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This email exchange records my dialogue with a clerk of the "Office of Judicial Complaints". The complaint was sent over the statements reported on by the judiciary in lieu of this article:

This is a record of that dialogue starting with most recent to latest message:

Dear (Pacman7331)

Thank you for your email and the additional information that it
contained. I have now had the opportunity to study the material you
provided and I am in a position to respond to the matters that you have

This email explains that I have dismissed your complaint for the reasons
detailed below and provides advice about using the services of the
Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman should you wish to do so.

The Remit of the OJC

As you are aware from my previous email to you, my role as a caseworker
within the Office for Judicial Complaints is to support the Lord Chief
Justice and the Lord Chancellor in their joint responsibilities for
judicial conduct and discipline. These responsibilities are set out in
the Judicial Discipline (Prescribed Procedures) Regulations 2006 and
cover matters relating to allegations of misconduct in the way that a
judicial office holder has behaved, whether inside or outside the

The Lord Chief Justice, the Lord Chancellor and officials in this Office
are not able to consider or intervene in complaints about judicial
decisions or judicial case management.  The only way in which a judicial
decision can be challenged is by appeal to a higher court.  Judicial
decisions include, but are not limited to, the way in which proceedings
are handled, which matters should be considered, which evidence should
be heard, and decisions taken in relation to costs. Whilst not meant to
be an exhaustive list, examples of potential misconduct would be
rudeness, aggressive behaviour and the use of insulting, profane, racist
or sexist language.

Your complaint

In summary, you have complained about comments reported in an article
from the Daily Mail, which referred to directions issued by the Judicial
Studies Board. You say that you wish to complain about Dame Cox because
she heads the team that drafted the 'Equal Treatment Bench Book', which,
amongst other things, states that 'women's experiences as victims,
witnesses and offenders are in many respects different to those of men'
and that 'these differences highlight the importance of the need for
sentencers to bear these matters in mind when sentencing'.

Reasons for the Dismissal

As I have indicated above, the Lord Chancellor's and the Lord Chief
Justice's responsibilities with regard to the conduct of judicial office
holders are set out in the Judicial Discipline (Prescribed Procedures)
Regulations.  Regulation 14(1)(e) states that the OJC must dismiss
allegations that are unsubstantiated and even if substantiated require
no disciplinary action to be taken.

The document that gives rise to your complaint covers a variety of
issues including gender, race, disability, children and sexual
orientation. It was the product of many contributors. In the preface,
Dame Cox pays tribute to Gordon Ashton, Tufyal Choudhury, Barbara Cohen,
Sandhya Drew, Mandy de Waal, Keith Hornby, Catriona Jarvis, Peter Jones,
Georgina Kent, Karon Monaghan QC, Camilla Palmer, Coretta Phillips and
Susan Tapping, to name but a few. In the first instance therefore, I do
not find that it is a work that can be attributed solely to the personal
views of Dame Cox.

In the second instance, the OJC cannot comment extensively on the issue
because it relates to a publication by the Judicial Studies Board. In
any event, the matters discussed do not constitute personal misconduct.
The quotations to which the Daily Mail article refers are general
statements which, in my view, highlight the need for judges to consider
trials on a 'case by case' basis and this is shown by emphasis on the
fact that 'women's experiences...are in many respects different to those
of men'. I can find nothing in these statements that implies
'discrimination' or a 'lack of impartiality' as you allege in your email
of 18 September.

The Office for Judicial Complaints cannot intervene in such matters and
I must therefore dismiss your complaint in accordance with Regulation
14(1)(e) of the Judicial Discipline (Prescribed Procedures) Regulations
2006. I have, however made the Judicial Studies Board aware of the
complaints that you made.

Whilst I appreciate that you will be disappointed with my response, I
hope that I have explained clearly the decision making process and the
reasons for dismissing your complaint. However, if you would like any
further information, or feel that I have failed to address any of the
points raised in your letter, please do not hesitate to contact me in
writing, or by telephone on 0203 334 2526.

The Judicial Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman

If you feel that the Office for Judicial Complaints has not handled your
complaint properly, you can complain to the Judicial Appointments and
Conduct Ombudsman, Sir John Brigstocke KCB. Please note, however, that
the Ombudsman can only consider a complaint about our handling of your
complaint.  He has no power to investigate your original complaint about
the judge concerned.

The Ombudsman will be able to investigate your complaint if you write to
him within 28 days of notification of our decision. After that period,
he will consider whether it is appropriate to investigate it.  Further
information about the Ombudsman and his remit for investigations can be
found at The Office of the Judicial
Appointments and Conduct Ombudsman can be contacted in writing at 9th
Floor, The Tower, 102 Petty France, London SW1H 9AJ. They can also be
contacted by telephone on 020 3334 2900 or by e-mail at
[email protected].

