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Main / PRESS RELEASE........... REAL F4J
Feb 06, 2006, 06:58 AM
Quote from: "Dr Evil"
Here's a piece on the eggstroidinary event.  It's not ova yet!  The real F4J?

Thats egg..sactly what I was thinking.  :D
NEWS FLASH: Kelly - Egg on Face, again !

Just in Activists from Real Fathers For Justice have pelted Education Minister Ruth Kelly with eggs as she was attending court today.

Kelly was hit on the head by a lone activist, who was shouting "Real Fathers For Justice"

Mike Downes has been arrested and we are awaiting news of the Police Station.

Also, Activist Simon Wilmot-Coverdale pleaded guilty to public order offence and was given a 2 month suspended sentence for 2 years, 450 costs, 40 hrs community service and 250 compensation to be paid to Ruth Kelly.

For further info. about Ruth Kelly see:
Quote from: "Titurel"

"I wasn't myself in this visual experience," she continues. "I was a 13-year-old boy sitting next to him [Jesus] and feeling feelings I'd never felt in my lifetime, of a 13-year-old boy being with an older male who he really loves and admires and loves to be in the presence of. It was probably the most profound experience of my life. I haven't talked about it publicly."

What was she smoking?
Gawd what a nurd. :roll: :elephant:
Main / Teacher molests 13 year old boy.
Jan 30, 2006, 10:49 AM
This is disgraceful I had a hard time finding the story in your link.
It shows the lack of moral priorities within  the media, and an ever growing
decadence within society in general.
If these crimes go unchecked, future generations will reap the whirlwind
of anarchy and violence.
Main / Boys flunk Life 101
Jan 28, 2006, 06:30 AM
gwallan... I will read this article with interest, I dont want to knock anyones
take on things.
Men returned from the war to find themselves without a job why?
For my part I see that women gained by doing work that was traditionaly done by men in both wars, this gave them financial independence for the first time. It gave them a foothold into trades, and industry generaly associated with men.
Because of the new found spending power of women, new industry sprang up giving women more empowerment. If you look how things have evolved there are clear indications that Feminism which has always existed, started its upward climb, and benefited  from times of war.
Main / Boys flunk Life 101
Jan 28, 2006, 03:45 AM
Quote from: "Johnny"
I'd be curious to see what would happen if the need arose for a conscription army..........a draft.

I can see the justification for it now: "JOIN THE ARMY! You aren't busy anyway..."

There is much wisdom in your words.
When men start being heard, the establishment usualy do something like this.
With any war the winners are usualy the fems, the last war was a perfect example of this.
The wealth of nations died on foreign battlefields fighting brothers they did not want to hate, for a cause that alott of them knew nothing about.
The fems gained emmancipation, we men lost everything, our fathers, sons, uncles, grandfathers, we lost precious rights, and even our dignity.
The first world war promised 'A war to end all wars' the second 'A land fit for hero's' those promises were broken. It was all lies, and who benefited?
Main / Re: Hypothetical / any ideas
Jan 27, 2006, 10:03 AM
Quote from: "zarby"

A terrible thing happens. He is going to feign suicide. He checked the gun and it was not loaded, but when he pointed it her way and said "bang" it really went bang. She is hurt badly but recovers. The injury results in a hysterectomy. A 10 day old fetus dies (not his). Does anybody have any comments on how such a hypothetical case might be argued?

Above are the facts,
He is going to feign suicide.

He pointed it her way and said "bang" it really went bang.

She is hurt badly but recovers.

A 10 day old fetus dies (not his).

All anyone could do in a case like this, is throw themselves on the mercy of the court and plead guilty.
The person in question was hurt but recovered.
Other facts in the case would show that he had 'probable cause' for harming her.
The prosecution would have to prove that it was his intent to harm her.
In law I don't know if a fetous is classed 'as a life' no doubt someone can enlighten us.
No doubt some pro abortion witness would be brought into this question
and there is the rub.
How do we define life in the womb?
I can see no good reason for a debate on this subject.
To me its,  'Horses for courses'
(some horses run better, on different courses)
We are like a political party that has a left and a right wing.
We all embrace the same ideal, but aproach it from a different perspective.
Like political parties they are a 'broad church' and the diversity of opinion does not make us enemies, but allies that we can learn from.
Like Criss I chose to call myself anti feminist, but that does not invalidate anyone else's opinion to call themselves pro male.
The more diverse we are in opinion is a possitive thing, because we can embrace everyones point of veiw.
We can be ..'All things to all Men'
One of the big discussions going on at the moment is, should we call ourselves anti feminist's?
My answer is Yes..

