I think I know why feminists are ticked off

Started by GregA, Jun 27, 2006, 11:11 AM

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lovingly angry young man

I doubt US or international blacks control half of the sports.

Both black men and women of all races have benefited from socialism to some extent, even if it is wrong. School,work and even sports related affirmative action and increased care would show somewhere, while the sports are more or less a distinct territory. Women had all the same rights that men had, and some more, before the civil rights movement completed in the US. Of course black women would have been in a relative disadvantage (?), I don't know much about that though.
It's not wrong to give up, but I'm out there for you, my friend.


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A cheery thought: feminists may have all the toys (support from law and media), but those toys do not make them happy. MRAs may have no toys, but we do have personal responsibility on our side (hey, it's not like we're NOT reminded on a daily basis by law and media of our personal responsibility! :D ) - this is a good thing - nobody is going to do it for us (whatever that 'it' may be) - we have to do EVERYTHING ourselves - as it should be.  That's why men are invariably more successful than women at work (and I'd argue, in relationships post-divorce).

You always surprise me, IMHO, with how you hit the freaking nail on the proverbial head in just a few simple sentences. I agree with you: it is all about personal responsibility. And in this men will always have the upper hand over women.


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I agree. And most non-feminists have gone right along with taking rights away from men. Now, the so-called non-feminists are bitching that men won't date them....DUH!!! Who wants to pet a rattle snake. What now?...Are the matriarchal dictators going to try and make laws FORCING men to date women?????

I'm going to assume you mean western women. I thought they passed that law not to long ago.  The IMBRA, International Marriage Broker Regulation Act. I guess they think if they make it hard as hell, and expensive to contact/converse with a foreign woman, we will just give up and date/marry western women.

Now it would seem to me that the feminists are a little scared of foreign women. Would that be because we are tired of the BS that most western women spew, and are tired of the laws that automaticaly condone us as criminals? Would it be because we want to be happy, be loved, have children that we can see and help raise? Would it be because we want to come home from work and not have to worry about a fight because of some junk "Opera the baked Ham" has spewed forth.

I don't see it getting any better because of the  communist family court system that is in place. I don't see Congress getting any smarter in the comming years, and repealing these BS laws.

You know, on second thought, maybe me and lady Senile will retire in Thialand or Japan. The kids will be grown, it will just be us in the house, and we could go where the fiminist BS hasn't reached yet. IF there is still a place in 11 yrs.

just my 2 cents


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Men are to blame for objectifying women.

Wouldn't feminists saying that all women are victims be objectifying them too?  :?


it is all about personal responsibility. And in this men will always have the upper hand over women.

To expand on this NobleTry, I think true success in life requires personal responsibility.  Funny thing is, feminists are always going on about how success of any sorts is denied to women because of The Patriarchy - their excuse is actively working against personal responsibility.  If you don't feel personally responsible for your failure (it wasn't me, it was someone else holding me back) you are less likely to try.  Any woman actually listening to and believing what  feminists say, is being held back by them!.  Take another woman who says "load of tosh, no Patriarchy is going to hold me back - I can do it" - is far, far more likely to succeed.  

You can hand somebody 'success' via affirmative action, but ultimately they are fooling nobody.  It is not success.  They are not proud, because they didn't achieve anything from their own wits, skill, perseverence.  And I've heard from truly responsible women that the last thing they'd want is something handed to them on a plate.  

Men are to blame for objectifying women.

Wouldn't feminists saying that all women are victims be objectifying them too?

Feminists are always objectifying women as the victim-on-a-pedestal.  By doing so, they're holding back women who believe their words (why try, when the system is holding you back?).

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