Yours sincerely,

Natasha Kumalo
Office for Judicial Complaints

On Oct 7, 2010, at 7:36 AM, Kumalo, Natasha wrote:

Dear Mr Morris,

Thank you for your email. The purpose of this note is to provide you
with information on the remit of the OJC and to ask you for further
information so that I can investigate the matters that you raise.

I hope you will find it helpful if I begin by explaining that the role

of the Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) is to support the Lord
Chief Justice and the Lord Chancellor in their joint responsibilities
for judicial conduct and discipline.  Their responsibilities cover
matters relating to allegations of personal misconduct in the way that
a judicial office holder has behaved, whether inside or outside of the
courtroom. Issues of personal conduct include, but are not restricted to, the use
of profane, sexist, or racist language; behaving aggressively, or
shouting. Where incidents involving the personal conduct of a judicial
office holder occur, the Office for Judicial Complaints will make
further enquiries. If allegations of personal misconduct are
substantiated, The Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice will jointly
decide what disciplinary action, if any, is necessary.
Neither the Lord Chief Justice, the Lord Chancellor nor officials in
this Office, is able to consider or intervene with complaints about
judicial decisions.  The only way in which a judicial decision can be
challenged is by appeal to a higher court.

The term 'judicial decision' encompasses issues relating to the way in
which a judge chooses to handle a case; decisions made on the evidence
that will be considered and/or dismissed; the weight attached to
evidence that is considered, the final outcome of the case and other
ancillary things such as costs and sentencing. The principle of
judicial independence from government means that these things can only
be challenged via the legal process, on appeal if so advised.
If in the meantime you require anything further, please do not hesitate
to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Natasha Kumalo
Office for Judicial Complaints


Natasha Kumalo | Caseworker | Office for Judicial Complaints

Telephone 020 3334 2526 | Facsimile 020 3334 2541 | Email
[email protected]

Address 10th Floor, 102 Petty France, London, SW1H 9AJ | DX 152380
Westminster 8

-----Original Message-----
From: CyclotronMajesty [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: 18 September 2010 22:49
To: Customer OJC
Subject: Complaint of Dame Laura Mary Cox DBE

Dear Office for Judicial Complaints,

      I'm writing a formal complaint about a judge who
recently has had a voice in the public sphere via the press. The comments and words of the judge have shown blatant discrimination and lack of impartiality
against a certain group of citizens. As I understand it justice should
be done without favoritism or bias and in service to all groups of
society in fairness for all. However press coverage of "Dame Laura
Mary Cox DBE" of the High Court Queen's Bench Division who was
appointed on 4/11/02 in this article: have shown that her views are in blatant favor of one
group over another: women over men. The concern is that sentences for females may be more lenient than those for men. While leniency is not a wrong systematic favoritism and bias is a fundamental breach of justice; being lenient on
women by course is the same as being harsher on men; which perpetuates
that men are more guilty for their crimes than women; that you have to
oppress men for the benefit of women. Her words and orders have
amounted to a mandate of harsher treatment towards men in the justice
system. By showing more mercy on women criminals there is thus a
harsher sentencing on men; this practices is discriminatory and a
breakdown of justice and impartiality. A condition that is already
known and widespread is the prevalent vastly harsher sentences that
are given to men versus women for the same crime with similar
circumstances. Any judge who's words and actions show a blatant
disregard for a fair delivery of justice should be denied their power
and authority. Please conduct an investigation of "Dame Laura Cox"
actions words and uses of her authority to the highest standard for a
breach of justice and fairness in the court system, thank you very


I'm going to press this matter further. I am however glad the complaint at least got past this woman's desk.

This is my action plan and thoughts so far:

2 Email response.

Email guy to say that if claims are
substantiated action should be taken.

Email clerk:  Contend and explain how impartiality and discrimination is present. Perhaps invite her to explain how assumptions based on gender and therefore different sentencing is not discriminatory based on gender? Her assumption states that the differnces in sentencing is based on differing experiences. But your bases for differing experiences is rooted in gender, where it is assumed all females have differing experiences, thus these should be considered. But everyone has differing experiences. Her assumption is that only women have differing experiences that should be considered. But she would not consider or give weight to differing experiences of men? This shows the root of your decision in sentencing is based in consideration of gender not circumstances. This policy is just drafting a way of giving women lower penelties and covering it up by saying all women have different experiences. But everyone has different experiences not just females. This policy is descriminating against those therefore who are not female.

Also I may follow this up with another complaint in writing. They usually have more weight than emails.

