Cover up, Gentlemen

Started by selkie, Jul 25, 2006, 08:14 PM

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When I take off my shirt I like to think that I am making it easier for other men to do the same and feel comfortable about it.

Women are trying to push their body image problems on us?

Male is beautiful!  :D  Do we have any t-shirts with that slogan yet?

Here in Canada, it is legal for women to go topless, so men should also have that right.

Anyway, with all the hoots, cheers, compliments and sexual harassment I have received over the years, I don't think any women are suffering.
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Maybe they could also focus on women who wear awful clothing as well. Like wearing spandex when they shouldn't be. Or I know, just force everyone to wear a uniform.  That would solve all the problems.

I'd be right pleased if they focussed their attention on the fat, ugly, bare midriffed harridans with prams that I have to dodge on the bus every day.
Surely they have mirrors?
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Yeah... those guys surely aren't pleasing to the sight, but to actually demand to ban them from being shirtless?

I don't believe it's just plain disgust, must be an anti-male motive too.
What about obese women in belly shirts?

Anyway... ugly people exposing themselves isn't pleasant, but it's not that horrid either... they are just humans. They should be able to do that in a free society if beautiful people can, else we derail into fascism...

So I guess this ban is supposed to be not just on ugly old men, but all men.
So when are they going to demand women to cover up at work?
Imagine the shitstorm if someone demanded that.

I can understand a law that asks everyone to cover up, expecting a certain degree of modesty. Such a law would also apply to women, and women at work...

But this is just more sexist crap, motivated by malehating, rather than concerns of aesthetics or modesty.

Mr. Bad

Quote from: "ghost"
Yeah... those guys surely aren't pleasing to the sight, but to actually demand to ban them from being shirtless?

I don't believe it's just plain disgust, must be an anti-male motive too.
What about obese women in belly shirts?

Yeah, I find fat women in spandex and/or belly shirts disgusting.

Also, are women allowed to breastfeed in public in Wales?  If so, and if there aren't any rules compelling breastfeeding women to exercise a reasonable level of modesty, then banning men from going shirtless in hot weather would IMO be a double-standard.
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I think that the guys affected by this should go out and buy the tiniest belly shirts they can find and congregate around the town centre as much as possible.  Bonus points if they wear bikini tops.
It's not illegal to be a man...yet.


You would see a big difference in the shopping centre if they were made to put a shirt on."

Yea, more people would enjoy the beach if fat woman weren't allowed to wear bikini's or g-strings!.... :o
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Quote from: "Mr. Bad"
Yeah, I find fat women in spandex and/or belly shirts disgusting.

Spandex is a privilege, not a right.
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Having recently returned from among other things, a nude beach, I gotta say, I think clothing should always be optional except when it poses a health hazard (like places with food contact surfaces or hospitals or subzero temperatures).  Yep, most people are kinda nasty naked (at least most people at nude beaches).  However, it is not the responsibility of other people to be forced to either look hot or hide themselves from view so we can all enjoy our visual experiences when we look around.  And from the feminist perspective, everybody being naked would totally get rid of all that "dressing provocatively is a legitimate argument against the victim of rape" crap.   Yep, I vote "clothing-optional" everywhere.
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Gotta lead by example.

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Now local authorities have been circulated with a scheme for using by-laws to require shirts in town centres and to brand men who won't wear them as anti-social.

anti-social this :bareit:
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"Branding" them as anti-social in the UK probably means serving them with an ASBO, or an anti-social behavioral order.

This is what they hand out to the gangs of kids (chavs) who terrorize citizens in public places, on the streets etc. So now someone who got caught kicking in the head of an innocent man gets the same punishment as someone who went without a shirt.

Of course, someone kicking in the head of a woman would find themselves in max-cruelty jail.


This week it's men's stomachs and chests, next week who knows?

I say bring back the good old Victorian days! I'm sick to death of women flaunting their ankles in public!

I'm also fed up of having to look at ugly people. I think I'll go and speak to my local council.

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This seems in keeping with how feminists want the right to walk around tiopless, yet if you asked most women how they'd actually feel about saying grocery shopping or walking down the street topless... :roll:

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