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Yes the article raises questions and provides the current rationale as to the answer to that question. All-togather a legitimate question, nice to see NPR do a little probing on the issue.
I would really doubt the veracity of any "documentary" that proves women are bisexual from a culture who wishes to promote that meme, call me stubborn.

Also, why would women deny that they are lesbian in the face of scientific evidence to suggest otherwise, if they are really lesbian anyway, and it's cool to be lesbian and it's popular?

The mystery is that IF women are innately bisexual in all times and places, why is it so particularly exposed now, with almost no record of it before in traditions or culture going back for thousands of years? Sure you may find examples here and there, but nothing making men like you all believe that ALL women are bisexual.

Isn't it interesting that at the moment when misandry is so ferociously popular, that lesbianism is also simultaneously climaxing? Does not one shed light on the other? Is not lesbianism an expression of rejection of the male, just as misandry is?

Am I the only one who is suspicious here? If so why?

I realize allot of guys play the devil's advocate in this mystery in order to shrug off any serious discussion or reaction to this outrageous behavior, which IMHO is done purposefully to make males invest more attention on women... by most guy's reactions it is subconsciously understood as a brazen challenge to the male gender, just like any other, therefore they evade the issue given the fact there is not really anything they can actually do to intervene.

Some lipstick lesbian women however I think expect men to attempt to dominate or become dominant and charge to into the fray to rescue and demand the lesbianized vagina back. Lol... I think that is what women expect men to do in this situation... I think it's something they do when they get restless and impatient. That is the way I take it. True lesbian women, I see as no different from pedophiles, murderers, sadists, etc. these people are simply perverted, and without the ferocious intimidation tactics used by the gay agenda vigilantes, the American Psychological Association would still regard it as a mental disorder. So I cannot esteem to believe it's normal and healthy.

Marketing just plays along with the crowd, true, but it also inserts propaganda, social engineering is not a myth.

Depends on the type of lesbian. Lesbians that are with other women because they legitimately prefer other women sexually or women that are lesbian because they hate men.

Is that not the same thing? One dislikes one and likes the other?
I caught the end of a documentary not that long ago, which pointed out that women get sexually aroused when looking at pictures of other naked women - whereas men don't with photos of men, unless their gay. This was proven with measuring instruments placed in/on the genitals. The kicker was - of course - that women lied about being aroused. The scientific evidence contradicted their claims conclusively.

Could you provide a link to that documentary?

This sort of evidence reinforces the belief I've come to on women - they are fundamentally users.
They use you to get favours.  They use you to get privelages. They use you to get posessions. They use you to get status. They use you to get money. They use you to get children.

The feminine is the receptive, so that seems to go well with your belief...

Then they'll use the system that is society that gets them all these things to dispose of you, after they've decided they still haven't got enought things yet.

That isn't logical, why would someone dispose of something when that thing doesn't provide them with enough? My computer sometimes crashes, but If I smashed it for that reason I would be even less endowed.

Their innate bisexuality provedes impetus for this behaviour since they have such a close bond with other women.

What is this close bond women have with other women? Do women have a close bond with other women that makes them bisexual? Or are you simply saying the close bond of women between themselves is the bisexuality of women?

Nonetheless I suppose it is logical to replace one thing with another if the two things are similar enough to serve the same purpose.

Remind you of anything you've seen recently?

Yes and that is the question... Why now? What about the present moment makes it opportunity to be bisexual? Simply the gay liberation movement? 

The above scientific evidence does make me wonder that if women where free from being criticised and the accountabilty that they can get in society, that they might just dispose of men far more freely than they can with the powers they already have in modern times.

You haven't shown any scientific evidence.

So women aren't really being lesbianised by marketing. Its just a representation of the truth about women.

OK so nonetheless why is the innate truth only so recent to the forefront?
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May 17, 2013, 10:23 PM

I dunno it may work for the MRM. An alternative to non-profit organizations. You could get shareholders instead of 501 c3 status, and work directly with society instead of being the government's bitch.

Somebody should start one.

I think it is just  that women are by nature bisexual

Really? Thats not a jaded attitude? This is big news. Strange it's been so hush hush up untill the 21 century...
Call me overly romantic,  but I wonder if not something else is going on...

So you think they are just now coming out of the closet, because of... I suppose the gay liberation movement? NOW they're ready and fearless...  :laughing6:

Perhaps they are putting on a show as an attack on men the same way misandry is so popular? Or is simply a coincidence that misandry and lesbianism are peaking in popularity at the same time?  :dontknow:

I think it's another form of female rebellion, promoted by the same people who promote feminism, racism, terrorism, collectivism, fascism, and satanism. Yep, I see big conspiracies behind it, the same people who promote GMO foods, fluoridated water, chemtrails, abortion, population reduction, global government, and have stolen everything on earth.