If we don't, then we deny what we are, and show fear and respect to the bullies that run the establishment of the U.K, and many other countries.

You can see the fear in people's eyes if you openly say you are anti- feminist in public why ? Because no one says it ! !

Thats why I do, because i will never bow down to another bully ever again
If we shrink away from openly saying what we are : then we give respect to an evil doctrine that only exist to destroy.

I heard of someone, somewhere saying of this battle 'Can we not discuss this?
That is like asking Himmler to dicuss the 'final solution', as he sent millions to the gas ovens.

We have seen boys, and men, with their lives ripped into shreds.
Millions have lost their lives through the spread of this vile offensive doctrine. I personaly put full responsibilty for those lives squarely at the door of feminism.

I hold fems responsible for the death of a young man who lived close to me in the 1980's, he could'nt get a job, his wife left him, and he lost contact with his children. They found him hanging from his bannister from a piece of barbed wire.

There was no fem present as he hung himself: the was no fem legislation in place to motivate him to do what he did; just a change in the structure of society that allowed this young man to die alone, without being able to talk about the hate culture that drove him to it.

Like most men, I knew why he did it, but I never said anything, because people just did'nt do those kind of things.
We did'nt say we thought the fems had caused his death by the selfish, evil, and arrogant attitudes that they had enforced within society, because it was not safe to.
Anyone so doing, would be labeled as mad, even by other men who saw, and were blinded by their own inbred bias against other men.

In truth I can say that I like many, have been guilty of moral cowardice, driven along on the crest of public opinion, to not speak when I should have.
Someone once said 'Evil prospers when good men do nothing' its true.
My solemn resolve, is to try to 'stand my ground' in the face of adversity,
if by saying I am anti feminist I embarres some people to bad.
I am anti feminist not anti woman.
No justice 4 fathers

I had little sympathy for the dads in superhero suits - until yesterday

Mark Lawson
Friday January 20, 2006
The Guardian

Last summer on Exmoor, a highly respectable woman (the friend of a relative) murmured: "Mr Blair would be extremely ill-advised to drop in here and ask for a cup of tea." She was angry with the prime minister for banning hunting. It was only this week, reading of the alleged plan by the mad dads in superhero outfits to steal baby Blair, that I understood what a scoop this was. Imagine the story the Sun could have run about the uncovering of a plot by crazed Devonian fox-killers to kill the prime minister: "It is believed that the plot involved a plan to murder the premier by offering him poisoned Earl Grey."

Article continues
The obvious problem with my scoop is that the West Country rider-to-hounds was not actually a tea-terrorist targeting the PM; she was expressing her resentment through metaphor. But, then, it seems highly unlikely (from the vague pub chat gathered by the plods and hacks) that the provisional wing of Fathers4Justice was actually planning to abseil through the windows of the Downing Street creche in black balaclavas and bundle little Leo into a van.

Or, rather, that's what they may have been planning, but it wasn't going to happen. Security means that, even if they'd tried to do a Herod and bag up every kid in Britain, they'd still have found a ring of steel around the one they really wanted. The biggest physical risk in the whole "kidnap" plan was that some daft father in a Spiderman vest might have died, like a suffragette under a horse, if he'd been stupid enough to rush the motorcade and gone down under Special Branch guns.

What seems much more probable is that the scheme to seize Leo was a consoling fantasy, like the Earl Grey murderer's "threat" on Exmoor. Even if a couple of desperate dads did have a conversation about abducting the Blair last-born, it would have to be put in the emotional context of what we know about Fathers4Justice. Given their anger over the fracture of their families, it would be a surprise if none of the men involved has ever fantasised about the death (perhaps even the grizzly and violent death) of a former partner. But that isn't murder; it's marriage. And the Leo plot wasn't kidnap; it was wishful thinking.

Until yesterday, I had never been very sympathetic to Fathers4Justice. The television appearances of some members made it easy to understand why the mothers of their children might be sparing with access to dad. Also, they might have been better to leave the Batman knickers and pants as a Christmas gift for their lost boys. But most importantly, any stunts involving the breach of national security carried, in an age paranoid about terrorists, the surely self-defeating risk of leaving fatherless the children for whom they claimed to be campaigning.

Even so, it seems an overreaction and an injustice that Matt O'Connor should have to close down his whole organisation within hours of the appearance in newspapers of a story based on comments in a pub by people who had, anyway, formed a breakaway group.