Any comments or suggestions?
Main / My MRM Bumper Stickers
Nov 04, 2010, 03:34 PM
Just thought I'd share with ya'll my bumper sticker collection i've made.
Main / The New Paradigm, 2012 and Matrix
Nov 04, 2010, 12:45 AM
So i've been looking at this 2012 thing for some time. Gleefully awaiting it with anticipation in the midst of that i've gone from uninformed feminist sympathizer to MRA and activist as my own personal journey unfolds.

Nonetheless this meme of 2012 and a New Paradigm still sits in the background - as my dreams become clearer I project them on to this grandiose breakthrough in the near future. Reading literature here and there there are MANY 2012 feminists and people ready to acknowledge and bow down to "The Goddess". Almost nothing seems to stop the momentum of it.

And just recently I read this (from : <-----(this is what i'm responding and talking about in this post)

What I see is the current momentum favors the feminine drastically. But what this guy is proposing I responded to with this on the facebook page suggested:


An Anti-Male future???

You say you'll respect both male and female and people of all personal philosophies...

The past has not been "male dominated" it has been "animus dominated" The animus is the false masculine based on the projection of the female.

According to Calman's latest ideas: I don't see this female ego dominance as any sort of good thing. Why is the feminine SO INFLATED IN SOCIETY? When is Misandry and hatred of men going to cease? When are people going to stop laughing at men getting beaten and raped? When is president Obama and the group of elites going to stop ignoring the male gender and working to create a visible matriarchy? If the cosmos is really favoring the feminine domination over all humanity in the future... I cannot cheer for that. I cannot but ask why!? The females I know are all narcissistic, self-centered, selfish, disrespectful, spoiled, passive aggressive, cunning, sassy, egotistical and ruthlessly loyal to their own gender. With Newsweek, Time and other media outlets go on to denigrate men and hail the rising dominion of women over humanity I cannot see this perspective of Callman as somewhat conventional. I doubt the naturalness of the recent changes and suspect social engineering. I am trepedatious about throwing myself before the "divine feminine" as most of what the feminine has done for me in my life is: oppress, insult, and reject; It is condescending and eccentric. The true feminine doesn't take the leading position it nourishes NOT destroys male virtues and social structures. I've listened to the monologues of lashing whips upon my back my entire life from the collective zeitgeist of feminism and have grown very - very tired of it. All the pep rallies for women and the shame put on men in the collective for everything from A to Z. This seems a VERY immature thing... Is this the future of humanity? How sad! I now am hoping for a return of male honor and virtue to return to society in the midst of our downfall by the hands of very mean spirited groups of incorrigible women. All women care about is about themselves and seek their own advantages - I'm sick of it. We don't need that energy! While there are atrocities on both sides of the genders... I kind of hope Callman is wrong; and he may very well be premature in this anti-male interpretation of prophecy.

The only end of male and masculinity that awaits in the future is our subservience and value being ascertained strictly by the privy approval and service to women! That WILL end. If that is the end of "male dominance" lets have it!

Had a Question if anyone knew of any forum where I can discuss Callman's ideas? I've been watching his writings for a bit and would like to discuss them. Thanks for reading.

I've heard at least one Astrologer say that actually the new paradigm is a Masculine energy (which makes sense to me) not a feminine one. Wish I had his name but It was a while back. I think Callman means well. He's not trying to say that visible matriarchy is the answer to all our woes (I will give him the benefit of the doubt) I think he is trying to balance the equation as the rest of us are. He just probably doesn't have the perspective on things we do.

Have any of you looked into 2012 stuff? Does everyone here think it's hokey and stupid and dismiss it? I have an appetite for strange things... it's a vacation from the mundane somewhat. But I find my views are mostly not represented in those circles. Most of any gender specific views will be anti-male and feminist sympathizing.

Here is more on this guy saying the same thing (towards the end):

What do you all think?
Main / PUA forum?/Discussion
Oct 20, 2010, 07:30 PM
Anyone recommend a good PUA forum?

While I knew of the concept I didn't really realize the Pick up Artistry concept and advantage until I started reading MRA literature. Namely Factory's magazine. The MRm! and now MENZ magazine...

I have a few issues with PUA:

1) I never put too much stock into the idea of modifying my behavior in order to suit a female's preferences weather or not I wanted her - this isn't really just a thing I have with women but with anyone or anything... that is one of my values - to be myself - that to me is self empowerment while anything less is servility.