I think it is just  that women are by nature bisexual

I think they REALLY want you to believe that.
Is it just me or is it common to in marketing images:

1) Women climbing over one another touching and hugging in a subtle sexual innuendo.
2) Suggestive social postures that imply sexuality between women.
3) Groups of girls softly colliding with each other implying very close intimacy.
4) The soft to full-pornographic images of women in women's magazines, which women exclusively read.

I'm not entirely sure, it appears to me this sort of imagery has become more prominent in recent times (last 10-15 years or so)
Anyone know marketers, or photographers? I'm wondering who is behind all this. I have a hard time believing this is the natural expression of femininity in all times and places. Or maybe it is, a latent expression of women in decadent societies?

It's just hard for me not to notice that but I never hear anyone discuss the matter.
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May 17, 2013, 11:24 AM

I know that upon divorce the legal fiction, especially in community property states, is that each party contributed equally to the marital assets.

But I have always wondered how family law people can even stretch that legal fiction to cases that are obviously not equal. A guy gets higher combat pay because he is risking his life in the military in a war zone. Pumpkin supposedly earned half of that while she was watching "The View" on TV back in their comfy home. A boxer gets the living crap beat out of him for money; Cupcake earned half of that. A guy wins the Nobel Prize - there was even a case in which a long-since divorced wife got part of that (genius as she is).

Even the more normal case of a guy getting his health destroyed because of the stress of a full-time, soul-sucking job while Homemaker dusts a little and then watches Dr. Phil - why is society so heavily invested in bending and twisting everything to try to pretend like this is equal? Why is there massive resistance to saying, "you got a free ride up to now honey, you ain't getting any more if you want a divorce", instead of the usual: "we have to giver her the standard of living to which she has become accustomed, even if the person who earned it loses his standard of living".

I'm not entirely sure. I was in my capstone class working on a sustainability project in India which as soon as "gender" was brought up the whole task became about WOMEN. They used the word gender but nothing of men's issues were addressed at any point. I was able to influence the class in at least paying lip service to the idea of "GENDER NEUTRALITY", policies not favoring one or the other. While they acted as if they were in agreement with that idea, they never gave a shit about actually the men's issues, I brought them into the class to balance the gynocentrism of issues in the course. Finally then on the last day of class before the final paper was drafted they buckled, they decided that they would not be for "GENDER NEUTRALITY" but for "GENDER SENSITIVITY". Now they were able to excuse their gynocentrism, and it seemed to them not only legitimate and fair but scholarly and impressive. They argued some people just need advantages over others because they are facing disadvantages, and so giving them advantages compensates for the disadvantages. So my work was excluded and I barley passed the course while they wrote in their gynocentrism and ignored everything I said and regarded me as a mad man.

So how do they maintain it in their heads that this is equality? They look at it as a game of TIT FOR TAT. It's not real equality (such as rule of law) they are going for, it's childish game of payback in willful ignorance to the larger picture or meaning of the situation.

This is why in traditional societies women were seen as proper in their place within the house and kitchen. She is not able to see all sides of the issue, she makes egoistical decisions based on her feelings and is unable to take in the full implications and contemplate the situation without resorting to her base drives. Now society is occupied by such people.

So the answer in a nut shell is: they're idiots.

We are in the situation of being the sane counsel to a insane dictator, we cannot remove the dictator from power yet, so we have to use subtle persuasion to try to steer the maniac away from causing greater harm than they would had we not been present to advise, without raising the alarm within them which would set loose their rages. Pray the day comes where revolution can actually happen.

Here's an example of a guy challenging the constitutional authority of the IRS and claiming that it didn't have jurisdiction over him:

The result: The guy had to pay twice the costs of the appeal plus another $2000 just for giggles for filing a frivolous legal action.

And he still has to pay his taxes.

Well nothing is finished. The gubmint is always going to contest and challenge anyone who challenges their power. Any percentage of victory is worth fighting for.

Red Ice Radio - Dean Clifford - Hour 1 - Arrest, Victory & Natural Law

( Fast forward to like 3 minutes elapsed. )

Listen to this... this guy won, as you can see the battle never ends, but this is a front of resistance. Better than laying down and taking it in the ass!

I dont' want lawsuits, but if I must I want to be able to do SOMETHING. And no i'm not going to be intimated by the gubmint escalating charges. They do that because they don't want you to fight back. I will never surrender even if it means death.

