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Main / Knob Size Spam
Feb 15, 2006, 01:46 PM
Quote from: "BRIAN"
Notice too that these Emails are always gramaticaly horrible. I think they come from the same part of Nigeria that the 413 bank scams come from.

Don't forget the "help my dad escape to America by coming over here with lots of money" scam. I'm serious, someone out there expected me to fly to Namibia (sp?) so I could meet some guy in a back alley and recieve $70 million for it. Right...
So far, I've been accused of hating women and of being a "sexist extremist." Also, when telling a girl about the Patriarchy she cracked a joke that I would only make all of the guys in it unattractive. I haven't been called gay though.
Main / Seattle is getting hosed...
Feb 05, 2006, 10:55 PM
Quote from: "Fidelbogen"
I'm situated not far from Seattle myself; maybe I should work myself into a passion over this.....? :roll:

As for the Superbowl Violence thing, I'm pretty sure that meme has officially played itself out and rolled onto the scrap heap of the debunked.  That's what I've heard at least; the people who used to float that crap have been effectively embarassed out of it.   :oops:

They know it would be imprudent to open their mouths on that subject again.....

Speaking of which, tonight there was a girl at the Super Bowl Party I went to who expressed her anger at the Seahawks losing, and I joked saying, "too bad my team won eh?" She said something, I was like, "whatever, my family's from PA, so I had to stand for the 'home team.'" and then a friend of hers looks at me with this really concerned look, and asks, "Are you going to fight her?" She had a tone of fear, like I was going to wallop this girl. I'm thinking, "WTF? My voice isn't raised, I'm not displaying a single angry or offensive gesture, yet this girl thinks I'm violent because I'm calmly disagreeing w/ her friend?!"

Besides that, the Steelers definately didn't deserve that one touchdown. Not the most notable Super Bowl this time, same goes for that halftime show.
Typhon, I think you hit the nail on the head. I must admit, my hypotheses weren't the best this time around, but hey, that's why we have forums like this.

Ultimately, I agree that this man's actions are the result of things that happened to him as an individual. As far as various lobby groups go, the most they would have contributed is a general attitude of indifference towards this man's situation, but not directly. Outside of that, I stand corrected on the reverse-hate concept. Sometimes I make bad assumptions when information is limited.

Other than that, I must admit one thing. The reason I "understand" this guy. I was once in shoes like the ones this man was in. I was 16, very heavily depressed becuase I came to grips with the fact that my year-older girlfriend was using me as a cuddle bitch while also dating other guys... and girls. A 14-year old friend of hers infomred me that she was molested by her, and the fact that my girlfriend often demanded me to bring her porn didn't help. Also, infighting at my church, and the removal of a youth pastor I looked up to, I felt like there was no where to go and no one to talk to. I'll be honest, I wanted to die... but not before I killed a bunch of people first.

The difference between me, and this unfortunate fellow, is that we made different choices. I decided to put my hope in God, leave that church, and ditch the girlfriend. It wasn't till college that I could find another Christian man to model myself after (and even though he doesn't know about the MRM, he often stands up for 'men' in conversation, one of the very few Christians I know who have picked up on what's going on!), and after many dates... still haven't found a worthwhile girlfriend. But, the point in case is that I was once tempted to do what the man in question did, so I have an understanding of what his reasoning might've been, but I have chosen otherwise, gotten past the storm, and I also know that he could have, and should have, chosen differently.

Besides this, I wonder how many more men are also in the same shoes. I  hope to reach such men before they degenarate and become violent. This should have been my main point fromt he beginning, though it wasn't. Therefore, I stand corrected.
MRA, you are an encouragement to us all. I could only hope to do half as well here in Atlanta. With Pat486 set to conduct its first papering in a week, I will remind my fellow Patriarchs of your efforts-- and success.
Hey look, the man in question got caught... by two bullets in the head.

link to article

The teen shot the woman in the car with him before he was wounded in the shootout with police, Walsh said. State police wouldn't confirm Walsh's account and said ballistics tests would determine how the woman died.

His passenger was Jennifer Rena Bailey, 33, of Charleston, W.Va., the West Virginia State Police said.

"Apparently she's had a prior relationship with this guy and had been corresponding with him," said state police Sgt. C.J. Ellyson.


Based on testimonies given at the end of the article, the guy was apparently not too bad of a guy untilt his happened. Perhaps we have another teenaged nice-guy-turned-killer because of something happening with this 33 year old woman. If not, well, we still have one messed-up kid who killed his too-old lover and has seriously hurt a number of innocents in the process, and a lot of questions.
Main / What is a Cognitive Cluster Bomb?
Feb 04, 2006, 06:45 PM
whoops, double post
Main / What is a Cognitive Cluster Bomb?
Feb 04, 2006, 06:44 PM
and by the way...

