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Started by Thomas, Jan 24, 2007, 03:29 PM

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I saw this over at Men's News Daily, and I just had to share. The thought of this enterprise being in the very politically correct/feminist Seattle area slays me.

I especially liked the gal with the hand cuffs.

Note: It's risque, so it may not be work safe.
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I have a feeling they don't have a gender-blind hiring process...


Ummm, no shit but that is fine as long as other places can have the same kinds of requirements.


We are always looking for experience baristas with that extra wow factor.  Our baristas have the opportunity to make great tip potential and have fun at the same time. You must be friendly, reliable and experienced required. Come join the team & work at this fun environment;  please send your resume to  [email protected] or fill out application and bring by to one of our locations. Remember please have previous Barista experience. 

At least they also have a no ugly chicks policy it seems! LOL


I live in the Seattle area and saw this in the morning paper the other day. Coincidently enough, the stand with the negligee wearing barista is just down the street from where I work. I heard of the place from some male co-workers a few weeks ago (believe it or not, being a Seattle lifer I hate coffee).

The following day, you should have seen the letters in the opinion page of the Seattle Times - all from women, all but one was critical of the practice, and she was complaining about equal hiring practices.

bachelor tom

let me guess: women being objectified, haven't we made any progress over male chauvinsim blah blah blah
political correctness = patriarchal chivalry + matriarchal victimology


let me guess: women being objectified, haven't we made any progress over male chauvinsim blah blah blah

Of course not! Stop being so cavemanish Tom, you heathen brute. Its all capitalist pig mens' faults convincing naive women to sell coffee via their bodies. Selling coffee while in a nightie... well, as they say, sex sells so why not coffee. Sure, the ad jingle sticks in one's head for awhile, or in this case the giggle, but after awhile titilation will turn into aggrivation when I have to tip my "barista" because she flashed me some boob. Thats what strip clubs are for people. Yeesh.

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