Mom roasts baby in oven

Started by SouthernGuy, Jan 23, 2007, 04:02 PM

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ORLANDO -- A woman was charged with aggravated child abuse for putting her baby in an oven, turning it on and leaving her apartment after fighting with her boyfriend, police said.

The oven had not gotten hot enough to burn the child, whose age was not immediately available.

Sharlyn Singh, 29, was at the Orange County Jail on a $15,000 bond Tuesday.

A man who was helping Singh's boyfriend move out of the apartment Monday heard the baby crying and walked into the kitchen. He told police that he asked Singh where the baby was, but she did not answer and walked out of the apartment. He found the baby in the oven, police said.

Officers that answered the call reported seeing oven grease on the child's hand and clothes.

Police did not release the boyfriend's name and his relationship to the child was unclear.

It was not immediately known if Singh had an attorney.

That'll teach him...



When they talked about this on Nancy Grace there were female attorneys that said that Singh's bf should be held JUST AS RESPONSIBLE since he SHOULD HAVE known that she was capable if that.

That kills me. God knows she can't go down on her own. Gotta take a guy with her! And the fact that these attorneys can actually say drivel like that scares me. If the bf killed the child- do you think these same attorneys would say she should burn too for having her son be in contact with him?? Google the Nixmary case here in NYC to get the answer to that question.
ell she turned me into a NEWT!! A newt?! Er..., well I got better.

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