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Started by gentlegiant, May 24, 2007, 11:23 AM

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May 24, 2007, 11:23 AM Last Edit: May 24, 2007, 11:27 AM by gentlegiant
I aspire to be this forgiving...

Maybe I wouldnt have made that post about the guy deserving the death penalty for beating the 91 y.o. man...

Mo. Toddler Ruins Monks' Sand Design,1,6526294.story?coll=chi-news-hed

By Associated Press
Published May 24, 2007, 10:49 AM CDT
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The little boy spotted the pretty pile of colored sand on the floor of the vast hall and couldn't resist. Slipping under a protective rope, he danced all over the sand, ruining the carefully crafted picture.

Never mind that it was the creation of eight Tibetan monks who had spent two days cross-legged on the floor of Union Station, meticulously pouring the sand into an intricate design as an expression of their Buddhist faith.

They were more than halfway done with the design -- called a mandala -- on Tuesday when they ended their work for the day and left. The little boy showed up sometime later with his mother, who was taking a package to a post office in the hall.

"He did a little tap dance on it, completely destroying it," said Lama Chuck Stanford, of the Rime Buddhist Center in Kansas City.

A security tape shows the boy's mother returning to the mandala, grabbing her son by the arm and walking out of camera range.

The monks saw the destruction Wednesday.

"No problem," Geshe Lobsang Sumdup, leader of the group from the Drepung Gomang Monastery in southern India, said through a translator. "We didn't get despondent. We have three days more. So we will have to work harder."

The monks are on a yearlong tour of the United States and Canada to raise money for their monastery. The original monastery in Tibet was destroyed.

In a ceremony Saturday, they will sweep up the sand and offer bits to onlookers for their gardens. The rest will be placed in the Missouri River.

"The belief is that it will carry the blessings all over the planet, from the Missouri River to the Mississippi to the gulf and to all the oceans of the world," Stanford said.

Falsely accused and maliciously prosecuted.


She just walked away? Come on!? :angryfire:

What about responsibility for the kids actions? Or keeping the kid under close observastion, like she should have done anyway?

Eight monks spent two days on it. Have some respect for them, and at least apologize. And that is one big "at least". Something like keeping the kid away would have helped too. Or make a big donation for their monastery. Either way, she should have done something! I am well aware that she might not have been able to stop the kid, if she was too far away to forcibly pull him away. But show some respect for them, and offer to help or something. Show them you care, or at least ACT like it, instead of just bailing out and letting eight monks clean up your kids mess.

Goes to show how some people simply does not give a rats ass, or are too proud to apologize. The monks handled this inspirationally well, though. I am merely left to worry; who will clean up the next mess that child may make? And what if the monks had been bikers? Perhaps the mom would be more careful with her kid? Food for thought...
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Oh stop.  It's not like they were like .... muslims or something!  gesh!

Christians?? Monks?  eh... whatever! But muslims! Now THAT would be just awful!

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Hey GG; I was going to point this out in that other post, but decided not to.

Yes, that mother should have been watching that kid.

What impressed me most was the monks' forgiving attitude. What a world if we could all be like that!

And, yes, kids will be kids, whether accompanied by a mother or father. It's almost impossiblew to watch a child 24 / 7.
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