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Started by The Biscuit Queen, Feb 03, 2007, 11:30 AM

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Just a suggestion, dont know how it would "fly"...

How about balloons.

logistically easy, and they can all be released at the same time to signify the the kidds being taken away.  A whole lot of men with a whole lot of balloons would get a lot of attention, no?

Very Cheep too...

BALLOONS...  Yes, yes!  What a fantastic idea.  Imagine the emotion of scores of non-custodial fathers gathering outside at a pivotal moment during the conference, perhaps at the kickoff.  A moving speech could be made, and an explanation of the significance of the balloons and the information they carry.  Rather than some designated volunteers or a device releasing the balloons, fathers would let go of the balloons, signifying loss of contact in their kids' lives.  Think about that -- the emotional power of that.  Every photographer and reporter LIVES for moments like that.  Talk about a moving moment.  No father could watch that balloon (which symbolizes the loss of his kids) floating away from him with little chance of recovery, without tears flowing down his cheeks.  The message will be so easy to send to the media:  we are fathers, we love and miss our kids, and there's something you -- the public -- can do about it.

I think it could be taken further than that.  Each balloon could be personalized to a particular father and his kids.  The balloons could be tied to strings, looped through a small zip-lock bag containing papers with names and photos (certainly photos of the dads, with first names of kids attached).  All of the balloons could be imprinted with the organization name, phone number, Web site address, slogan, etc.  The same could be attached to the reverse side of the pieces of paper.  That way, somebody somewhere might find the balloons (deflated by then, but paper still intact) and learn more about what the balloons signify.

We could even provide a Web address on the attached papers to the full story of a given father's plight, to add greater depth and perspective that couldn't otherwise be provided by the paper alone.  Perhaps the whole story could be included, not just a Web link to it.  Men telling the story of their emotional pain is what they do worst.  This will be our chance to reverse that trend.  Now we're not just talking about the momentary and fleeting media event of a thousand balloons being released, but each balloon standing for a heart-wrenching story.  All the stories could be made available on a master Web page and/or bill of events, and provided to local media and even distributed worldwide to advocates.

And we can take it even further than that.  Not only could balloons be released for each of the attendees to the conference, but also on behalf of fathers who couldn't make it there.  They can submit their stories on a Web site.  This can increase the numbers of balloons being released, making a much more massive and compelling statement.

To add perspective, we can organize the balloons by geography.  800 balloons from California, all orange.  600 balloons from New York, all green.  200 balloons from Colorado, all purple.  And so on.  If we get a great enough international response, perhaps the colors could signify countries, not just states.

What a powerful statement that would be.  Not only to capture the event of all these balloons being released (with video and photographs), but also to demonstrate that it's not just symbolism -- the sheer number of balloons released demonstrates the problem of how family courts are hurting families.  Then people could read about it more in detail on the Web, where all the stories are available.  Finally, somewhere in the surrounding countryside, the balloons will land.  A father (or child, or mother, or potential parent) will pick it up, perhaps months later, and learn about the event all over again.  Of course, the Web site will still be up at that time.  There might even be follow-up news stories about the novelty of finding these balloons, like messages in a bottle.  And maybe by the time some of these balloons have finally been discovered in their resting spot, some positive developments may have occurred (children being reunited with their fathers, court rulings, and changes in the law).  These positive developments could be added to the story, as depicted on the Web site.

It's a story that we need to be telling, maybe even more so than the political message.  People respond to a real-life story, and this is the way to get it out.


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You can buy a helium tank at a party store for a few bucks that will fill a few dozen balloons or get a big helium tank that can be rented, probably cheaply...


This one is in D.C.

550 balloon tank for $119.
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The balloons is a great idea.

We did it a few years ago in Ottawa. Fathers wrote messages of love for their children and inserted them in each balloon. Because of the difficulty many fathers have in seeing their children, the idea was that the fathers hoped that the balloons might reach their children so that the children would know how much their father loves them.

The local TV station filmed me filling the balloons for each father and then the final release of all the balloons together.

I bought a hundred balloons and rented a helium tank from a party store ($32). We did it on Parliament Hill, but a helium tank would never be allowed there now, because of 911. Also it can't be done near airports.

P.S. The children at the event loved the balloons and I was very popular with them.  ;D
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I think the metalic ballons are frowned on by the power companies.  When the come down they get in their power lines and short them out.  I think the regular ballons are cheaper anyway.

As far as a Helium tank, you should be able to rent one any place that sells compressed gases like acetylene, oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.   No doubt, you'll need a pressure regulator reducer and probably some kind of adapter to more easily fill the ballons.  Compressed gases should be in the yellow pages.

You might want to check with a party store that sells and fills ballons to see how they do it first.

I'm not sure I'd want to go anywhere near Washington, D.C. with any kind of compressed gas cylinder however.  Homeland security might get the wrong idea.
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To the photos vs. quilt idea - you can get paper that will transfer printed images (like photos, list of names etc) onto a piece of fabric. Costs about 1 for an A4 sheet.

The Biscuit Queen

If we made laminated cards to put on each balloon, then the info would stay viable through weather.

