What Drove You On To Become An Anti-feminist/MRA

Started by Fred X, Aug 08, 2006, 04:17 AM

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Quote from: "Fred X"
I'm interested in the question:

What drove the members here to become antifeminist/MRA?

My aunt is a feminist and she was physically and sexually abusive. I grew up hearing how horrible men were while she and my other two aunts sat back and did nothing as every male child in our family was abused. The older I got, the less sense it made that I was bad because I was male when she would do all those painful things to me. Once I was old enough to really understand feminism, I found that my life and the lives of my brothers and uncles and father did not match any feminist positions. They had it much worse than any of the females in my family.  It also did not help that many of my aunt's feminist friends knew about the abuse, knew specifically what she had done, and just laughed it off.

Personally- I am a product of 'Generation Y', so have experienced first hand the bile that is feminism.

A friend of mine coined the term "Matrix Babies" since most of our generation was in high school when the first film came out. I like that term more because in a way our generation does have to break free of all the social renconstructing we were subjected to.

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