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omg stfu! get off your fucking pedestal bitch

tsk you dont talk to  none of those trailer park traci's or keisha lottaweava's  in the lobby of health and human services like that, baby cakes
so dont do it on the internet
TBQ aka jen is a nice lady, she dont deserved to be called a bitch by the likes of you

plus I bet she would snatch you up by your hair and beat that ass like Ike beat tina if you dared say it to her face
I think you should got your first warning for calling me an asshole........which I am an asshole, even my granmother and  my dad will tell you I am a monumental prick.....but TBQ didnt deserve that, and it would behoove you to apologize

nope. she's been an annoying little twat to me with her self-righteous mommy knows best crap  :love5:

p.s. you're family knows you well <3

omg stfu! get off your fucking pedestal bitch

whoaaaa!!! That was not only uncalled for but also a VERY stupid thing to say! BQ has been in this forum for as long as I can remember and has EARNED the respect of most of us in here with her candid yet always fair minded observations.
I know DR E has given you a warning but he is making great efforts to be fair minded too - if it was left to ME though you would be GONE for showing such disrespect!  :angryfire:

i don't give a flying fuck what people in here think. this isn't elementary school and i can say whatever i want when i want. she needed to stfu for being a stuck up biatch on here.

omg stfu! get off your fucking pedestal bitch

21st mommy material right there folks.... in all it's glory!

Do you eat with that mouth?  Of course you do... the question is though, what.....


please. you ain't no saint on here. i hate when people try to call people out on the internet when they are just as guilty.
hmmm since we're on the topic, there are two rape accusations in my city that come to mind. let me find some links. brb
Main / Re: Another False Allegation of Rape
Mar 21, 2008, 09:16 AM
who said i wasn't concerned for the men? if a friend, brother, son, or husband of mine were falsely accused i'd be livid
Main / Re: My two favorite people - Together!
Mar 21, 2008, 09:14 AM
rollin' on tha laugh my ass off . good one

i heard about this yesterday on a blog

I contacted the Make a Wish Foundation which is working on making this young girls wish come true.

did you even read this you blind bat?
omg stfu! get off your fucking pedestal bitch

that's not how you INVITE someone to participate in an educated discourse DER. you don't insult them to get them to come.

i didn't insult him-i called him on his ideological bull-shit-that only men commit abuse,it was a challenge not an insult- why are u still here?

o.k. dr.e give me a warning but i will not apologize to this person

pfft i don't care. this is the internet. you wouldn't have the guts to say it to my face. i think it's fucking stupid to have warnings on a forum. you can still come back under another name, anyway. and yea, you did insult him and were very passive aggressive. i'm here because i want to be so quit asking like it's any of your concern.
Main / Re: girls gone wild
Mar 20, 2008, 04:16 PM

I like your new picture, Typhonblue. You look kind of mysterious.

Hey thanks.

It's the absense of the touque.

are you a hot chick?
Main / Re: Another False Allegation of Rape
Mar 20, 2008, 04:13 PM
this is bad for women who really are raped, too.
omg that is SO sad. i love make a wish foundation. there was a boy who wanted to be president for the day and he was! he had SS, shook hands with dignitaries, the whole nine yards! it was so cute!
Main / Re: Its never over
Mar 20, 2008, 04:10 PM
no kid should throw anything at a parent, especially a mother. that is just completely disrespectful. however, given the context of the situation, he definitely had good reason to do that. i probably would have done it, too. it's like stfu already fuck! poor kid. i'm so glad i'm not an adolescent anymore. the mother needs to watch her language and learn not to disrespect her child's father in his presence. it's probably in their custody order not to make disparaging remarks, no?