2) It (can) somewhat verges on vagina worship, while vaginas are wonderful - I don't wish to put them at the center of my life. I'm more of a MGTOW. (Allot of women's egos are far too big anyway)

3) I don't believe in the idea that a person can or should try to trick a person into getting them to do what they want. Nor do I believe in the 40 ways to "___" or step by step guides to get laid. Frankly things just don't work that way at least not for me, no formula's no secret techniques. What a boring world it would be if they did work that way! Also I don't seek advice because usually when I get it it's total garbage...


I have the need to discuss and consult with others on the uncharted but perhaps recognizable patterns of human female earthling people. Not only to avoid hopeless women and minimize time and energy spent but to avoid dangerous situations. As we all know it's a land mine field out there one small step at the wrong time/place can get you into allot of trouble.

So it's practical to have a resource with which to consult to see what action to take in a certain scenario.

Finally it's also a documented front line of the current relations between man and woman, i'm beginning to respect the idea more - not seeing it as a group of fools with an insatiable itch to scratch and an ego to stroke... but a group of thoughtful individuals making well thought out plans to correctly deal with intimate relations of the male and female.

Women use allot of indirect communication strategies... this to me is like building a house with toothpicks - I simply don't see the purpose of it therefore I don't allow for it or understand it whatsoever - (and also I see it as a bit devious)... nonetheless if there are clear signals that I am missing simply because they are vague I'd like to be able to get the picture so as to make adjustments.

I hope at least i'm on the right track with that...

Discuss =)
Main / Oppression Equity?
Sep 27, 2010, 10:21 PM
       When I mentioned to someone that men were oppressed because we always have to worry about the fact that at any time a female (weather we know her or not) could make a false accusation of a man of sexual harassment or rape. And he would be immediately locked in a cage and most of them DO get put into prison! And many of them are later found to have been innocent! And the argument against that: This is fair because at any time a man could go out and rape a girl, because of his superior strength.
         But the penalty for rape is something way far beyond the oppression that being rape gets you. A rape is a one time trauma, staying in prison for 30 something years is a 30 year trauma. Rape OK horrible - but you go on with your life. Do you get to go on with our life in prison? No. Then even if your innocent of a false accusation your life is still torn apart. Not only that not all men ARE strong enough!
This is just outrageous. I dunno how this human civilization can simply go about it's business with this unbelievable level of oppression. And then to top on all that the fact that there is ZERO penalty for false accusations. It's sick. It's just wicked and you know it's the work of hate.
   Then there is sexual harassment? What IS sexual harassment? Is that fair? To make it impossible to define so you always have a air of guilt about yourself because you can't for the life of you figure out what it is? Does it just mean being sexy around women? Does it mean talking about sex? Does it mean thinking about it? It's different for whoever you talk to. And yet by the subjective definition of it one can oppress someone into a cage for it. Thats not fair.
   Laws are supposed to bring about fairness. These laws are oppressive.
Main / Risk of Marriage (need info)
Sep 25, 2010, 08:52 PM
I've seen 2 males I am close to get married in the past year or so - now i'm about to see a third. This time I want to warn my friend who probably doesn't have a clue... about what he's about to jump into.

Does anyone here have any articles or resources I can send him as links to that he can check out which clearly and simply outlines the risks of marriage and the options and effectiveness of dealing with them?

I'm not trying to stop him from getting married... I think marriage is sacred and it's too bad it's totally spoiled and a institution of oppression on men (heh sound familiar?) I used to want to get married... but I'm not sure about that really much anymore... According to my astro chart I can't have a traditional marriage anyway - it just wont' work period - and divorce is a possibility... While I don't like my options limited...  i'm seriously wondering if I will even try to get a wife... I am a utterly romantic person... but 99% of women i've met are like halfwitted atrophied callouses they just don't have the intelligence for it... Women in my life are infertile also - roving queens of hell all with their own special hell powers... I mostly avoid women... and I don't commit emotionally... I find that repulsive and demeaning to do so. But marriage is now meaningless with the homosickuals smearing the pattern. I also cannot stand people telling me what to do... so a wife for me would be a very very different species than any regular female i've ever met and she would have to be put in a bubble to not spoil by the stinch of this monster bitch "civilization".

Anyhow... I also noticed there is a "marriage strike" going on ... not formally but MRAs have written about the political pressure this is putting on government women and the matrix.

Ideally marriage is perfect - but in a time where darkness is rising nothing is left unsplintered...

So anyway main purpose of the thread is to get a few links you may know of to outline the risks of marriage for men. Also some talking about the marriage strike would be neat. And some legal jargon is a must.

Any comments appreciated. Links to articles preferred.
Discussion open. Thx in advance.
This is a new thread i'm starting on the issue I brought up in the main forum now which now has become a activism issue.

