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Main / U.S. too slow on pedophiles
Apr 05, 2006, 07:48 PM
Quote from: "Virtue"
Wait a minute......underage people are getting convicted (and forced to register as sex offenders~!) for posting sexually oriented pictures of themselves on myspace......why does this kid get off for doing the same (but for profit !)

I'd say the difference is that the boy casted himself as a victim, and gave a benefit to a number of influential groups by turning in his customers.

Think for a moment... why did the AP write this article? And why was the boy casted as a victim? Ultimately... que bono? Who benefits?

The abuse industry very clearly benefits because they are given a reason to exist -- there are more pedophiles out there to catch -- along with a reason for more funding -- the police, advocacy groups, etc. are moving slowly because there aren't enough resources, terefore more must be given.

The Associsted Press also benefits because they have a sensational story to write.

The police probably didn't benefit too heavily in this case, since there was not a large and easy bust, but they can still claim a reason for funding, which I alluded to above. Also, when he turned himself in I've no doubt that the police were indeed expecting a large and easy bust.

The boy got off easy because all of the groups above, who are very influential, benefitted from his story in one way or the other. That is why he will not face any collateral punishment for selling himself on the internet. In contrast, most of the girls putting pornographic pics of themselves on MySpace are the notorious "MySpace hookers" who were regularly and repeatedly spamming users with no intention of playing the victim card later. They were quite a nusaince, (I use MS and my inbox was often full of unsolicited emails from web cam hookers), and I've no doubt that they were prosecuted because considerable forces built up on MySpace to have them prosecuted.
Main / Feminist Wanted!
Mar 29, 2006, 02:17 PM
Quote from: "typhonblue"
Quote from: "Factory"
Hate to say it, but it's not gonna happen.  Feminists disregard this board, since it's - you know....hostile to women.

Typhon being female doesn't count...she's been brainwashed by The Patriarchy (tm).

Brainwashed? The Patriarchy(tm) had me at the complimentary cookies!

I betrayed the sisterhood for a s'more.

Typhon, we are so good at brainwashing you that you didn't even realize that  The Patriarchy (tm) doesn't give out free cookies! You bake them for us  :wink:
Main / Sex Ed on the East Coast, 2006
Mar 26, 2006, 07:11 PM
For me, I went through a sex ed course the first time in fifth grade, not counting the child molester lessons that went all the way back to kindergarten. I don't remember much... it was a boys-only course that explained what puberty was, and that "there is no bone."

In the eigth grade there was a crude form of absitnence education in which we learned about STDs, what they did, and why a candom wasn't always good enough. I also remember that a kid passed out while we were looking at pics of people who were suffering from either syphilis or genital warts.

In high school, there was yet another talk, but it was a "values clarification" deal, where they simply had us bring up words that described people who slept around, and those who didn't. There was no suggestion in either direction.

College, yet another talk. It was in health class, and was on rape and domestic violence. My first sign of hope in the MRA sense: The men were asking questions about what would happen if they slept with a woman and didn't hear her whisper no, after consenting earlier, or if she consented and regretted it later. The presenter was embarrassed, and said he didn't know what would happen. He knew, but I don't think I would say if I were in his shoes, considering that a great many students would have been enraged to know they could still be hauled off to jail even if she said yes.
Main / men's rights and housework
Mar 22, 2006, 11:22 PM
Men have a right to say NO to housework. NO means NO. What part of NO do feminists not understand?

Feel free to cut and paste this everywhere approrpiate.

Found this on the Mancoat forum. I think this message is worthy to be spread to every corner of the world.
I first was interested in Men's Rights when I came across in the 11th grade of high school, in 2001. In 12th grade I eased back on it... (in part because of a talk with the principal when I did a speech in Brit Lit on "Angry Harry is going to build himself a virus!") and didn't pick up on Men's issues until 2004, when I went through a very painful breakup with an Australian pen pal.

While I should have eased back again by this time, as my first easing back took place after getting over a breakup in the 11th grade, my MRA leanings stuck this time. I guess it's due to the fact that I now see MRA issues as part of a much larger scope than "why did she leave me?" Instead, I see it in the scope of younger men being without a purpose and being largely hated by the world (for a good example, look at the guys in the Mancoat Forum). I suppose that, in time, I will also become much more aware of and involved in issues surrounding divorce, child custody, etc., but I would rather focus on educating men so that they don't get caught up in such injustices in the first place. Hopefully the creation of enough men who are "aware" will permit the creation of a bigger fighting force for other issues in the future.
Main / Re: Men want less than an 'A' girl
Mar 11, 2006, 10:21 AM

Some time ago there was an article in the Wall St Journal about a female CEO of a major company who was having trouble finding a husband.