What I don't like is the gumbint passing inane legislation and thinking I must abide by it. When was a I party to such precedents? Did they hear my voice? Like how if you ask a girl out more than twice that is "sexual harassment". Oh really? So I'm gonna just bow down to her majesty and make sure I not step out of line? I don't think so. World doesn't work that way, and the free man knows and employs that.


Actor Wesley Snipes just got out of prison for believing in a similar scheme involving the IRS.

I can see these people saying all of the way through the process - even when they are finally sitting in prison, or the Sheriff is loading their assets onto a truck to auction off for the civil judgment - that the laws don't apply to them.

I know it sounds funny, but they do win some of their battles. Just because the Sheriff is loading their assets to be auctioned doesn't mean the sheriff is right and not in fact breaking the law and able to be sued for injury.

A Canadian judge wrote a 156 page decision (interestingly in a family law case) where he analyzed what he calls "The Organized Pseudolegal Commercial Argument (OPCA) Litigant Case", including the "Free man on the Land" movement. A summary can be found here. Suffice to say that they're being shot down in court left & right, being judged "vexatious litigators" and found liable of elevated costs, punitive damages & fines. Not a path someone wants to go down on.

Neoteny, Are you going to believe in a document which states:

4. The use of obsolete, foreign or otherwise irrelevant legislation and legal documents, such as:

the Uniform Commercial Code (U.C.C.) of the United States of America;
the American Constitution;
UNIDROIT and UNCITRAL guidelines;
the 1948 Income Tax Act;
legislation governing oaths;
the Canadian Bill of Rights;
an out-of-date version of the American Black’s Legal Dictionary.

The American Constitution is Irrelevant? Government maintains it's own narrative within itself, they believe their own story, which is going to be slightly different at every level, each collective has it's own culture, pridefully logging it's self-importance.

Frankly I don't buy the idea that anyone has jurisdiction or authority over me other than myself and perhaps God. Nothing I do can be forced upon me by another, it can only be agreed to, and if I don't agree to it, it cannot be done unless it's forced which is therefore injury. I cannot do something against my will, other people can only do things against my will (assuming it is in fact against my will... but I digress...). This is the way I see it, so the free man on the land movement appeals to me, as it seems to recognize and employ this self-evident truth as a method of deconstructing society and it's control programs.
As far as I understand these people are getting out of all government regulation of their lives by proving in court they are not under the jurisdiction of statute laws, and only within the jurisdiction of common law. Therefore they cannot be prosecuted, and they often sue the government for injury as well as corporations.

I think this is what is missing from our movement, and the public in general. We don't really know how the system works, because public school does not educate us. We don't know how to sue, or contest things in court, we think we have to have a lawyer but the lawyers are a band of outlaws and lookout for each other not us.

All I know of is this website:

Doing my final draft of my paper for this class... it's never gonna be good enough... here is my work so far:
There are seven layers of city structures immersed in the New Dehli region, before New Delhi was constructed. The old regions of the city contrast disharmoniously with the newer regions in response to the British construction of New Delhi, deliberate segregation ensued. Pakistani refugees also emigrated into New Dehli in 1947. In 1950's government built housing estates for it's employees which are segregated from the other working population, in a hierarchical manner. 1975 - 1977 hundreds of thousands of families were relocated to resettlement colonies from slum areas. Areas of the city written in the Delhi Master Plan are sectioned off for urban agriculture, while unauthorized settlements are sometimes demolished. Today New Delhi has many various urban centers. Wealthy and powerful people often reside in urban centers whereas the the lower status people reside on the fringes and urban periphery. The poorer populations are usually residing in the older sections of the city. The underprivileged are usually of a low caste status and still subject to social ostracism. (V. Dupont, 2004, p. 169).
   In recent decades there has been a movement of "upper-classes to move to the outskirts of the metropolis, in farmhouses and posh residential complexes that have developed south of the Delhi Territory and attracted well-off families in search of a better living environment" (V. Dupont, 2004, p. 163).
   The possibility of reaching an inclusive multi-stakeholder agreement between various parties may be challenging due to social balkanization. While due process, redress of complaints, and the respect of basic individual rights of all in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations can assist in reducing social balkanization by establishing and equitable standard uniting all members of society. Rights of the individual that cannot be voted away are needed for minority and individual protection that institutions may not infringe on natural law and will of human beings though the collective society. "Group rights have historically been used both to infringe upon and to facilitate individual rights and the concept remains controversial" (Bisaz, C., 2012, p. 7-12). Groups are made up of individuals therefore the notion of gaining rights by forming a party is illusory and contrary to natural law. A person is not legally obligated to be regulated unless consenting through recognized legal contract, therefore only institutions can regulate their own affairs, without infringing on natural and human rights. Groups can only have legally binding authority created by the consent of the will of individuals within it. Collectives require the legal consent and contract of individuals in order for them be a subject to collective authority, and cannot be coerced otherwise without individual human rights being violated (article 20, 12, and 29,UDHR). Group rights exceeding these limitations, can result in a form of authoritarian control and oppression against individual freedom and equality under the law, while furthermore such arbitrary rules not represented by individuals results in a loss of faith and moral to the rule of law or order of society, therefore initiates the process of undermining it . "Much of the recent political discourse on individual rights in the People's Republic of China, particularly with respect to due process rights and rule of law, has focused on how protection of individual rights actually makes social control by the government more effective. For example, it has been argued that the people are less likely to violate the law if they believe that the legal system is likely to punish them if they actually violated the law and not punish them if they did not violate the law. By contrast, if the legal system is arbitrary then an individual has no incentive to actually follow the law (Individual and group rights, 2012).
   "India has an extensive system of affirmative action quotas or reservations intended to redress historical inequalities of opportunity, especially the legacy of caste system" (Individual and group rights, 2012). This sort of strategy of using discrimination to correct discrimination is philosophically flawed as practicing that which it opposes. Equality under the law is violated by affirmative action and thus those in party to them is then working not as a solution to discrimination but a exacerbating force, of that very same exclusion. Special rights or privileges violate the universal standard of equality under the law, as suggested in the Universal Declaration of Human rights Article 1 and 7 (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948) and the philosophy of the rule of law in general. Equality under the law is a system of order, which when violated breeds disorder, mistrust of authority, secret agreements, flattery, cruelty, inhumanity and corruption in general. "Make everyone equal under the law" (Mei Yaochen, 1002-1060 Sun Tzu, The Art of War).
   Gender inequity is a complex controversial and three dimensional equation. Gender is at the root of human experience and society itself and is universal, therefore any sustainable development plan should therefore employ universal gender neutral policies allow equal opportunity and justice and reserve these organizations the right to make judgments on behalf of criterion irrelevant to gender only pertaining to the ability of that person to meet the responsibilities required. This means policy and law apply to both women and men boys and girls, whereas specification of gender is therefore irrelevant and superficial to the meaning of any law or policy.
   Gender warfare and discrimination degrades public harmony and undermines the very seed of society at all levels: "The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society and is entitled to protection by society and the State." (Article 16-3, UDHR), the family is the harmonious relationship between opposing genders of which humans are born out of nature and natural law.    Gender warfare and discrimination degrades public harmony and undermines the very seed of society itself, which affects society at all levels for it being based on standards of social behavior between individuals which is strongly and firstly influenced by family upbringing. Ancient wisdom suggests: "Every kingdom divided against itself is headed for destruction, and no city or house divided against itself will stand" (Holman Christian Standard Bible, 2003). Disunity and conflict, can lead to social problems. Fatherlessness for example increases chances of: suicide, rape, homelessness, behavioral disorders, high school dropouts, chemical abuse, juvenile crime (Getting Men Involved,1997)  Gender issues carry health, policy, social or cultural, equity, discrimination, implications and relevancy which puts stress on institutions which use complex inequitable standards that discriminate on the basis of gender instead of simply chartering equality on behalf of both within government policy and non-government public institutions. Inequity of social policy between genders unnecessarily complicates matters, wastes resources, time, money, and efficiency, degrades the quality of life, both public and private by planting the seed of social strive in society. Not only women but men as well are discriminated against according to the situation in India. In India there are separate men's and women's movements and advocacy groups, and as with any social balkanization of men and women. While many journals have now included women's issues, they have tended to ignore those of men when discussing gender. Men however do suffer from discrimination in general as well as in India as examples below will provide.
(Kumar, 2011).