I received this response from Icebreaker New Zealand Ltd. Today:

Dear (me - Pacman7331),

Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your concerns about Icebreaker's images.

The image you may be referring to is the cover image for Icebreaker's Spring/Summer 2010 catalogue. The figure with the ram's head is an iconic character called the Ramotaur, created for our catalogues three seasons ago.

We portray the Ramotaur as a mythological creature that is half man, half merino. Our garments are made from natural, renewable merino wool, and sustainable production methods are at the core of our business.
The Ramotaur was created as a symbol of the connection we have with nature. This imaginary creature symbolises the force of nature, and has a ram's head to emphasise the fact that he is a human/merino hybrid.

Racial and gender representatives are a sensitive issue in marketing, and the last thing we would ever want to do is to promote negative or damaging stereotypes of anyone. None of our images of women, for example, show women in decorative roles: women and men in our images are confident, adventurous and strong.

The names for our underwear collections were also chosen to illustrate our connection with the natural environment. The name of the men's collection, Beast, refers to energy. Our marketing language around this collection talks about "creative energy" as well as the harmoniousness of nature, to illustrate the fact that our underwear brings the spirit of the wilderness into urban environments.
We've called our women's collection Nature because it's made from the lightest form of merino, a natural fabric, and because all the designs are inspired by nature - such as the native flowers of New Zealand.

We are very sorry to hear your concerns, and are grateful that you have taken the time to share them with us. But please rest assured that the imagery that concerns you was created as a symbol of Icebreaker's connection with nature, with no racial or gender subtext.
Thank you again for writing to us.

Rebecca Toomer
Global Brand Manager
Icebreaker NZ

Icebreaker New Zealand Ltd
Level 2, Hope Gibbons Building
7-11 Dixon Street, PO Box 959
Wellington, New Zealand

Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail

Any comments? Suggestions?
Main / Misandry Hidden Deep in Academia
Sep 16, 2010, 11:35 PM
Of all places i've once again found the feminist matrix infiltrate into of all places a chinese 101 workbook I found it odd that one of the audio dialogues has a man and woman talking and the man is laughed at by the woman because he forgets to count himself as his older brother's younger brother. She subsequently laughs at him. All in chinese (even laughter ;-) ). Then there is a question highlighting the man's mistake in the workbook and happens to be the correct answer.

I wondered if it qualified as male bashing and I looked at the website.

The Company is based in Boston Mass. So feminism could easily have taken hold and influenced here. It's strange. The only explanation i've come up with - is that male bashing is so common and accepted - they don't even see it as feminist. It's just apart of the American culture. I doubt this textbook is from China but I could be wrong. Perhaps it's apart of the cultural furniture there as well.

I brushed it off as a fluke, and figured ah just a coincidence. But then on the next page the man is again portrayed as a dumb oaf. She corrects him after asking how many people he has in his family he lists four family members and therefore says he has four members but the woman then corrects him. And says no you have 5. And then there is a question about it in the workbook highlighting the man's mistake.  

It looks as though all of academia has been slanted to the feminist perspective - I noticed this in my spanish textbook class as well. And before that in my US History textbook insulting and objectifying men as "male sexual predators" - Feminism it appears has dominated all aspects of society from A to Z.  

If I find any more aspects such as this any suggestions as what I should do? Should I make this a activism cause? I don't see why not. Perhaps at least make a complaint to the department.
Main / Ode to Feminism
Sep 14, 2010, 11:00 AM
Elvis Presley Hound Dog Lyrics
Send "Hound Dog"Ringtone to your Cell
Songwriters: Leiber, Jerry;Stoller, Mike

(Words & music by Jerry Leiber - Mike Stoller)
You ain't nothin but a hound dog
Cryin all the time.
You ain't nothin but a hound dog
Cryin all the time.
Well, you aint never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine.

When they said you was high classed,
Well, that was just a lie.
When they said you was high classed,
Well, that was just a lie.
You ain't never caught a rabbit
And you ain't no friend of mine.

I'm not sure the differences between these three concepts.

But looking on Wiki it shows that the Immaculate Conception was the idea that the human mother of Christ was without sin.

The Virgin Birth (which I thought was the same as the immaculate conception) shows itself separate from that and calls that the Annunciation.

I'm not super familiar with Catholicism.

Here is my question or point:

Isn't the idea that the savior of mankind had to come from the conception of a child in the absence of sexual intercourse with a man - insulting to our gender? Is there institutionalized misandry on this point? The assumption is that if a woman is able to give birth without having a man around... This will produce salvation for mankind?

I mean whew... if thats not a perfect line from the arsenal gender warfare against men I dunno what is.


