, and that gives a person very enviable high quality of life that would be incomprehensible to any male or lower class citizen.
Main / Another No show at the MRMg...
Mar 30, 2012, 01:42 AM
Tonight was another no show, same as last time. Dunno what is going on.
Perhaps i've not turned up the heat enough? I've never posted those fliers that I talked about earlier.
I hesitated, but now I fear I must.

Here is version of the Overprivileged overburdened list:

I didn't want to do this. But I feel I have no choice. I think people have gotten used to my fliers, they don't enrage them anymore...

Even though I have no more meetings for this semester. I may post them up anyway just as general promotion.

As part of my MRMg presentation tomorrow i'm covering 4 feminist myths misinformation and disinformation:

Female Nonviolence Myth
1 in 4 Rape Myth
Evil Patriarchy Myth
Women don't lie about rape myth

I have 2nd and 4th pretty much covered.

I need help on 1st and 3rd one.

1st: I'd appreciate any help showing female dictators in the past as violent. I know Queen Elizabeth was a butcher of the Irish and waged wars...

3rd: Just plan to show men's fatalities in war and what women were doing while men were out getting chopped up. Any other ideas?

Thanks I need to have this ready by March 29th at 7:00 Arizona time.

Main / NWO Matriarchy Sweden
Mar 24, 2012, 05:06 PM

GOTLAND, Sweden -- It's been called one of the worst cases of government abuse ever committed against a home schooling family: the abduction by Swedish authorities of Domenic Johansson,  a happy, healthy, 7-year-old boy taken from his parents Christer and Annie Johansson in 2009 as they waited to leave Sweden on a flight to India.

After the abduction, the Johanssons' story spread quickly on the Internet.

But three years later, Domenic is still being kept from his parents, and Swedish authorities keep finding new reasons for why the child can't go home.

The Abduction

"This is about the most fundamental right you have. You have the right to your own children, or you should have," Christer told CBN News during the first television interview he and his wife have given since their only child's abduction.

In 2008, Christer and Annie were making plans to leave Sweden for humanitarian work in Annie's native India.

They decided it would be best for Domenic to be home-schooled during the final months before their departure, rather than enroll him in public school.

Christer says Sweden's Ministry of Education told him they could home-school, but local officials levied steep fines and threatened the couple to discourage them from doing so.

Then, as the parents sat on a plane at Stockholm airport for their scheduled trip to India, police came aboard and took Domenic away.

"They took Domenic from the plane," Christer recalled. "Then he threw up until they took him to ER. That's how severe the trauma is. If someone throws up so you have to take him to the hospital, that's severe."

"I have no clue what went on," Annie added. "There was just a stampede. My child had no clue, and I have no clue still what's going on. I can just hear the screams of my child all the time."

Cat and Mouse

According to Christer, the couple was supposed to have Domenic back a few days later. But when they went to pick him up, authorities changed their story.

Officials decided Domenic was "at risk," because he had cavities and did not have every recommended vaccination. They also noted he was shy.

Gotland Social Services then found more problems -- claiming the Johanssons' home didn't have enough furniture, and that Christer was a drug addict with a mental illness, even though he passed a drug test and psychiatric examination.

"I went to psychiatric clinic and said, 'Check me thoroughly,' and they did.  So I took that paper to court and it had no effect whatsoever," Christer recalled.  "I said, 'I'm healthy,' but the Social Services and Social Services' lawyer said 'No, you are suffering from personality disorder.'"

Social Services said Domenic was developmentally delayed, although videos show him flying a plane on a flight simulator before being abducted at age 7, and also speaking clear English.

Authorities were also disturbed that Domenic was too affectionate with other children, greeting his friends with a hug and kiss on the cheek. They called this "deviant behavior."

Christer was then labeled a "human rights fanatic."

Christer said authorities have resisted all attempts to reunite the family. And evidence showing that the pair are good parents has been completely ignored.

"It doesn't matter if we have professors or doctors to speak for us. It just doesn't matter," he said.

Watch Pat Robertson's comments on this shocking story:

Swedish Soviet Union?

Exasperated, Christer brought Domenic home without permission in Nov. 2010.  Police then raided their home with guns and dogs and took Domenic away again. Christer was put in jail for two months.

"The Domenic Johansson case is the home-school tragedy of Sweden. I believe this was simply a mistake," Jonas Himmelstrand, who heads the Swedish Homeschooling Association (Rohus), told CBN News.

"Officials didn't realize they couldn't take a child on home schooling charges alone.  So after they took him, they invented all kinds of other reasons -- and also pride, which is well-known among Swedish authorities, that once they've made a mistake to never admit it," he said.

Michael Donnelly, an attorney for the Home School Legal Defense Association, which is helping the Johanssons, said, "It's astonishing to me that free governments who know about this case have not done more.

Donnelly compared the Swedish government's behavior to the Soviet Union.

"This local government, backed up now by Swedish courts, have demonstrated that they are capable of visiting the most totalitarian acts on their own citizens, reminiscent of the Soviet Union and communist countries in recent history," Donnelly said.

The Emotional Fallout

Annie and Christer were only allowed to visit Domenic for one hour every five weeks, but even that has stopped. Christer said the son who so obviously loved his parents before the abduction, now no longer wants to see them.

"We haven't had any contact with him since Nov. 2010 - not a phone call, not one. We don't know how he is. We don't know anything," Christer said.

Annie suffered an emotional breakdown after the abduction and now suffers from panic attacks when she talks about what happened.

The Gotland Social Services Board has told the media that secrecy prevents it from discussing the case. But Sweden's ambassador to the United States has defended his government's actions.

Meanwhile, the Johanssons' attorney Ruby Harrold-Claesson says the police abduction of Domenic from the plane was illegal, and another court hearing is scheduled for May.

But photos of Domenic before and after the abduction show what Christer describes as boy who has already been "broken into a million pieces." Annie and Christer keep hoping this nightmare will end.

"How can you live without your children?" Annie asked. "It's devastated our life. This has in fact devastated everything in our life."

The article doesn't even try to see it from a balanced perspective. It simply suggests that since females are staying at home, they are oppressed by the bad men, who are out living it up outside the slums. Where do them men come home to? What are the men doing outside the slums? It's a feminist narrative based on the idea that traditional gender roles are oppressive nothing more. Zero detachment, or circumspection total political ideologues. Might as well be reading a page out of a Women's Studies textbook.

Fucking amazing.

Don't forget, we live in a Patriarchy! I don't wanna hear any dissent!