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You ARE trying to claim you have an oppressed status. And you do it for the exact same reason that feminists do.

David, the US was OBVIOUSLY a 'victim' on 9-11.  Duh.  I am claiming that - yes.  I have also claimed, elsewhere, empathetically, that dwelling on our victim status is NOT a good thing.  Honor Heroes; Not Victims

The only way you can become a victim is if SOMEONE HAS A GUN TO YOUR HEAD.  That is figurative, of course, the terrorists had a "gun" i.e. used coercion against us on 9-11.  Because of their use of coercsion, America was a 'victim.'

Feminists use such blather that we live in a 'sexist' society, thus women cannot succeed/achieve.  There is no gun to women's head.  They are making up scenarios, feeding in to really base sides of women who want to believe that the reason due to their failure is not their fault - but society's fault.

We all know why the majority of women don't succeed wildly - in businesses or in sciences.  It isn't the patriarchies fault.

I advocate full that AMERICA takes care of the threat she has to her right now.  I'm the one advocating that America take as hard core of an action as possible so that we can remain the free, safe, prosperous nation that we always have been.

Your comparison of me to feminists is absurd.
he men's movement is a hate movement.  

What feminism is to men; the men's rights movement is to women.

Men's rights activists blame misandry for all their problems in the same way that feminists blame the patriarchy.

The only thing men's rights activists are good at is abusing women.  

And you can quote me on that.  :D


the US was OBVIOUSLY a 'victim'

You are obviously playing at being a victim exactly like feminists do.  You deliberately pretend to be a victim so as to cover over your immoral agenda. This is exactly what feminists do.

The only way you can become a victim is if SOMEONE HAS A GUN TO YOUR HEAD.

So you are pretending that the world super power is threatened by Iraq? That the world's richest country is threatenened by the world's poorest country? Ridiculous. At least when feminists play at being victim some people beleive them.

No country is threatening America. You are a murderous imperialist power. You are global terrorists. TYou continually engage in military agression and occupation of other states for profit.

Feminists use such blather that we live in a 'sexist' society

Feminists have 1000 times more of a case than you have. You're just pathetic.

I advocate full that AMERICA takes care of the threat

What threat Amber?
You are invading Iraq for its oil. Is that the threat you mean? The threat that another country might have money that isbn't controlled totally by the US multinationals?
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For about the TENTH time I ask you what country has attacked America.
None has.
size=9]I am the victim of unregulated sarcasm[/size]


Since the US is the Big guy on the block, and since we are remotely located in the world, we can not help take care of evil dictators.  So, lets leave Sadam in power, then when he dies, his son will continue the evil his father started.

So the US should do nothing in world to help.  What will happen?

First guess: Millions of people will die.  

Look at Hitler.  He was left alone, and invaded 3, 4 countries before anyone did anything.  So, until Hitler threatens you, the US should stay out?  Ok, so we should have not helped Europe during WWII, just defended our self against Japan.  Ok, that makes sense.  Hitler now runs Europe, a fair portion of Russia (or maybe Russia would have fallen), There would be no Jews on the planet, then there would be just Europe under the German flag and the US in the world.  Soon, Germany would invade the Americas.  Maybe that would not be so bad.

David you are an idiot.  Afghanistan was being run by people that directly supported the terrorists that had attacked the US.  That would make Afghanistan a terrorist state.  And besides, what about the atrocities that the Taliban committed to their own people? to women?  Because the Afghanistan government supported and helped the terrorists that attacked the US, they needed to be removed.  bin Laden was hoping that the attack would galvanize the entire ME to fight the evil of the infidels.  Than includes everyone that does not pray to Ala (peace be with him).  Is this what Islam is?  I don't think so.

Ok, so Iraq was not a direct threat, but what if Sadam finally got a nuclear weapon (he was actively working on it), should the US act now?  I guess not.  What if Iraq gave this nuclear bom to his friends the terrorists and they go and use it on say Paris, London, or New York?  Should we act now?  Me, I was waiting for Sadam to do just that.  It would have proven the position of anyone else that Sadam must be stopped.  The world has too many people anyway.  So we loose a million or two when the nuclear bomb goes off.  Now the world will erupt into a world war, or another coalition will be formed to take the entire ME and make things go the way they should.  Many countries there have had 50+ years of self rule and have improved little.  The tribes have been fighting for centuries and have resolved nothing.  All they want is to get rid of their Enemies.  Currently their enemy is anyone who does not follow Islam, the infidels.  Then what?  Do you worship Islam?  If not, you must die, according to Osama.


"Your entire so-called argument is to pretend that America is the poor little country being attacked instead of the global bully and terrorist state that it has been for the last 200 years."

Much of what you say is accurate. The U.S. government has been a bully and a liberator in its history before. In spite of that many Americans do protest our governments behavior and policies when we can. That doesnt justify suicide attacks by muslim extremists against civilians. The muslim world has been trying to further their ends using radical forms of violence for hundreds of years. If they were as interested in furthering righteousness as they are in revenge then they would adopt Ghandi's non-violent civil disobedience strategy against governments instead of kamikaze attacks against children. Ghandi succeeded in 33 years what jihad has failed to do in 1000. Time for them to change their policies as well.
What good fortune for government that people do not think."
                         Adolph Hitler

"Where madness rules the absurd is not far away."

We must not make the mistake of thinking that all those who eat the bread of dictatorship are evil from the first; but they must necessarily become evil....The curse of a system of terror is that there is no turning back; neither in the large realm of policies nor the 'smaller' realm of everyday human relationships is it possible for men to retrace their steps."
- Dr. Hans Bernd Gisevius


This is what the USA seeks to prevent, even though the USA has been developing them for over fifty years and has a virtual monopoly on their use.

We Yankees aren't all bad.


