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Original play takes shots at 'deadbeat dads'
By Richard O Jones

Staff Writer

Friday, March 23, 2007

What starts as a girls night out ends up as a man-bashing strategic planning session when four young women scheme to bring their respective dead-beat dads to task in "The Baby's Daddy," an original play making its world premiere in Fairfield on Saturday.

"It's a play about four women and the fun night they're having, talking about issues with the fathers of their children," said Terri Robinson, who is directing and playing one of the women, Marcella. "They talk about how they met their men and the relationship they have with them. Each mother has a different reason why they are single parents."

Marcella, she said, divorced her husband because of his gambling problem, even though he is otherwise a good man. Another woman is a single parent due to the immaturity in the relationship. Another has to deal with infidelity

"She develops a plan, a way to get even with these fathers who don't want to take responsibility for their children," Robinson said.

The guys are lured with promises of romance only to be confronted with some determined ladies who don't hold back in letting the boys know just how they feel. What follows is a both a humorous and dramatic behind-the-scenes look at absentee dads and the consequences of their failure to take responsibility.

"It's a mixture of comedy and drama," Robinson said. "It gets pretty deep in some spots."

Emerald Entertainment is a local Cincinnati theater company formed in 1999 by playwright Greg Stallworth.

Past productions include "The GoldCoast Club" (2004) at the Greenwich Club, "Mama Can't Save You, But the Lord Can!" (2005) at the Reakirt Auditorium, and "Double Deceived" (2006) at Xavier University.

Stallworth, is an active member of Cincinnati Playwrights Initiative, National Black Theatre Festival Group, and President of the Coalition of Progressive Professionals.

In 2004, he was awarded the Emerging Playwright Award from the C.O.P.P. for his successful development of stage plays in Southern Ohio.

how to go

WHAT: "The Baby's Daddy" by Greg Stallworth.

WHEN: 3 and 7 p.m. Saturday, March 24, 2007.

WHERE: Fairfield Community Arts Center Theatre, 411 Wessel Drive, Fairfield.

COST: $20; (513) 867-5348; fairfield-city.org.

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