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Men's Rights Activist

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I posted on almost all the front page threads, and by mid day today (my time) my IP address was blocked.

Outrageous!  :yikes:

If it were some of the more outspoken and abrasive people who post here, I could understand, but you have always tried to be fair and polite here at SYG in my estimation.

The moral relativism of gender feminists, where all view points are considered valid applies only to anything a woman says, and even then, only as much as it agrees with the gender feminist ideology.  If you question them, they automatically judge it as a sign that you are intolerant of their viewpoints, and not that you have an equally valid and acceptable viewpoint.

What a stinking bunch of vile hypocrites!

Every college or university in Amerika, that has a women's studies curriculum, should just post this symbol over the women's studies department class offerings in the catalog of classes, :spam1:

Yep, women's studies is the spam of academia.
Life, Liberty, & Pursuit of Happiness are fundamental rights for all (including males), & not contingent on gender feminist approval or denial. Consider my "Independence" from all tyrannical gender feminist ideology "Declared" - Here & Now!


Here's one of my soluation to increase security, and prepare students to fight back.

Cut-off federal & state fundings of these anti-males women studies there is no need for it, because all it dose is promote hatred and division of the sexes. No Need for this kind of BS!

Use this funding(Millions, Billions) to increase the Police/Security forces.
More cops & Armed Security Officers, Cameras,etc...
Provide classes on self-defense.
Provide help for those that need medical help.

The hatred & evil of Women Studies in America must come to an end !

This is my soluation.


CNN is reporting that there has been a shooting at the Johnson Space Center in Texas.  Few few details have been released thus far:

On CNN's main page, it mentions that NASA rules prohibit weapons on NASA property.  Is anyone surprised?


If someone is bound and determined to do a massacre at a school they do not need guns. They just need to analyse the flaws in the emergency preparedness plan and use molotov cocktail or ammonium nitrate and deisel oil.

Most educational institutions are fire traps.

The way to save any group of people from a gun massacre is to arm them to the teeth. Many people are not aware that the Kurds are 85% Jewish (and this by prostelysing not by family line). The persecution of the Kurds stopped when they became armed to the teeth.

All of the recent massacres had been unarmed people.

Mr. X

Yes, Timmothy McVee killed over 100 people with a uhaul truck, fertilizer and diesel fuel. Pull up to the school lunch room and walk away. BOOM. But this is really about us raising a passive society. The Montreal massacre is a grand example. One gunman walks into a classroom, orders all the men and the teacher to stand in the hall, which they all do without resistance, then he proceeds to shoot 14 women dead then walks out past the men who do nothing. Is this what women want out of their men?

Feminists believe being passive is a state of good because that explains how women sat around for 5000 years and were oppressed. They were being good by being passive. But passiveness is not good. Its just passive. Good is a state unto itself. One MUST proactivily do good to be good. if one is passive one is nothing at all, neither good or evil. And passive is not a prerequisite for good anymore than it is for evil. Cho was evil. He activily committed evil. You cannot fight evil with passiveness.

But our society wants us to give up our duty to defend ourselves and hand over our safety to "the right people". But where were those "right people"? 32 had to die before the right people did anything. It is too costly, destructive and dangerous to raise a soceity of children protected by the state. Each adult must take the responsibility to defend themselves. Pacivity is not good, its not evil, its just doing nothing. If pacivity were good then a 300lb man sitting at home doing NOTHING all day but watch TV would be a highly desirable man because he would be a good man. He's not raping, looting, murdering etc. but we all know that does not define "good".
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."


It was not that long ago that a personal hero of mine jumped into the ice cold river to save a couple of women who had escaped from a 737 that had crashed into the river. That is good. He risked his life in an instant and just did it. I don't recall him accepting or seeking notoriety. I don't even recall him giving an interview or anything. He did his heroic selfless act and walked away. That is a good man.

That was not that long ago but at the same time it seems like thousands of years ago. I know my attitudes have changed hugely in the mean time.

I view women as almost completely selfish. They kill if it is convenient. They divorce if it is convenient. They expect someone to support them whether the government or an ex husband and they expect to give absolutely nothing in return -- not even the slightest appreciation or kindness.

Why should a potential hero risk his life for the life of a woman when this is how he views women? The Montreal men perhaps can be understood this way.

I hate to think that good women have and will die due to the misdeeds of various women who have caused me and other men to feel this way.

Mr. X

Why should a potential hero risk his life for the life of a woman when this is how he views women? The Montreal men perhaps can be understood this way.

True. When women publish books like "Are Men Necessary." should they really be shocked when men drop their rifles and look the other way when evil does occur.

Also, where were all the "strong willed women" at v tech? Why didn't some Dark Angel or Xena leap up and karate kick this guy? Aren't women equal to men? Or maybe they are and we've reduced both men and women down to sheep.
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."

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