She'd tried a dating service and found that the only men interested in her earned a fraction of her income. She concluded that her equals spurned her because they were intimidated by a strong woman.

A reader responded, saying women failed to understand the economic principle of "comparative advantage".

Didn't someone from SYG write the bit on comparitive advantage? Or at least make mention of John Ross? It would seem that MRAs are having more and more of an effect on media.
Main /
Mar 07, 2006, 08:08 PM
Quote from: "SecondToDie"
I wonder if there's a

I think you meant
Main /
Mar 07, 2006, 08:07 PM
Reminds me of the time I wanted to start an international no-date list. Same concept as, but for helping men instead of women. However, I decided not to because I knew it'd only be a matter of time until a number of guys would start posting things on that page out of spite, and possibly even using it in dating diplomacy; break up with me, and you're on the list... stuff like that.

But you know, women would NEVER do something like that. No, they are only out to tell the complete and objective truth in order to protect other women, and not because she wants to spite her man.  :roll:
Quote from: "westcoast2"
There is a whole academy about Matriachal Societies. HAGIA

They have held 2 conferences on Matriarchal Studies, the first conference in 2003. gives some insight.....

The 2003 Congress is perhaps most notable for having adopted a position that the sun revolves around the Earth, and not vice versa, adopting the political position that having "mother" Earth revolve around "father" sun was sexist imagery.


Well, you learn something new every day....

The Sun revolves around the Earth eh? Wow.
To throw something in for history... If you take the Bible as being a historical record, there are a number of places in which there are women rulers and a few forms of something we'd call feminism today. And, based on other documents about Israel (most Old Testament writings were about Israel) and in one or two other kingdoms, it seems that such things existed during affluent periods. In other words, most of the "liberal" thought today, feminism being one such thing, has a way of cropping up during affluent times, and disappearing shortly after those affluent times (inevitably) cease. Historical pattern for us to look to? Well, it isn't one to look forward to, that's for sure.
Main / TBS humor study
Feb 22, 2006, 11:55 PM

Apparently, TBS has an online survey in which they collect data about what you think is funny. The study caught my attention because I happen to live next to it's world headquarters (at least I think so, it's a set of huge buildings with several dozen large satellite dishes behind it), and I saw pictures of a man with targets all over him with the question "where is the funniest place to hit this man with a ball?" When watching the video explaining what the study is about, it shows, of course, the man being hit in the groin. Not sure if it's worth a huge fuss, maybe just voting that a groin shot is NOT funny.

Let me know what y'alls thoughts are.

Oh well, yet another reason not to go to Harvard.
Um... bait-and-switch evangelism? It is a fairly common tactic (i.e. invite a guy to a concert, and at the end of it you find out the band is Christian and there's a 5-minute preaching section), but I haven't seen a fake porn site before. Very strange... I wonder what the average guy would think when he visits?
Quote from: "Virtue"
Your train of thought is correct but your not thinking the proccess through taking all varibles into account.

The drug companies will not exert pressue to over turn Roe V Wade in order to increase Plan B sales and this is why....

Plan B is ONE Drug, just a couple of pills .......where an abortion requires seditives, local anestetic, sometimes even general  anestetic, followed by the psychological consequences that lead to anti-depressants and other psychotropic drugs.....not to mention pain killers etc et al.....the list goes on.

Nah they have too much invested in the current system......besides Drug companies make most of their money off of older people's retirement benefits anyway.

What's funny is that medical/pharmaceutical companies are among the biggest recruiters of people in my department, and mainly due to the expectation that the increase in elderly people in the next few years will equal out to a huge increase in drug consumption, a trend that has already begun.

On abortion... I think it isn't the biggest issue involved, more of a distracting issue from more serious ones like, say, the sleeping around that leads to these aborted babies, or the phenominally high divorce rate, among others. Dan's thought is still a good basis for the issue of abortion though, very few issues are decided on moral grounds, instead they are decided on the issue of who wants what, and who has power.
Quote from: "The Biscuit Queen"
If she didn't like the contract, she should have WALKED. Her choice. Being an ass is not illegal. Geez.

Exactly. If she didn't like it, she could leave.

Now, the only thing that could become criminal is if this is a fully-fledged kidnapping case, as the website suggested, in which case she was being forced to do this against her will. That would be criminal. If she accepted and felt bad about it later, but was not allowed to leave (which I am guessing is the case), that would (or could) be criminal. If she felt bad, left, and then turned around and slapped the guy with a lawsuit, then the guy shouldn't be faulted for her choices. I wonder which it was...