Yahoo Answers: Rape or False Accusation - Which Is Worse?

Started by Captain Courageous, Feb 05, 2012, 12:48 PM

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Captain Courageous

Which Is Worse? Being raped or Being Falsely Accused of Rape and Incarcerated in State Prison?

Radical Feminists harp constantly on rape as the worst thing in the world and seem to poo-poo false rape accusations by comparison.

MRA's constantly rage against doing time for a rape you did not commit, getting raped in prison and being branded a sex offender for the rest of your life. They seem to minimize the impact of rape in the eyes of the Radical Feminists.

Which is worse? Are they about the same in valence? What do you base your opinion on?
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Seems like you're getting some sensible answers at least, which is rare for YA ..... Usually you get more idiotic people on there than in newspaper comments.

Jerks like this guy annoy me:
I say equal in valence. Suppose it's a "gang rape". Suppose you are beaten severely, whether you eventually submit or you tried to use your women's self-defense techniques and failed? Suppose you are stuck with an STD or an unwanted pregnancy?

I hate people that assume rape is just a crime against women.  I've known quite a few male victims including one gang raped by the rest of his team mates on the rugby team.  It doesn't help that a large sector of society, as one woman on the bbc news website commented, that "a man cant be raped".

Captain Courageous

Even Prince Charles was rumored to have been raped by some gay security guards.

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