Main / What is a Cognitive Cluster Bomb?
Feb 04, 2006, 05:55 PM
Here's an idea:

Begin by deciding exactly what kind of message needs to be communicated. For example, are we trying to explain who we are to a newbie, or are we providing good references, quotes, etc. for the serious activist? Are we trying to go through practical issues (i.e. fathers' rights, false accusations, etc.) or theoretical ones (i.e. patriarchy vs. matriarchy)?

Once we have the idea laid out, we structure all of the cluster bombs into major sections, each being a major point that we are trying to make. A good example of how this can be done is Angry Harry's Student's Guide To Feminism, as everything is placed into categories based on which feminist myth is being debunked.

Within the sections, we have one or two "flagship" cluster bombs, with a collection of others under it. Each section could also have documentation included with it, so that a more serious person can cipher through studies and more involved essays. Audio versions of a few cognitive cluster bombs could also be made available, as well as posters or other paraphenalia. I personally would like to work more on my posters, the first of which are now online.

These are all great ideas. I will have to save this thread for a future time, when either I or one of you can get started on this project.
Main / What is a Cognitive Cluster Bomb?
Feb 04, 2006, 12:17 PM
Quote from: "Peter"

Here they are. Add in Angry Harry and some other writings until you get a little less than 50B, make some of those cridit card sized CDroms.

There you have in your pocket the perfect answer to the ladys question "Why not have a dinner tonight?", "Why did you never marry?".

Writings on the Divorce Regime, Family Court Corruption, and the Government's War on Fatherhood by Stephen Baskerville, PhD

I think you meant 50 MB there :wink: Still, in the near future it may not be a bad idea to create mini-CDs as such, and pass them out. It probably would not cost too much!

And there is another big question, the CCB is extremely useful on the Internet, but how can we also use them to reach people offline? I've been thinking about it, and so far the only real way has been by people reading articles online, and recommending them to others. I will also be using posters in the near future (the first ones will be on my site *today*), and I'll be determining how effective a poster is at linking to cognitive cluster bombs online. If anyone else has an idea, go ahead and suggest it, or, better yet, do it!
Never heard of that Slaytan. Though, it does make a bit of sense. While homosexual men have been getting more positive press recently, I've noticed that the lesbian/bi women have been seen as "hot" for quite some time. Perhaps there is a connection there? Or do think think it's simply because women are meant to be protected, and their actions overlooked?
Main / What is a Cognitive Cluster Bomb?
Feb 03, 2006, 11:54 PM
You're right on drawing lines in terms of ideologies, since we obviously aren't Neo-Nazis.

Still, I do wonder what caused this particular guy to do what he did. Even though he was not justified in killing those men, I still think that he was lashing back at an "organism" of some sort, perhaps political correctness, perhaps the gay lobby. Who knows what got him started, but I would guess that he was in some way afflicted by one of these organisms, learned to cope via absorbing extremeist ideologies, and thereby ultimately becoming the very killer we are debating about!

Also, please keep in mind that while it may be true that gay men suffer anti-gay violence more than lesbians do, I am trying to analyze the killer's motives more than how unfortunate it was for the victims. While you can try putting out more police to help victims, understanding the core effects that create violent people will go much farther in solving problems like these killing sprees.

hopefully I made better sense in this post.
Found this a few minutes ago...

Link to article

"It's crazy that it happened in this day and age," said Craig Paiva, a 29-year-old New Bedford resident who lives two blocks from Robida's home. "You wonder how someone could hate a group of people so badly at the age of 18."

Sometimes I wonder why people think that they've won victories over "hate," when "reverse hate" such as hatred against heterosexual men has been promoted for so long?

On the article itself, I can understand why Robida did it, but I condemn the actions. Even in a world that hates you, or that you perceive as hating you, killing sprees are not the answer. That's why we have an MRM: we fight with ideas, not hatchets.
Main / Re: An intersting article
Jan 30, 2006, 02:14 PM
Earlier this week, Cunningham visited the Sheriff's office and discovered her had been indicted for vandalism for his handy work.

The girl's father says deputies gave him an orange jump suit to put on, shackled his ankles and put him behind bars for almost two hours before he could post a $1,000 bond.

So, the guy is indicted for vandalism, which is a fairly minor crime, and is immediately jailed? I wonder what else the sherrif was told about the guy before he peaceably came to the sheriff's office?