Granted she did have a male child. But still the point is clear. He wouldn't have been holy if a man had been involved.  :sad1:
Main / Initiates
Sep 03, 2010, 10:24 PM
I'm starting a MRA group at ASU (
There are a about 10 women's group and even a mega group called a coalition. And they spell women WomYn. Stygian womyn. But i'd say they are probably over grown girls... As far as iv'e seen there is not a SINGLE fucking mens group although I was told there is one - but there certainly is NOT a MRA group... who knows the mens group may be some "mens studies" vagina worshipping anti-male bullshit. Anyhow so they really need one. I heard this university back in 2007 or so had a 40 foot tall vagina idol constructed. I've seen Misandry across the campus and subtle homosexual lesbian agenda imagery everywhere (seems like it's penetrating all of the USA for that matter) - Anyhow. They are overdue it seem to me.

So my question is here: i'm confronted with the task of recruiting in female dominated economy, workplace and a feminist dominated zeitgeist. Nearly everyone is feminist - it is cultural furniture.

I need some suggestions to where to point people to do their own research on behalf the MRm.
(those who are willing to listen)

I dunno if I should point them directly to the heavy stuff or let them find it themselves?
What web sites would you recommend for the open minded but feminist indoctrinated newbie to the cause?

I don't think I'd overload them with everything since the Mythopoetic beginnings. But then i'd would want it to be taken seriously - because most people just laugh when you tell them about it.

So where should I point them? Any suggestions?
Thx in advance.
Main / Check this shit out
Sep 03, 2010, 03:13 PM
This smut is has been adorned across the the ASU ( campus in Tempe:

Aside from subtle homosexual pressure in the flyer. This is discriminatory and derogatory attitudes towards men. Fronting that every night men are complained about and finally that relief comes from separating from them. And that the best part is that no men are allowed. Sheer hate.

I immediately called the number and told her what I thought of the thing. The woman apologized and said it wasn't her fault it was the company who did it. So I'll be calling the company now.

Aside from misandry this thing is an insult to women as well. I mean it is almost even worse for women than men in this cunning piece of propaganda. Just look at it.

This is why I think the major aim of the MRA movement should be as follows:

What do you all think of this?
Any suggestions on how to move forward?

Here is their website:

Slumber Parties, Inc.
[email protected]
4224 Evan Brooks Dr.,
Baton Rouge LA 70814

Have a nice day.
Main / Male Suicide
Sep 01, 2010, 11:24 PM
Wanted to find the CDC study of the Suicide rate

But looking in the "Men's Oppression List" thread
the old link is out of date:

76% of homicides DOJ
80% of Suicides CDC

# Suicide took the lives of 30,622 people in 2001 (CDC 2004).
# Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death for all U.S. men (Anderson and Smith 2003).
# 24,672 suicide deaths reported among men in 2001.
24,672 / 30,622 = .8056952
(or in other words, over 80% of all suicide deaths in 2001 were male)

Does anyone know where to find this fact sheet again? I'd like to use it.

(I guess it should be periodically checked that those links still work)
Main / The Rise Of Women (podcast Episode)
Sep 01, 2010, 11:02 PM
I thought i'd share this with you all. I have been listening to this Podcast for some time. The guy has never dealt with Gender issues beyond giving the nod to feminist ideology here and there (IMHO).

But finally he's done something that may interest us:

"The Rise of Women"

And is a podcast on the article called:

"The End of Men"

I thought I'd share it with you all and see what you all thought of it.
Main / Women, Girls and their "Girlfriends"?
Aug 28, 2010, 08:00 PM
I've often wondered why women call their female friends "girlfriends"? It always puts me off guard and i'm immediately trying to figure out if she means that she is in a lesbian relationship.

When did this start?
Am I the only one who is perplexed by this?
Was this started by feminism in order to promote the psychological ease of becoming lesbian?
Why don't women find this language strange?
Wouldn't it be weird if I called all my male friends "boyfriends" but just was referring to a friend?

Looking it up in the dictionary:


a regular female companion with whom a person has a romantic or sexual relationship : his girlfriend is Australian.
• a woman's female friend.


a regular male companion with whom one has a romantic or sexual relationship.

Obvious difference there. So I look it up in another dictionary online:

boy·friend   [boi-frend]  Show IPA
a frequent or favorite male companion; beau.
a male friend.
a male lover.

girl·friend   [gurl-frend]  Show IPA
a frequent or favorite female companion; sweetheart.
a female friend.

OK. But really - i'm pretty sure this is a new innovation - what do you all think - is lesbian feminism behind this?

Main / End of MensNewsDaily?
Aug 28, 2010, 07:14 PM
For about a week or so the MND site has seemed to slag. Now it seems it's caving in:

If I understand this correctly this means the site is going to abandon the cause.

