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Most of the time, when you hear about campaigns to influence elected leaders, the tactic is to encourage people to write letters to their legislators.  I think that this tactic is only marginally effective.  In addition to writing e-mails to our legislators, we need to be contributing money to one or two local or regional organizations that employ lobbyists.  What might take a decade or longer with letter-writing campaigns can take as long as only 4-5 years with a lobbyist.

I cite the example of the California Alliance for Families and Children (CAFC).  In California, an extremely liberal, feminist-dominated state, the CAFC has accomplished in 3 years what has never been accomplished by any form of activism for father's and men's rights.  How did they do it?  They hired a lobbyist.  It only took 3 years and now the fruits of their efforts are being felt.  This is not just illustrated by the passage of legislation (which is seen), but the blockage of anti-male and anti-father legislation (which, thank God, is a very real accomplishment -- although unseen).

We must speak with our money.  There's no cheap way around this, people.  And the way to start is by concentrating our efforts in one influential state.  Success begets success, and what starts in California is apt to spread across the nation.  We have already seen successes there -- with more to come very soon in the form of court rulings.  Make no mistake, to make a difference, you must have lobbyists roaming the halls of power.  And you must be able to pay for those lobbyists.

I have personally donated my own money to the CAFC, and plan to continue doing so (especially now that they are showing results for their efforts).  I encourage any MRA who means business about this movement to donate $25-250 dollars now to help fund the cost of lobbying operations.  When enough success occurs in California, legislators in state capitols across the country will begin following suit without even being prompted by a lobbyist.  Eventually friendly and sympathetic lobbyists will begin to flock around these newfound advocates for our cause, as our movement gains momentum and political legitimacy.  But for now, we must speak with our wallets.


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