... I love three dots.
o on and try to censor me but know this, I'll be back.


Lets see this is a web site about Men's Rights. Yet a Gender Feminist comes here and spouts off the typical FemNag complaint that the Men's Rights Movement is a "Hate Movement".  Sorry toots your lame arguements are not going to fly here.  Don't like it too bad. Funny thing is even Female Journalists are now saying that Feminism is about Revenge not equity or Social Justice.  Tammy Bruce calls NOW and The Feminist Majority two "Social Justice" code word for Socialists Movements. She Tammy Bruce a Lesbian is for equality. I congratulate her on her candor and willingness to incur the wrath of the Feminists idealogues in their Gender War against Men.  

Your side is seeing their hard fought gains evaporating.  The effects of decades of Misandry are coming home to roost.  Well Amber feminists and their enablers in both Political parties in the US are scared about the road ahead. Where will our Soldiers come from? Not from the P Whipped enablers of Feminism their children are AWOL. Women are choosing to abandon the Feminist life plan for one of their own choosing.  Fewer Women call themselves Feminist. Feminism is thin disguise for a Lesbian Lead Gender Hatred Movement.  It is waging war with the Poor, Men, Boys , and Babies.  We have aborted (infanticide) 50 million babies in the US.

Feminists are leading the Charge for Gay Marriage. In Canada the Canadian Supreme Court has redefined Parenthood.  Gone is "Natural Parent" for "Legal Parent".  This distinction will give Canadian Jurisprudence the right to take a Heterosexual couples children away and give them to a more "Deserving" Gay couple to raise.  If this disturbs you brace yourself Hon, as it is going to get alot rougher before it will get better. Some of us Males have had 4 decades of this nonsense and we are pissed off.  I don't plan on taking any prisoners.  So get ready for battle.

At the DC Abortion Rights March this years Ashley Judd Hollyweird Feminist intoned that those Men attending would be safe by being there.  The Implication is that those not there were unsafe or i.e. subject to violence or personal attack.  This is the rhetoric of Feminists today. With all due Respect Ashley can pound sand.  And Ashley if you are your Lesbians friends decide to have some fun or target practice. I will shoot back.   And I will shoot to kill.  Maybe Amber you should look at what your Feminists friends are doing.

At the University of New Hampshire the Feminist Action League had a Man hating party.  Mary-I-Love-hating-Men spoke out against all Men and stated how much she loaths Men all Men.  She and other FemNags had tiny scissors around their necks. These were symbols of castration of Males whom they loath.  My response to Mary is cross my path you better have a lot more than those F&^%$#$ Scissors in your hands.   We meaning those of us still with a spine, backbone, and testacles will not submit to this crap.  We will resist and use force,even deadly force if it is used against us.  Remember these threats came at us from Feminists. This is a reaction to hatred. We are going to stick up for ourselves.  

And Amber screw you if you don't like it.
eminism Delende Est



Check out the dates dude.  Amber is long gone from this site.  Good riddance too.
Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan: "Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts."

Mater Domina

Quote from: "Amber"

Well not saying the men's movement is good because I don't know much about it but I hope its not about misogyny and more sexism.  Hopefully there goals are similair to REAL feminists and want to end sexism and dispell myths.  
Lets get one thing straight because their has been an extreme backlash of stereotypes regarding feminists and what they want.  Yes there are man hating lesbian woman that call themselves feminists but they are not real feminist nor are they the creators of the movement.  Real feminists love men and don't want to see brothers beneath them, but beside them.  Think of feminism like a religion, were not all sects have the exact same beliefs, some are extreme left or right and some or more visible and vocal then others.
f you loved yourself truely, you would love your brothers and sisters just as earnestly.


I'm glad that somebody brought this up, because I'm disheartened when MRA's tend to think "feminism = man-hating" right off the bat.  This isn't always the case.  Women have had legitimate grievances for centuries, but there comes a time when you have to realize how far we've come, rejoice in the knowledge that we've evolved as much as we have, and start to look at the present and future instead of the past.

And here in the present, the scales have levelled and are frighteningly beginning to tilt to the other side.  Now, men are being hauled to jail for not being able to make ends meet, fathers are being shut out of their childrens' lives, and men everywhere are swearing off marriage, knowing that it is overwhelmingly becoming a zero-sum game in our culture of casual sex and total moral irresponsibility.

I'm a pretty liberal-leaning guy, at least for an MRA, and I definitely embrace the idea of gender equality.  But I think that many of these New Age or Radical feminists don't want equality in the least...they're after something much more substantial.  I guess it sounds kinda nutty, but we have to hope and pray that the Andrea Dworkin types aren't taking over the once noble idea of feminism and using it to accomplish their own ends.  We have to hope that somewhere, there are still decent, level-headed feminists who are resisting the hijacking of their platform by hateful extremists.

Mater Domina

In most cultures including america, women most definity have an oppressed way of living that are seen as social norms by both men and women.  Thus a literal gun to the head is not necesary because social pressures and economic dependence is more then enough reason for then to not go against the grain.  Not blaiming patriarchal beliefs alone for women's inferior position, because it was more of the culture and climate that hindered woman's success the most.  Patriarchal beliefs was just a sign that the society was male identified but varied in intensity of sexist views.  In america, men and women both have prescribed roles they are expected to live up to, in other countries like Iraq or China, the roles are extremely rigid and rejection for not comforming is very harsh.
f you loved yourself truely, you would love your brothers and sisters just as earnestly.

The Biscuit Queen

In most cultures including america, women most definity have an oppressed way of living that are seen as social norms by both men and women.

Examples please?
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.


This is exactly where you go when you attempt to reason with the self-righteous self absorbed self centered female of today...no where

-A woman's promises are written in water-

The Biscuit Queen


Are you speaking to me, or Mater?
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.

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