Henry Kissinger threatening North Korea

Started by Stefan, Oct 22, 2002, 04:00 AM

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Kissinger said that North Korea is a bigger threat than Irak , and that he "didn't exclude the possibility of using force " if North Korea refuses to give up its nuclear weapons.


  Wouldn't it be a better to try to reunify North and South Korea,instead of risking a nuclear war with such silly threats?We're not sure that Irak has nuclear weapons,but we're sure North Korea has them....why do people like Kissinger like to play with fire ?


North Korea would be insane to give up its nukes in view of American warmongering.  In the US media they are saying North Korea broke some agreement with the US when exactly the opposite happened as far as I can see.  Same old same old for US state controlled media.....

The Koreas have been trying to rejoin ever since America split them in two criminally 50 years ago.  I'm not sure why the US opposes reunification now.... perhaps the empire feels the need for its "Axis of Evil" countries as bogeymen to hold up and justify everlasting war.
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It was a little too much a happening that looks like a thought that North Korea came in focus right now. US does maybe want a number of possible targets --- which one is likely to become number three? Iran?
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No this would be a fake target -- like the fake "cold war" with the USSR.  Or the fake war on drugs.  Iraq is a real target.
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