Sports Illustrated Weighs in on Unfair Title IX

Started by blackmanxxx, May 04, 2007, 04:39 PM

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Unfair advantage
Annual Title IX ax is about to fall on men's sports
Posted: Wednesday May 2, 2007 2:28PM; Updated: Wednesday May 2, 2007 2:28PM

As college commencement season nears, so too does another all-too familiar ceremony: universities announcing what additional men's sports must be dropped to stay in compliance with Title IX.

Basically, Title IX says schools must offer athletic programs in proportion with their gender population. This was reasonably easy to accommodate three decades ago, when President Nixon (of all people) signed Title IX into law. At that time, you see, 55 percent of college students were male.

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Today, though, about 58 percent of college students are female. Very soon, a full three out of five collegians will be women. Can two-thirds be far behind?

USA Today cites James Madison University in Virginia as a typical example. Already, 61 percent of its study body is what we liked to call distaff. So JMU is axing 10 sports teams, seven of them men's. Among other things, this creates the strange situation where James Madison will have a women's track team, but not a men's. This sort of thing is happening everywhere, and as the gender imbalance inexorably increases, so will the accelerated elimination of men's sports.

Moreover, because so many American boys devote themselves to sports, starting in grade school, working toward an athletic scholarship, neglecting classroom work, the problem can only increase. That is to say, because more boys concentrate on sports, more girls do better academically, so more women get into college and so there are fewer men's teams with fewer positions for the boys devoting themselves to sports. Hence, even more girls qualify for college, thus fewer men's sports and so on and on until eventually only a handful of Renaissance men will be populating the few remaining male sports teams.

The current situation is fair. It is not the fault of girls that boys won't work hard in the classroom. However, it is really not healthy that, soon enough, most colleges will only have men's teams in football and basketball, maybe baseball.

There are two simple solutions. First, except in the so-called revenue sports -- football and basketball -- get rid of athletic scholarships. It never made any sense that a volleyball player should earn a scholarship, while a piano player shouldn't. End that inequity that gives special dispensation to sports over the arts. With the money saved from supporting many unqualified students, whole teams could be financed.

Or, get Congress to declare that football is legally in a different category. Realistically, it is. Take it out of the Department of Athletics and put it in the new Department of Entertainment or the Department of Amusing The Alumni. Football is twice the problem. It has no female analogue, and it is by far the costliest sport. Remove it from the Title IX equation, and once again young men could swim and run and jump and play tennis and lacrosse, just like young women.

Another solution would be to get boys to study harder when they're growing up, but I don't have the foggiest idea how to do anything about that.

Title IX has long been a hot-button issue in sports and higher education. Weigh in with your thoughts.

Mr. X

I thought title IX only applied to any state or federal funds that went to a school's athletic program and not to general admission funds paid for by students or donated by donars. Why would apply to private funds?
Feminists - "Verbally beating men like dumb animals or ignoring them is all we know and its not working."


I thought title IX only applied to any state or federal funds that went to a school's athletic program and not to general admission funds paid for by students or donated by donars. Why would apply to private funds?

It all comes back to "thought control". It starts with a thought, then a law affecting a small group and then bleeds into society at large.

This is a concept MRA's should be considering.
I will stop staring at your boobs when you stop staring at my paycheck!


Fight dirty.

Who are the official sponsors of these college athletic programs? They feed alot of money into those schools too.

Gatorade? Nike?

Ask these big companies once nicely to encourage college athletics to balance out men/women again. Big money = big voice.

They'll give you a canned response. Then fight dirty.

Take guerrilla style films of Nike exploiting children as labor overseas to make their shoes. Show kids starving and suffering. Then slap that all over YouTube. Get it on CNN. Make Oprah care. Make Dateline NBC care. Do the same for Gatorade - make a fake film showing some employees jerking off in the vats of Gatorade. Slap that on YouTube

Both companies will lose millions. Both companies will be in upheaval. People will get fired. People will get blamed. Fingers pointing everywhere.

Then call them back.

Ask them to to talk to college athletics again.

If they don't. Hammer them again. Hammer them until they get the point. You don't have to do anything we tell you do, but if you don't, be prepared to lose alot of fucking money.

Then go after college athletics. Make sure every stadium gets visited by Fire Marshals. Make sure every AD of every major school gets audited. Make sure every Chancellor's kids get caught in a coke scandal on campus. Everyone has a weakness.

Hammer them over and over and over again until they are bleeding money like no tomorrow.

All MRAs have to do is to get one big name fired. Let everyone else see the example. You don't have to listen to us, but if you don't , be prepared to lose your fucking job.

Feminists like to whine. MRAs need to collect the real scalps - money and jobs - until people realize the movement has some teeth and unless you want to be jobless or bleed out money, you better toe the line.


Mr. Bad

Fight dirty.

Absolurwly, but not in the way you think:  As far as I know (attorneys, please correct me if I'm wrong) Title IX is about more than sports: I believe it states essentially that schools must devote equal resources for males and females, and not in just sports.  Title IX has been historically applied to sports but only because  that's what women have complained about.  However, now that women are the majority of compus it's time to turn the screws on them.

An example: A while back I read about a renovation of an historic old auditorium at a university and one of the things the university planned to do was upgrade the bathrooms to provide as many women's toilets as men's.  However, this simply wasn't good enough for a local feminazi lawyer, who successfully sued the university under Title IX to force them to 50% more women's toilets (we all know about feminist math, right?).  Her reasoning was that women take longer to do their business so it was only 'fair.'  This is an example of Title IX applied to more than just sports facilities.  So IMO we need to start getting creative about targeting women-only facilities and then start filing complaints.  For example, women's centers?  IMO they're in violation of Title IX if the campus has no men's center.  Women's hospitals?  Sounds like a Title IX violation if there isn't a men's hospital.  How about women-only dorms or other living spaces?  Use your imagination - I'm pretty sure we could find plenty of examples where women are given more and/or better facilities than men.

The next step is figuring out where to file complaints and how to get the system to work for us.  For a change. 
"Men in teams... got the human species from caves to palaces. When we watch men's teams at work, we pay homage to 10,000 years of male achievements; a record of vision, ingenuity and Herculean labor that feminism has been too mean-spirited to acknowledge."  Camille Paglia


I  like  the  way  you  think  !!!!


The next step is figuring out where to file complaints and how to get the system to work for us.  For a change. 

I see what you are saying, but I don't think the system cares what MRAs think until it starts costing people jobs and money. There just aren't enough of us to move the system ourselves. Feminists outnumber us a million to one.

IMHO, people need to go home and explain to their kids why Daddy and Mommy don't have jobs anymore because they squared off with MRAs for MRAs to be truly seen as a force to be reckoned with.



I  agree with  you.  Let's  start  an   information  gathering  campaign on  the   man-haters  and  their  allies.   Expose  the  dirty  ones.   It  worked  well  for  the  gay rights   movement. 

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