   Public outrage of victimization of women does not stop short of calling for the victimization of men like public beating and castration (Sharma, 2013). When famous women cry rape and then recant, public outage is only afforded to the accused and never the false accuser (Sharma, 2013).
   Women are given their own private travel compartments, and ticket lines, for public transport such as busses and trains usually seating in the front half, men cannot sit in these seats and if they do they are sometimes beaten by women (Sharma, 2013) (Women only passenger car, 2013) (Men are beaten, 2010). There has been at least one instance of a man being physically thrown off a moving train "by a constable for boarding the ladies compartment" who was then taken to a hospital to recover (PTI, 2010), the rampant hostility towards men shown in the cited videos allude to the fact that these incidents are not uncommon (Men Beaten, 2010).
   "Slap your alcoholic or wife-beating husband in public and get a cash reward of Rs 1,000 per whack -- up to a maximum of Rs 10,000" this was or is an 'incentive scheme' an Andhra Pradesh minister is offering harassed wives in his constituency (Radhakrishna, 2011). The more beating the more money, indeed it appears "the more a culture embraces special treatment of women, the more draconian they invariably become against men." (Elam, 2012).
   Male migrant workers seeking work opportunities have "extremely precarious" residential opportunities. "Thus, at night many of them are found sleeping under the verandas in bazaars, on pavements and other open grounds, or in night shelters run by the municipality for homeless people" (V. Dupont, 2004, p. 162).
   While the Constitution of India is written stating that nobody can be discriminated on the basis of gender, laws which violate that limitation holding that only men can be perpetrators of rape and women only victims, dowry laws, sexual offenses, and laws further protect "the modesty of women" (Sharma, 2013).
   These examples are included to simply dispel any illusion of the inequity between genders that exist on both sides rather than. Gender inequality is a complex and three dimensional equation and should be treated with care. Both men's and women's advocacy groups should be consulted by institutions for awareness of these protean issues.
   Prejudice causes needless conflict and reduces efficiency of society and can even bring it to a crisis undermining business as usual, fostering political corruption as tribal or power politics pervade rather than the service of all by a just unbiased government mediator which is it's responsibility. Legitimacy of government is also undermined in times of oppression of a class or group or even individual. Government oppression causes crime rates to increase and the criminal justice system to be stagnated as suggested by the research. Non-representation and support of collective and individual citizens, who are kept oppressed rather than served by government will not further governmental power or effectiveness but in fact plant the seed of it's own dissolution and disunity.
    Inequality in society cannot be remedied by creating greater inequality on one side of the scale to correct it. Such simple-minded strategies do pay no respect to the complexity of social issues. All laws must be made gender neutral and audited. That is there maybe biases and inequalities in culture at one level or another in India, but government has no legal jurisdiction over culture, attempting to correct for perceived cultural matters with special privileges and statues within institution of government or otherwise, contradicts the rule of law and equality and increases instances of discrimination. NGOs can invest their private interests in ameliorating what they see to be particular inequality, while writing inequality into government policy to correct for inequality will not in fact correct it, but only exacerbate and twist it into an even more monstrous kind of inequality, increasing crime, violence and conflict in society (Horn, 2013) (Kumar, 2011)
   Universal equality is not an appropriate abstraction to apply to human affairs, men and women can only be equal under the law, natural law creates each individual unique, any attempt to force equality through actions based on outcomes do not penetrate to the root cause and simultaneously violate individual rights and equality under the law creating discrimination and conflict at an even more artificial level.
   Gender dynamics in India are old and ancient and passed down through cultural stories. Men in India are often in the past and present seen as protectors of women, obligated to give up their lives to help women if necessary. "Protector day" is celebrated every year in India.  An Indian cultural story of King Shantanu in the epic Mahābhārata tells of how the king does a wrong for breaking a promise never to question his wife's actions even when murdering her own children (Desphande, 2013). 
   Again gender inequity is a complex and three dimensional equation, it cannot be remedied through practicing discrimination in effort to remove that same discrimination, as that is a logical contradiction. Making this argument and recommendation is difficult given the paucity of studies by NGOs or government institutions on the discrimination agains men genders face rather than just women. Given however the climate of discrimination against men and the women's and men's movement within India, it is reasonable to suggest a all inclusive response on behalf of institutions through gender neutral policies for the reasons stated above. India's men's rights movement has somewhere around thirty thousand members today, and help lines in many major cities across India. It has rapidly grown in the past decade, and is a nascent uprising against human rights violations and gender discrimination (Kumar, 2011).    

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Apr 26, 2013, 07:06 PM

I just called the guy as well.

So what happened?

nothing. I left a message.
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Apr 26, 2013, 06:08 PM
Finally I found something that appears reputable:
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Apr 26, 2013, 05:56 PM

I sent a query to BAMIN (Bay Area Male Involvement Network) regarding if they published such a newsletter in Spring of 1997 and if so, was there such a collection of statistics in the particular issue.

I will report back if & when I get a reply.

I just called the guy as well.

Look at this site:

Great collection of stats. Try any of the tabs on the left, see what happens...