Are Online Pharmacies any good?

Started by Gabriel, Jul 23, 2006, 07:32 AM

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Online Pharmacies

I have been looking into purchasing prescription drugs over the internet. Looking at generic versions of Provigil (Modalert (Sun Pharma), Alertec,  Going to a Doctor and then the cost of non-covered prescription is very expensive.

The Canadian pharmacies look alright. But they still require a recent prescription.

So I've been looking into online pharmacies that don't require prescriptions. This is a bit nerve racking, the drugs are cheaper, but it has the vibe of a drug dealer. Because of that, I worry about quality and if the drugs are really made by the stated manufacturer or if they phonies / imitations.

The two sites that I've looked into are:

The manufacturer of Modalert, Sun Pharma, has had some drugs approved by the FDA. However, that doesn't mean I'll be getting Modalert made by Sun Pharma.

Cephalon (US manufacturer of Provigil) made deals to keep generics out of US with:

Barr Laboratories Inc., Mylan Laboratories Inc., Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., and Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd.

Does anyone have any thoughts?


I'm a pharmacist.  I would very strongly recommend that you NOT use an online pharmacy.  There have been many cases of people getting improperly labeled medication, or even "medication" that contained NO active ingredient.  You also don't know how they were stored or conditions they may have encountered during shipping.

Provigil is very expensive, I'm well aware of that.  Ask your doctor if s/he has samples, and if they don't, go to Provigil's website and look into assistance programs.

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