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Main / Re: And in the news today....
May 01, 2012, 04:17 PM
"As a profession it's up to artists, comedians and writers to push boundaries, challenge social norms and explore topics other people are too afraid to broach," she added. "Then, since this is America, we get to show praise or criticism of artistic concepts with our wallets, which is one of the founding principles of capitalism."

Why haven't we seen a reality tv show about guys in white sheets pranking Africans? That'd  be a hoot!  No, there are some things that scare hollywood shitless. They don't have the balls to try something like that. Pushing boundaries? Only against men, and sadly,  boys.

Perhaps this movie will wake some people up. Maybe somebody will ask, if she got custody, would the boy have to pay his rapist?
Probably caused by alcohol consumption and/or drugs. Considering what men go through in ameriKa, I'm surprised more men don't abuse drugs. They do however, manage to end their pain in great numbers with life's final solution.
Main / Re: Women lag in life-expectancy gains
Apr 21, 2012, 02:38 PM

Another one to file under:

Men dying younger hits women hardest.

Reminds me of Bill Clinton's bitch saying that women are hit hardest when men die in war.
I wonder how many feminists NOW has stationed under biden's desk in case he needs oral gratification?

"Hallie Adams said she was "completely brainwashed and controlled" by her ex-husband.

"I did every single thing that he did," she told NBC. Hillary Adams said she is not angry at her mother."

Not Mommy's fault, da devil made her do it.....obviously had no legal right to be raising a child because she had no mind of her own. My new terminology for this type of behavior: Zombie Mom.
Search her name on bing or google....ta-daaaa!
""Oh thank you, I was so worried about that," she said sarcastically. "Look, there are three shows with the title 'Girls' and everyone has a breakdown, and then there is Spike TV and entire networks filled with guy stuff."

O tv, Lifetime tv, Oxygen tv, WE (women's entertainment), not to mention women own daytime network tv.
When the gov't (cops, too) fears The people, there is Liberty.

Video removed.

here it is

Crazy Chick from FAU (view 2)

It's all over shrewtube; some vids are age restricted.
Slaves were owned by a MINORITY of white people.
Crazy Chick from FAU has an Opinion

Woman goes berserk in class.

This is PMS at it's second worst (nobody was killed).

There is definitely a pattern of public figures apologizing. 

Apologizing seems to be the trendy thing these days. 

All sorts of sports celebrities and radio and television personalities are getting into hot water with the media constructed morality that is foisted upon us. 

Someone made a racial or gay slur, someone said something about some woman, someone else said something about muslims.. then comes the apology.  And the media just has this silly ejaculation every time it happens.  Where's the emoticon for ejaculation?

No, it's only CONSERVATIVEs that have to apologize. Has ANYONE apologized for comments made about conservative women? (RE: Bill-asswipe-Maher who DEFENDED Rush)

Anyway, I signed the petition, and I'm hearing this morning that the blitz against Rush was started by the neo-socialist-commie mother-fuckers at Media Matters. Also hearing that most of the list they put out was fabricated, and most of what was true was true for local markets, not his national show.

As a former extremeist leftist, I hated Rush with a fucking passion. I despised him. Then I started listening. What he says makes sense. What he provided was balance to the leftist lamestream media and JournoList. Rush makes you THINK, as opposed to leftist media that espouses party dogma and narrative. For those that don't want to think, keep watching CNN.
Lyrics to tune of Mr. Ed

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Well listen to this..........
Main / Re: Yahoo Comments
Mar 02, 2012, 10:04 AM
yup. service sux.