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All very intersting but your title?

"Pregnant woman tasered.... poor little baby....."

Is not productive.

It does not serve the good to promote a lack of compassion for women's plight.
To lack compassion for women and their plight is to only degrade men's plight.

This is a Men's Activism fourm, and here we should not set an example as those who are anti female or negative towards women. To do so will only undermine our positive impact on the plight of men.
Main / Re: Men and Abortion Conference
Nov 30, 2007, 09:00 AM
Yes well this is a society which promotes men as emotionless egomaniacal alchoholics. Any evidence to the contrary will lead the people into a uproar of discontention. Somone's got to be the "bad guy" (wonderful euphameism eh?) if men are not the "bad guys" which we can all vent and abuse on, then what will we do? Take responsiblity for our own problems and emotions?  Perish the thought!

Main / Spike TV
Nov 30, 2007, 08:50 AM
OK supposedly Spike TV is a network for men.

This is the Banner Spike TV promotes their show TrueDads (taken direclty off their website):

"Just in time for Father's Day, Spike TV celebrates dads with TRUE DADS, the network's new national outreach campaign designed to celebrate the unique and transformative relationship that is fatherhood."

In at least one of the propaganda on Television, It shows a father out at the feild giving a short monolouge about how it is to be a dad and take your son to the feild to hit the ball. Everything seems OK if not a little cliche. Anyhow it goes on and the Son piches a Ball to the father, The father hits it - it's a grand slam - wonderful. The commercial should end here. However in it's final moments instead what you hear is a loud crash and a car alarm going off, the guy looks perplexed and then he hurries off camera in a embarressed moment. THEN the commercial ends. Making the father look foolish - like Homer Simpson.

Mild stuff. But it goes to show that even a "network for MEN" and a show promoting fatherhood, it actually degrades them by the simple traditions of media which are so accustomed to making men and fathers look like fools. It cannot bring itself to promote fatherhood without abusing men simultaniously. It cannot show a dignified image of a father and his son - Why? Becuase people will probably find that cliche and cheesy or boring. What is not cheesy or boring is showing how the father is a foolish person - that is commonplace and we all get a good laugh. Astononishing as the audacity of the network to promote itself on the platform of pro-fatherhood is such contexts.

Furthermore I would like to point out the rather degrading network jingles Spike TV plays.
Spike TV sells itself as a "Network for Men" thus it has the natural position of having to appeal to men and show what man hood is. Spike TV's unorthodox approach is to show a bunch of explosions, some big muscles and a pair of sweaty female breats with feminine moans in the background. What a surprise. Are these images of masculinity on the ground of a network for men are infact degrading to men? As it promotes the idea that men like destruction, violence and are sexmaniacs. All egotisical maniaical psychological traits of a male who is in fact unhealthy, and probably suffering in this society. Their lack of a dignified balanced approach to the masculine promotes therefore a degraded and unhealthy image of what it is to be a male in postmodern America.
Main / Check out Hexagram 44
Nov 28, 2007, 11:58 AM
Check out Hexagram 44 of the Yijing Scripture (I-Ching). The I-Ching is older than the Bible, and is one of the very first books ever printed. It has a very revealing archetype of time that is characterized by hexagram 44. I think all of you will find it very interesting.

It appears women have always been a bad influence, when they are out to usurp power from the male. This hexagram completly characterizes the Time we are in, and has directives on how to escape from it. It actually advicses not to marry a women of this kind in the most traditional translation. Since all women in society are of this kind it's basicly saying do not marry.

It also advocates activism and the faith that we can make things return to normal.

I personally just hate the idea that women are such a negative influence by their very nature. But more and more as I grow up and experience life and learn new things, it really seems to be a fact. I'm not saying they are all bad, that there is some good in them. But that the bad is definatly a equal competitor with the good. In my life the negative aspects of women far outwiegh the positive aspects. I don't hate women, I'm more like Hulk Hogan in my purity. But i'm no longer nieve. I think somthing is definatly wrong with humanity right now. It's bringing out the worst in women, and there seems to be no sign of any hope.

I've never had a relationship with a girl and i'm a hansome 25 year old, smart and in collage. I have high standards but I deserve them frankly. I've been let down so many times by females I can't even count them all. I'm trying my best not to be controlled by my negative experiences with them, but it is an high precipice. I don't know why God put women on the earth for man to be the way they are. Frankly I don't want to constantly restrain and control my lover, but it seems if you don't she will attack and control you. Why can't their just be peaceful harmony? If we cannot coexist peacefully in the most fundamental of relatinoships, then how can we expect to have peace in any other realm of human experience?

Women as of now completly manipulate men through verbs and emotion. They are very powerful (like magic), and superiour to men in this innate ability, men's strength is in logos and logic, while women is pathos and ethos.

Whats amazing is that not even one women i've ever met has any regrets in her negative views of men and her views of her privleges and "rights" are so absolutly loopsided and degrading to everyone but her. And the longer she looks at herself the more dark and hateful she becomes of men. There is nothing like a conscious within to stop her! She just keeps going and going! I can't say that a reicprocal truth in my personal situation!

Whats the deal?

I dislike having gender warfare and petty discontention.

But it appears by hexagram 44 - that this is by no means - a new phenomonon.
We need a page where we can read about issues and sign a form that will automaticlly mail our representitives and senators or those that pertain to that issue. Then we could very quickly and easily make more an impact!

Introductions / Relived To find this fourm
Oct 29, 2007, 08:23 PM
I've been subjected to the feminist ideology by my mother very strongly. All my life I have heard how women are so mistreated. Being a male and naturally having a love for women I adopted these perspectives. As I grew up and grew older however. I noticed how all these views were so one sided and unfair. I noticed how so many of them do not account for anything of the men's perspective. How so much of it is so strongly sexist against men, and so oppressive to his nature.

As far as I know women are outragously aggrandized in the current moment in history. Men are treated with utter contempt and total hatred as a symbol and as a part of nature.

Anyhow I cannot write too much now but i'm glad to finnaly have a place to share my views. Women are very abusive and very cruel to men. I cannot believe what an uphill battle men face now, It's hard enough to vocalize what is going on inside, much less (or more) push for a political antidote.

I'm currently writing a book that is very very messy right now (allot of it is perhaps self serving thus needs revision), that analyzed men and women according to mystical symbols and Jungian concepts.
It is in it's very very rough disorganized state. But with sufficent time and care, and thanks to this network of websites (for discovery of the fact that other people actually might know a kind of manhood outside the slings of historical and cultural tyranny) I might indeed continue my isolated solitary journey up throught the infected muddy precipice, and work this thing out.

I'm a student of Community College Now, I plan to keep going. I don't know what i'm going to do with my life. But thinking about these issues and many others... and thinking and contemplation in general has been a almost obessive theme of my life.

I hope to find good friends and sharp open minds and passionate compassionate hearts here in this fourm - and thank god it exists.