There are certainly people on the fringes of the Conservative party who would support a military coup against Tony Blair, just as some Labour activists are planning celebrations for the death of Margaret Thatcher. But none of these anarchists is actually a danger to the state or a reason for disbanding the political party. There has been cynical comment about the timing of the revelations - kidnapping news coverage from Leo's dad's problems with paedophiles in schools - but another news coincidence is much more worrying for Fathers4Justice.

If, as rumoured, the Child Support Agency is to be disbanded, it will be a failure for the government; and if it's also true that the kidnap-baby's daddy plans to replace the CSA with private bailiffs chasing deadbeat parents, there will be even more embarrassment. Apart from the queasy feeling about private companies taking a cut from money collected for children, there's also a greater possibility of intimidation. With at least one suicide attributed to the attentions of the CSA, it's hard to imagine private debt-collectors taking a kinder approach.

But the reason that the agency needs reform - an estimated 3bn in unpaid child support - also perpetuates the conventional wisdom that the real problem resulting from broken homes is not dads who can't see their kids, but dads who won't pay for them.

The whole aim of Fathers4Justice was to highlight a counter-example of female intransigence and selfishness, but this consciousness-raising has now been lowered because of a few blokes talking big in a pub. So, a week in which both Fathers4Justice and the Child Support Agency seem to have come to an end was a better one for fathers who don't want to see their children than for those who do.

They'll all just have to hope that their offspring aren't in a classroom being supervised by a pederast.

[email protected]
Main / Film about F4J ??
Jan 20, 2006, 05:31 AM
I just heard about this....


This is
20/01/06 - Films section

Holy smoke! The Fathers 4 Justice film
By John Higginson, Metro

Hollywood is to tell the story of the caped crusaders - not Batman and Robin this time, but Fathers 4 Justice.

After two years of fighting between film companies, Disney-owned Miramax has bought the rights to turn the campaign group's story into a blockbuster.

It will be a Full Monty-style tragi-comic take on the story of Matt O'Connor, 38, who founded the group to campaign for the rights of divorced fathers.

Produced by Harbour Pictures, the team behind Calendar Girls, it will follow Mr O'Connor's battle for the custody of his children after splitting from his ex-partner.

Along the way, it will take in high-profile stunts, such as the flour bombing of Tony Blair in the House of Commons and the scaling of such landmarks as Buckingham Palace in superhero costumes.

The movie will also tell how Fathers 4 Justice was hijacked by an extremist element, infiltrated by undercover police SO19 specialist firearms branch and exposed by a journalist masquerading as a group member.

The story ends with the group's demise - Fathers 4 Justice split this week after news of an alleged plot by a splinter group to kidnap Mr Blair's youngest son Leo.

Mr O'Connor, who is now looking after his four-week-old baby, said: 'I want people to be able to see what has been going on behind the tabloid headlines with police chasing us and how hard it has been to hold it all together some times.

'There will be tragedy but it is going to be very funny.'

A cast has yet to be chosen but Mr O'Connor joked that his role would be best played by 'Shrek or Johnny Vegas'.

The father-of-three is now working on his autobiography.

Mary my dear friend, my heart goes out to you..I feel the pain in your words.
I doubt that there is a man or woman in this forum who does'nt.
Rape is one of the most terrible of crimes, and unfortunately you have seen both sides of the equation how terrible it must be for you.
Our opinions are coloured by our circumstances in life, and yours must be very hard to bare.
I admire the way that you and T have carried on regardless, the love you have for one another is apparent, and your love for your fellow man is beyond reproach.
I have four daughters two of them were raped as teenagers, and one of them was abused by my foster son as a child.
Both myself and my wife could cry for vengence on the male sex for having perpetrated these vile acts.
When I was particulaly angry one night she remarked that the only person I was hurting by feeling bad about these people was myself,  the scum who do these things are void of all human emmotion. She was right.
The forgiveness that she helped me with, helped my family to cope with the horror of these events.
The only reason I have mentioned this is to let you know that I and many others know how you feel. Keep your chin up and keep fighting for the cause..We all love you.
Main / F4J ....DISBANDED
Jan 19, 2006, 01:39 PM
Told you they were interesting... :D
Main / F4J ....DISBANDED
Jan 19, 2006, 10:14 AM
Just to let you know we have some very interesting comments on the chanel four forum.
Main / F4J ....DISBANDED
Jan 19, 2006, 05:49 AM
Any body wanting to see the Matt O'connor Interview can find it here ...
dont know how long link will last..