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Started by Fred X, Mar 30, 2007, 09:35 AM

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BQ said:
Feminism is based on hatred, I would prefer to see the MRM NOT follow that path.

I agree. Arguments are not won by shouting, or repeating the same point(s) ad infinitum as if the other person didn't hear you the first time. Arguments are won with proveable facts, knowing your opponent and their beliefs, and the intelligence to mentally reach out to your opponent.

If the person you are arguing with is not open to changing their mind, you are wasting your precious time and energy; which could be used in arguments with open-minded people to win converts. That is our goal; winning converts. If your opponent is found with a closed mind, walk away.

Using slurs is only good for shock value, not in changing minds, and while Fred's blog may be the perfect place to find words like femc**t and c**t, I find them offensive here at SYG. Yes I have used the c word at times, but using it never helped my case and was typed during a pissed-off rant.

Fred, I'm not dissing you, or your blog, but strictly, IMHO, I think you are too harsh to win converts. As BQ said, no one is going to check out your 'truths" when they are surrounded by filty slurs, unless they ar predisposed to do so.

Explaining misandry to a feminist is like explaining "wet" to a fish.

dr e

That's a warning for you Fred

We have far too few allies in this world to be losing people to friendly fire.  Pleaswe remember that you are on the same side.

TMOTS and FS- thanks for the props- much appreciated


I make the comment whose basic premise is that this boy, and yes I do think 20 is still a boy in many aspects today, could be reached.

I'm only a few years older than him- and even when I was in my pre-teen years I could see the truth for what it is- despite being around sell-outs and wimps growing up

Ignorance- especially in this age of technology- is no excuse I'm afraid

Also- he can't be reached

Before he even took issue with me- he poked fun at MGTOW

You never bothered to read or research any of this interaction- and instead relied on your irrationality and impulsivity to make your claims

I do think your conceptual points are many times correct, but would you eat a perfectly good hot dog sitting on a plate in a pile of manure? Most would not.

You are deliberately missing the point, and your poor use of metaphor doesn't 'get' what my blog is about

I highlight bias- I back it up

I'm just not polite about it- and for very good reason

Luckily- most MRA's I know are true comrades to the cause- and they are becoming less polite due to femprop and lies

You, and your jestered-sidekick are, IMO, are not helping matters with your ignorant statements

And I'm not going to change for you or nobody, and my arsehole is available for any issues you got about that

Your response is to both claim I am "insert one of several insults here"  and then insult people who agree with me.

Yes- I do insult

But I also give reasons too

The fact you ignore one aspect of my statements yet focus on another says more about your lack of attention than my alleged 'bigotry'

You really did prove my point. Thank you. I am a diehard MRA and I was turned off. The average person will have much less ability to take your message as anything other than painting the MRM angry women haters.

First off- a diehard MRA wouldn't be

a) so ignorant to the whole story and

b) condemn a supposed comrade before they understood said story

Secondly, you have fallen into the feminazi trap

You confuse me calling a femcunt as hating women

Just like Hazmat did

Well done- you have yet again shown your failure to grasp simple labels

Femcunt= feminists

Mangina= Pro feminist men

Femcunt does not equal women in general

Just as mangina does not equal men in general

This fundamental point shows how you are more of a sheep- rather than a 'diehard MRA'

Fred obviously showed this boy nothing, other than a good tongue lashing which would rival a sailor. He made no difference, and the comments left were simply proving the boys points.

You keep saying 'boy'

That's rather like a chivalrous man defending gender or age, based not on logic- but on personal emotion

He is not a boy

He is an adult

I am not much older than him myself

You make it sound like I am a 50 year old man who is picking on a 12 year old

You are truly stupid aren't you

And the comments left were not proving the boys points at all

They came from a number of MRA's, some bloggers themselves, who took issue with this mangina too

Feminism is based on hatred, I would prefer to see the MRM NOT follow that path.


Again- me being impolite makes no difference to the points I make

I spark a reaction wherever I go

I'd rather do that than spark NO reaction

I WANT men to get fired up and to see the bias

Why the fuck should I be polite about that?

And also- unlike feminism- I'm not hating women (gender) I am hating feminsim (ideology)

And, further, I am not calling for all women to be 'beaten to a pulp' like some known feminists did-

I AM, however, calling for men to be treated EQUALLY under the law


You are an ignoramous if I ever did meet one

Go and play with Hazmat

He could do with a new friend to rub up against
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.

dr e

Thread closed.
Contact dr e  Lifeboats for the ladies and children, icy waters for the men.  Women have rights and men have responsibilties.

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