This is my comment I left:

"I don't really understand the article. But if is going to abandon the Mens rights movement - I can only say - how disappointing. This sort of "give up" pattern seems to really obliterate the mens movement - I don't know exactly where it comes from but I have some ideas - and unfortunately it seems a reoccurring pattern in this club. Suffice to say this sort of behavior is probably the only one reason why men can't seem to fight back against feminism and the matrix.

Any refugee's are welcome to visit my little blog "The Majestic Blah" - just click my name should lead you to it. If MND really is throwing in the towel - I encourage all others to not follow suit.

My 2 cents."
Main / Girl Worship & Matriarchy
Aug 25, 2010, 11:30 PM
Found this blog or article entry while looking through the internet for some recognition of the utter idolization and outright deification of women who are sexually nubile. It's actually written by a female. And it's way more sober discussion than I would expect and than i've found out there.

Only problem is that she seems to also regard women as superior and recognizes the fact that we are moving in to a matriarchy. And that women are destined to rule over men. Whatever that means.

This actually is antithetical to my suggestion of what is going on ... which is explicated here:

So I thought i'd link it here:

Female Worship76
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The idea of worshiping women and lifting them on a pedestal higher than anything else in humanity is certainly not new. Many men seem to gravitate towards thinking of women as something divine that they must worship and look up to. Today however this female worship has an entirely new meaning in the context of gender equality and feminism and I want to take a look at it more closely.

Firstly, like the term god complex, the term female worship is not a formal medical term that you'll find in textbooks. That doesn't mean it has no meaning but that meaning is taken from the people using it with regard to the context. Having made that distinction I want to call female worship the pattern of behavior that leads men in particular to treat a woman or sometimes all women undeservedly as something greater than human. The key word here is undeservedly. Of course, treating anyone as greater than human is not good because it's obviously false. But what makes female worship stand out is that there seems to be no real connection between the woman's true virtues and the worship that she receives from men. She is just worshiped for being a woman. I call it undeserved because being female is no more a virtue than being male. As blatantly obvious as that sentence may be, it's amazing how many men can't seem to get away from female worship and don't even want to.

Why do men worship women?
Of course not all do. Even among heterosexual men, the worshiping ones are in the minority I would say. But still there are so many that you could call it a societal mass phenomenon. There are several causes for this:

Firstly, the biological attraction to females and the rush of hormones that can make men (temporarily) loose their minds is surely at the basis of it all. This explains why female worship is usually aimed at young beautiful women rather than any woman. I'm just analyzing here so please try to not get upset yet.
A boy's relationship with his mother probably plays the most important part in later female worship. But what kind of relationship exactly brings this about escapes me. If anyone has more information on this please fill me in.
The upbringing and schooling in a culture that treats women and girls as the 'special sex'. For example, women's lives are typically treated as inherently more valuable than men's. This is so ingrained in our society that we don't even notice it. It just seems normal which is why there isn't more protest when people call out "women and children first" in an emergency. Again, I'm just telling it the way it is, not how it should be.
Some submissive men also just like to look up to women. It's their nature to want women to be on top in their lives.
These four points mutually reinforce each other in a very complex way. I'm not even going to try to describe that in detail. This was more of an introduction to get a better idea of what we're talking about.

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Female Worship in Modern Society
Unless you've been living on the moon, you'll know that the last few generations of western society have seen a massive shift towards female empowerment. Women have gained rights and liberties so that they're generally equal to men's rights. Some people even say the pendulum has swung the other way now and that men are actually less privileged relative to women but I won't go into that here because it's another topic. The important thing to take from this, is that treating men and women as equally valuable and equally privileged is one of the idealistic principles of modern society. Whether or not that is successfully implemented is another question.

The problem is that female worship completely contradicts those ideals of gender equality. And yet it is a mass phenomenon that both genders typically nurture and perpetuate. A brief glance across the media is enough to show how young beautiful women are portrayed as the ultimate human being (The media is a reflection of society). This of course reinforces that phenomenon of female worship - especially to young boys (and girls) who grow up consuming media in massive amounts. The underlying message that youngsters are taking from this is that women are superior to men and that it's not only ok but also true to say so publicly. Even president Obama said in a public speech that girls can do anything boys can do only better.

Both men and women end up believing this female superiority on some level of consciousness. There's no end to the number of articles and publications that suggest women do things better than men or that they have some inherent social advantage making them better leaders (or better anything). It's mostly nonsense of course, but somehow it is the politically correct position and most half-baked research is geared at confirming it. So these researchers often find what they're looking for - whether it exists or not.

