Helena woman charged for allegedly trying to blackmail sex p

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Helena woman charged for allegedly trying to blackmail sex partner
By CAROLYNN BRIGHT - IR Staff Writer - 07/12/06
A 29-year-old Helena woman is facing a criminal charge for allegedly attempting to extort money from a man she claims impregnated her during a one-night stand earlier this year.

This week, Lewis and Clark County prosecutors filed one count of felony intimidation against Kendy Michelle Morton, adding in court documents that they believe this isn't the first time she has tried to blackmail one of her sex partners.

According to paperwork submitted by officials, an 18-year-old man reported to police earlier this year that he and Morton had consensual sex on April 20.

The man said he used a condom, but believes that Morton removed it without his knowledge. When he found out, he said he was angry about having unprotected sex and left. At that point, he said he decided he wasn't interested in pursuing a relationship with her.

He told detectives he didn't speak with Morton again until she sent him a text message three days later, claiming that she was pregnant with his child.

Reports state that the man was skeptical, given the short timeframe since the pair had sex, but Morton became threatening.

First, he said, she told him she would have her male friends beat him up. Then, she allegedly told him she considered him to be a rapist, but said she wouldn't report him to authorities if he gave her $500 for an abortion.

The 18-year-old told detectives that Morton even sent a text message to his father in Colorado promising to keep her mouth shut about the "rape" if he sent her the money.

"(The victim) decided the only safe thing to do was to contact law enforcement in hopes this could protect him," court documents read.

Reports state that, during the course of their investigation, detectives determined it doesn't appear this is the first time Morton has taken such measures to extract cash from a male acquaintance.

Detectives located a report taken by Great Falls police from a man who said he had a brief relationship with Morton in early 2006. In that case, Morton allegedly threatened to have the man assaulted by her friends, or to lodge a rape complaint with police, if he didn't give her $800 to pay to abort his baby.

Helena detectives also talked to a man who dated Morton in the summer of 2005. He said Morton informed him she was pregnant with his child. Again, she allegedly threatened to have him beat up if he didn't give her money.

Reports state the Butte man recently received e-mails from Morton, telling him not to talk to detectives if they called him for information.

In both of those cases, the men said Morton showed them positive home pregnancy tests to back up her claims.

According to court documents, Morton recently told detectives she had not taken any medical or over-the-counter test to determine whether she is pregnant with the 18-year-old's baby, but said she thinks it's likely because she has had four babies, and knows how it feels to be pregnant.

Morton also told detectives that she is using a time-release birth control method.

Morton was arrested and jailed on Tuesday.

If convicted, Morton could face 10 years in prison and/or a $50,000 fine.
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