I love this idea. I was getting teary eyed just thinking about it-I agree, no father is going to be able to let that balloon go without a lot of emotion.  I think this has the potential to have a huge impact. The web page link is awesome.

If we spoke with the police first, I wonder if they would be willing to issue a permit for the helium tank? If not, we could rent one, fill the balloons at the hotel, then walk with them to the capital bldg.
Especially in the DC area, we need a LOT of advertising to get dads to show up. It would be free for them, and I think this will add a lot more impact having dads right there.
he Biscuit Queen

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I like the idea of a quilt, but I agree it would be difficult to get many people to do the work then send the swatch back.  BUT... what about a virtual quilt, online?  People could design a "swatch" online and email it in.  We could join them together as a "quilt" online, with each swatch clickable to enlarge it.

And People....PLEASE take a photo and send it in to the Purple Ribbon Campaign For Equal Parenting and add yourselvers to the "Visual That Can't Be Denied" map.

Purple Ribbon Campaign For Equal Parenting:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/show/
Please take a photo of a statue or tree tied with a purple ribbon and send it to [email protected] with location.

Visual That Can't Be Denied:

Then add the links to these visuals to all of your websites! PLEASE...


As I used to say in the department I worked in, "For every solution - - - a problem."
Me too!

Ever notice how there aren't really mass helium ballon releases anymore?
Problems have arisen with FAA and ecological concerns
Especially near large bodies of water
That being said....

Welding supply houses can help you out with compressed Helium.
Probably certified SCUBA dive shops as well.
In a pinch, resturants soda/beer distributors have a relationship with
compressed gas folk, granted it's usually limited to relatively small CO2 products.
Hospitals deal with Industrial gas folk that enter into the realm of liquified gasses. I'd say, avoid this like the plague, but they might be of help.
If you happen to have a friend in a level 3 or higher medical research lab, well...

Transportation of highly compressed gasses
Regulator equiptment (high pressure to low enough)

Party supply houses can probably set you up with a small operation. (much higher cost, less logistics)
Large operation begs for dealing with (search term, yellow pages)"Industrial Gasses" outfits. (lower cost, more logistics)
I've never heard of a police permit for compressed gasses, even flamable ones.
There are ALL KINDS of fire and saftey department/ transportation laws for compressed gasses.

An independant welder is probably your best bet. Likely to have all the licences, permits, transportation/handling equiptment, contacts, and expertise.

Also, with odds approaching infinity due to the nasty, dangerous, dirty, technical, and physical nature of the trade, a welder is likely to be a male sympathetic to , as well as personally familiar with, the issue. I'd predict a willingness to throw in whatever extra effort is needed to get the job done.


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I dont think the tank will be an issue...

I dont remember where, but over the course of my life (41years), I have seen countless clowns filling balloons at carnivals, amusement parks, picnics and such.  And if those clowns can do it so can this one.  :) Hey, there's a thought, civil disobedience- we may have to dress as clowns to pull this off (kidding of course)...

There are places that will deliver the tank (with regs and balloon filling attachments) to almost any location in the country.  What I found on line it didnt appear at a glance that any special license was needed to receive a couple of tanks of helium.  I could be wrong on that...

On the civil disobedience angle, If the tanks are unwelcome where we want to go, we can fill the balloons elsewhere and walk them in.  If there's a problem with that, it will probably be worth the publicity to do it...
If attempted murder is a $25500 bond how bad could illegal balloons be?

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When I did the balloon release for fathers (6 years ago?), I rented the helium tank from a place called "The Party Store". Trying to remember, I believe there were three sizes. $25 for 100 balloon size, $34 for 200 balloon size, $50 for 350 balloon size.  These are rough estimates due to my feeble memory. (I bought the balloons there too.)

People were renting the tanks about as casually as renting a DVD, except I believe they wanted a credit card imprint and you signed a waiver. They gave a ten second demonstration of how to use it. Then I grabbed the middle sized one and put it in the trunk.

When I got to Parliament Hill, two large Mounties asked what the tank was for. (We had a valid permit for the demo.) I told him that we were having a sort of party for children and he was satisfied by that explanation, though he watched us very closely and there are cameras mounted everywhere, of course.

I still have about 80 balloons left over.

The messages had to be reasonably light for the balloons to lift off.
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The Biscuit Queen

So at 50 bucks for 350 balloons, how many should we think about doing to make an impact?

Dr E, what do you think of balloons? This is your show.

Anyone heard of biodegradable balloons? Is there any such thing?

I  think a virtual quilt is a great idea. I think we right now though are looking to find a real life visual to draw attention to a protest-maybe if a virtual quilt were done, a link could be added to the balloons?
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The Biscuit Queen


Check this out.

They also suggested a butterfly release!

Couldn't put names on them so it would nix the spreading info part, but it would be unique and good PR.
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.


How about both a ballon release and then the quilt event at some point?

Or, we could just staple the butterflies to the quilt... ;D
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The Biscuit Queen

But the quilt might fly away, then were would we be?
he Biscuit Queen

There are always two extremes....the truth lies in the middle.


But the quilt might fly away, then were would we be?

Probably on one great acid trip!  :o
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