This is like female worship gone out of control. I can imagine that the days where women had far fewer rights relative to men, worshiping them as goddesses was probably not only harmless but may have balanced things out a little. In modern society, however, female worship has far reaching implications for future generations. It is certainly not harmless today and I fear that it might be causing us a lot of trouble the repercussions of which can't be overstated.

The funniest part is this:Nothing says more about a people's abilities and strengths than their accomplishments. And if we ever did make a serious no-nonsense comparison between the genders it would turn out rather bad for political correctness. I don't think comparing genders is a good idea though. It's far too general - like comparing blond people with red heads. It says nothing about you as an individual and so it isn't very interesting. The final thing to remember about this is that men and women are far more similar than we are different. Within the genders, there are far greater differences than between them.

How this affects women
Because female worship is mostly (but not entirely) aimed at young beautiful women, that leaves all the others with nothing. This provokes ageism and hostility between women from different generations. It also pressurizes women, who are aware of this phenomenon, to race against their biological clock in order to secure whatever they can 'before it's too late'. Not exactly the best way to find true love.

The biggest problem that female worship causes for women is surely that it's completely without merit. Women gain a very high status for nothing other than their looks and for being female. This inspires young girls to go down that road and rely on plastic surgery instead of their brains. That reinforces negative stereotypes from the past.

So girls, there are many men out there who are attracted to intelligent and accomplished women who look very ordinary. Don't let the media tell you that supermodels' looks are the only way to have a fulfilled life.

Female Worship in Relationships
Who am I to tell you how to live?! Answer: nobody. If you men choose to worship the woman in your life then by all means go ahead. My own boyfriend has a tendency to worship me but it isn't over the top and it does make things fun sometimes for entirely different reasons. Besides I worship the ground on which he walks. But this is a personal choice and it shouldn't affect your opinion or respect for other people. For example, I've known men to worship women who they don't even know and who don't have any feelings for them. There's that word undeserved again.

If you're one of those female worshipers:
Chances are you've already been taken advantage of and hurt by a woman. If not, then you will be very soon. Giving people credit they don't deserve will eventually blow up in your face. Try to remember that women are just people. Like with men, there are plenty of flaws in them. Your respect must be earned - don't give it to someone just for having two X chromosomes. And most importantly, please do not pass that on to others by raising children that way or by treating everyday strangers with female worship. I realize, that it may not be easy to get out of that pattern but it will make things better in the long run - not just for you.

As usual, feedback is greatly appreciated and thanks for taking the time to read through all of this!

Here are some related articles I wrote that might interest you:

I just thought i'd bring this one up as it's clearly Misandry.
Not only that the main flash image appears to be even racist.
Woman rides on the back of a naked man who's severed head is replaced with that of a sheep and runs amongst a herd. Utterly iconic misandry.

Scroll down and look at how the company categorizes male and female.

Female is nature... while beast is male
nature is clearly a higher attribution than beast.

I'd say this qualifies - What do you all think?
Main / Behind the Wheel
Aug 14, 2010, 04:57 PM
So what is the deal with all these woman drivers these days? It seems more and more men are getting to the passenger seat while they give it up to the woman who sits behind the wheel.

Are they all depressed and suicidal like the guy in this song?

Oforia - Behind the Wheel

ob1 behind the wheel alki

Main / Accusation Oppression
Aug 01, 2010, 12:40 PM
Don't you think there needs to be a major revisal of the Sexual Harassment and Rape laws? Don't you think that allowing someone to arbitrarily destroy a man's public life weather or not he did sexually harass or rape is draconian oppression?
Don't you think there needs to be a harsh penalty to anyone who's accusal of sexual harassment or rape is found to be done with bad motives? Or perhaps a mandatory penalty for ALL who's accusal was defeated in court? I'm sick and tired of going through my life being constantly weary of the opposite sex and unstable women - who out of the blue can send me with a one way ticket to jail and keep me there indefinitely with impunity. When do I get protection and able to go about and say what I want and be myself without fear of incarceration? Constantly being held under the pin and threat of sexual harassment by any female who walks by under a system that considers all female gendered individuals infallible paragons of purity and trust is a unbelievably oppressive and unacceptable for freedom.

What do you all think? I'm ready to take Political Action to reform this decadence - I want justice for all. If sexual harassment and trivialities like are going to be regulated with criminal judicial power then the "victims" need to pay up for the power they get to keep the system fair. This of course doesn't totally prevent the laws remaining and becoming more draconian - the male haters can still engineer the system to see everything a man does as irrefutably illegal. But basically the bottom line is:

Don't you think this is a critical issue which needs emergency action to reform?