Prediction: Germany 2 - Italy 0

Started by Galt, Jul 04, 2006, 11:27 AM

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A half hour before the game.

Please note the time and adjust your watches accordingly. The author assumes no liability for the correctness of his prediction, particularly with regard to wagering events.

dr e

Predicted number of stretchers used for the Italian team: SIX :roll:
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Predicted number of stretchers used for the Italian team: SIX :roll:

They seem to have that down pat.


I just can't pick a winner for this game. I reckon Thierry's gonna seal it in the final for France anyway.........

Bloody shame about England though. What have we gotta do to win a penalty shoot out  :roll:  :roll:
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I think it's a big mistake to take ten men through extra time and then penalties especially in that particular game and heat, the players must have been tired.

Definite penalty takers would have been Owen, Rooney and Beckham who were all sidelined so what's the point in hanging around for a period in the game where we are trying to dispel demons of old?

I reckon we should have got at them in the normal game and f*ck the consequences.


I was right - I just had the teams and the numbers reversed.


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I'm actually hoping soccer gets popular enough that it replaces baseball as the 2nd most popular sport. Baseball is the real yawner and basketball is just... I guess I just can't really relate to most of the players that much. Right now soccer is the 5th sport, right under hockey. And even considering that the US soccer team was ranked 5th in the world cup I believe. I started becoming more and more interested in soccer after watching the US vs Poland game in S. Korea in person. Much more impressive in person imo.

Oh, and btw, the MLS (American league) is NOT a good example of good soccer. It's kind of like highschool football in comparison to the NFL, except probably more boring then HS football.

For me I've started becoming more interested in soccer as I've started figuring out what's going on and noticing that it does take quite a bit of skill at the higher levels. I used to find football boring too until I started understanding more and more of what actually goes on.

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