John Murtari Receives Feeding Tube, Continues Passive Resist

Started by Teri, Aug 12, 2006, 09:37 AM

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August 10, 2006
by Teri Stoddard

Devoted and loving father John Murtari received a feeding tube today, and says he's relieved. Murtari, founder of A Kids Right, is carrying through with his passive resistence of not eating or drinking to highlight the need for family law reform, the civil rights of noncustodial parents and equal parenting.


Murtari's health started to deteriorate soon after he turned himself into the Jamesville Correctional Facility in New York July 31. He lost twenty-eight pounds in 9 days, had such low blood pressure the medical personnel couldn't get a diastolic reading, had uncontrollable shakes, and was starting to have trouble finishing a sentence. He agreed to cooperate with the doctors when he was told they'd be giving him a feeding tube, so he's had approximately 30 ounces of water and 2 nutritional supplements since he was moved to the Onondaga County Justice Center August 3rd.


Murtari has been charged with willful failure to pay child support, even though he says he's been paying as much as he can afford. His child support order was calculated by using the salary of a previous job, at twice the income he makes now.


This practice of imputing income has thrown many noncustodial parents into arrears, threatening their drivers' and business licenses, and their freedom, like in Murtari's case. What was once created to protect the children of "deadbeat" parents is now turning average people; normal, loving, responsible, law-abiding parents of both genders, into criminals.

A rally was held in front of the Onondaga County Courthouse yesterday on the International Day of Demonstration for John Murtari and Equal Parenting. Demonstrators came from as far away as Canada, and from all over New York. (Photos will be up shortly.)

Kris Titus of Fathers4Justice/Canada was dressed as Wonder Woman and Jim Hayes of Fathers and Families New York was dressed as "the elephant in the room." Joel Benjamin, member of Fathers4Justice/USA, Tammy Bowman, member of the New York Civil Rights Council, Guy Lavigne of Fathers4Justice/Canada, Jennifer Kuhn of the National Coalition of Free Men/Greater New York, Mark Young of Exiled Fathers/Virginia and Chris Shaw of the Children Equal Parenting Association of Canada were also present. Several television crews stopped by and interviewed participants, and two articles have been published in newspapers. (links below)

In a show of support for Murtari and Equal Parenting, photos have been sent to the Purple Ribbon Campaign from all over the world. (Purple is known as the color of equality.) Family law reform advocacy, and activism, is occurring in dozens of countries, where a common phrase is, "The best parent is both parents."

Post Standard - August 10 - Jailed Activist Refusing Food

Finger Lake Times - August 10 - Lyons Man Refuses Food, Water

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Got called away to DC; couldn't refuse. I'm still praying for him.
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is finished, but I'm busy making more signs and haven't had it on the road yet.

Hang in there John, and God's blessing and care be with you.
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i just got done doing my second stint this year  (105 days total since feb)
all with No court appointed attorney (which i am suppose to have based on michigan law)  all based upon imputed income  that lead to my arrears
of 6,600 dollars  . i have lost everything i owned  except the cloths on my back ...  now the state of michigan is sending  a private bus around the country to pick up guys in arrears  driving them to michigan straight time on the bus with no breaks except when they gas up or pick up more guys  and then getting them to michigan jails before seeking a warrant from the judge ... and then not even allowing the states statute of limitaions to apply to their cases because they moved out fo state .. one guy i was in jail with was damned near 70 his youngest child was 38 they were taking money from his social security and pension the guy is damned near death and they gave him 30 days to come up with 20,000 or they are gonna put him in prison for four years  .. the girl from teh attorney generals office told teh judge she would not allow him to apply michigans 10 year statue of limitations  and the judge gave into her
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