zarby could you define 'Feminine'?

Started by school_project, May 11, 2007, 09:45 AM

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Yeah, I remember elements of extreme feminism from the 1970s but I considered them just wierdos.

I didn't think they had any real effect on my life. I viewed much as a bizarre cult or something.

Your comment about remembering women being feminine is so true.

I so rarely see a woman anymore who is truly feminine. I am not talking just about her body shape, etc.

I truly feminine woman carries herself differently and has a different attitude than most women now.

I do think the younger women may be reverting back to feminity (or never lost it). I visited a college campus a week or so ago and saw a number of women who seemed to me to have a "feminine" attitude and appearance. I wonder whether they will still have it at age 30 or 40 and beyond?

Hello Zarby.  I am just interested to know what your full definition of feminine is? Is it the lack of feminine qualities which have suggested a downward spiral of women in general? 

Brian44 I live in Liverpoool and Manchester term time, and as you probably already know women certainly have a distinct behaviour in Liverpool which is nothing short of foul and disgusting.   However, these women have overtly feminine traits(appearance wise).  Is it possible to become a feminist, through your sheer hate of these types of women from which you have suffered ridicule all of your life? 

My confusion here, personally, is that I became a feminist because I was made to feel inferior by other women in their pursuit for men, even when I wasn't interested in particular men.  I don't know if anyone has seen the programme Booze Britain, but it is the epitome of why parts of Britain lack decent individuals.  Also how come when cameras are on women, do they automatically get their breats our and men their butts.

Hmm, to try and diffuse the confusion of this post, I will say I am wary of 'feminine' women or how I personally define them, therefore I am interested in the men's definition?

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